Lakers Trade Rumors: Grizzlies Not Interested In Acquiring Pau Gasol Reviewed by Momizat on . Over the past few years, Pau Gasol has constantly been mentioned in trade rumors with the Spaniard always almost on his way out in a blockbuster deal. With the Over the past few years, Pau Gasol has constantly been mentioned in trade rumors with the Spaniard always almost on his way out in a blockbuster deal. With the Rating: 0
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Lakers Trade Rumors: Grizzlies Not Interested In Acquiring Pau Gasol

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NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Los Angeles LakersOver the past few years, Pau Gasol has constantly been mentioned in trade rumors with the Spaniard always almost on his way out in a blockbuster deal.

With the Los Angeles Lakers struggling this season and possibly headed toward a high draft pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, Gasol has started to get mentioned in trade rumors once again. Even though the most recent deal that would’ve sent him to the Cleveland Cavaliers fell apart, Gasol may still be on the move with less than a month to go before the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 20.

It’ll come as no surprise to see Gasol mentioned in another trade rumor over the next few weeks, but don’t expect the Memphis Grizzlies to be involved, according to Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders:

And lets stop the Pau wants to be in Memphis talk. They want no part of his $19 million contract. If he’ll sign there as a free agent on the cheap they’d take him, but they are not trading for him.

Earlier in the season, Gasol let it be known that a return to Memphis in free agency is an intriguing option, labeled it as ‘appealing,’ which came as no surprise.

Playing alongside his brother, Marc, and returning to familiar surroundings in Memphis makes sense for Gasol. However, there’s no telling what the Grizzlies will do with Zach Randolph and although Gasol heading back to Memphis could be an option, it won’t happen in a trade.

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  • Tyrone

    LMAO. Of course, they got the only Gasol in the league that’s worth having right now.

    • Daryl Peek

      Funny you say that. Marc has yet to ever have better numbers than Pau. Even in Pau’s worst season as a pro last year Marc was not better. Since 2014 Pau is the best center in the NBA statically.

      • lakers72

        funny you say what tyrone says is funny based on pau’s stats being better then the rest of the centers in 2014 after what ? 10 games ? anyways im just pulling your string but IMO marc gasol > pau gasol just from the defensive difference.. tougher and more active.. altogether… offensively he isnt as bad either, he can hit the mid range jumper, his passes aint bad, but at the end of the day, if lakers had the luxury of picking either one, marc gasol and pau gasol, i’m almost certain marc would be the one lol…

        • Daryl Peek

          Youth. That’s the only upside Marc has on Pau.

          • lakers72

            Marc can guard players pau cant… but anyhow .. lakers are gearing towards rebuild anyway and I think the 2 year contract kobe got is great ..( im a huge kobe fan and I love the fact hes goin out highest paid over lebron and company) plus it shows how the organization.takes cares of its superstars.. but anyhow… I believe the rebuild is going to be pick p one key free agent in either this off season if not the season when love is a FA ? Sign a few of the current lakers to longer contracts…. I think gasol will be.gone unless he signs for a lot less … hopefully steve nash retires….. then coming 2016 season when kobes contract is done… theres possibilities lakers will pick up another star…. man im.off topic but I already wrote too much by the time I noticed lol… but yea I think overall marc is more valuable this point in their careers… gasol could be super washed up in any of these next few up coming seasons .. and more then just youth in a few other areas … either way gooo lakers!

        • AntRodrigues

          There is more to a player than just D….. yes, Mark is stronger and the better defender. BUT overall Pau is still the better player and the Lakers offense is much better when it’s ran through him.

    • AntRodrigues

      BS comment… Pau is still putting up real good numbers! You have no basketball IQ or you don’t watch the Lakers…

  • John

    I looked it up and I’m surprised that Pau’s Memphis teams back then, while good, never won a single playoff game. They were swept every damn time.

  • Dayrit

    Memphis GM: Hello?
    Mitch: Hey there, how ya doing. I’ll get right down to it, you want Pau? He’s an expiring, and I’m sure your team can find some use for him even at this stage of his career.
    Memphis GM: Lets say we do, what would you want in return?
    Mitch: Uh…nothing much..how about, you know….marc?
    Memphis GM: (click)
    Mitch: hello? HELLO?!?

    • Drake

      Awesome LOL

    • Swaggy Rambo

      Well at least Pau has 2 rings, what does his brother have? Pau’s numbers are better than Marc currently as well but keep listening to the media and their ignorance of stating Marc is better lol

      Marc-14ppg, 6.6rpg
      Pau- 16ppg, 10rpg

      Yeah we’ll keep Pau!

    • Marty Susman

      I want you to send Zack Randolph to the Timberwokves for Love to go to the Lakers or to the Pistons so Monroe goes to the Lakers or to the Cav’s where Waiters goes to the Lakers or to Gold State & Harrison Barnes goes to the Lakers…Any/all of them would be good for all teams involved as well as good for the Gasol brothers & both their teams.

  • Daryl Peek

    Good! The Last thing we need is Randolph slowing the team down and his contract is bad at this point. Pau has better numbers (overall) than Zack on the season.

  • Hitman_SLA


    Gasol to Sixers

    Rando to Lakers

    Hawes and Turner to Boston

  • Marty Susman

    It’s simple, Gasol signes a new deal & is traded to play with his brother. Zack Randolph is sent to the Timberwolves & Love goes to the Lakers. (Same deal but send Zack to the Piston’s & then they send Monroe to the Lakers. The deals above would be great fro all three clubs….

    • lakers72

      now to get this to work….. simple.. just be the lakers new GM…. lol

  • Swaggy Rambo

    Dang that’s cold blooded. Memphis sucks anyway.

  • Lance

    Who cares if Pau’s stats are better than Marc currently? Besides, stats are as cut and dry and doesn’t tell the whole story. Marc is still the better player right now, and if the Lakers actually have the chance to flip Pau for Marc right now, I tell you, Mitch Kupchak will run over his own mother to get to the phone and agree to that deal.

    • Lance

      I meant stats aren’t as cut and dry

  • Swaggy Rambo

    Uh because stats show how good you are and productive you are. People are so wishy washy with when stats matter or not. Puhlease.

  • Joe

    No GM will take Pau over Marc…RIGHT NOW being the keyword. Marc plays tougher and best of all, plays both sides of the ball…period. Pau is better offensively, but his defensive presence…wait, what defensive presence?!? He doesn’t have squat.

  • Swaggy Rambo

    He was blocking shots like crazy recently. Point is his stats are better. FACT. You can’t argue a fact.

    • Teo

      Pau is averaging 1.5 blocks a game this season to Lebron’s .32. So that FACT states that Pau is the better defensive player? Hell no it doesn’t. Just because lightning struck for a week and he gets some blocks doesn’t mean he’s some defensive machine all of a sudden.

      • Swag

        I agree with Teo, but Teo you’ve discredited the previous poster a bit rudely by ignoring the whole point of his/her post. He/She very clearly says the following:
        “Point is his stats are better.” STATS. You yourself agreed that Pau is averaging more blocks a game this season to Lebron’s .32 That’s all he meant, that Pau’s stats were “better”. There is no debate that Pau is better than Lebron, because Lebron is the whole package; in fact, Lebron’s overall stats kill Pau’s. But we aren’t even talking about Lebron/Pau anyway, are we? So please don’t stray from the topic and let’s stick to Marc/Pau discussion, which is in fact pretty interesting.

        But yea, Swaggy Rambo your argument does endorse a very flawed viewpoint, but what you do propose is indeed a FACT. Then again, there’s Iguodala who posts terrible stats but is supposed to be one of the elite players in the NBA right now.

  • Marc Dib

    With the 2nd highest paid contract this season. It’s a big joke really. Stats? What stats the big 5 blocks 18 points and 10 rebounds against bulls for example. Only if anyone with a brain watched that game. And watched him single handedly throw the game. Nick young bailed him out in the 4th by getting the team in ot. But pau wasn’t done turning the ball over in ot. Nope. Stats… Ya that’s really important.

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