Lakers Trade Rumors: Adding Kirk Hinrich a Possibility for the Lakers?

Lakers Trade Rumors: Adding Kirk Hinrich a Possibility for the Lakers?


Over the past week or so and throughout All-Star weekend, the NBA trade rumors were starting to heat up with the biggest name on the trading block in Dwight Howard rumored to be headed to Los Angeles as early as March 1. There have been plenty of reports since the news broke of this potential trade that have this trade rumor being false, but that hasn’t stopped the Los Angeles Lakers from being involved in a few more rumors involving point guards.

The latest player to be added to the mix of plenty supposedly headed to the City of Angels is Atlanta Hawks’ guard Kirk Hinrich. Last season there was some talk of the Lakers flirting with the idea of bringing in Hinrich via trade before the deadline, but that deal never came to fruition. This time around the Lakers desperately need an upgrade at the point and Hinrich could be a viable option.

According to John Carroll of ESPN, the Lakers could acquire Kirk Hinrich by dealing rookie Darius Morris and a first-round pick to the Atlanta Hawks. This pick sent to Atlanta could be the one received in the Lamar Odom trade earlier this season via the Dallas Mavericks, or the Lakers’ first-round pick.

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Kirk Hinrich would be a great addition to this Lakers squad as he brings a much needed upgrade on defense and on the offensive end at the point guard position. Lakers head coach Mike Brown will most likely be the biggest fan of this trade as he will finally get a point guard with the kind of defensive mentality he has been looking for.

This season Kirk Hinrich is averaging 4.9 points and 2.6 assists per game. These certainly are not eye-popping numbers, but he has only played in 16 games this season while taking a backseat to up-and-comer Jeff Teague in Atlanta.

  • Jarronmicah

    I dont know what you guys are saying.  Kirk is a sold point guard.  He’s a very good defender, has a high IQ, and is very patient with his assertiveness on the court.  Darius Morris needs a couple years to mature in the league, by that time kobe will be done.  Not saying Kirk is the answer.  But he’s definelty not a bad one.

  • Pilaw2011

    I would not give up both Morris and a first round pick for Kirk.  Kirk is solid, but we can do a lot better with a younger more athletic point guard.

  • John Fatland

    Sam Amico: Lakers far and way most active in trade discussions. “I have to charge my phone, like, every hour because of them,” NBA GM jokes.

  • Dc

    Y’all do t know enough about Kirk hinrich….. Weak ass laker “fans”

  • EEJK

    wow lol

  • Art Aguilar

    Ok don’t get me wrong Kirk by no means is our long time shore-up at point,but he is a good defender and knows his role. But our 1st rounder and some cash should be enough to secure this trade,and if it does happen that 4.9 points and 2.6 assists per game numbers will and must change. We all will see soon what happens to the LA LAKERS as we attempt to upgrade this team so we can go down this back stretch towards the GOAL!!!

  • Ne0

    This lakers team is too much like last year celtics team, we would get outrun by thunder or memphis.

  • Gentega

    I like the effort and the gradual acceptance of Brown’s system, but this team is not a championship team — not even close. I say play the young guys and save the draft pick for next season when they can really try to build a team, assuming Hater Stern doesn’t cheat them out of trades again.

  • Beeno 4 “3”

    He’s ok but not your answer ..He’s better than Blake but we need young fresh legs…at worse, Ramon Sessions would stop the bleeding but by all means Hinrich is not the answer

  • Salmon4Coach

    The Lakers need Sessions. Cavs beat Clips and who leaded in that game. RAMON!. I say a Draft pick+Morris should get the Lakers Ramon. They also should try to get one player for bench help if possible

  • elf

    he’s another ok player …im saying its better than not doing anything by the trade deadline…………….RATE THIS TRADE— ( B- )

  • Biggz Mykidsaremyheart Lionel

    Have u guys looked at Morris? That dude sucks ass. shit it’s not a bad trade. Fisher don’t play any damn D all he does is flop.

  • Creolecat


    • cptdank

      No he wont.  Hes a restricted free agent he will only be able to go to the suns… Sorry id love to have him too.

  • elf

    this guy

  • Betto

    I agree with Mark Epperson from the above comments, that brother from another mother knows his basketball!.   Kirk hinrich would be no better than Blake, he was in Chicago then traded to Washington and then traded to the Hawks, i’m sure for a reason.   His career best is almost 17 points and going down hill, doubt he would be useful with the Lakers.   My opinion for this trade?  No trade!

  • Nor Aizuddin Naqib™

    Just go with Arenas!!!!

  • Harry Palma

    Hell naw!! we don’t want another WHITE BOY!!

  • Rei

    Hinrich’s contract is expiring this year. That is probably the reason they are looking at him if there is truth to this rumor.He’s a solid player, but there is more upside with every other rumored name out there.

  • Marty Susman

    Can we please find players that are not over 30…There are many really good points out there in NBA land & lets get one that is still a diamond in the rough, you remember, one like Kobe was, a hot dog that shot & missed & shot again & then threw the ball away & so forth & look at him now……….

  • Acosta2793

    kirk can light it up from three, play defense, it was a vital piece on a bulls team that went to the playoffs when they hadn’t been since Jordan, he’s patient, proven. obviously ever laker fan wants a start studded team, but kirk is just the kind of PG Michael had in Chicago in Paxson. What the lakers need to do is steal kirk, try to nab beasly, and sign rasheed. Then you have kirk, Kobe, b EZ, Pau, Drew, and off the bench you have blake, barnes, metta, mc bob, and sheed. with fish finishing off games with clutch play. 

  • AnthonyI

    Someone may have been at thel local pub a bit too long with this rumor. Hinrich averages what? 4.9 points per game. When did he become a defensive machine. No way Jose! Get Rondo. Deal done!

  • Pee

    if hinrich was so good he wouldnt have lossed his job in chicago, and now loosing it at atlanta
    to other new pg on the roster with more potential and upside, you never trade for a bench player who seem to lose their starter job with a 1st round pick, he is worth a second round pick and derek fisher, atleast fisher has jewelry and started most of his career! 

  • Pee

    ok lakers can just go to free agency get
    start at pg gilbert arenas
    get a scorer off the bench allen iverson who scores 15 pts in his sleep
    and if theyre so hell bent on trading pau gasol
    if thats the case hire rasheed wallace
    and bring in young athletic SF like derek williams and first round/future first rounder
    now you can compete now and rebuild for the future in a talent rich draft

    oh an amnesty luke walton
    trade mwp for anything
    throw fisher in the trade with gasol to get rid of that contract