Lakers Suspension Rumors: Team Fearing Losing Jordan Hill Reviewed by Momizat on . During the Lakers' loss to the Suns on Wednesday night, things got, no pun intended, heated. A hard foul from Alex Len on Nick Young late in the second quarter During the Lakers' loss to the Suns on Wednesday night, things got, no pun intended, heated. A hard foul from Alex Len on Nick Young late in the second quarter Rating: 0
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Lakers Suspension Rumors: Team Fearing Losing Jordan Hill

Jordan Hill and Kobe BryantDuring the Lakers’ loss to the Suns on Wednesday night, things got, no pun intended, heated. A hard foul from Alex Len on Nick Young late in the second quarter resulted in Young getting back up and shoving back, eventually leaving to ejections for Young and Len.

There’s a high possibility that Young is suspended for Friday’s game in Boston against the Celtics for what could be perceived as a closed-fist punch directed and Goran Dragic, but the Lakers are apparently fearing another penalty too according to Mike Bresnahan of the LA Times:

The standard NBA rule is that bench players that leave the bench area during an altercation automatically receive a suspension. If that’s the case and Hill and Young are both lost for Friday, the team is looking at having just seven available players.


The team would likely bring up a D-League player or try to find someone to sign to a 10-day contract, but just the fact that it’s gotten this dire is comical.

We won’t know the NBA’s decision until Thursday (or possibly early Friday), but with Young’s expected suspension, Hill’s still to be determined, and a whole bunch of disagreements between the players, it’s going to be an interesting flight to Beantown for the Lakers.

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  • kobe24

    Wow, I don’t even…thats just plain stupid

    Two of our guys that shows TOUGHNESS and HEART get suspsended for some stupid rules??? Plain bs


    Its PRIVATE for a reason. These fuckin “laker” reporters put all of this info out there and the league will definitely focus on it when it is reviewed. So yea, he probably will get suspended because little mike bresnehan was the first to report it! Doing a great job guy.

    • Jim213

      Was thinking the same thing about putting all this out there but…

      ‘Robert Horry says he’s disappointed Young’s teammates didn’t bakc him up.’

      Looks like this may likely become an issue. Especially for former Laker players? If so, will it be addressed by FO?

      • Jim213

        Looks like bad blood may build with some players. Young has expressed his belief.

      • Daryl Peek

        Outside of maybe needing to sign a player to a ten day contract due to possible pending suspension, what does the FO have to do with this?

        • Jim213

          Guess you’re expecting a fist fight out of this daryl. Sure some players in the locker room have lost respect for certain players which may impede them from winning more games down the line. Being a non cohesive group.

          • Daryl Peek

            Not expecting a fight, just wanted to see players protect their homie. This kinda thing is all too common in the NBA and rarely escalates into an all out brawl. It would have been as simple as getting between the Morris twins who were pushing Young and someone pulling Nick away.

            Definitely can see respect lost and possible team chemistry fractured even further because of it. It could also be a galvanizing moment as some come to realize they need to fight for each other no matter what! We’ll see… Judging by post game comments in the locker room it does not look good.

            I wont even touch the fan thing?!?

  • Daryl Peek

    Bad move by Hill as the rules are clear on this but PROPS!!! At least someone had Young’s back.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    This is a stupid ruling by the NBA.The Lakers players did nothing wrong and if anyone should be getting suspended it’s players from the Suns.Alex Len and Marcus Morris should be suspended for firstly a attempt to injure someone by Alex Len on the violent mid air foul to the head and suspend Marcus Morris for the had violent push to Nick Young after he got up to defend himself.

    Lakers players like Ryan Kelly and Kendall Marshall need to learn how to fight and defend a teammate in a time of crisis or else at least how to be a peacemaker and try to separate players from fighting one another.

    Come on boys get with the program.Drill sarge says attenhut Attention listen to the Lakers players.Listen and pay attention next time a teammate is getting beat up.Jordan Hill tried to help out but he was able to get into the fight.Nick Young was smart enough to go stand next to the 2 biggest players on the Lakers Jordan Hill and Robert Sacre after the skirmish,he went straight to the Lakers bench and with the big guys.Pau Gasol was nowhere to be found during the entire fiasco.Lakers need to protect eachother next time.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    MDA is the coach and this team has his personality and traits 100%.MDA+Kendall need to fight for a teammate in the pressers next time.When MDA+Kendall shrugged this incident off like it was nothing is when i got concerned for the well being of their Lakers teammates.

    Mike D’Antoni+Kendall Marshall need to learn how to protect the other players on the Lakers,fight for them smack around anyone messing with the Lakers.Make it a habit to fix the soft label the Lakers now have,this losing can cause all sorts of unwanted problems.MDA has been the coach through all this losing and the defense has been terrible during this losing skid and we all know the injuries are a major problem and reason for the losing.

    But we need to see the Lakers protect their teammates from now on,back up eachother never back down go for the gusto from now on.A bunch of soft Marshmallows need to toughen up and act like men that care about winning and fighting for what’s right.Learn self defense soft Marshmallows.Fight hard.Man up and take no BS from anyone.

    MDA+Kendall Marshall need to lead with some toughness and show some emotion and passion when a fight breaks out.This season sucks for the Lakers lets get it over with,i can’t wait to see this season end.Too many soft Marshmallows on the Lakers to win games anymore.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    It’s not so much me saying i don’t like how MDA+Kendall reacted to the fight Nick Young was involved in,it’s more me saying come on fellas at least act like you care in the pressers after the game,when the media asks a question regarding a teammate not getting protected on the court give a more better intellectual answer.

    MDA should have went on a tirade after the game regarding the incident involving his leading scorer Nick Young,drop a few 4 letter words and make sure the NBA league knows you still have passion and care about your players and that you won’t tolerate that type of behavior and action from opposing teams.MDA needs to man up and fight for his players and protect his guys.

    Kendall Marshall has played hard and given 100% of what he has to turn himself into the top assist man in the NBA,but he also needs to watch what he says to the media after a incident like the one that took place he should have just said no comment next question but he chose to say well we are down to players and we need to chill out since we are short handed not the best answer possible.The team is soft and this is directed towards MDA+Pau Gasol+Ryan Kelly+Chris Kaman+Jodie Meeks+Wesley Johnson.

    Now as far as everyone else goes they are fine but the players i mentioned above are soft as marshmallows and Pau and them need to toughen up and protect the other players on the team.Be proud of being a Laker fight with Lakers pride.MDA is the one who needs to lead the way.

    Kendall Marshall is not who i am upset at it’s the soft big men that i am upset at for not helping out and standing up for Nick Young.Stand as one.Big men are the enforcers not the Point Guard i get that by now,but it takes the big men to fight back in most cases and in this case Nick Young was left on a island by himself.Next time Hill,Pau,Kaman,Kelly,Sacre,Wesley need to protect the teammate who is practically being jumped by the opposing team.

    • Crlycoated

      I believe it was Kelly who helped Young up and then offered his hand to help him and Young brushed Kelly’s hand away with anger. Just because it’s a teammate that’s doing something stupid, doesn’t mean the rest should follow suit. Young needs to be knocked down a peg – he thinks he’s just too important – everyone is replaceable.

  • trod4777

    The Fakers are pitiful to watch, even for a 35 plus year Lakers fan! Management and coaching is God awful!

    • Sylvia Ross

      I agree with you 100% !!!

    • Crenshaw on my shirt

      Say what you wanna say about management, coaching, and personnel but no TRUE Lakers fan would refer to them as the ‘Fakers’. Especially a 35+ year ‘fan’

      • Ben

        Love when fans tell other fans what “true” fans feel. I’ve been a laker fan since I was 5 years old, and maybe I’m stupid for wanting them to finish in last place in order to get the personnel to compete for the next 15 years. Explain to me how finishing with the 11th worst record helps this team moving forward and don’t use the “we’re the lakers, we don’t tank” bs

        • Crenshaw on my shirt

          Did you even read my comment? You can be critical of the team but referring to them as the ‘Fakers’ is what anti-Lakers fans call them smh

    • ranfan

      Despite providing a valid point, that faker shit is lame.

  • Sylvia Ross

    To bad the other four guys on the floor didn’t get up and maybe you wouldn’t be facing a suspension. Thanks for taking up for Nick he needed someone to care. That spineless COACH of yours didn’t have Nicks back either. I guess that reflects DAMTONIAS LEADERSHIP. I would hate for damtoni to have my back.

  • yunginmac

    That guy lin tried to take Nick Young out the game he’s the one who needs to be suspended. That’s not how you play the game. Everyone is not focusing on the real issue and the real aggressor.

  • Dana Douglas

    I don’t care if Jordan is suspended, GOOD FOR HIM for at least making a move to help his teammate. I was appalled that 5 Suns surrounded Swaggy P, and NOT ONE LAKER was there to protect him. I have been with this team through the losing, but this is lack of character. I don’t care if the whole team gets suspended and a couple games are forfeited for not being able to field a team, these guys need some grit, some toughness, and they need to STAND UP FOR THEIR TEAMMATES.

    I would not have faulted anyone for helping Nick. In fact, it’s time they showed some emotion other than depression. They need to get pissed off and get tough. Let the suspensions come. Team is more important.

  • Arlene A LeBeauf

    See What I mean… Jordan Hill Stood Up but did not see him in the Melee.. What about all the Suns players pushing and in his face.. AS LONG AS YOU WEAR PURPLE AND GOLD HARSH PUNISHMENTS… DIRTY DOGS

  • Crlycoated

    Young is 28 years old – way too old to be having tantrums. He was in the wrong. He swung a punch and made contact. He claims he’s all about the Lakers, but obviously his ego comes before anything. And for him to comment about it being the lakers fault for not coming to his defense is unbelievable. Does he want everyone suspended. Let’s not forget Young’s mouth about the Clippers. People think he’s great because he scores points – lets not forget how many baskets he misses, how many fouls and how many turnovers. He thinks he’s Kobe which he’ll never be with his temper

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    I have been supporting MDA since he got here… If FO changes coach, it should be now rather than in the off season…. I want to see a coach who instill toughness to players… look at what is happening in GS…

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    I love Noah… hope lakers get him… quote, “real fans won’t root for bulls to tank…” REAL lakers fans don’t and won’t root for lakers to tank!

  • Gus

    I’ve been a Laker fan since 78′ and this is the worse Purple and Gold team I’ve seen! If you don’t have the heart, you need to take the uniform off and that goes for MDA because he doesn’t fit this team as a coach. You’ve got to back your players and show that fire is needed but OH…we’ve got too many soft players that’s right. The Showtime Lakers of the past wouldn’t have put up with that, this is horrible!

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