Lakers Sign Keith Appling To Non-Guaranteed Deal Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="308"] The Los Angeles Lakers roster is more or less finalized with guaranteed deals, but there is still plenty of room for young players to [new_royalslider id="308"] The Los Angeles Lakers roster is more or less finalized with guaranteed deals, but there is still plenty of room for young players to Rating: 0
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Lakers Sign Keith Appling To Non-Guaranteed Deal

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The Los Angeles Lakers roster is more or less finalized with guaranteed deals, but there is still plenty of room for young players to make a mark in training camp.

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With that, the Lakers have signed point guard Keith Appling to a non-guaranteed deal according to Real GM’s Shams Charania:

The move makes sense on a number of levels as the Lakers are relatively thin at the point guard position.

Jeremy Lin is expected to play a significant role on the team, but no one knows what to expect from Steve Nash. After Nash, next in line would be second-round pick Jordan Clarkson who besides being a rookie is not really a pure point guard.

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Appling was one of the key players for a Michigan State team that went to the Elite Eight last season. His numbers aren’t flashy as he was counted on to be more of a facilitator with guys like first-round picks Gary Harris and Adreian Payne counted on for scoring.

This is simply a no-risk move by the Lakers as they bring in a solid young player to camp to see what he is capable of, and if it doesn’t work out they can let him go with no issues.

NBA Summer League: Jordan Clarkson After The Lakers Last Game

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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • BleedPurpAndGold

    whats up with Michael Beasley?

    • LaDone Waller

      I know! I mean our roster is beginning to take shape but Beasley would be a decent if not a very good piece to cap it off with. I Like the name by that way. I too Bleed Purple and Gold!!

      • BleedPurpAndGold

        thanks my fellow laker buddy

    • kennedy

      I mean if u Google Michael Beasley on the wiki it says he plays for us lol

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Yeap i have hope the Lakers will sign Beasley.

      • jim2

        Beasley would definitely make the Lakers a decent team. I don’t understand the hesitation.

        • DanFromMV

          With Beasley, the Lakers might make it to 10th place in the west. I am so giddy for this coming year (sarcasm).

          • joshhh

            wtf is this why would they bring this guy in we need help at sf and center and im tired of these young guys from college fill out out the roster wit veteran guys guys who already played in the nba guys like Jermaine O’Neal emeka okafor shawn marion (met with cavs today shit), Beasley, eark clark, ekpe udoh, toney douglas etc.. guys like that god bunch of retards FO is if this guy makes the team I will be so mad god

          • Dana Douglas

            I guess I’m not surprised you used “retard” as a pejorative, since you aren’t smart or educated enough to put together a coherent sentence. But just so you know, that word shouldn’t be used in public conversation.

          • joshhh

            I am smart enough to kick ur ass but luckily for u Idk who u are but if I did know u in real life you’ll be dead by now hahaha

          • Dana Douglas

            Oh, you’re going to kick a girl’s ass and you’re threatening to kill me. Real tough guy, huh? Well, I suppose you’d better be tough if you’re going to go through life ignorant and uneducated. But you won’t always be a tough guy, so why don’t you learn to read and write, and act like a decent human being? It will get you much farther in life.

          • Joseph Apohen

            It’d be nice if you guys don’t meander from the topic.

          • Al Haldie

            You don’t know a woman when you see her picture – did you just get of the closet ,

          • Pookie319

            Keith is a great guard and a hardworker. He was one of the best guards until his hand injury and he continued to play with his hand injured, so he can help his team win. Thats called dedication and strength. Its a good look for him. Im very proud of him for not giving up.

          • Al Haldie

            You should know if you looked at the LAKERS roster they are guys that have been playing for a few yrs SF X-Kelly – young ,-Wesley ,

          • Chrmngblly

            I tingle.

        • Dana Douglas

          My guess is that Beasley is holding out, hoping he gets better than a minimum offer from some team. If he doesn’t, he’ll likely become a Laker.

          • LaDone Waller

            That’s actually what I was thinking too but either way; “GO LAKERS”!!!!

        • Joseph Apohen

          Because they are still waiting to sign the man on the street. Soon he’ll be another guy that will disappear.

      • Badazztj12

        We cant now. Last roster spot is for Clarkson

        • LakersHeatBeef

          Appling is likely getting cut or sent to the D-League.But as i know we have had 20 camp invites come into camp.We have cut the like of Gerald Green,Andrew Goudelock,Malcolm Thomas,Marcus Landry over the years it’s very possible that Keith Aplling doesn’t make the cut,so yes we can sign Michael Beasley still if we want to but that’s up to Mitch and the FO along with Beasley.Non guaranteed spells camp fodder in most cases.

        • LakersHeatBeef

          @AdamZagoria: Former UNLV/UConn F Roscoe Smith has accepted an invite to Lakers’ camp, source tells @SNYtv

          Case in point these dudes are just camp fodder.A camp invite is just a body to have in training camp,hardly ever do these type of guys make the Lakers.CDR and Reeves Nelson were a big hit a few years ago with fans and they both got cut at training camp.Preseason cuts are what DJO went through last season.Appling will get cut IMO he is no better than Jordan Clarkson or Steve Nash or Michael Beasley if we sign Beasley or Henry,Sacre,Kelly.Smith is a big body to help out practice.

        • rafisher1

          Lakers have 12 signed, plus Clarkson makes 13, so that takes care of the minimum 13, but still leaves 2 spots open. Mitch usually goes with 14 leaving the last spot for whatever might materialize later in the season.

        • Al Haldie

          I don’t believe they would have paid 1.8 mil to get him
          and not sign him .

    • Jumpshooter24

      EXACTLY BPAG!!! Lin, Kobe, Beasley Boozer, Hill is a competitive squad. Perhaps not playoffs unless they over achieve but I’d be happy with that lineup with Xavier, Young, Randle Johnson, Davis/Sacre as your second unit. If they take a page out of the San Antonio playbook and rest there older starters and get the complimentary players to overachieve and play D we’ll at least be competitive and fun to watch.

    • Chrmngblly

      I hope he’s back in rehab….

  • LakerSpartan117

    Hmm.. I like how the Lakers are looking at PG’s because like I said before in other posts, we don’t exactly have depth at that position. Even though Steve Nash is reportedly healthy and hasn’t felt any nerve issues since last year, he’s nothing more than a back-up now in this stage of his career. How effective he will be coming off the bench will also be in question (refer to Jason Kidd’s last stint with the Knicks). And Jordan Clarkson is more of a SG than a PG, just like Russell Westbrook is more of a SG than a passing PG.

    So we need another young PG to be the insurance policy of Nash. While Nash can mentor Lin, Clarkson, and whomever else they sign. I only found one video of him on youtube (22 pt. game vs Kentucky), he looks decent and athletic. We could possibly go after Sessions if he wants to come back for min. because at this stage no one is paying them what they think they deserve.

    • stucktrader

      Sessions…. another 1st was traded for him back then…

      Glad the Lakers are over this trading picks for so-so players…

      The failure of the FO to draft a PG(and also the nixed CP3 trade) led them to Nash… and the mess this team has become… Sterns truly ruined the team…

      Granted, the hiring of Mike Brown was a head scratcher following Phil as well, but CP3 and a younger Kobe at the time would have been a major draw for Free Agents…

      • LakerSpartan117


        Thanks for the history lesson and the irrelevant knock on the FO.. Please if you are going to reply to something, stay on topic of the comment. Only I mentioned in your comment that’s related to mine, is Sessions and Nash.

        • stucktrader

          Can’t change the past… is that what ur getting at with my comment?

          … but the fact that the CP3 trade didnt go through is the reason for all this uncertainty.

          so in my opinion (outside of Mike Brown), it is all related…

          Regarding Sessions… they shouldnt bring him back… still an unreliable… even at the rim… I would rather those minutes go to Lin and Clarkson… and this Keith kid, who for all we know could turn out to be a steal.

    • Sergito Arriaga

      We have no depth? We now have four PG’s on our team. Henry/Kobe and young can play some PG.

      • Redemption Rain

        Young as PG? LOL he is going to try and score…..not make plays.

    • DanFromMV

      Remember, last year at the start of the year, the Lakers had Nash, Blake, and Farmar, and still had to go to the D-league when the injuries started. They are even thinner this year. Another D-League call-up or two is in store for 2014-15. Maybe they can keep their bottom-5 protected draft pick with this team.

  • 3339

    Appling really could be a sleeper. I’ve watched a lot of MSU basketball and Keith is a warrior, someone who will work extremely hard to earn a spot.
    really good player to bring in to camp. glad he’s getting a chance with LA

  • Redemption Rain

    Man this is slow news…..

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Ugh yeap he is pretty decent for a college player but Keith Appling has a long way to go until he makes it in the NBA the first step is training camp.Why hasn’t Jordan Clarkson been signed to a deal yet?I am guessing he needs to prove he belongs before he is signed it’s the Lakers way.Jordan Clarkson more than belongs besides $1,800,000 million bucks was spent to acquire his draft rights i am sure he will be signed soon.

    • nlruizjr

      like you I’m baffled why the Lakers are dragging their feet regarding Clarkson, does not make sense whatsoever.

  • Rigged4fun

    May I remind many of you, work ethic doesn’t make up for talent. So talking about work ethic doesn’t give a player talent, it only says what talent he has he will keep pushing his envelope.

  • TheXboxJunky

    …how much was Kendall Marshall’s contract? He proved to be a decent backup point guard at the least. It may have been better to go with a known commodity as opposed to the unknown.

  • Zimmeredge

    we haven’t sign clarkson yet? what about him? we paid a million dollar for him and they might end up not signing him? don’t get it.

    • Badazztj12

      We have one spot left. I am sure Clarkson is the last guy

      • Zimmeredge

        mmmh i hope so because if he does not we are dumb. he’s got so much versatility. i think he will play behind kobe.
        much like

        • Badazztj12

          Well Young is playing behide Kobe. X is playing behind Wesley. Clarkson has to split minutes Nash

          • Zimmeredge

            no imo young won’t be behind kobe.

          • Chrmngblly

            Why not? I prefer Kobe at the 3, anyway. X or Clarkson should play the 2

          • Zimmeredge

            since when Kobe is small forward.
            he will be more of a combo guard… like ball handling guard. no way you put kobe at ouf his confort zone. have you seen seen the dudes that are playing the 3rd spot??? he does not have the height or the weight to measure up against those guys. no way. shooting guard and sometimes point guard.

          • Kenneth Simkins

            With Clarkson that gives us 13 players signed! Applings contract isnt on the books unless he makes the team
            ! I’m guessing that Kane will get a camp invite also! We still have 2 roster spots left open even when we sign Clarkson!

          • Marc Diz

            Kobe has been a swingman all his NBA career.

          • Chrmngblly

            Zimm. Kobe is not out of his comfort zone at the 3. Kobe is a natural 2/3. It will extend Kobe’s career if he plays the three where all the new young quick guards can’t break his ankles off. Remember, anyone can bulk up, but no one can speed up. This is why Mitch said to expect to see Kobe playing the three some this year. That’s not a foreign position to him.

          • Al Haldie

            KOBE played the 3 spot last yr- it gets him a little closer to the RIM for his jump shot -…

          • Al Haldie

            Young will come off the bench and play SF just like last yr, X will back KOBE.. or Clarkson he is more of a SG then PG .that why their looking for a PG for backup…

      • incendy

        I thought we had 4 spots open. Nash, Kobe, Lin, Boozer, Randle, Kelly, Young, Henry, Johnson, Hill, Davis. That is only 11 players, roster is 15

        • Josh

          You missed out Robert Sacre and Jordan Clarkson(when he gets signed). So that leaves just 2

          • incendy

            You are right, I forgot about Sacre! But Clarkson was the player we were talking about having room for.

        • fer

          Sacre ???

          • Al Haldie

            Sacre has been with the Laker the last 2 yrs as a back up center – he gets better every yr – he will do fine this yr..

        • Al Haldie

          Sacre, and Clarkson makes 13..

  • meep

    i dont know anything about him but why get him when there guys like seth curry out there or someone i think lakers should look at Larry Drew II more a passer but that what lakers need

    • Al Haldie

      Where have you been for the last 2 yrs Sacre has been with the Lakers he is a 7′ Center.

  • craig jones

    Kieth Appling can break a game open he has the speed and agility to move through the big guys, he just needs a little more confidence in his jumper, sometimes he fades when too caught up in assists. give him the ball

    • Chrmngblly

      We could improve everyone of these young guys confidence just by getting slightly oversized hoops installed at the practice facility…:-)

      • DanFromMV

        Great idea. 60-foot diameter ought to do it.

        • nlruizjr

          that was funny, great sense of humor !!

  • Timothy O.

    That’s what I’m talking about. I hope he does well and gets on the roster. I loved watching him @ MSU. Reminds me of Russell Westbrook but just a lil smaller. Don’t know if he’ll score as much but he definitely gets after it. Let’s get it Appling.

  • ernie824

    They should’ve reconsider Deandre Kane

    • Chrmngblly

      More road-kill…not everyone makes it in the NBA…

    • comrade24

      i was looking forward to him too but he didn’t do shit in summer league. very unimpressive.

      • SirHambone

        I agree! Did not do anything impressive!

  • Mitch Igbo

    you can’t lose with this move..Appling is a gritty scorer/distributor lets see what he can do !

  • vdogg

    sign clarkson and beasley and then let’s go camping.

  • vdogg

    could the lakers be thinking of trading clarkson? HOPE NOT

    • SirHambone

      Really. Man they are just giving this guy a chance.

      • vdogg

        but why not sign clarkson FIRST?

        • nlruizjr

          I agree, is Mitch trying to break his spirit before he starts ???

      • Al Haldie

        So why did they pay out 1.8 mil to get him – that’s a big chance.. ha ha

        • SirHambone

          Can you read. The title of this is

          Lakers Sign Keith Appling To Non-Guaranteed Deal
          Do you know what non-guaranteed means?

  • Matt Williams


  • Purpandyellow


  • Eman94

    I don’t know anything about him but he’s nothing but a camp body. Nobody to get excited about but if someone can describe him better a player to me then that would be great. I expect to see the team sending camp invites in these next couple weeks I just hope they sign Michael Beasley to a 1 or 2 year deal, his defense might not be good but more than half the players in the league are considered bad at defense. You can never have too many offensive weapons like Beasley.

    • 1mtoldman

      camp nobody vs. camp fodder. both are good terms.

  • Dana Douglas

    Corey, you’re writing this as if he has a chance to make the team. He doesn’t. Every year, teams (including the Lakers) bring in a handful of guys to camp in order to field two 5-on-5 squads for practice. None of them will make the team. They are just “camp fodder.” That’s what this deal is. There is no intention of even giving him a look. He’s just camp fodder.

    • 1mtoldman

      camp fodder i like that.

  • Lakergang101

    Lakers need to sign Beasley & Clarkson before camp, but I think money is the problem. The only way we sign both Beasley & Clarkson, if they accept vet min & rookie min. So that’s the holding up with Clarkson signing. Lakers waiting on Beasley to accept the vet min, then we can sign Clarkson & maybe one player from camp.

    • 1mtoldman

      some of posters on a lin site im on sometimes think clarkson is being held as trade bait. should something materialize. i dont think so but that could be a reason for not signing him; on the other hand as i understand there’s no hurry to sign him technically they have rights to him for x amount of time. im just testing if this will post cause i see im already signed in here cuz that site is disqus too. i didn’t know it will do that.

      • vdogg

        hope not. the lakers paid 1.8 million to get him and he performed well in summer league. should be interesting to see what happens.

  • Henry Martinez

    I believe Keith is going to be a good and skillful basketball player. He has the potential of a good shooting guard. I hope the Lakers will hire him.

  • Sparty Frosty

    Corey failed to mention that Appling injured his wrist early on in the season first against North Carolina in late November and re-inured it again later in January. He sat out 9 or 10 games in a row to get it healthy which never happened in time for him to get his game back to the level it was before the injury. If he didn’t get injured, Appling would have been a player of the year candidate, a first round draft pick, and the Spartans would have been National Champs. Shoulda, coulda, woulda, I know. But, Mr. Hansford should have at least pointed out the few facts that I’ve stated here.

    If Appling gets his confidence back and a semblance of his shot back, he will more than make the roster for the Lakers…. could be a point guard for the future!

  • Joseph Apohen

    Who the hell is Appling? Why not just sign the man on the street since we are signing everyone else. What about Clarkson? Has he signed yet. Why the delay. I heard he is pretty good.

  • Duckathon

    Probably won’t make the team. Probable D-League Filler.

  • Collis

    Lakers really need to give Deandre Kane a solid chance .. He didn’t get a lot of playing time in the summer league.

  • Lakers4Life

    Who the heck is this guy? lol… Oh well, it’s not going to make much of a difference anyway. The FO should think about using the stretch provision on Nash, hire him for cheap as a Player Development Coach and bring in some more role players like Beasley.

  • Mr.Barboza

    Lakers STOP LOOKING FOR FREAKING PG’s we already have enough young talent on the team with Jeremy Lin and Jordan Clarkson (I’m not counting Nash), what the Lakers should do is look for an undrafted Center, you never know when you’ll get a surprise with a player.

    • Okaaay

      “you never know when you’ll get a surprise with a player.”

      Yeah, pretty sure that’s why Keith Appling is getting invited to training camp. And actually, the bench is thin at the point guard position so it makes sense to invite Appling and allow him to compete for a spot on the team.

  • hookedonnews

    Last season proved that you can’t have too many PG’s.

  • Andrew

    Damn if the Lakers were going to bring in these scrubs meaning Appling and Smith then they should have at least invited Khem Birch he is 10 times better than these guys and he is a legit big man that can block shots and rebound also a good scorer and he was a top 5 recruit that dominated Andre Drummond.Man the Lakers scouting department always makes huge mistakes evaluating real talent,sure they get some average players but really when was the last time the Lakers FO developed a draft pick into a key component to a playoffs team.They whiffed on all the following players when they drafted them Sun Yue,Devin Ebanks,Derrick Carracter,Darius Morris,Andrew Goudelock,Majok.Not one good player out of that bunch.This team is in the dark ages when it comes to improving via the NBA draft.The Lakers FO also whiffs in free agency as we all have seen with Dwight Howard,Carmelo Anthony,LeBron James,Pau Gasol.Might as well sign up Khem Birch at least he has a future in the NBA as a defensive specialist and last i checked the Lakers need a rim protector as of right now the Lakers have the worst interior defense in the entire NBA for sure.Last year the Lakers were the worst in defense and rebounding.

    • independentbynature

      Andrew Bynum was the last one and the only one in recent years.

  • Cardinal Nero


  • Richard

    Michael Beasley looks good to me right now . On a 1 or 2 year contact (with a Lakers option on the 2nd year). It’s going to be interesting to see if or what the Lakers will do to fill out their roster at the Center, Point Guard, and Small Forward positions.

  • TheZuluNation

    I’m hearing if it weren’t for Appling’s wrist injury in college, he would have easily been a late 1st round/early 2nd round pick. If he makes the team, it could easily be a steal. BTW, let’s get Manny Harris a camp invite please!

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