Lakers Shirt: Keep Calm and Win Rings Now Available From Lakers Nation


    If there’s one thing that’s consistent about the Los Angeles Lakers it’s that they’re wildly inconsistent. Throughout the years it seems that the team loses games they shouldn’t lose, or struggles against teams that shouldn’t be much of a struggle.

    But if there’s one thing that always seems to ring true it’s that the Lakers are commonly one of the final teams at the end of the season. With 16 NBA championships and 31 NBA Finals appearances, the Lakers are one of the most successful professional sports franchises on the planet.

    So despite the fact that the team sometimes struggles and can’t seem to find any sort of consistency, in the end the odds tells us that the Lakers will most likely be one of the final teams standing.

    In honor of the Lakers constantly keeping their fans on the edge of their seats, for better or worse, Lakers Nation has a new t-shirt that accurately explains the mindset of Laker fans.

    Keep calm and win rings.


    To order your own ‘Keep Calm and Win Rings’ t-shirt, check out the Lakers Nation store.

    • Rasheed

      Nice T-shirt Moto.
      The league is not the same as it once was. Western Conference gets better each year.

      With current circumstances expecting Lakers to again stand in top ranking is like Meta world peace saying we will win 72 or 73 games.
      They have potential but this time journey will be twice or maybe thrice as hard. One of the reason is “EVERYONE WANTS TO BEAT THE LAKERS”. Other teams bring their A game when they play with Lakers.

      I still remember during Phil’s era in L.A (Brian shaw, walton…gang use to bring back Lakers from 20-points deficits specially in 4th quarter.) These days if Lakers are down by more then 10 points they struggle to get back.

      Bottom line: It is not same anymore. Really disappointed with coach Mike D’Antoni recent decisions. He has rough ride ahead of him with unbalanced team. Team is not fully loaded and they haven’t all played together due to injuries..

      As a Lakers fan, at the end of the regular season, I would like to see them in top standings.
      Everything will depend on how it unfold in next few months.