Lakers Set Franchise Record For Losses In A Season Since Moving To...

Lakers Set Franchise Record For Losses In A Season Since Moving To LA


The Lakers have suffered through a dismal season. Injuries have decimated the team, rumors have swirled about the future of the team, and through all of it, the product on the floor has suffered.

Last night was a historic night, as Steve Nash moved into third on NBA’s all-time assists list, passing Mark Jackson. But the Lakers also made some history, suffering their 53rd loss of the season, the most losses in a season since the team moved to Los Angeles.

Though many believed the Lakers would struggle this season, few saw this coming. No Laker has played in every game this season, and only two, Wesley Johnson and Jodie Meeks, have played in at least 70 of the Lakers’ 78 games this season.

This has led to a number of different starting lineup combinations, and the lack of consistency, especially at the point guard position where the Lakers have started six different players including Xavier Henry and Kobe Bryant.

With Bryant and Steve Nash playing in only 24 games combined, the Lakers were devoid of their two veteran leaders in the backcourt, and the inexperience showed as the Lakers blew leads, and were unable to finish close games in the final minutes.

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The Lakers still managed to have some high points this season, such as the opening day victory against the Los Angeles Clippers, Steve Blake’s game winner against the Houston Rockets, and Jodie Meeks’ 42-point explosion against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Unfortunately, this Lakers season will go down as one of, if not the, worst in the history of the franchise. The sliver lining in this season, however, is that the Lakers have only failed to make the playoffs in back-to-back seasons once.

With general manager Mitch Kupchak in control for the forseeable future, and the Buss family having a history of doing what it takes to win, it should not take long for the Lakers to get back to the top of the NBA.

VIDEO: Steve Nash Moves Into 3rd On The All-Time Assists List

  • Lakers So Baad

    WOW the most losses the Lakers have ever had in LA.This season just sucks all those dreadful losses and still the Lakers biggest most hated rivals the Celtics will end up with a top 3 pick meaning Wiggins,Exum,Embiid will end up on the Celtics and the Lakers will end up in the sixth spot maybe if no other team moves them back a spot or 2.Likely the Lakers end up with either Aaron Gordon or Noah Vonleh that’s a far cry from getting Andrew Wiggins or Dante Exum.The Lakers are cursed with very bad luck lately.I hate all these losses and everything happens for a reason maybe the Lakers will get better next season and get good luck again.

  • Lakers So Baad

    What the hell went so wrong just a few years ago i was at the Lakers parade.WTF?

    • independentbynature

      Jimmy Buss calls the shots now.Enough said.

      • Lakers So Bad

        Yea that explains things.

    • BaDeng

      yeah! I mean, not being able to make the play-offs is one thing…but losing 53 games (as of this moment)? What the F*ck!!! No shame at all. One thing I will remember from this season: those missed shots at close range. So many of them.

      • independentbynature

        How bout all the uncontested lay ups and dunks?That’s what I’ll remember.The endless parade to the basket by even the weakest opponents.Losing is one thing.Not competing,another.Antoni must go…..

        • Josh

          Yeah, I hate when coaches give up layups and dunks.

          • independentbynature

            They give them up when they play smallball and don’t coach defense.Most of us know that and don’t excuse it.

          • Josh

            If I’m playing and want to prevent easy layups, I don’t ask my coach to pull me out in favor of a taller player. I stay in front of my man. I collapse to help a teammate who’s been beaten. Bad defense is on the players, not the coach, especially when they don’t have enough healthy players to have full scrimmages. They can practice 5-on-0 offensive sets, but it’s awfully pointless to practice 5-on-0 defense.

          • Lakers4life

            Go blow D’antoni already josh

          • Josh

            I’ve never liked D’Antoni, even when he was winning in Phoenix. He just has nothing to do with the Lakers’ perimeter players be unable to stay in front of guys.

          • Kick dumbtoni

            Especially when coach has the stamina to run up and down constantly and expect them to be full of energy on defense

    • AD

      Well the Mavericks blew us out in 2011 so as usual the Lakers wanted to reload quickly except this time it didn’t work. Phil retired. Mike Brown was hired. CP3 to the Lakers was vetoed. Pau got all in his feelings. Lamar got all in his feelings and developed a crack addiction. Andrew Bynum’s mental health further deteriorated and was traded in for another big baby. Dwight Howard came in and he was all in his feelings because Kobe was still King, plus his bitchass was still injured. Mike Brown was fired. Mike D’Antoni was hired. Steve Nash was acquired. The mess we have now all goes back to that. We’ve been cursed ever since. Next time the Lakers need to realize that instead of blowing up everything because of a fluke playoff loss that they need to get rid of role players for better role players instead of blowing up their championship starters. The Heat lost to Dallas as well, they didn’t ship out Bosh and Wade for their equals OR an older player and a bitchass big baby. They do that way too often. They need to follow the Spurs and how they run their team.

  • Golteb

    it’s a cycle. You can’t always be on top. It is actually amazing that the Lakers have very short dry spells and usually come out of that with a championship. Miami has been riding high for 3 seasons now–let’s see how long they can keep that up. Remember the Jordan-era Bulls? They haven’t been that lethal for a long time now. That being said, I’m just hoping for the best for the purple and gold in the near future.

  • Sti1lmatic

    You can’t be down forever. Things eventually turn around for the better.

  • Jessie

    There is no good news on this site anymore. The only reason I browse here is to look at Serena Winters…

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    Well it is what it is they will be a time we gona rebuild and this is the time im wishing my Lakers for the best in the future I believe we will be back where we belong in the future it will take time I still with ride and die Purple & Gold!

  • AD

    Fuck all you idiots talking about it’s just a dry spell. I can handle not winning championships every year but worst record since moving to LA? Second worst team in the west? Getting blown out by 35 points every night? Fuck that! That’s ridiculous. These idiots are supposed to be professionals and I’M EMBARRASSED for them! Wesley Johnson is a waste of an athletic body he’s so terrible. Rob Sacre is a waste of 7 feet of pure muscle. I can’t wait for these scrubs to get off the Lakers. They don’t deserve to wear the purple and gold. I still watch and support but I’m not going to make excuses like some fans. These guys are fucking awful and it’s damn embarrassing. They should be embarrassed!

    • Josh

      Those guys weren’t supposed to be playing meaningful minutes. Sacre was supposed to be the 3rd or 4th option at center and never play. Johnson was supposed to be a backup to Nick Young but has played a ton because MDA can’t figure out what to do at the PF position. My only beef with MDA is his hatred of bigs.

      I’m with you with getting rid of Wes as soon as possible. Sacre has developed into a half-way decent center in a center-less NBA. I’d be happy to keep him as a backup for years to come. His defense is okay, he has a nice hook shot, and he has a great attitude. He’ll never command big money so he’ll always provide value, and he’s got his head screwed on right.

      It’s clearly more than just a dry spell. A new CBA was enacted that forced the Lakers to make some changes to they way they do business. Their lack of concern about the salary cap in the past now prevented them from adding free agents and blocks trades they might have been able to do in the past. They had to sign a ton of minimum contract players–i.e. players who would rarely play for championship teams–just to fill out the roster. Then there’s the injury bug that has hit them hard. Injuries just compile because one guy goes down and then the next guy is asked to do more than he is accustomed to or able to do, which leads to more injuries. Running up and down the court a few extra times per game because of a faster tempo is not the culprit.

      • AD

        Sacre has been playing all season long, ahead of Chris Kaman because of the dumbass coach and probably the FO’s orders to “develop” the piles of shit we already have but newsflash, Sacre sucks and will forever suck. When was Johnson ever supposed to back up Nick Young? Nick was supposed to be Kobe’s backup. Johnson was I don’t know what his useless ass was supposed to be for.

        Sacre can be used for defense but even that I’m not impressed with. He makes so many stupid decisions and picks up a million fouls. If you are going to be a defense only center, rebounder, put back dunker, then be good at it like Deandre Jordan. He can’t score and his defense is not that great. If I see him taking another 15 foot jumpshot and bricking it I’m gonna kill somebody. That’s not your shot playboy! Stop doing it!

        Basically and that’s partly their fault for making so many stupid decisions these past two seasons.

  • Jim213


  • quickster007

    It’s a combination of things, First, Kobe can’t get along with any superstars that the Lakers brought in, Second, the death of Mr. Jerry Buss and now we are seeing how great of an owner he was. Third, the selection of the coaches who I think was collecting cash rather than their coaching ability. (Mike Brown and Mike Dantoni) Fourth, the core group (Kobe, Nash, Pau) are old and need to let go after their contract is over. Biggest mistake resigning of Kobe at astronomical amount of 24 millions a season. Not even Lebron and Durant are asking that much money. It’s obvious Kobe are collecting cash and tells everyone that he is into making the Lakers better team which makes him a bold face liar. If he was he should resign for less like 10 millions a season. The NBA has each team having a cap space of 58 millions a season. The combine salary of Pau, Kobe and Nash is 52 millions. The Lakers has to field a team with a 6 million budget. Ain’t happening. Fifth, the constant struggle for power between Jeanie Buss and Jim Buss. To top it all, Jim Buss made a crucial mistake by signing Nash. The Phoenix Suns already knew that Nash was damage good and the reason why the Suns let him go. Jim when he took over the basketball operations got rid of all the scouts. He hired his friend who are clueless in terms of scouting. The end result the signing of Steve Nash (the damaged goods) and we are seeing the end result. Well, that’s pretty much sums it up.