Lakers Select Andrew Goudelock With 46th Overall Pick

Lakers Select Andrew Goudelock With 46th Overall Pick


With the 46th overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lakers selected Andrew Goudelock from the College of Charleston. During his senior year with the Cougars, Goudelock averaged 23.7 ppg and 4.2 apg.

This pick was the Lakers’ second of four in the second round, and with their previous selection the Lakers called up Darius Morris from the University of Michigan.

It is quite possible that the Lakers will not sign their second round draft picks, but Mitch Kupchak could go against his word if Goudelock shines in team workouts.

While in college, Goudelock developed the reputation of being a stud when it came to scoring the basketball. The Lakers sometimes look lethargic on the offensive end, so adding Goudelock off the bench will provide the team with a spark when needed.

  • Do It Mitch

    Where in the hell did you read Mitch wont sign the 2nd Rounders?…….last I heard was he was going to use our first 2 picks to fill holes we have on our roster, and use the latter 2 picks to draft some euros to stash for a few years

  • Bh92503

    If you’re not going to sign you’re second round picks and you know that going in why even bother. Trade them off for whatever cash you can get. It makes no sense. Please explain

    • Do It Mitch

      You can look forward to goudelock and Morris on our roster next year. I can’t say the same for the other 2 guys

  • eddietime

    Mark my words, this kid will make an impact in the NBA – if not for the Lakers, then for someone else. His knack for scoring is similar to Steph Curry’s, but Drew is more athletic. The Lakers got a steal in my opinion.

  • Jamal Ford

    Yes both these players are Double SS ” sleeper studs ” n they will make the team whoever saying lakers won’t sign their picks must still thank Phil Jackson is still coaching shit it’s because of him we got so many old players( yes we did get rings with him )mike brown likes youth n hustle n all are picks serve a purpose so miss me with that we won’t sign them bullshit!!!!

  • kt

    If they don’t sign Drew they’re idiots…. Lets get real here cofc sucks at everything and he pretty much carried the team to the top. I think he’s going to kick ass in the NBA, not only because he’s a good player but this kid has so much heart and love for this game. After having multiple classes with him I can honestly say he is such a good guy. 

  • jojo

    Goudelock is the best for pick n roll …a fresh legs inside the court GO LAKERS!