Lakers Rumors: Warriors and Knicks Getting in on Dwight Howard

Lakers Rumors: Warriors and Knicks Getting in on Dwight Howard

Curry/Stoudemire for D12?

It looks like the emergence of Andrew Bynum has put the Orlando front office on notice that holding out for both Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol in a trade for their franchise center, Dwight Howard, is going to be a far fetched idea.

In the last 4 games, the Lakers have gone 2-2, as the new coaching staff develops the team’s new rotations with all the new players, roles and systems on the team. Andrew has been the talk of the town lately, even garnering a 57% approval rating amongst fans a few days ago.

With his last 4 games, these are Andrew’s numbers:

12/31 vs. Denver: 29 pts | 13 rebounds | 2 Blocks | 72.2% FG

1/1 vs. Denver: 18 pts | 16 rebounds | 1 Blocks | 58.3% FG

1/3 vs. Houston: 21 pts | 22 rebounds | 3 Blocks | 53.3% FG

1/5 vs. Portland: 21 pts | 12 rebounds | 3 Blocks | 56.3% FG

With these All-Star type numbers, Orlando has to definitely turn up the pressure to try and get the most for Dwight Howard, so why not leak some stories to reporters that the New York Knicks AND Golden State Warriors are after Dwight. More Lakers Rumors.

Kurt Helin of reports that the New York Knicks are willing to offer up Amare Stoudemire to rent Dwight Howard for the rest of the year, with the hope they are able to convince D12 to re-sign in the Big Apple. This is basically hogwash if you think about the fact that the Knicks just signed Tyson Chandler, so that frontcourt is just not going to work, plus the luxury tax implications would be very severe.

Kurt Helin also reports that the Warriors are interested in Dwight by offering a package around their young prospect Stephen Curry. This can be a story since the Warriors do have the salary cap space to take on Hedo Turkoglu’s bloated contract, but the main thing that nixes this rumor is that Stephen Curry JUST rolled his right ankle AGAIN ,which basically puts him right there with Andrew Bynum as either a very injury prone player or a victim of bad luck.
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Either way, both trade rumors reek of desperation from Orlando in trying to keep the get the best offer they can find – Andrew Bynum AND Pau Gasol for Dwight Howard and Hedo Turkoglu.

With the way Andrew’s playing, that’s definitely not going to happen, so we hope Jim Buss takes a cue from his dad and knows when to hold’em.


  • Sti1lmatic

    Lakers ARE NOT getting Dwight Howard!
    I’m a die hard laker fan but know this D12 talk is just not happening.
    We’re fine with the squad we have now but we need A DAMN  POING GUARD!!!!!

  • Jarro921

    we need a PG first and foremost! This is a point guard driven league!! Get out the dark ages!!

    • Billy-Bob

      laker fans say SCREW d12! We want dWill…. There is NO Dwill without Howard!!!

  • kobe24

    NOOOOOOOO…..Lakers need to trade PAU GASOL for D.Will.. OR russle westbrook and ibaka… we NEED A POINT…..

  • JohnSmith00

    Those of you saying the Lakers are fine just the way they are need to stop, seriously just stop it!. There is being a die hard fan and there is being in denial, I’ve supported the Lakers through some of their roughest moments. But this is one time i cannot the Lakers have Kobe, Pau and Bynum and instead of being a dominant elite team, they look like the post shaq pre pau era team. The other day there was the article of how williams is checking out in NJ, if the Lakers trade for Howard it will pave the way for him to come to L.A. The cp3, d12 and kobe scenario might have gone out the window, but d-will, d12 and kobe might be a possibility.

    • Billy-Bob

      Wow i can’t believe somebody on this site actually has done their research…. Maybe people right. Maybe laker fans are stupid. At least you think rationally. This team is embarrassing and laker fans say SCREW d12! We want dWill…. There is NO Dwill without Howard!!! Thank you for seeing this… 

  • Stan

    go for d12. howard lures superstars. bynum doesn’t. and also get a good PG!!! If only John Wall is up for grabs. anyway, dwill will be a good fit for howard. and we need to look for a good role player for our PF if Pau is gone.

  • Bochook

    Bynum became stronger  now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!

  • Harv2177

    LA trade moves are a no brainer

  • Harv2177

    Now as far as Bynum goes.His stock is at its highest its ever been and regardless of how well he is playing Dwight definitely defensively is still the best center in the league while Bynum is the best in the west.The attempts early for Paul and Dwight is the same as Dwight and D Will.LA needs a facilitating PG to add speed and tempo to there offense.Trading Dwight Blake and Metta “CAN’T PLAY NO MORE” Peace for Dwight and Turk is inevitable.Last year Dwight said he wanted to play for us.He wants to play with D Will.There both free agents.We have the pieces to trade.Which helps for several reasons.Maybe not top tier talent but were to loaded at the 3 and 4 position.Unloading blake and Metta will give more time for ebanks and barnes.Also giving time to Goudelock and McBoB so Brown’s depth chart will still be 9 or 10 but not just players taking up bench space.Now for Dwight and Deron.Its for the fact it will give the Nets an even trade with Gasol coupled with Lopez and Mehmet.They would have a solid 3 man 7ft tandem and with Orl they would have a top tier center minus the injuries. For us it will give LA there future duo which with gives them attractive future free agents because there style of play and skill level obviously.Coupling them with Kobe will not make them the best trio but for chemistry of a shooter,post player and facilitator.They would have the best trio with a bench of a shooters like Goudelock and kapono.Good post players like Murph and McBOB and Fisher for his locker room presence and Morris,Ebanks,Caracter developing into good players.This takes pressure off Kobe revitalizes D Will and Dwight and keeps us where we need to be…THE BEST IN THE LEAGUE

  • Harv2177

    Well I think if anybody who watches the game would understand when we beat orl 3 years ago there big 3 was Dwiz,Lewis and Turk..So by losing Gasol and picking up Turk.Everybody has written Turk off because of his contract that its for a starting allstar player and not a good role player.But his contract has not diminished his skill set.He is 6’10,that can shoot,handle the rock and create his own shot.His shot selection is bad at times but with a PG like Deron putting players in there comfortable positions on the court allows Turk to shoot where he should be.Now giving more time to Murph and McBOB can make up Pau’s numbers but maybe not position on the floor of where he scores his points.But as much as Pau is a good player.McBoB Turk and Murph will make up his production and with Brown’s defensive schemes and having Dwight down low.We can score on offense with eben flow type offense with kobe getting his shots where he shoots a high pct(free throw line extended),Dwight in the post,Ebanks mid range,D Will post game on smaller PGs and extending the D with his 3 ptrs and Turk 3 pt and mid range game. Also with our length of two 6’5 plus guards a 6’8 to 7’0 frontline with Brown’s defense.We can go on defensive runs like San AN use to and when Kobe sits at the start of the 4th.We don’t miss a beat with Will,Dwiz and Turk as the big 3 on the floor.So with our vets,future of the team and mix of incoming young players.Lamar and Brown will definitely wish they stayed.Cuz if we don’t pull the trigger while we got the chance and Dal atleast gets D Will with Terry and Dirk,Portland back,obviously the OKC Durantulas,Lob City, and wild cards like Denver when JR and Kenyon come back and of course Timmy and Co..We could easily finish 6th place if we went thru a bad stretch at the end of the season.

  • Lmmdog

    If you asked me  to choose right now based and what I have seen from Andrew this year, Dwight or Andrew? I would say Dwight!  did you see Andrew roll his ankle the other night? He is one injury away from being useless. that should be enough of  a reason to consider getting Dwight. IMHO

  • Lmmdog

    Why don’t we have a new point guard? Just wondering.

  • Jeffreymarshak

    What about trading Pau Gasol to Minnesota to reunite him with Ricky Rubio, along with ron Artest, Devin Ebanks for Kevin Love (who will probably leave at end of contract) and Derrick Williams? 

  • Jeffreymarshak

    we need d12  who 100% thinks bynum is going to resign with lakers at end of contract he might be tired of trade rumors so were not sure hel stay so trade for d12