Lakers Rumors: Warriors and Knicks Getting in on Dwight Howard

Lakers Rumors: Warriors and Knicks Getting in on Dwight Howard

Curry/Stoudemire for D12?

It looks like the emergence of Andrew Bynum has put the Orlando front office on notice that holding out for both Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol in a trade for their franchise center, Dwight Howard, is going to be a far fetched idea.

In the last 4 games, the Lakers have gone 2-2, as the new coaching staff develops the team’s new rotations with all the new players, roles and systems on the team. Andrew has been the talk of the town lately, even garnering a 57% approval rating amongst fans a few days ago.

With his last 4 games, these are Andrew’s numbers:

12/31 vs. Denver: 29 pts | 13 rebounds | 2 Blocks | 72.2% FG

1/1 vs. Denver: 18 pts | 16 rebounds | 1 Blocks | 58.3% FG

1/3 vs. Houston: 21 pts | 22 rebounds | 3 Blocks | 53.3% FG

1/5 vs. Portland: 21 pts | 12 rebounds | 3 Blocks | 56.3% FG

With these All-Star type numbers, Orlando has to definitely turn up the pressure to try and get the most for Dwight Howard, so why not leak some stories to reporters that the New York Knicks AND Golden State Warriors are after Dwight. More Lakers Rumors.

Kurt Helin of reports that the New York Knicks are willing to offer up Amare Stoudemire to rent Dwight Howard for the rest of the year, with the hope they are able to convince D12 to re-sign in the Big Apple. This is basically hogwash if you think about the fact that the Knicks just signed Tyson Chandler, so that frontcourt is just not going to work, plus the luxury tax implications would be very severe.

Kurt Helin also reports that the Warriors are interested in Dwight by offering a package around their young prospect Stephen Curry. This can be a story since the Warriors do have the salary cap space to take on Hedo Turkoglu’s bloated contract, but the main thing that nixes this rumor is that Stephen Curry JUST rolled his right ankle AGAIN ,which basically puts him right there with Andrew Bynum as either a very injury prone player or a victim of bad luck.
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Either way, both trade rumors reek of desperation from Orlando in trying to keep the get the best offer they can find – Andrew Bynum AND Pau Gasol for Dwight Howard and Hedo Turkoglu.

With the way Andrew’s playing, that’s definitely not going to happen, so we hope Jim Buss takes a cue from his dad and knows when to hold’em.