Lakers Rumors: Trade Possibility Of Jordan Hill To Nets Is Unlikely Reviewed by Momizat on . It was rumored that the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets were discussing a deal for Lakers' forward/center Jordan Hill. Hill is averaging 8.5 points and 7.0 It was rumored that the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets were discussing a deal for Lakers' forward/center Jordan Hill. Hill is averaging 8.5 points and 7.0 Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Trade Possibility Of Jordan Hill To Nets Is Unlikely

It was rumored that the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets were discussing a deal for Lakers’ forward/center Jordan Hill.

Hill is averaging 8.5 points and 7.0 rebounds per game this season, but has had his numbers drop significantly drop due to inconsistent playing time. The Nets are looking for front court help after losing center Brook Lopez earlier this season.

According to Mark Medina of the LA Daily News, the chances of a deal being done are slim at the moment:

Although the Lakers engaged in preliminary talks about a trade that would send Jordan Hill to the Brooklyn Nets, the deal likely will not happen, according to a league source familiar with the situation.

In the latest trade rumor, the Nets were going to use their disabled player exception from the Lopez injury, but that would not prevent the team from having to pay the luxury tax from Hill’s contract. Hill’s remaining $3.5 million would incur a $17 million luxury tax penalty that the Nets would rather not have to pay.

After starting the year struggling to win games, the Nets have played better have are currently 24-27 and in the seventh spot in the Eastern Conference.

Meanwhile, the Lakers are 13 games out of a playoff spot and are buyers at the trade deadline. Talks could heat up again if the Nets are willing to pay the penalty, but it seems as if Hill will not be heading to Brooklyn this season. Any deal would have to be done before Thursday and that is not enough time for the Nets to make a desperation move for a second-half playoff push.

Hill began the year strong for the Lakers, including a stretch in November where he had four double-doubles in a six-game span, including a 24-point, 17-rebound performance in a victory over the Detroit Pistons. Lately, he has fallen victim to a reduced role in head coach Mike D’Antoni’s rotation that prefers big men that can stretch the floor, rather than post scorers.

It is possible that Hill may be on his way out of Los Angeles; however, it will likely not be to the Nets.
Kobe Bryant On Involvement In Lakers Trade Deadline and Offseason Decisions

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  • Eff It

    Trade Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, Chris Kaman for Harrison Barnes and Klay Thompson. Eff it, throw in whatever else the warriors want to make it happen.

    • Marty Susman

      I 100% agree…

  • Eff It

    Trade Pau, Hill, Kaman, Farmar, Blake, Nash, Johnson, Young, Meeks, Sacre, D’Antoni, FOR Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes, David Lee, Andrew Bogut, Andre Igoudala, Mark Jackson, Jerry West, and a first round draft pick.

    • Hector Barrios

      I personally think young, Johnson, hill, farmar and Blake are solid and can contribute good minutes on a championship team. I’d keep them. It’s definitely interesting to see how the future will unfold.

    • Marty Susman


  • Pope Chuck Paul

    Trade Jordan Hill for who though?

  • Robert Perez

    So if the Lakers are trying to get rid of Hill, Kaman seems unhappy and gasol is probably gone too, what replacements are on the market for next year? Are we going to be stuck with a Sacre/Kelly line up next year? What big would want to come here? Better yet what FA would want to come here?


    Shaquille O’Neal is coming out of retirement, signing with the Lakers


    This just in, Pau Gasol, Steve Blake, Jordan Hill have been traded to the Cavaliers for Kyrie Irving, Anderson Varajeo, Jarrett Jack, and a 2nd round draft pick. WOW!

  • Jebac

    Now thats solid. Getting rid of Pau’s expiring, decent players in Blake and Hill, and able to get back a star point guard in Irving, a good center in Varajeo, a good back up guard in Jack, and a 2nd round pick. Plus Shaq coming out of retirement. Amazing. Mitch Kupchak has done it again. Yesss!! Go Lakers!


    The Lakers have just announced a press conference for 3pm at Staples Center to discuss the blockbuster trade.

  • Budale

    Yes! great news. The Lakers are back! Just heard on the radio that Shaq is expected to be in uniform against the Celtics on Friday, the ex-cavaliers, Irving, Jack, Varajeo will be arriving in L.A. tomorrow. No word if they will be available for Friday’s game.

  • Jesus Garcia

    I also heard that on the radio. Also, they said the Lakers are not done dealing yet, and there is more to come before the trade deadline. But the rumor is Nash and Kaman to Toronto for 1 of their centers and a draft pick.

  • Jebac

    If they are bringing in Irving, Varajeo, Jack, and a couple of draft picks, and a Center from Toronto, and still able to keep Kobe, Young, Marshall, Meeks, etc… then build this summer through the draft, still able to get a free agent, look out for the Lakers. Wow, this is totally unexpected.

  • johnahhhhhhthon

    Yup. Just heard, its been confirmed actually, that center from the raptors is Amir Johnson. he can Play center and PF. So, coming to the lakers: Amir Johnson, Kyrie Irving, Anderson Varajeo, Jarett Jack, plus the signing of the un-retired Shaq, and a couple of draft picks. Leaving the Lakers: Pau, Nash, Blake, Hill, Kaman. I would call this an upgraqde, what you guys think? Great planning and playing with it MItch!

  • Laker Goddess

    Whattttt????? holy ish! i think too many guards still tho. Now we have mah boy Kyrie, and jarrett, still have farmar, and marshall, and meeks, and young, and when henry and kobe come back, IDK. I kinda like it tho. i’m sure mah grandmama be dancin in her grave tho, she was huge laker fan

  • LakerNation

    LakerNation will be live streaming the press conference

  • Alan Sien

    i agree with Hector but I would trade blake to the Warriors maybe for a 2nd pick but keep Hill and trade Pau for pick. They can sign Love and Irving next year. Next year lineup would be Irving, Kobe, Johnson, Hill and Love. Fire the coach and hire Sloan because he is a defensive of coach and use pick n roll which is perfect. You have have nash come off the bench with farmer, young, Meek, Henry Kelly Sacre and whoever we draft next year.

  • Alan Sien

    No way Cleveland trade Irving when they are 3 games behind in playoffs.

    • Jebac

      Read the breaking news, dummy. Its done. Plus, # 1 Cavs are not making playoffs. # 2, lets say they do make the playoffs, it will be against miami or indiana, a 4 game sweep. so whats the point anyways to make the playoffs, might as well not make the playoffs and enter the draft lottery. Thats why they traded Irving to the Lakers.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Something is just fishy about this Lakers FO without Jerry Buss having final say.It seems the FO is just trying to tear this team down and rebuild from scratch.This could usher in the dark years for the Lakers.Feeling hopeless right now.

  • Alan Sien

    That’s nothing on news about the Cleveland Lakers trade.

  • Keith Keene

    That Cleveland los Angeles trade is bogus

  • Marty Susman

    Golden State NEEDS Blake. We send them Blake & Johnson, they send us Harrison Barnes…. We send Gasol to the Piston’s for Monroe… We send Young & Meeks for Waiters…

    • you idiot

      marty, ur just a genius. why the heck havent the lakers hired YOU as GM…..cuz, i totally see it. the cavs totally want meeks and young. and the pistons, they really want pau. these deals should have been done a longgggggg time ago.

  • Alan Sien

    I hate to see Hill be traded because of the idiot head coach that we have.

  • Lakersrule

    Based on all the genius decisions the Nets have made this season, a $17m tax would probably fly.

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