Lakers Rumors: Timberwolves, Rockets Still Interested in Pau Gasol?

Lakers Rumors: Timberwolves, Rockets Still Interested in Pau Gasol?


The March 15 NBA trade deadline is right around the corner with less than 10 days to go in which all 30 teams around the league can wheel and deal in order to improve their rosters. As the one team that has been mentioned in more trade rumors than any other this season, the Los Angeles Lakers appear to be on the verge of making a deal, whether it be for a big fish like Dwight Howard or a role player like Ramon Sessions or Michael Beasley.

Even though All-Star center Andrew Bynum has been the one player on the Lakers’ roster that has been involved in the most trade rumors over the last few years, Pau Gasol has taken that distinction this season and if any big-name player on the Lakers will be dealt before or on the deadline it will most likely be the Spanish forward.

According to Sam Amick of, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Houston Rockets are still interested in acquiring Pau Gasol via trade:

Sources say Minnesota general manager David Kahn is still attempting to land Gasol, and that push is likely to continue all the way until the deadline. Houston general manager Daryl Morey remains equally enamored with the player he thought he landed in the vetoed three-team deal with the Lakers and New Orleans on Dec. 8, but the Rockets’ love of point guard Kyle Lowry (who the Lakers would also love) has likely ended any possibilities there.

The one team that seems most interested in making a trade with the Lakers in the next week and half is the Minnesota Timberwolves as they have been looking for a way to acquire Pau Gasol and send forward Michael Beasley packing. The Lakers have already denied one trade proposal from the T’Wolves that would have sent two first-round draft picks to Minnesota in exchange for Beasley.

A similar trade proposal was denied by the Lakers shortly after the T’Wolves pitched a deal to acquire Beasley. The Cleveland Cavaliers were prepared to send point guard Ramon Sessions to the Lakers in exchange for just one first-round draft pick. For some reason, this didn’t convince the Lakers’ front office to pull the trigger despite losing just a single draft pick in exchange for an upgrade at the point guard position with the 25-year-old up-and-comer.

Things will start to get very interesting in the coming days with the Lakers weighing their trade options. Pau Gasol could be headed elsewhere before the NBA trade deadline, but there is also a chance that the Lakers settle on minor deals to improve the point guard and small forward position with draft picks and the $8.9 million trade exception.

  • Ericphoenixg

    give goudelock more minutes!!! that’s all i gotta so for now!

  • Julian Jim Mallari Jr.

    Get Howard!

  • Julian Jim Mallari Jr.

    Get Howard now!

  • Drizzydre2k

    Trade Gosal For Scola, Martin, And Dragic And A Draft Pick Best Deal From The Rockets So Far 

    • thablackmamba

      yeah and use that draft pick to get kirk hinrich a defensive guard off the bench, and reaqiure odom through trade exception. this is heaps of salary but we need to

      • Ryan Ward

        Can’t re-acquire Odom this season. New CBA prohibits the move. 

  • Afronautj

    Lakeshow! We’re about to win another Pacific crown. West Finals at worst… Kobe and two 7-footers! Beat us 4 games!

  • Smooth

    the reason the Lakers have denied the Beasley trade and the R. Sessions trade is because each team wants a straight up picks for player trade which the Lakers at this point don’t think is worth for those players, if they would do that they would end up adding for example (beasley around 12 million)  (Sessions around 10 million) in salary, i think they are looking to dump a player in any trade they do…..i still think one of these two trades will happen the other team will also have to accept one of the Lakers dead contracts…

    • Rj Smooth Arenas

       that trade to the Rockets keeps coming up though…wonder if its worth it? that is the trade that would make more sense because they wouldn’t be adding to the cap

  • Christian Gilder

    Small trades. We need better PG production above all matters…

  • thablackmamba

    if kobe wants more championships he needs to take a paycut! the lakers big 3 earn more than miami’s big 3……… thats just fucked in the a

  • LakerLyle

    Ramon Sessions is not “something”, but he is definitely an upgrade for Lakers’ point guard position. Why not sign him if the Cleveland Cavaliers are willing to ship him for just one future draft pick? Sign him.

    If the rumor about Steve Blake being shipped to Portland for Raymon Felton is true, then make the deal. Raymond Felton can start, with Ramon Sessions as the backup. Derek Fisher as the third option, but give him maybe 10-12 minutes a game.

    Andrew Goudelock may be a point guard, but he has proven he can backup Kobe Bryant on the shooting guard position. 

    Metta World Peace is doing great so far, on both ends of the floor, but what’s needed the most is his defense. If he can keep up this kind of defensive performance like he did with Lebron James, then the small forward position would not be a problem at all. With Matt Barnes as the backup, a trade for the small forward position might not be necessary as well.

    Nevermind Michael Beasley.

    Maybe Kobe Bryant needs to take lesser salary than normal. For three years he will receive 60M, why not make it 45M in three years? It would save a lot for the team.

    If Pau Gasol would go, the only two teams I see fitting him is Timberwolves and Rockets. Lakers might get Luis Scola, Goran Dragic, and Kevin Martin from the Rockets. Or Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love from the Minnesota Timberwolves. I know that Ricky Rubio just arrived, and Minnesota looks like a team that doesn’t want to let go of him just yet, but who knows. The NBA, after all, is where amazing happens.

    If Lakers get Rajon Rondo for Pau Gasol, the trade is not enough. Who would go with Rajon Rondo? Jeff Green perhaps? Brandon Bass? I don’t know.

    We don’t need Dwight Howard if and only if it means that Andrew Bynum will go away. In terms of skillset, Andrew Bynum has the edge over Dwight Howard. But Dwight Howard is more durable, never misses a game, is never injured, the best defensive player today, and at least has a little offense. Who knows, we might get Dwight Howard for Andrew Bynum.

    Luke Walton, earns 5M for his contract by sitting on the bench, loads and loads of money more than the regular rotation players Andrew Goudelock, Troy Murphy, and Josh McRoberts combined. Matt Barnes plays regularly but earns 1.19M only for his contract. So, cut Luke Walton’s pay, or maybe ship him, but who would receive him? I know this sounds crazy, but try shipping him to New York for JR Smith, let’s see if it can be pulled off. LOL.

  • Jsgm24

    PAU for whom? Beasley? only? unless they will give LOVE for PAu, then thats a fair share… Minnesota does not have any all star player except for LOVE… Derrick Williams? He is just a rookie, no rings yet.. PAU does have 2 RINGS… C’mon Muskies… Lakers needs a fair trade if in case they are trading PAU…

  • Brady7Lakers

    keep Andrew, trade Pau IF the right offer is set up, if not let him and the Lake Show do their thing. and trading Blake for Felton?? That would be simply asanine Blake is our spark, not big numbers but he can start a run with his awareness and 3pt abilities

  • kmbobal

    I agree with Drizzydre2k, trading Gasol for Martin, Scola, Dragic would be a great deal.  People think that Kevin Martin would be 6th man which could work but id rather see him move to the SF or move Kobe to the SF.  Either way works and then Dragic gives more scoring and defense and then Scola isn’t that mch of a downgrade, just look at his numbers.  This trade makes sense.  PULL THE TRIGGER !!!

  • Beau C

    Half of you morons truely make me sad to be a lakers fan. first of all Dfish i love you but you you should retire this off season because you just arent able to contend at the evolving pointguard position. i appreciate everything he has done for LA and the NBA, but his times up. Luke walton, does that guy even have shorts and a jersey under his warmups? i honestly do not know if ive seen him play in more then one game. i live in pa and dont see a ton of laker games, i did see walton play early in the season garbage minutes ofcourse. get him the fuck outta LA your father was great you luke are not. Metta has started to play better since allstar break. if he continues to play like this we dont really need to upgrade at small forward because matt barnes is also a very good player to split time with metta. if we can get beasely for nothing absolutely get him. if we can land a d williams and kris humpfries for gasol and change DO IT. other wise i dont see LA doing any blockbuster trade at this point in the season the deadline is only days away. land us a young pointguard that can also play shooting guard and spell kobe a bit here and there. We should of never let shannon brown go, i currently hate david stern for veto-ing the cp3 tade. He himself said he doesnt want star players going to big name markets…well last time i checked LA  is a gigantic market, so lets allow cp3 to go to the clippers and play along side blake. fucking asshole. long story short, pick up a fucking point guard. basically anyone under 30 years of age is an upgrade from d fish and blake… get a pg to run the offense and help distribute the ball to two of the leagues best big men and the leagues best scorer/mvp.