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Lakers Rumors: Team’s ‘Plan A’ Now Reportedly Keeping Pau Gasol

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

The possibility of bringing back this season’s Lakers, who saw fire and rain, made it to the playoffs and lasted four games, is no longer merely one of the team’s options, but Plan A, said a source with knowledge of the discussions. However, the caveat in the plan assumes the team can re-sign Dwight Howard, who will become a free agent on July 1.

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In this plan, instead of trying to trade Pau Gasol for younger, more athletic players to fit Coach Mike D’Antoni’s spread offense (which we’ve heard so much about), the Lakers would keep both big men, play slow and pound the ball inside, which was exactly what they did in their 28-12 finish to this season.

Gasol was widely expected to be shopped at season’s end, when Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak made him no promises and Pau did about as much as said farewell after his exit interview.

Still, it was Kobe Bryant who first threw out the notion of bringing this team back for one more season publicly, noting he put in a pitch with Kupchak to keep Pau.

The Lakers have only Steve Nash’s $9.7 million contract–to which they hope to add that of Howard–for the 2013-14 season, after which the team is committed to getting below the luxury tax threshold, projected at approximately $80 million for next season (assuming no changes are made).

The Lakers, of course, hope Bryant will return from his Achilles injury and still manage to be productive. Steve Blake, who came on as the season progressed, would be a natural fit to stay. It remains to be seen if Metta World Peace will be considered part of the core group, but he has negligible trade value and amnestying him would net the Lakers no advantage on the cap or on the floor.

Still, with the latest revelation that the team may be considering hanging onto Gasol is surprising, but also not surprising. Gasol has been the focal point of trade rumors for over a year and a half now, but manages to remain a Laker.

For now.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/anthonyd.smith.71 Anthonyd Smith

    I’ll tell you how: get rid of people on the bench. Get rid of Sacre, Ebanks, jamison, Morris, Blake, and get some damn shooters, dammit!

    • ARealisticLALfan

      Blake’s the only player off the bench who’s emerged as a possible X factor next season.

      • Terrence

        Yea, but given how he can’t stay healthy I wouldn’t count on him. Jamison was decent even with a bum wrist. Sacre has potential. All the guards are the problem. Not one decent backup guard in the group.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002451529247 C.j. Lord

    Metta has to go. Ebanks. D.morris. And Sacre. Jordan Hill is gonna be a better athlete as time goes on and good backup cud learn alot from pau and dwight if his minds right. And we need some 3pt shooters. A big man who can shoot a 3 wud be great to have. Also having jamison around wud be a benefit. Hes not great defensively but 15 pts off the bench a nite aint bad. Also hes one of the quickest scorers around the basket. I doubt he signs another contract tho. Hes alot better than the playing time alotted to him this year.

  • Crzyfan

    I watched some of the Nets game. Lopez has some good skills. He seems to put up better # s than d12 and he has a good touch at the line and around the basket. I know he is not a marketing guy but he can sure play. Something to consider if d12 wants to go to brooklyn. Maybe a sign and trade. Get brooks and a couple players. Something to think about.


  • hookedonnews

    Would like to see the Lakers acquire Igoudala. He is a good defensive player and a good 3 point shooter. He is younger and would better fit D’Antoni’s offense. I just wonder if Pau will ever be really healthy with the knee problems, the plantar fascia issues, etc. Hopefully this decision is not based on the opinion of Kobe Bryant. This is going to cost the Lakers a ton of money and an opportunity to acquire some more athletic players, better shooters, etc. Hope they know what they’re doing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=655091330 Ken Mc Lean

      There is NO CAP room to add a player like IGGY!

      • hookedonnews

        Would that be true if they got rid of Gasol and some of the other dead wood on the bench?

        • ProLAL

          have you heard the “plan a”?

          • hookedonnews

            Yes. I’m just questioning whether that’s the best way forward considering Gasol’s knees and feet, his big contract, and the fact that other players are available who might be a better fit.

          • ProLAL

            everyone is prone to injury. If you add another player to this starting line-up team chem will be an issue. D12 and Gasol have a great chemistry, their an unstoppable duo. We just need a younger PG and SF to run up and down the court.

          • hookedonnews

            If Howard signs and they keep Gasol, they are going to have no cap space to sign other good players. If they keep Gasol they’re going to have pretty much the same roster they had this season. Maybe they can win if everyone stays healthy, but the bench is going to be a problem. They may be able to add a player or two, but they won’t be the kind of quality players they need. I’m not saying Gasol is injury-prone. I’m saying he’s got bad knees and plantar fasciitis, and there’s no guarantee he’ll be healthy next season.

  • ProLAL

    this is good news. bench players should be upgraded, more shooters, good transition players.. the player that should be traded is Nash, im a fan, but Lakers system can’t seem to fit with him..

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=655091330 Ken Mc Lean

      There is NO CAP room to add players with skill sets!

      • ProLAL

        trade Nash to those players with skill set? we need a PG and a SF.if Metta extend his contract to LA), we can sign and trade him.. if there’s a way, there’s a way.. only Mitch can solve this.. He will bring back Lakers!

    • nlruizjr

      the problem is Dumbtoni and his rotation schedule, how can you have a 6-7 man rotation with old vets playing an uptempo style, hell common sense will tell you, you need to include the younger players on the rotation, Nash, MWP, Kobe, Gasol, Blake and Jamison need to play limited minutes, Dumbtoni needs to blend in the younger legs from day 1, so they can build chemistry, execution and experience but Dumbtoni’s DNA does not reside in his brain at all !!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/sti1lmatic _

    If all else fails Lakers Org., “Plan B” for this team is accessible over the counter according to the local news lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/kareem.butler1 Kareem Butler

    Hey no one is going to find a different job for little Jimmy. He is the boss now and he is the one making the decisions. Phil is not coming back. We can still be successful but I think they need to trade Pau and cut ties with Metta

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