Lakers Rumors: Team Won’t Consider Firing Mike D’Antoni

Lakers Rumors: Team Won’t Consider Firing Mike D’Antoni


NBA: New York Knicks at Boston CelticsMike Brown was driven out of Los Angeles after a poor start quicker than any coach in the history of the NBA. At 1-4, Jerry Buss and Mitch Kupchak fired Brown in what most people around the league have called a “panic move.” Five games is only, roughly, five percent of the season.

Things haven’t gone any better for coach Mike D’Antoni. The Lakers are 12-20 under the up-tempo style coach and only 2-10 in January. Lakers fans are now hoping D’Antoni gets the same treatment as Mike Brown; they want him fired and shipped out of town.

But fans may have to continue and hold their breath because Lakers management has come out and said they don’t plan on relieving D’Antoni of his coaching duties and won’t even “consider firing him.”

A report in the Orange Country Register has spoken to somebody within the organization and says that fans better get used to D’Antoni’s way of coaching.

“There’s plenty of heat and speculation — and plenty for Mike D’Antoni to hash out as far as better utilizing his players, including 2013 free agent Dwight Howard — but I was told Thursday the Lakers are not considering a buyout or firing of D’Antoni as head coach.”

Matt Moore of, knows the Lakers are rich, one of the richest teams in the league, but not as rich as fans would like them to be. If they were to fire Mike D’Antoni, the Lakers would owe “$25 million in fired coaching salaries, before whatever they paid the guy who would replace D’Antoni.”

“Were that to be, oh, I don’t know, pick a name, Phil Jackson, they’d wind up paying half as much as their player salaries cost this season on coaching fees over the next few years. Not even the Lakers are that rich.”

Fans have been begging for roster shakeups, changes to the starting lineup, and a coaching change, but it looks like Jerry Buss won’t admit any mistakes, yet. Mike D’Antoni and his “score in under seven seconds” approach is here to stay…for now.

  • Ceballos

    Simply put if D’Antoni remains as head coach for the next 3 years:

    – Lakers will be a basement team
    – Dwight Howard gone after the season if not traded in Feb.
    – Pau Gasol will be traded.
    – No sixth championship for Kobe (might as well trade him too.)
    – Lakers will be the most expensive lottery team (joke of the league) for the next 3 years
    – Lakers will need to overhaul 80% of the roster
    – Forget about convincing Lebron to join the Lakers in 2 years

    Jimbo Buss made a mistake hiring Brown…he made a mistake hiring D’Antoni …

    Let’s all chant “We Want Phil!” just to spite Jimbo…

  • Tom

    First of all take team out of the title and replace it with Jim Buss. Second, kiss any chance of success goodbye and enjoy watching the clippers take over LA. What a damn joke. The memories of Phil Jackson coaching us to titles will be the only good Laker basketball for a while. What a waste of talent. Kiss Dwight or Gasol goodbye. Can’t believe the management messed this up. Gonna be a while before we’re contenders again.

  • Randy Hoopes

    Team sucks, go clippers

  • KcS

    Lakers can keep D’Antoni and potentially lose more than $25mm, or they can fire D’Antoni and hire Phil Jackson but have a run at the championships to earn $100mm+++.
    That’s what “investment” is all about. Quite simple, really.

  • k.

    If the Lakers place last in the West does it give the team an opportunity to get a great draft pick in the Lottery? Or did we trade away our picks?

  • k.

    The Buss family likes to gamble and usually come out winners. This time they have failed with choosing the wrong coach that cannot get the best out of each player. Phil was a master at finding cohesion. Shaq & Kobe era never reached their potential w/ Del Harris until Phil Jackson was hired. Phil is the master at managing star players egos and preparing them for the ultimate goal. He could have been a great mentor for Dwight.