Lakers Rumors: Team Willing To Trade Draft Pick For Kevin Love? Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="196"] With the Lakers looking to rebuild and Kevin Love becoming a free agent in 2015, there has been speculation for most of the season th [new_royalslider id="196"] With the Lakers looking to rebuild and Kevin Love becoming a free agent in 2015, there has been speculation for most of the season th Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Team Willing To Trade Draft Pick For Kevin Love?

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With the Lakers looking to rebuild and Kevin Love becoming a free agent in 2015, there has been speculation for most of the season that the current Timberwolves All-Star forward will eventually make his way to Los Angeles.

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According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, the Lakers may attempt to use this year’s high lottery draft pick in June to assemble a package for Love:

“The suggestion is already in circulation that the Lakers will attempt to use their forthcoming high lottery pick in June to assemble the sort of trade package that finally convinces the Wolves to part with Love and end the uncertainty that hangs over this franchise even before the 25-year-old enters the final year of his contract. Yet there is just as much defiance emanating from Minnesota, as we speak, about the Wolves’ ability to keep Love in town.”

While numerous executives believe Love will eventually join the Lakers, he mentioned in an interview with GQ Magazine in February that the Timberwolves have the better team and foundation.

With the Lakers eliminated from the playoffs in March and the Timberwolves failing to meet their playoff expectations this season, major changes could be in store for both franchises. Although many believe it will realistically take at least two seasons for the Lakers to rebuild into a championship contender again, Kobe Bryant’s recent comments may have forced the front office’s hand.

With ample cap room and a lottery pick in this year’s highly anticipated draft, it will be interesting to see what direction the Lakers decide to take.
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  • Jackie Taylor

    Keyword here is PACKAGE. No chance Love is just snatched up for a simple Draft pick. I don’t care HOW HIGH IT IS. Gasol’s days are numbered. I say HIM + a draft pick is their bargaining chip to start with, otherwise they’re gonna be in a bidding war for him if they wait an extra yr. Also, remember, the Lakers are not the type to be like “Oh, let’s get some freshman just outta college and TRAIN him how to play i the NBA.” No… the Lakers are SPECIAL because they’re ELITE and you get to play for the Lakers when you’ve earned your stripes… not when you’re some rookie fresh outta the NCAA system. Those knuckleheads get sent to D League or Europe to perfect their game and THEN come back after they’ve been broken in.

    • Tyler Allan

      The team the Lakers have this year sure is SPECIAL, ELITE and have earned their stripes.

  • HoopsMcGee

    Is this a real website? Do Laker fans really think they can get Kevin Love for a 1st round draft pick? Maybe if they include an all-star player under 28 (don’t have one), and two more first round picks. This is Laker fan-boyism at its best. Non story.

  • Jose J-Intellect Arroyo

    I would like to see Kevin Love wearing purple and gold. Not a fan but I just hate to see a great player not being able to win because his team makes mediocre decisions. They should trade that draft pick for Love and try to bring in Greg Monroe after Detriot releases him. Also, try to bring in a point guard like Eric Bledsoe and get Kelly bulked up. IMO, Kelly could be a great option off the bench in the next couple of years. If the T’Wolves have a second rounder, get it because this year’s draft is deep and could get a shooting guard like Jabari Brown or a SG to develop like Thanasis Antetokounmpo*

  • comrade24

    Does anyone know if there is any truth to the talk that we wouldn’t have to draft Exum because he’s an international player? We could just sign him? If that’s true, trade our pick for Love and sign Exum.

    • hax

      He’s in the draft, his rights will be drafted. You can’t just sign him. :p

      • comrade24

        but what if he chose not to enter the draft? I think it has happened before

  • hax

    There’s a rule that you can’t trade consecutive 1st round picks and nothing beyond 6 years or so. The Lakers have traded 2015 & 2017 away. They can only trade their 2019 1st rounder.

  • quickster007

    Keep the pick, Don’t trade for Kevin Love. Kevin Love already said that the Timberwolves is a better team than the Lakers. The hell with him. First, let Pau walk and 19 millions of cap space. Try to sign Kyle Lowry to play the point guard. Offer him 7 millions a season. Next move, Try to sign Greg Monroe he can play the center spot. He is making 3 millions with the Pistons. Offer him 5 millions. Now, draft Andrew Wiggins to play the small forward. He won’t cost the Lakers that much since his a draft pick maybe around 7 millions. Wow, that’s 19 millions equal to Pau salary yet the Lakers are getting 3 players. Make Byron Scott the Head Coach. In 2015, let Kevin Nash go and 9 millions of cap space. In 2016, when Kobe leaves 24 millions of cap space. The Lakers will have 33 millions of cap space. The Lakers can go after Anthony Davis and Klay Thompson. Anthony Davis is making 5 millions with the Pelicans. The Lakers can offer him 7 to 9 millions a season. Klay Thompson is making 6 millions with the Warriors. The Lakers can offer him 7 millions a season. In 2017, after 3 years of mediocrity, the Lakers will have a starting lineup of Greg Monroe at center, Anthony Davis at power forward, Andrew Wiggins at small forward, Klay Thompson at shooting guard, Kyle Lowry at point guard. The Lakers will have 19 millions of cap space to fix the bench.

    • comrade24

      I like the idea, but too many flaws to this logic. 1. Lowry will command a higher salary. 2. Who knows about Monroe? people are so high on him in Lakerland but is there any mutual interest? Have the Pistons reached out? 3. Anthony Davis will be a max player once he’s out of his rookie contract and per the new CBA if he makes all star team next year (which he will) he will garner a higher wage then.

  • TDizzle

    LOL Like the wolves would take one pick for KLove..

  • Michael D’Angelo

    So trade the pick for love and risk the chance of him leaving after a season like Dwight? Nah I’d rather wait

  • pistolero

    remove coaching staff

  • Bill Wentworth

    Screw the pick if you’re not gonna get a top 5 pick. Lakers look like they will be getting a late lottery pick so better trade for Love and build some chemistry next year.

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