Lakers Rumors: Team Willing To Trade Draft Pick For Kevin Love? Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="196"] With the Lakers looking to rebuild and Kevin Love becoming a free agent in 2015, there has been speculation for most of the season th [new_royalslider id="196"] With the Lakers looking to rebuild and Kevin Love becoming a free agent in 2015, there has been speculation for most of the season th Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Team Willing To Trade Draft Pick For Kevin Love?

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With the Lakers looking to rebuild and Kevin Love becoming a free agent in 2015, there has been speculation for most of the season that the current Timberwolves All-Star forward will eventually make his way to Los Angeles.

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According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, the Lakers may attempt to use this year’s high lottery draft pick in June to assemble a package for Love:

“The suggestion is already in circulation that the Lakers will attempt to use their forthcoming high lottery pick in June to assemble the sort of trade package that finally convinces the Wolves to part with Love and end the uncertainty that hangs over this franchise even before the 25-year-old enters the final year of his contract. Yet there is just as much defiance emanating from Minnesota, as we speak, about the Wolves’ ability to keep Love in town.”

While numerous executives believe Love will eventually join the Lakers, he mentioned in an interview with GQ Magazine in February that the Timberwolves have the better team and foundation.

With the Lakers eliminated from the playoffs in March and the Timberwolves failing to meet their playoff expectations this season, major changes could be in store for both franchises. Although many believe it will realistically take at least two seasons for the Lakers to rebuild into a championship contender again, Kobe Bryant’s recent comments may have forced the front office’s hand.

With ample cap room and a lottery pick in this year’s highly anticipated draft, it will be interesting to see what direction the Lakers decide to take.
Lakers’ Kobe Bryant Meets With Jim Buss, ‘Goal Is To Win And Win Now’

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  • Will

    Don’t do it. Reconsider.

    Just wait until he’s a free agent. We need that pick.

    • Laker life

      Nice point , but honestly I think we should go ahead and trade for Love. Jus Think about it wiggins and Parker should reconsider going into draft after the march madness they don’t look ready at all and embed is good but kind of a risk due to injury everyone else is good but not on the radar and also why would we risk letting Love go into free agency and get picked up by another team or resign with wolves.

    • Chrmngblly

      Yes. I agree. Get Embiid in the draft and buy Lowrey. Move Kobe to the three and bring back Meeks. We need to get Kelly on the weights but he seems to be developing. I think we have to bring Pau back on a 2 year deal @ $20M max.

      Or we get Exum. Kobe to the 3. Buy Monroe or Ed Davis for rim protection. Bring back Meeks. Bring back Bazemore, for Pete’s sake, and several others. I still love Lowrey.

      We have a team here and a bench that could be pretty competitive with a better coach, a healthy Kobe, Gasol and a couple additions.

      The other thing is, I want to see Marshawn Brooks. What is the story with Marshawn? We need to find out about him since we are not going to make the playoffs…..LMAO

      Nash??? Don’t forget to flush.

      • Roger Collard

        Better coach? D’Antoni very seldom has had a fully healthy Lakers team. Even Kobe mentioned recently D’Antoni hasnt gotten a fair shake at being the coach because of all of the injuries the team has had during his coaching tenure.

        • Chrmngblly

          Yeah. We need a guy that also has a concept of the roll defense plays that the players believe in, too. We lose so many of these games on rebounds and points in the paint. That’s all coaching, whoever the coach is—like Pau said.
          I sort of agree with you a lot except no cigar. MDA really has been dealt a shit hand—except that his lack of use for big men in his scheme contributed to our losing Howard and has alienated Gasol. He doesn’t quite get that in close games, making stops and taking the high percentage shot (in the paint) is what is needed. Also, playoff BB slows down and emphasizes these skills more. Last, unfair but true, the fans need another reason to hope and buy tickets.

        • Tyler

          Kobe also said he has no interest in playing for D ant. Stephen a smith also said he has very credible info that d antoni is gone by this summer

          • Daryl Peek

            Kobe never said he had no intent on playing for MDA. He simply said he’s does not know if MDA has earned another year as the Lakers HC. We all know pundits and the media will run left with a comment like that completely disregarding the fair shake comment Kobe also made.

        • Dave Whitehead

          His coaching style is conducive to injuries.

        • Thomas Klein

          Roger, were 29th out of 30 teams on defense, healthy or not, THAT should not happen, the coach HAS to go, when leadership is lacking THIS bad. Bring in a leader, that knows how to motivate them, epically on defense, because that’s what wins titles.

    • Lakers72

      Geezzz, why not wait? If Kobe is picking on the FO why didn’t he take lesser $$$$$$ and give some flexibility to the team to rebuild in a couple of years? Damn, Love and Kobe WON’T make the Lakers champion in one year AT ALL. Wait one more year. Try to get a good lottery pick, work him out of his guts and then wait the FA in 2016 (that’ll be a good one) or wait Kobe be happy with 5 rings and expect good trades/pick roll on the next couple of years. Rome wasn’t made in one day, damn.

      • comrade24

        2016 is overhyped. Lebron? Doubtful. Kevin Durant? Not a chance.

    • michael

      Just wondering who we could draft? it wont be a top 3 pick, at best #5. It seems like we’ll get exum over FA, and we wont get any other young “superstar”.
      If we can draft it for love and resign gasol with 8-10 mio (or with bird rights? never understood them), We would have a decent team.

      young (?)

      Maybe we can tie to boston? At least we would have a chance for #17

    • TDizzle

      Dwight Howard all over again ;)

      Waste your picks!! :)

  • kevin

    Why trade the pick when you can have both. The pick this season, and love next season. Don’t do it!!!!!!!!!

    • mark

      the reason you make the trade is that it is the 100% guaranteed that Love with resign with the lakers, as they would then be able to offer him $30 million more than any other team. He may sign there anyway, sure, but it is by no means guaranteed.

      • Michael D’Angelo

        We could’ve offered Dwight more than any other team too…

    • Joseph Apohen

      Why wait. Love might change his mind.

      • Daryl Peek

        Exactly. There are a ton of different variables that can sway between now and 2015.

      • LakersOverEverything

        Exactly. Everyone assumes Love will just come running to LA, but they don’t consider he could go elsewhere. The Knicks will have just as much cap space as us in 2015. I say do typical lakers work. Trade draft pick for love, and in a few years when that pick is developed, go after him then

      • J Taylor

        No problem. Bank the draft pick (Exum, Imbiid, Smart, or Randal), and then take the same $20M and go shopping.
        - Rondo will be available, K.Irving….
        The fact that Kobe is retiring will be a BIG carrot for free agents.

        • Chrmngblly

          I don’t want Kobe to retire. I want Kobe to have as long and slow of a glide path into the sunset as he wants. I just hope Kobe can graciously accept less minutes, year-by-year, and nurture the young kids coming in.

  • Pope Chuck Paul

    We seen what happened with Dwight. Lets just wait and see.

    • Jim213

      IMO, if the Lakers don’t land a top 4 pick then this is another option to consider and if this so happens to take place (move) it’s likely that Nash would be stretched provisioned as other moves would likely come in 2014 as opposed waiting for 2015.

      • imbwar

        I agree, I was thinking if not top 5, however if 1 just 1 of the supposed top guys goes back to school and the Lakers are not in the top 5 absolutely trade it.

  • Johnjohn

    The smart thing to do is to hold on to the pick and then pursue Love in 2015 but knowing Kobe and how much the FO want to cater to him and not wanting to wait it’ll probably happen. At the same time you never know if the kid we do pick up in the draft might be a complete dud or not. Example: Anthony Bennett. Should be interesting to see what they decide to do.

    • jeremy

      But the cavs aren’t handling Bennett right. Instead of letting get work in the d league they have him struggling in the nba

      • Johnjohn

        How are they not handling him right? And even if they do send him to the d league and he does amazing there it doesn’t necessarily measure up to NBA standards. I honestly can’t name many decent players that came out of the d league. So like I said, its always a gamble in the draft and who we end up getting so thats why I think they’ll probably pursue trading the pick for Love.

        • jeremy

          Yea but d league could help him find his shoot again. It would be better to help him find him self in the d league then struggle and get little mins. Heck the mlb uses the minors to help groom rookies why can’t the nba do that for the d league. So if better to fight for the now by trading the pick instead of working to be good for long term

          • allen

            If he is a D league player, and needs to go to the D to gain experience, he is not worthy of being picked that high. Don’t you get it? Draft picks are a crap shoot. Why do that when Kevin Love is a sure thing? Maybe if that lottery pick does all the right things in a few years he might be good as.. oh… Kevin Love (who is a top five scorer and rebounder.)

          • Zimmeredge

            Kobe Bryant did not play in the nba asap. Booth Bryant and Fisher had the chance develop in he d league…

        • Adrian

          Wesley Matthews and Danny green are pretty decent and came from the dleague. Actually most of spurs players were called up.

      • Oscar Hernandez

        If youre a #1 pick you have no business in the D league, this aint baseball lol

        • imbwar

          Wrong! D league players are better, faster, stronger than any of the guys coming out this year… the D league is a version of triple A. And if you think that any of the players that are/may come out and think they are going to be a impact player out the box..you’re sadly mistaking.

  • JR


    • lakerfan

      If Lakers dont get top 5 pick, Trading Pick for Love is a Must.

      • J Taylor

        Why? Wouldn’t it make for a “Stronger team” and a better situation for Love if this year’s pick could be a long term solution?

    • Cadolots

      Hahaha proof that he interesti in La?

  • Shady

    We won’t get a top 3 pick if we keep winning games, outside of the top 5, there isn’t a player with “immediate” impact.

    The question is can we get Carmelo and Kevin Love this summer If it means trade a
    Pick that’s between 6-8? Turn it around quickly.

    2007 Boston Celtics traded their pick to get Ray Allen and won a
    Ring the following year. They had the 5th pick.

    Starting lineup


    Bench: Bunch of minimum salary players.

    • John Tocco

      I half like this idea, HOWEVER, that is a starting lineup consisting of 1 1/2 defenders. Love doesn’t particularly play the best D, Melo plays zero D, and Farmar is injury prone/older. That leaves Hill and Bryant, Kobe is a little old to be playing lockdown D night in and night out.

      • Shady

        Fill the bench with consistent defenders on the cheap. I don’t think Lebron or Durant play “lockdown” defense night in and night out either. Their teams play Team Defense.

        • kobe24

          Albeit Durant isn’t a great “lock down” defender he has Ibaka and Perkins who are great defensive guys

        • Adrian Hunter

          Durant has freakishly long arms and is damn near 7 feet tall and LeBron is a freight train with track shoes. Defense is stupid easy for those guys.

    • Kookiebuger

      That is a terrible idea, why risk a young potential franchise player for Love who can leave in 2015? Melo and Kobe won’t work well together, and that would be a terrible defensive team with a terrible bench. They would finish 6th at best in the West. The Lakers just need to get younger and rebuild, draft Emiid or Wiggins target Lowry and maybe Deng, fire Mike.

      • NoNonsenseNick

        Because Love wants to be in LA and why risk it all on Kobe’s last hurrah on a “potential” franchise player when you can get one already proven in Love. Melo and Kobe are friends and do work well together (see the Olympics). They dont have to get that much younger, Love is 25 and when Kobe is off the books in two years guess who are free agents; Durant, Westbrook, Anthony Davis, Mike Conely. really though you’d rather have embiid or wiggins and Lowry and Deng????

        • kookiebuger

          Again why lose a potential franchise player for Love who never made it to the playoffs and isn’t a great defender ,there is no guarantee he will come to LA, bringing up the Olympics with Kobe and Melo is honestly irrelevant, getting younger is helpful every older team can’t be the Spurs, 2016 may not seem like it but it’s a long time away and Durant might not come to LA, Westbrooks is a free agent in 2017, Davis will be a restricted free agent plus his 2 year team option, and Conely isn’t a game changer. I honestly would like Exum,Kobe,Wiggins,Gasol (1 year) ,and Emiid but that is unlikely so a team of Lowry,Kobe,Deng,Gasol,and Emiid is a solid mix of defense, youth, and experience and can get better with Love in 2015.

          • Pick a shoe

            Gasol can’t play defense anymore. Have you seen him contest shots lately?

          • kookiebuger

            I know, I listed Lowry,Deng, and Emiid as great defenders not Kobe and Gasol.

          • redcokecan87

            they won’t be able to afford deng, lowry and gasol at the same time

      • Shady

        No guarantee the lakers get wiggins or embiid if they keep winning games like OKC, Portland, NYK.

        The lakers are young but they lack talent. Love and Anthony played in the 2012 Olympics with Kobe. It can work.

        And if the lakers “suck” again next season with a bust of a draft pick, then K Love may NOT want to join LA.

        Speculation at this point, but who knows?

        • kookiebuger

          Well I think the Olympics is irrelevant because it’s all the top players of basketball playing against weaker European competition. I don’t see how Melo and Kobe would get along well especially against tougher competition in the West and Melo iso’s the ball a lot.

        • redcokecan87

          love, anthony and kobe worked because they played bball against the rest of the world, who suck at bball lol

        • comrade24

          Kevin Love is a game changer. Subtract him from Minnesota and what do you have? Bottom of the basement in East or Western conference, not even close to the fringe playoff contender that they have been. He’s a double double machine, stretches the defense and opens everything up. Get it done, but make sure we can be strong at the point at the same time. Bring in Lowry or if possible in FA sign Exum.

    • Zimmeredge

      you can’t compare the C’s and us… no cba, no luxury tax. They already had a good foundation (pierce, rondo, perkins, T Allen) and valuable players as trade bait (Jefferson, West, Green) to land Allen and Garnett. We have no basically no roster for next year so no valuable foundation except an old Kobe (surrounded with a lot of question mark) and no trade bait.
      Bryant-Melo-Love you’re basically telling everybody that we won’t defend at all…. no reason to splash the cash…we will have a top 5 draft pick.

    • redcokecan87

      we’ve already had a bad experience with a line up that looks great on paper but is the opposite on the floor

    • Chrmngblly

      I’d give an arm to know if Hill can cut it as a starting 5.

    • @dwightcoward121

      I bet you still believe in Santa Claus too. Even if you could fit that starting 5 under the cap, there’s not one defensive stopper amongst them!

  • iDontCare

    No! No! K. LOVE is one more season away, then we can sign him and make sure he wants to stay. What if he decides L.A. isn’t for him and leaves after one year (just a possibility)?

  • Clifton


  • Kash

    Im glade we tanked the season we got draft picks and cap space… #Lakernation

  • Terrell

    Man, as tempting as it is they should not blow their lid right now and get him, when they are the favorites anyway to land him in 2015. You can pair him then with Exum or whomever else they draft. Just be patient and don’t give in to Kobe and myopic Laker fans. That would be the better move for the FUTURE of th franchise. Don’t think just for the next 2yrs, but for the next decade.

  • kdub

    2015 the knicks will be in the equation then.

    • J Taylor

      If the team is worried about Love coming to LA, then it’s probably a lot smarter to keep the draft pick.

      I’m not sure Jerry (the gambler) would have made such a move. And I doubt Mitch as a very shrewd GM would make such a move. Jimmy I’m not sure… ,

  • jeremy

    If they let Kobe run the team the pick will be gone in a trade for love if lakers can get him. If lakers don’t let Kobe run the team they will be smart and draft for the future and try to get love or someone like him later

  • hoperhetoric

    No way! He is too expensive. I prefer luol deng over Love! better defense, great discipline from bulls experience, can rebound & shoot 3′s too! Love can never catch up to Lebron & Durant who will dominate the Nba after Kobe era. Ariza over love too if available.
    Hopefully Lakers get Wiggins/Exum they are the only players that can give highlight plays that suits Hollywood & showtime. Melo & love are boring.

    • Guess who

      Spurs are boring but won 4 rings. Clippers are flashy as of late (lob city) but NO rings.

      What have wiggins and exum done or proven to be considered a franchise player? We don’t even know if we will even draft them.

      • comrade24

        If they have a chance to get Wiggins or Parker then they should keep him. Those two guys are the only ones i see as being potential franchise players. If not, and if at all possible trade for Love! He’s best 4 in the game and he’s only 25. He’s from LA, went to school in LA, his dad was a Laker, if he ever puts on the purple (forum blue) and gold, he won’t ever take it off and will probably have a statue erected of him someday. There are plenty of selling points beside location, big market etc… We’ll have plenty of flexibility in 2016 to add another max free agent, we have a chance to bring back the #2 scoring bench in the NBA (would have been #1 if not for shuffling the lineup so much because of injuries)

    • Sylvia Ross

      Good choice Luol Deng. Hope they can make it happen.

    • comrade24

      i’d love to pick Deng and Love, but given the choice between the two i’d take Love in a heartbeat.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Hell no!You never trade a high lottery pick in the best draft in a decade for a player that is willing to come to the Lakers as a free agent in 2015.Also by trading the pick the Lakers run the huge risk of Kevin Love becoming unhappy with the Lakers as a one year rental and if the Lakers fall into bad luck with Love and lose a bunch of games and lets just say he clashes with the coach and Kobe then it’s Dwight Howard nightmare part 2 all over again,this time it means losing a great young lottery pick player.NO no no just say no.If he really wants to be a Laker then sign Love in 2015 otherwise it’s a definite no.

  • Jerome

    I agree with this trade because we can get Love then maybe Anthony in free agency then next summer get a quality role player or lock down defender then if Kobe leave still have room sign a big name player…..also if we get Love this next year maybe we can steal Westbrook from thunder in 2015 Free Agency because Westbrook Love was teammates at UCLA

    • Lakers72

      Westbrook won’t last long. He began to feel the effects of his grit game and things aren’t get better in the next years. He’ll be done like Rondo and will be good for the Lakers for one or two years at most. Get fresh people that Nash and Kobe can work on his game and we’ll have a future All-Star AND Love. That’s rebuilding.

  • Wiggins

    Never make this deal.I guarantee you if the Lakers trade the draft pick to the Timberwolves it will be the end of the Lakers for a decade or more.

    The reason i say that is the Lakers 2015 and 2017 first rounders are headed to Phoenix and Orlando respectively and also Kevin Love is a great player no disrespect intended but he never made a playoffs appearance and his defense is soft as cushion.

    Now the reality is Kevin Love is a unrestricted free agent in 2015 and the Lakers would lose him i am afraid to strong suitor like the New York Knicks led by Phil Jackson or perhaps the Suns or Spurs or whomever would make a huge contract offer and the Lakers would lose Kevin Love for nothing since a sign and trade is much harder to do under the new CBA and if a team can sign a player outright then common sense says no need to trade any assets just pay the loot and get the player you want.

    The Lakers better not trade the high lottery pick for anyone especially not a potential one year rental like Kevin Love it won’t end well.Be smart.

    • comrade24

      The Lakers would not make this trade without assurance that Klove will resign.

  • Zimmeredge

    no reason to hurry. kevin love will not resign. he will be available next summer no matter what happen. he wants to be a FA. even if he is traded during the court of the season he will be fa next summer.
    use our good draft pick this summer. I think if our futur lies in a Exum-Love or Wiggins-Love that would be great. maybe a good young defensive minded player.

  • destiny brown

    Noooo, Dont Do it, u can get Dante with that pick, then Klove in 2015

    • J Taylor

      Think about the future. The team needs the draft pick to be some sort of starting contributor and Love.
      - In 2 years Kobe retires…. or comes back super cheap to be a part-time SG and chase his last ring.

    • comrade24

      i have read that we may be able to sign Exum without drafting him because he’s an international player. Don’t know if that’s true or not, still trying to find clarification.

  • Mitch

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha.These idiots think the Lakers management is that dumb GTFO!

  • Mitch


  • Gelo

    They need to hold onto this pick if it’s a top 5. Otherwise, I would only do a trade for Love if it’s a package deal of something like Love and Minny’s 2014 pick for our 2014 pick and Gasol (sign and trade). We need to stop trading away our picks and build through the draft. With the new CBA, it’s sooo difficult to re-build via free agency and even trades.

  • TheTruthKills

    That would be absolutely idiotic considering he’s going to free agency in 2015 any way. Keep the pick and draft our next star player. Time to build for the future.

  • Tina Silvas

    Okay, lets have some realistic perspective on this. The reason being that the Lakers Org. is inclined to trade the pick for Love is that Love has been quoted to say that he believes the Timberwolves have a better team and foundation than the Lakers right now. Especially with the Knicks having cap space and other teams in 2015 as well, the Lakers chance to get him is somewhat slim or on par with the rest of the teams. By trying to obtain Love now, they will OWN THE BIRD RIGHTS, and be able to pay Love more money than any team. That is there only best chance to get and keep Love with the Lakers…by trading for him.

    Now with saying that, I am intrigued by the nba picks. But it sounds like the Organization is really sold on Love. Its a catch 22. But the labeling that the fans have that LOVE will just Waltz into the Lakers Lap, is not as realistic as we would like to believe.

    The question I pose to fans is would you rather have Love? Or have a Good Draft Pick?

    By the way, thank you for allowing my very first comment on here.

    • imbwar

      Great first post, I’m not sure if they would have his Bird Rights or exemption or if K.Love is a non-bird exemption… if the Lakers don’t get a top 4/5 pick I would trade it immediately, there isn’t a guy in this draft or next that will impact this team or any team for the foreseeable future. With K. Love you are getting a young, not in his prime yet, player who can play multiple positions, and it has always been the Lakers m.o to build through FA, and The Lakers can easily trade Gasol and the Pick to Minn. for K. love and Minn pick… its a deep draft but no clear #1 player.

      • Tina Silvas

        I agree with most of your post. Thank you btw.

    • Gelo

      Didn’t we have the bird rights to Dwight and the ability to give him more money then any other team? How did that turn out. If we get Kevin Love now, and he said he wants to go to a place that will win championships, and we are we mediocre next season, what’s stopping him from leaving via FA and leave money behind the way Dwight did. By keeping our draft pick and re-building a bit this summer, along with a healthy Kobe, we can show Love, that there is a future in LA, especially with a new young star (fingers crossed) to play along side him for years to come. I say we keep the pick.

      • Tina Silvas

        I agree, the Dwight situation did not happen well for us. Lets just hope that that the Busses learned from that situation that it takes more than just money to make a star player stay. But my point was if the Lakers are inclined to get and keep Love, trading for him ensure our chances. Otherwises, we are on PAR with the rest of the league to try and obtain Love in 2015. Again, I think people are assuming that Love will just WALTZ into the Lakers Lap. And with all the current and recent chaos within the Organization and its coaches, there is NO GUARANTEE that the Lakers will get Love.

        • Gelo

          And it’s because of the chaos within the organization that we should keep the pick, especially if it’s a top 5 pick. If Love decides he doesn’t want to join the Lakers in 2015, then at least we have our, hopefully, franchise star pick to build on. We then look at other options like Aldrich, etc. Rather than trade the pick for Love, Love walks out on us and we are left with nothing. That would be devastating and do irreversible damage to the franchise.

        • comrade24

          add to that if Love makes it known that he will walk the Wolves will try to trade him, which means Love won’t have much choice where he goes, but it most likely won’t be the Lakers since we won’t have much to trade with. Our draft picks are tied up for the next few years, Kobe is untradeable, Gasol prob won’t resign with us, so what else do we have to offer?

      • Zimmeredge

        actually the contract stuff about Dwight Howar is wrong. We had the opportunity to sign Dwight for 5years and 100-105m$… the Rockets signed him for 4 years and 88millions. So if he resigns with them he will get that 15-18m$ during his first season. all in all howard didn’t loose any money.
        overall, signing Love this summer will put us in a crappy situation. we have to proove next season that we are still a playoff team (and that the wolves aren’t) then we will have the opportunity to go after love for free.

      • comrade24

        There are many differences to the two situations 1. Dwight never wanted to come to L.A., we just hoped we could woo him. 2. Dwight had been to the Finals before and been on perennial playoff teams, where as Kevin Love has never made it to the postseason. I’m fairly certain with a healthy Kobe, Kevin Love, and deep bench we would most certainly get farther than Kevin Love ever has with a team. 3. After the Dwightmare, i seriously doubt the FO would make the trade without assurance he would re-sign in the summer. 4. Kevin Love is from L.A., Dwight was not. 5. Kobe is only under contract for two years, so there’s a shorter window of K-Love not being the alpha dog. 6. If we got K Love this summer, we’ll have significant cap room the following year to add another max free agent.

    • comrade24

      I’m a huge Kevin Love fan, my ONLY skepticism about this is one that hasn’t been brought up yet on here. This guy is Mike D’Antoni’s DREAM player, which i think might make mgmt more likely to keep him around.

  • The Manswer

    Fools to assume there is a 100% chance to land Love as a free agent. You trade for him now, especially seeing how the championship/Kobe window is closing

    • Gelo

      Even if we get Love, we are not contenders. It’ll take a lot more than Love to win in the time span Kobe wants. Love is also no known for defense, which we all know wins championships.

      • Gelo’s Jelly

        And Pau was a fantastic defender?? I’ve seen Kobe repeat with Gasol, pretty sure Love is at least twice as good. And yes we would be contenders as long as D’antoni is gone

        • Zimmeredge

          love is a zero zip non factor on d. to be fully efficient the guy needs someone like Chandler inside.
          gasol always had a shot block average of 1,5.
          no reason to go after Love this summer as he will be a free agent next summer no matter what happen throughout the season.

        • Gelo Jiggling

          I seriously doubt we could be defenders with just Love and Kobe. Gasol is a better all around player than Love, with an array of post moves. He’s also 7 foot which, in his prime, he used to his advantage defensively. He’s a great side kick to Kobe. With Kobe’s alpha male attitude and his 30 shots per game may not mesh well with Love.

      • comrade24

        i disagree, Kobe/Love, plus a decent point guard (which we should still be able to afford) and then the high scoring bench we have. I think that would definitely put us in the Western Conf. mix.

    • TheTruthKills

      Trade for him now like we did with Dwight? How did that turn out? F*** Kobe and his window. His time has passed and its time to draft the next Lakers star.

      • comrade24

        wow, no wonder people hate Lakers fans. F*** Kobe? Seriously? while you’re at it, F*** Magic, F*** Kareem, F*** Jerry West, F*** Dr. Buss, F*** Chick Hearn. Go be a Clippers fan.

        • TheTruthKills

          You first pal. Been a Lakers fan all of my life, a season ticket holder for 15 years, and I won’t stop because fans like you love to live in the past. Kobe’s time is done. It was a great ride, but this whole “we have to win now for Kobe’s sake” is asinine.

          Oh and here’s something I know you’re going to hate. Here’s the difference between the names you dropped and the Lakers franchise. Names come and go, but the Lakers will always endure. They will always be here. So forgive me for wanting to support the name on the front of the jersey rather than worship the names on the back. Bandwagon fans like you make me sick. You’re all in when we have the big names, but no where to be found when it’s time to move on. How’s the weather in Miami fraud?

  • Adrian

    If and only if this pick is not atleast top 5 then u make your trade package for love and just sign Lowry and Ariza and make a squad of
    Sf: Ariza
    C: gasol or jhill
    If gasol doesn’t resign for cheap then I think it would be interesting to have jordan hill play center with love to just destroy teams with second chance and rebounds.

    • comrade24

      i don’t know about the Ariza part, but i love the idea of a Jordan Hill/Kevin Love tandem in the post.

  • Kay Carter

    Stupid move, keep the pick nd sign Love 2015….it’s no point in risking him to go to another team after we acquire him thru trade….we’ll have a future set with the pick and basically get Love for free next year

    Our rookie can gain experience by time he comes as well….STOP GIVING UP PICKS, we may end up with a Magic, Worthy or Marc Gasol on our team to help Love

  • Oscar

    I think if the Lakers can make the trade, they should do it. Here is what their potential lineup can look like:
    Farmar at point, Kobe at SG, melo at SF, Love at PF, and Gasol at C. Resign some of the current lakers as backups and we’ll have a championship contender! Get rid of the coach and bring in Byron Scott. He is a hard nosed defensive old school coach that will preach D.. Remember the showtime Lakers never were great defenders individually. They played team defense. With the cap space we have, this team is possible if Melo, Love, and Gasol take less to play in LA..

    • Gelo

      Melo would have to take a huge paycut. Also, it’s not certain he would go to the Lakers. He prefers Chicago.

  • Marty Susman

    I hope NOT !!! They can get Love for FREE next year & have both Love & the draft pick….Trading the pick now for Love & have him spend a year losing is just stupid…

  • 3339

    This is not the year to trade a very high first round pick.

  • lakers4life

    IF LOVE wants to come to the lakers that bad he should demand a buy out other than that just wait one more season to come to L.A. we didn’t tank this season just to get love your not kevin Durant caliber of a player. Keep the pick and get love the following season.

  • Hovig Demerdjian

    pg farmar lowry
    sg meeks young
    sf kobe bazamore
    pf love Zbo kelly
    c pau hill

    Dont know if it can be done but its reasonable I think.

  • Tyson

    Man, the FO should grow a pair and stand up to the serious myopia and b*tching of Kobe and the majority of Laker fans. The franchise can’t just afford to go “all in” for these next 2 years for the sake of trying to get Kobe no.6. Their prime objective should be the next freaking decade.

    • TheTruthKills

      Exactly. Establish the future instead of trying to relive the past.

  • Mark Rigney

    Worst move ever. Draft a stud, and go after Love as a free-agent. Sorry Kobe – if you wanted to play for a contender you shouldnt have taken the Laker money.

  • Daryl Peek

    I’m not down for the player (Kobe) pressuring the FO but just waiting for 2015 leaves an opening for the Wolves to trade Love elsewhere. Regardless of his LA interest he could again, land elsewhere, and actually like it. There’s no guarantee Love will be available in 2015 so if you have an opportunity to get your desired FA now, you do that without hesitation.

    • Zimmeredge

      Love want to test the market. no matter what happen….. He will be a FA next summer. traded or not. it’s the same situation that we had with Dwight. do not risk your futur for a guy that you might have a year from now.
      and we will be more pleasant to him with a strong, great rookie. a bit more cap space with nash out.
      that’s insane to do the same thing that we’ve done with Dwight….

      • Daryl Peek

        You can’t proclaim that about Love with certainty. Example; he’s on record saying he likes a few destinations. Say one of them (not the Lakers becomes an option the Wolves are good with. He then goes on to have success their and decides to resign. There are no certainties when you wait for a specific target like that.

        Love is not Howard. He has not said he didn’t want to be a Laker and has not had onen beef with Kobe or any other Laker player before hand.

        • TheTruthKills

          The Love risk is far too great. We could lose our lottery pick this summer and then Love the following summer. That would bury the Lakers in a pretty deep hole. It’s time to build for the future and that starts now. Draft the best player available and have Kobe mentor him while Kobe himself chases the scoring record.

          • Daryl Peek

            How much riskier is the Love situation over hoping a single draft pick will become the next? Who is assured to become great out of this draft? How do we know we’ll get the lottery spot to draft said player? The hole can become just as deep either way but you know you have Love in hand if you make the trade, a player on record saying the Lakers are a place he’d Love to play.

          • TheTruthKills

            No one is assured greatness in this league. A LeBron or Durant isn’t common. But I’d rather take that risk, especially if Love is going to free agency either way. He may say he wants to be a Laker, but if another team offers him a better chance at winning in 2015 I’m sure he’ll bolt. Loyalty doesn’t exist in today’s NBA. And if he wants to be a Laker so badly why not wait a year? It would be the same problem/risk but at least we’d have this year’s pick if he chooses to play elsewhere.

          • Daryl Peek

            Because of the non loyalty factor. A car salesman does all he can to procure the sale before the customer leaves the lot. There’s no certainty Love will bolt for free agency either.

          • Gelo

            That’s exactly why you stay with the sure thing, the thing that is certain, our lottery pick! Until love signs a long term contract with the Lakers, his status is up in the air. The sure thing is that we have a lottery pick. Keep it!

          • Daryl Peek

            There’s nothing sure about the lottery pick except he will be on roster. And that does not guarantee he will contribute in anyway.

          • Gelo

            If Love doesn’t come next season, who the hell cares! We have cap space and an opportunity to get someone else who actually want to stay in LA. And on top of that, we have a franchise pick to build on. Love is not the end all be all. Keep the damn pick!

          • Zimmeredge

            no he won’t resign eventhough he has success there. that’s the point. he has the same mindset about fa and being on the market…
            oooh and btw you were the one who told me lately don’t put too much hype on love. he’s not that good blablabla…. now we should consider trading our futur for him?

          • Daryl Peek

            I still say he’s not all of that but I never once said he not a player I wouldn’t want to see become a Laker. LeBron, and Durrant are not coming to LA IMO. Love is a realistic star we can land. My point on Love as not being all of that is, he’s not a franchise player that will lead you to a championship on his own like a Kobe.

            Again, you can’t say he wont resign.

          • Zimmeredge

            The whole ideal for love is to be free agent next summer no mater what happen.
            The interesting about your argument is that you’re openly admitting that you love love yet you don’t believe he can bring in a true titre shot for years to come (that is sincerely insane imo because in minny he is the only valuable player, he is doing everything overdose there yet he doesn’t have any good second player) yet you wanna trade our lottery pick for him. We have equal chances to win with love or with our draft pick…. Except that we will trade our future for a playerthat might leave us asap next season.
            I mean trade our pick for love. If we have another disaster season (and we are likely to make one if we get love this summer because we do not have all the pièces to play with him as we are really old and do not have any good defenders this summer) well he wońt resign for us that´s A HUNDRED PERCENT SURE!!!!
            Our team gonna look like shit. It´s gonna be an uncoherent roster

          • Daryl Peek

            Gloom and doom mindset. You’ve drunk that koolaide too I see? WOW!
            Love is much better than any player in this draft and even if one of them pans out it wont likely be for another 3-4 years. Love is like Gasol in that without a true second star he cannot lead a team on a deep playoff run. Pairing Love with Kobe would instantly improve our team and if Kobe comes back healthy we would be back in the playoffs. That scenario, I don’t see Love leaving and I’m pretty sure the FO will do more going forward to procure not only Love but other players to help he and Kobe for 2015.

          • Zimmeredge

            NO DEFENSE NO PLAYOFFS. Fact! Love is not a franchise player (quoting you) he has never made the playoffs and has never play with a second true second star… So we do not Know what kind of production he’ll have.
            I mean all of sudden he is a game changer for you. We have no clue on what he could do and what Kobe could do too. It´s a huge mistake.
            I mean yesterday (so to speak) you were telling everybody around here the benefits of patience etc and now you wanna go all in on one player and you were bashing who wanted to splash the cash this summer and give away our pick
            This lottery pick is a chance. It’s our future. Do not waste it for a playoff spot (no true title chance this season) that we can have on our own. I mean we could have played the playoff this season without him. If, next year we can grab a 8th seed in the west with our pick and players from the fa then we will have a true chance to convice for a long stand in la.

          • Daryl Peek

            The patience’s theme is all about giving the FO a chance to do their thing. The gloom and doom blame game folks are who that is for. Trading for Love would not be a panic move! Love coupled with Kobe could be a game changer just as Gasol was! Love would not be the last move, so save the NO DEFENSE NO PLAYOFFS ISH.

            Everything is a question mark fulla if’s, as we don’t know who the next coach would be, if in fact MDA will be fired, or who on roster is staying or not coming back, ETC…
            What we do know is, Love is a monster on the boards and can light it up offensively, and would be an immediate seat filler as his status is young superstar LA native. His style of play does not seem to conflict with what Kobe does as Kevin gets most of his points playing off the ball, and in motion not posting up. His defense is a bit suspect but he’s not the worst PF defender. The team could easily add a defensive minded center who does not need offensive touches. How is adding Love going all in? There’s nothing about going for Love that’s not a win for the franchise IMO.

            Again, Love is far better than any draft pick the team could select and what’s wrong with going for him now when we’ve known all along he’s been a target?

          • comrade24

            This is the only argument i’m hearing against trading the pick for Love, that he could bolt in free agency. Well, fool me once, the saying goes. The FO is not going to trade a lottery pick without assurance that he would resign. Lottery pick is not a sure thing either. It could take years to develop him, and he may never even turn into a franchise player. Love already is, and is only 25. he’s got 5-8 years of peak basketball time left.

          • Zimmeredge

            So we might have traded our lottery pick and end up with love leaving our team. That´s a smart move daryl very smart and clever.
            You’re the one giving moral lessons on this website on the rebuilding idea and the patience topic yet you’re in an hurry to get after love knowing that he will end up in the fa next summer and might leave us if we suck big Time again. And even if doesn’t end up in the fa and we miss him next summer there will be other players because if i believe in what you said love is not an in crédible player so why get after him at all cost if we can have a better player next summer?

        • Kay Carter

          BUT he did say Wolves have a better team than LA, so what if we have another losing season if we do the trade, then what? you don’t think he gonna test the market? we’ll lose a 1st rounder and Love….he’s no Howard, but what if he doesn’t like playing for us or Kobe? that’s too much of a risk

          i rather keep our pick and get some1 like Lowry, Deng or Ariza nd hope Love wants to come to us in 2015, if he doesn’t we can still go after L.A. and other FA…..versus losing a pick and getting just Love and then having to lose him

          • Zimmeredge

            this whole rumour about love is a non sense… we will be a more attractive team next season with more cap space and better perspective over the future for any FA players

          • Kay Carter

            we don’t need to waste a draft pick on him, makes no sense to rush into things when we have plenty of cap space next season nd after that

          • Kay Carter

            i agree, we can always get another FA when 2015 comes, no need to waste a draft pick smh

  • Douglas Carlson

    I think they should hold on to the pick. Get a young stud and you can get Love in 2015. What about Jordan Hill. Playing full time he would put up all star stats. Look what he’s done lately. D’Antoni doesn’t play him enough. My opinion is Hill can be better than Love. Would put up great numbers plus plays better defense and brings a ton of energy to the team. Just my thoughts.

    • Zimmeredge

      “look what he has done lately”
      you can’t be an all star if you play that kind of level for just a handful of game. Jordan Hill is and always will be a back up center. that’s his game. he plays with energy and he can’t sustain that level of energy during an 82 games season.

      • Douglas Carlson

        We both have a different opinions. Hill has not been given his chance with D’Antonis run and gun offense. He didn’t like Hill in NY and still doesn’t. As far as sustaining the level for 82 games we just don’t know. A slowed down offense would be great for him. Last 4 games when he had a chance avg 26 min, 18 pts, 12 RB.Who wouldn’t like that on their team. He is a power forward and not center. I respect your opinion, but we just don’t know if given the chance.

        • Douglas Carlson

          Take that with an avg of 35 minutes and you have 24 and 16. Just thinking of what could be, not saying it will happen. They still need to try and keep him.

          • Zimmeredge

            it’s his type of game that hamper him to put up such number on a daily basis during the season. he is a energy guy. he’ll bring more as back up (efficiency and effectivness).

    • comrade24

      someone posted above about starting Hill at center and Love at PF. We would OWN the glass and more often than not the team that wins the battle on the boards wins the game. Could be a very interesting dynamic.

  • Joseph Apohen

    Trade the lotterypick for Love now. Lottery is no guarantee they willl be as good as Love now, besides the pick must be groomed for another two year sif he is any good.

    • TheTruthKills

      Love isn’t necesarily a sure thing either. He’ll be a free agent next summer and we’d risk losing him for nothing just like Dwight. Then we’d be out a star player and a lottery pick with star potential.

  • hax

    Lakers: Here’s Marcus Smart, give us Kevin Love. We have Kobe, he just hasn’t played for two seasons and will fall apart in the second month next season.

    Celtics: Here’s the Nets 2014 1st rounder, Clippers 2015 1st rounder, 76′ers potential 2015 1st rounder, Sullinger, and Green for Love. And we have a lottery pick. And Rondo. And a warchest of picks anyways!

    • comrade24

      Blasphemy! THat awful green is burning my eyes! The power of Christ compels you!!!!! Go back to hell (Boston) from whence thou came foul beast!

  • Walt

    I say go for Love and trade the pick, and for you guys who want to see Pau in the line up next year, that is lame too. Pau and Dantoni can hit the bricks. Love is a known where as the players in the draft may or may not become something, someday, plus no guarantee we get any of those top 2 or 3 players. Take Love, fire dantoni, fire gasol, start the rebuild with Love and Kobe, at least get us back into the playoffs.

  • Team Mike 206

    If we get a top 5-8 pick, keep it. Outside of that, I’m open to packaging this years pick and say Kaman or Hill for Kevin Love and the right to swap 1sts in any of the next 3 years.

    • louis

      We have no other 1st round picks lol. Top 8 isn’t that great – outside of Parker, Wiggins, Embiid, Exum, Smart I really don’t think anyone is good enough to warrant keeping considering we could land Love.

      • comrade24

        by the same line of reasoning, no one outside of those players would be tradeable for Kevin Love.

  • lakerfan

    I think this would be the best thing to do. Unless Lakers get 1,2,3,4 pick, And plus Jabari might not declare for the draft. Trade pick for Love, and pick up a FA


    What? Why? Just wait until he’s a free agent next season. We have the possibility of getting the next Kobe or LeBron.

  • truth24

    No one here knows crap about basketball. Draft this guy, that guy??????? these guys haven’t even been in the league yet but all these fake ass laker fans hate on kobe?????? Rightttttttttttt

  • J Taylor

    There is a fatal mistake in this logic.
    Why would Love come to a team where he is the superstar when Kobe retires and no other talent?

    Keeping the pick, strengthens the team and gives Love a reason to come to LA, without it, “it’s just love” when Kobe retires.

    • comrade24

      1. Kevin Love is from LA. it would be a homecoming.
      2. The History of the organization
      3. When Kobe does leave there will be more cap room.
      4. we have a chance to bring back one of the best scoring benches in the league

  • Dale Frey

    Keep the pick. We need to start somewhere. We need to trade Pau and get more picks

  • Cadolots

    Jesus Christ END THIS ALREADY. Love and Saunder already said Love is not gonna be trade

  • KOBE BRYANT 6rings


  • steve

    KLove should head to SA. Perfect fit. Stay away from the terrible Lakers.

    • naturallyinsane1

      I would hate Love less if he went to San Antonio.

  • SD

    The only way I’m making this trade is if Love signs the extension right then and there. If he’s willing to do that, Dwight was not, then I’m good.

  • Wizkid

    Melo & Love to tha Lakeshow!?

  • Roger Collard

    You Laker fans are so confident Love will want to come to LA in 2015. What if Kobe gets injured again? He has at most 2 years left in his body to play. Nash is toast because of his age. Gasol is 33 so he is getting up there in age. If I was Love, Id seriously consider going elsewhere because the Lakers are or should be in rebuilding mode NOW instead of waiting for Kobe to retire. You guys really think Love wants to be on a team that is rebuilding while Love is just starting in the prime of his career?

    • naturallyinsane1

      Lakers will be under 500 for the next 2-3 years. The Wolves will climb above 500 slowly but surely. I can see 40-45 wins next year.

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