Lakers Rumors: Team Will Not Pursue Derek Fisher As Next Head Coach Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="289"] There have been a number of names linked to the Lakers vacant head coaching position ever since Mike D'Antoni resigned. However, anot [new_royalslider id="289"] There have been a number of names linked to the Lakers vacant head coaching position ever since Mike D'Antoni resigned. However, anot Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Team Will Not Pursue Derek Fisher As Next Head Coach

There have been a number of names linked to the Lakers vacant head coaching position ever since Mike D’Antoni resigned. However, another name can be crossed off the potential list as the LA Times’ Mike Bresnahan reports that the team will not pursue former point guard Derek Fisher:

The Lakers have decided they need a coach with previous NBA coaching experience, which means one thing for Derek Fisher: He isn’t a candidate. The Lakers think Fisher will be a solid NBA coach or executive at some point, but their initial curiosity about him has been replaced by a desire for actual experience

While this may be a disappointment to some, it shouldn’t necessarily come as much of a surprise. It had already been reported that the Lakers considered Fisher a secondary candidate due to his lack of coaching experience.

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Additionally, Fisher is being heavily pursued by Phil Jackson for the head coaching job with the New York Knicks so it was no guarantee that Fisher would come to LA, even if they went after him.

The Lakers are looking to make a turnaround sooner rather than later and are simply not willing to wait for Fisher to learn on the job. So far, every person they have interviewed has multiple years of head coaching experience and have experienced success during their tenures.

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At this time, the odds seem to favor another former Laker guard in Byron Scott, but nothing can be guaranteed at this point. With the Knicks trying to bring Fisher on board, Fisher very well may end up a head coach regardless. It just won’t be in Los Angeles.
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  • el chapo

    Good choice Mitch!!! Just like cube said hire bScott true Lakers belong in the franchise!¡

  • truth24

    Sources say Jeanie Buss was upset as Phil has strong interest in hiring Fisher.

  • Horry

    Yea that’s Jimmy Buss for you.

    • karasoon4


  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    I’m on the Hollins bandwagon. What he did with a Memphis squad that lacked a true superstar was impressive. Each full season he was head coach he improved their win percentage and defensive ranking. Offense was typically one of the slower paced offenses in the league (dead last in 2012-13), which shows he’s willing to slow the offense down (great for aging Kobe and Nash). In addition to that, he’s a hard nosed coach who had the utmost respect from his players. The only reason he’s NOT coaching right now? The front office got all obsessed with analytics and Hollins just wanted to coach.

    Bring in Hollins, bring in some defensive minded players (Marcus Smart/Aaron Gordon in the draft, Luol Deng in FA in 2014, Omer Asik in 2015) to go along side our scorers (Kobe, Nick Young off the bench) and perhaps bring in K Love in 2015 and we’ve got a solid team that (I think) is better than any Memphis squad Hollins was able to work with. Imagine what this guy could do with a team willing to pay more for high caliber players (and a team who can actually attract them)

    • vdogg

      very well said. nice job. i might further add that hollins being the lakers coach might interest PF ed davis to want to sign an offer sheet with the lakers (davis is a RFA).

    • Truth B Told

      Hollins relationship with some of his star players aided in his release…….Rudy Gay and also O J Mayo.

      • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

        As far as anything I’ve read, Hollins had Gay’s back during the trade issue and was upset that he was traded away. OJ Mayo was a mouthy youngster who got into it with his teammates. Hollins doesn’t seem like the type to put up with that shit. Either way, BOTH players were gone BEFORE Hollins was let go.

        Hollins expressed his disinterest in analytics time and time again. He was openly critical of management, and judging by the dysfunction now, maybe that was a sign of things to come.

        Mike Conley said this of Hollins: “I know that he’s fought for me in every situation that he’s had to. I
        can’t even put enough words in the sentences to say how much it means to

        • Truth B Told

          Precisely…..both on Hollins watch.

  • Tune

    I honestly don’t think Fisher will fare well without being an assistant for at least a year or 2 under a solid coach. If he doesn’t head coach for the Knicks where I imagine Phil will be mentoring him as a coach, he needs to come back to LA and be an assistant if we get Hollins or maybe Scott.

  • nick

    I had respect for Jeannie, but if she truly wants to support her buoy Phil, then she needs to sell her share with Lakers and move on with him to NY and not put up a false Lakers face! That’s so ridiculous to do at her position. She needs to stand solid for her team not Phil unless she goes joins him. Not looking good as far as future of Lakers is concerned.

    • Yougotshumped

      Woah just happened to pass by and some bashing at jeannie already? They made it clear they want a veteran coach and Phil wants someone he can mold..

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      What does any of this have to do with Jeanie? Fisher is a Laker, sure, but the word has been since damn near day one that they want an EXPERIENCED coach, and a defensive mind. Is D Fish either of those things? He’s not the Lakers man for HC.

      • Ur worst nightmare

        Jeanie personally stated last week that the head coach hiring process will be decided by all the siblings. So get your fact straight you moron. Dumb ass like you think you know everything, stick to your fantasy league discussion that’s where you belong.

        • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

          Well, well, well. Look at you, Mr. Internet Bad Ass. This article is about Derek Fisher, not Jeanie Buss. Rumors have been filtering out for WEEKS now that the Lakers want experience. Derek Fisher does not have coaching experience.

          Jeanie Buss is widely considered the most capable of all the Buss children to run this franchise. Not only by the employees and outsiders, but by her own family.

          My response was to the Jeanie bashing. She isn’t supporting Phil, she’s a member of a group that is pursuing an experience, defensive minded coach. Phil wants a familiar, inexperienced coach who he can “mentor” and work through. Fisher is not what the Lakers want. Fisher IS what Phil wants. If not going after Fisher is “helping Phil”, I call bull. It’s better for the Lakers not to hire Fisher than it is for the Knicks to hire him.

          However, if you want to come in, troll, and throw insults because you’re so insecure with yourself that you need to put on this dramatic display over the internet, go for it. Not sure what me pointing our the front office’s stance on a head coach has to do with fantasy basketball, but okay. I don’t even play it.

          Run along now, child.

          • Laker Illuminati

            Well put stop bashing @Jeaniebuss we have other problems on our table. We need to hire Hollis and move forward. We are at a disadvantage when we have an unstable coaching issue and we are going to feel the fallout this summer. But I agree with Evan.

    • Marty Susman

      I agree. I don’t care who she sleeps with but the Lakers should be number o n , not Phil n the Nicks. I could care less about her love life…

      • Chrmngblly

        She’s a bimbo. If she was really in charge, she would demand the final say on the next coach. The buck stops with her, now. It is not as though brother Jimmy has been making a lot of good decisions lately.

        We need a coach that can implement the Miami system in LA. We can build that kind of team from where we are right now with who we can get our hands on. We can’t replace LBJ, but that system is a good place for us to start. No giant center required and no “gunner” point guard.



        Replace the [dot]s with periods.

  • jona_dia

    I never saw D.Fisher as a great option as coach. Yeah he has great leadership but he would only work if there was someone above hime to mentor him(as would happen in NY).
    My candidates from the beginning have been Jeff Van Gundy and Larry Brown. Older coaches who know how to win. Don’t know if they been contacted by the Lakers but I think they would be able to turn this team around (even though theres no roster yet) and they would know what players they would want of course.
    B.Scott is from the Laker family but I’m still not sure about him, I have some doubts as how he can perform. Sure might help recruit K.Irving.
    Scott Skiles- Maybe as an assistant (alongside another defensive midset head coach) to focus on creating the best defensive team?
    Lionel Hollins- I’m not sure why he hasn’t gotten more attention around the league, but he improved the Grizzles every year. and has worked with Skiles before too!
    George Karl got fired after getting coach of the year!! Not sure what happen here. Maybe the NBA is on switching coaches a frenzy or trend. But his style reminds me too much of D’Antonie’s. Just makes me wonder what would have happen last year if there were not injuries and Dwight and everyone were 100% healthy.

  • Lakers4Life

    Great to hear Fisher’s out of the list. Now let’s finally offer the long-awaited contract to Jeff Van Gundy, likely the best HC candidate out there right now.

  • Truth B Told

    Even though Phil never played with Lakers he was attachef to them thru Jeanie. Riley…now Scott should take Lakers to that next level.

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      Did they start dating after Phil started coaching or before? I’ve read 1999, but whether it was before he got the job or not, I don’t know. Either way, that doesn’t make him a “Laker”, and he was one of the best in Laker history.

      In my opinion, Hollins is the better candidate.

      • Anthony Hollins

        I agree, hopefully the Lakers do the right thing.

      • Truth B Told

        You’re probably looking at Hollins record…….Stats can be mis-leading…..Scott has been to the Big Dance(Twice)which is the NBA finals……Hollins…never as a coach….Scott coached CP3 in New Orleans to their best record EVER and won the Pacific Division.Mentored CP3 AND Kyrie Irving both to ROY honors.Young players like Scott…..Hollins has problems with some of his star players(O J Mayo and Rudy Gay)….Both no longer in Memphis.

        • Srk

          Made the Finals in the weakest conference ever. Back then 50 wins was enough to get the 1st seed in the East. Hollins coached in a conference where you needed 50 wins just to get the 8th seed.

          As far problems with players, everyone on the Nets and Hornets (aside from CP3) turned on Scott, which is much than any player problem Hollins had.

      • Melvin

        I agree Lionel Hollins is by far the leading man for the Lakers head coaching job.The first coach Skip Bayless mentioned for the Lakers on first take right after Mike D’Antoni quit was Lionel Hollins as the new replacement unless Kevin Ollie wanted the job.Yeah Skip is a serious media member and he knows the Lakers need Lionel Hollins as does most the Lakers fan base by now.Byron Scott is a thing of the past as far coaching goes.

        Byron had his last success in 2008 that’s 6 years ago.Lionel had his last success in 2013 that’s 1 year agao.Byron Scott had a 26 game losing streak in Cleveland the most losses in a row in NBA history.Plus Byron looked worn out and tired during his time coaching the hapless Cavs.Nothing but losing for Byron in Cleveland.His last good run was with the Nets back about a decade ago but that was the old school NBA nowadays that Byron Scott is burned out on coaching he might not have the energy to do anything for the Lakers.

        Plus too much pressure on Byron since he is a former Laker player if he fails it will be magnified ten full.Lionel Hollins is the safe choice with very little risk and he is a Gregg Popovich type of disciplinarian and coaches to win by teaching hard work ethics and he coaches defense and rebounding and he has a offense in place.Lionel Hollins won 56 games in 2013 and he went to the Western Conference Finals.In the playoffs Lionel beat

        The Spurs.Kobe Bryant is 35 years old and Pau Gasol is 33 by the time the season starts they will be 36 and 34 years old and they are in need of playing a slower pace in a halfcourt set to take full advantage of their wonderful skills and a big advantage is Kobe will be the featured player for Lionel Hollins as he will take the most advantage of Kobe and his great skills on offense.

        Also Gasol is a player he will coach up great since Lionel coached up Marc Gasol in Memphis.It will work out with Lionel Hollins and Kobe and Pau with a strong supporting cast for the Lakers.Defense wins championships,Lionel is you’re man.Lionel gets respect from his players and the fans and media.Also he controls egos perfectly.Lionel is a great top notch motivator.

        The Thunder,The Clippers all in the last 3 years he has beat all the teams we can’t beat consistently.Plus Lionel Hollins creates a strong homecourt advantage for the team he coaches as Memphis was always one of the toughest places to play at.Lionel changes the culture to a winning grind it out culture.

      • Melvin

        Sorry correction Lionel beat the Spurs when Memphis was a 8 seed and Spurs were the 1 seed.But in the Western Conference Finals the Spurs beat Lionel Hollins and The Memphis Grizzlies.I said he beat the Spurs in the Western Conference Finals no he didn’t.

  • Phil

    Derek Fisher will be one of the greatest coaches ever,mark my words remember it.

    • Edy

      Phil I think the same way he’s going to be a phenomenal coach but I’m not sure if he him self is even welling to try out head coaching job before learning the ropes I’m pretty sure he’s wanting to test the water before completely jumping in but I do see him as assistant coach but if an apportinuty with the Knicks I have a feeling he’s going to take the job knowing Phil is there to back him up

  • Mathias

    So far the lakers haven’t pursued Steve Kerr or Derek fisher, and it’s reported they aren’t interested in Carmelo anthony, all of whom were heavily linked to Phil Jackson, all this seems unusually suspect considering jeanie’s ties with Phil. next they’ll be shipping kobe to ny in exchange for amare and jr because Phil expressed interest.

  • Vigs

    Were are they going here, its been three weeks and they still don’t a front runner for the position. Im sorry but I think the Lakers have lost there way. Its time for Mitch to step up or step out. I personally don’t think he can turn this around without Jerry West’s help , remember the Gasol trade that probably saved Mitch’s job. I have no confidence in this group and the next coach will show how lost they are. No big names are being mentioned just retreads that bounce from team to team and win nothing. I watched the Spurs play the other night and though were are these players coming from, guys I never heard of leading them. Show me there last top ten pick since Duncan and yet there competitive every year. Thats what the Lakers used to be hopefully they can find someone to help them get back there again.

    • Edy

      I hear ya brother u were right on the money what I think we lack that San Antonio doesn’t is that they still have an amazing owner and coach what we had was Jerry buss who was fueld by being the best and knowing how to be achieve in any way possible not having a big ego like his kids I mean kids not just Jim

  • Srk

    Byron Scott is just another mediocre retread just like the 2 Mike’s, and he’s going end up the same way they did. If it wasn’t the fact he was a former Laker he would be getting little to no consideration. If the Lakers are going to hire a retread, at least get an above average coach like Hollins or Jeff Van Gundy, not a mediocre/bad one like Byron Scott.

  • Marty Susman

    If available Fish should be the top asst. To Jeff or Byron.

  • Paxson

    This is not the same Lakers we are all used to.Something is terribly wrong with LAL.

  • Paxson

    3 players Injured Kobe,40 yrs. old Nash,Scrub Sacre and no coach???WTF???lol

  • edy

    you guys won’t give the time of day but trust me fish well blow you guys out of the water , he’s a leader and players need to be leaded to win a championship he has the complete package he’s smart,tuff as balls won’t take any shit from no body and won’t stir up shit like antoni did with the team .

  • kiko

    Hire George Karl or Jeff Van Gundy and lionel hollins as Next Season Head Coach LA Lakers

  • Timothy

    Derek Fisher is going to be one of the best coaches ever.Lakers made a big error.

  • el tahur

    Lakers pls hire coach hollins

  • Van Zanco

    If we have Kobe for 2 years the mindset needs to be playoffs, and with that we need Lionel Hollins.
    Lowry/ Marshal/ Nash
    Kobe/ Henry/ Brooks
    Johnson/ Bazemore
    Hill/ NO.7/ Kelly
    Kaman/ Sacre

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