Lakers Rumors: Team Was Never Offered More Than 2nd Rounder For Gasol Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="130"] Over the last few years, Pau Gasol has been the consistent subject of trade rumors, having to sweat out the trade deadline every seas [new_royalslider id="130"] Over the last few years, Pau Gasol has been the consistent subject of trade rumors, having to sweat out the trade deadline every seas Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Team Was Never Offered More Than 2nd Rounder For Gasol

Over the last few years, Pau Gasol has been the consistent subject of trade rumors, having to sweat out the trade deadline every season.

This past season was no different as many believed that Gasol would be moved for draft picks and salary cap relief. That turned out not to be the case and Gasol would go on to have a relatively successful year.

But that almost didn’t happen. According to the LA Times’ Mike Bresnahan, Jim Buss was fine with trading the veteran:

Buss was fine with trading him, Kupchak wasn’t so sure. In the end, the Lakers were never offered more than a second-round draft pick for the aging star, a pittance in their mind. And they didn’t want to seem like they were dumping Gasol’s $19.3-million salary for nothing.

It’s amazing that the Lakers were only offered a second-round pick for a former All-Star who nearly averaged a double-double this season.

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Gasol’s stock has fallen a lot over the last couple of years and Kupchak wisely expressed caution at getting rid of a very productive player for so little.

Times are tough for the Lakers right now, but there is a lot of confidence that the team will be able to turn things around as they have done so many times in the past.

Jim Buss has even gone as far as saying that he will step down if the team isn’t turned around in 3-4 years.

There may be a lot of questions about the Lakers front office right now, but being able to communicate on key issues like that shows that there is a good structure in place.
Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak On NBA Draft, No. 1 Pick And Trading The Pick

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  • kobe24

    Who cares season is over Gasol is a Free Agent now and he finally gets to decide what he wants to do (instead of getting disrespected over and over again by FO).

    Love your game Pau but I would definitly sign with another team that’s more appreciative of your skill set

    • una5hamed

      Does the front office disrepect him? Or do they believe he is valuable, because they have turned down EVERY trade offer for him (besides Chris Paul)?

      • kobe24

        I don’t know man but if I was a player and every single year my name was brought up for imminent trade rumors I’d feel pretty disrespected. And lets not forget Lakers didn’t tell Pau Gasol before that they had a trade going

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yeah i figured that much the Lakers never get good offers anymore,teams are smartening up to the Lakers FO.We used to win trades by a landslide nowadays those same teams back off in trade talks.Burned bridges not exactly just not as many trade partners as before IMO.Pau is worth more than a second round pick.

    • Daryl Peek

      Now you’re talking! Too many believe otherwise as they blame, blame, blame in today’s climate when the heavens don’t open up for the Lakers and other teams don’t gift them their best young players for peanuts? Each new CBA has been an attempt to create league wide parity. This last attempt seems to have worked in the short term as the Celtics, Knicks and Lakers are not in the playoffs and need to rebuild. The Bobcats, Raptors & Wizards are in the playoffs. The Clippers have won the Pacific division the last two seasons. Again, I’d say the parity attempts have worked so far but there’s time for adaptation. The team spent a whole decade adapting to life after Showtime without contending for a championship in the 90′s. I firmly believe the turnaround will not take that long this time.

      Pau is worth more than a 2nd round pick and he may stay or walk but it was absolutely the right move not to panic and trade him for garbage.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Yeah Pau is worth more and the Lakers just proved they are no pushover in a trade.Even if we lose Pau for nothing so be it’s the principle that matters in this case.Now my quick view on Jim Buss is he is one of the brightest minds in the NBA and he is the owner i would want in the NBA just look at the other clowns that are owners like Donald Sterling of the old days or cheapskate Robert Sarver of the Suns or James Dolan the walking comedy act or Herb Kohl just sold the Bucks or Clayton Bennett from OKC he gave up Harden over money for nothing much or The Cavs owner yikes Dan Gilbert is terrible or The Pistons owner they always suck or the 76ers owner they are still lost in the past thinking Allen Iverson and Charles Barkley with Dr. J. and Moses Malone and Bobby Jones are going to come popping through the tunnel to play a game lol.Jim Buss is unfairly judged and scrutinized and he deserves mush better treatment from the media and fans.Their are much worse owners in the NBA.

        Jim Buss is the most gutsy owner in the NBA and he goes for big home runs that he wants to result in a grand slam and he is always in the mix trying to find the best players and coaches the basketball world has to offer and he is willing to open up the check books and spend whatever it takes to win championships.He is a cool dude FO,he is one heck of a nice guy just misunderstood.Just because he doesn’t sit courtside every game doesn’t mean he does not care because he does care a lot about the Lakers and he wants to win a championship.

        • Daryl Peek

          Not sure if you’re being sarcastic heaping all of that praise on Jimmy? I can’t go that far. As you know I believe he has not been as bad as most portray but he still has much to prove. From 2005-2010 Jimmy worked with Dr. Buss and Mitch very closely and was a decision maker.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            Not being sarcastic man.Just saying Jim Buss is better than most people think.He landed Chris Paul by far the best Point Guard in the NBA and he had that vetoed by the hater David Stern then he got us the best center in the game Dwight Howard only to see Dwight and Kobe beef over some dumb shit.Then he clears the books ironically only leaving Kobe,Nash,Sacre to open up the doors to LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony and the dude is drafting in top 6 of a draft including Wiggins,Embiid,Jabari,Exum,Smart,Randle etc. this guy is know dummy.Jim knows his stuff IMO.Open check book and now it’s up to Mitch to get the players.

          • Daryl Peek

            Agreed but Mitch will get all of the credit for that and Jimmy will only get the blame for things that didn’t work in that era. Especially the coaching choices. BTW, Dr. Buss and Jerry West didn’t always get it right on coaches either.

            Jimmy has been there with Mitch all along as a co partner in scouting when players like Bynum, Farmar, Sasha, Walton, Brian Cook, Mark Madsen, Kareem Rush, Ronny Turiaf, ETC… all solid contributors to the team over the years. Remember Dr. Buss set Kupchak and Jimmy up with West in 97 to learn the scouting tricks of the trade from the Logo. No one wants to believe Jimmy had any input on the picks but he did.

            The other thing most don’t want to acknowledge is how as the FO got further removed from the West era they began to yield to Phil’s reload demands more and more, as draft picks were traded more frequently and youth player development went by the waist side. That stance was successful in the short term of ring chasing but has a long term effect that we are now paying for. This is why the FO deserves so much credit for sticking to the cap flexibility theme.

            Moving on from Phil was inevitable. He did not endear himself to Dr. Buss or Jimmy and sealed his own fate in that with his mind games over the years. Same plight he had with the Bulls. I think we are in much better hands than most realize. Superstar additions are not the only way we can get back to contending. We just need a united front by all involved and things will turn around quickly.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            Yeah Jim Buss has given it his all and he knows the NBA better than most people he was taught by the best.Just keeping up with the times now as he is and boom he has a bunch of cap space and tons of options to spend on.The draft pick is in his hands and by May 20 that can turn into gold if he wins the NBA draft lottery.Jim Buss is a mover and a shaker and he is not to be taken lightly we need more fans to stand behind this man and the FO.I just know he will end up making this team a championship team in the future.If not he will have tried hard regardless and that’s enough for me.

          • nlruizjr

            I think your giving Jimmy credit due to Mitch, Jimmy just signs the checks, Mitch is the hands on guy !!!!

          • Daryl Peek

            Jimmy has been hands on with Mitch also. You can see plenty of footage of them both involved in scouting around the country over the years. My praise for Jimmy is not quite as his as LakersHeatBeef but I cannot discredit Jimmy like most do.

      • Danny c

        This is false. Lakers are still offered decent trades, teams just feel that the organization is desperate and offer crap. Parity? There is no parity still. Large markets will still go over the luxury tax regardless of the penalty. The reason why is because they are a big market and know that those fans will pay more for their tickets. Those teams you mentioned is a bad example. They are only in the playoffs because the east is WEAK…. really weak. The west 9th spot is would be third in the east. Hence the reason that Silver is talking about changing the playoff format. He wants the best teams in the playoffs. Also the 9th Lakers finished top 3 in their conference 6 or 7 times. They had a few 50+ win seasons as well. It’s not that they couldn’t compete for a finals appearance, its that nnobody could. There was this man called Jordan that no one could beat. The only way teams could beat him was to have him play baseball.

        My opinion on Pau is that he isa ssecond option. He can average 15/9/3 offensively for any team. It’s just sad that his skill goes to waste under MDA as coach. I feel the same way bout hill. He can be a 10/9 guy for any team if he gets consistent minutes.

        • Daryl Peek

          The team was not offered anything they deemed of value for Gasol or Howard. I’m not saying this will be forever but as of lately, yes they’ve been low balled due to the state of the franchise coupled with the direction of the new CBA. As the FO has stated several times, the business of trades is different now.

          The dynamic of East VS. West in the playoffs has always been that, sometimes the West has been the weaker conference in the past… see the 90′s. Boston and the Knicks are usually in that playoff mix along with the Lakers and are bottom feeders via the new CBA implications. BTW, the Wizards, Atlanta and the Raptors fared very well against the better eastern conference foes this weekend.

          I understand the playoff format change theme but I disagree simple because you will completely destroy the rivalries of old. On the other hand it will help the parity thing. Old school rivalries are what drive ratings in this league still. The Lakers VS. the Celtics is still top billing in the finals.

          Gasol has not been wasted by MDA. Pau has just failed to adapt and allowed the move on mandate and coaching change to effect him. Again, Kobe got all up in his grill publicly for that with his big boy pants rant. Bynum was featured over Pau in 10-11 by Phil and that in part resulted in the playoff meltdown that season. 11-12 the FO tried to completely execute the move on from Gasol with the CP3 trade. Mike Brown then completely featured Bynum over Pau as Drew had his first and only all-star season and Pau missed the game that season. Gasol would’ve been traded if Howard was healthy from the jump in 12-13. Pau was an insurance policy for Howards back but the FO saw D12 as the future and there was no way Pau was gonna man the post over Howard. Pau said in his recent exit interview he could function in the D’Antoni system as THE center. Again he was not going to be that next to a healthy Bynum and Howard, and Phil never found that perfect balance in twin towers as Bynum was either hurt or bench for LO most of the time.

          The misuse of the big’s is so overblown. All of them produced at a high level playing for MDA and Hill played next to Gasol more than any. Hill has started more games this season than his previous 4 seasons combined, and played more MPG also. It could be argued Gasol was blackballed from an all-star selection this season as his numbers were as good as they were in 10-11 his last appearance. Hibbert was not an all-star center IMO.

          BTW, Hill was pretty much a 10/9 player for MDA, for the first time in his career as again, no other HC has given him this much burn.

          • una5hamed

            On a potentially new playoff format, I would like to see the top 6 from each conference and then 4 wildcards. That way you still have two distinct conferences and can reasonably expect East vs West in the Finals. This year’s first round would be the same, except Indiana would face Charlotte, and Miami would play Phoenix. And I would like the first round to go back to best-of-5.

  • Lloyd

    And there wont be any better offers with Pau being the centerpoint of a deal I can’t believe reading some posts here and listening to radio than some fans actually claim that Pau is still elite and that he has NOT regressed at all. Yes, some clown actually believes he has not regressed. Talk about having blinders on. Everybody from analysts to fans watching without bias and rabid fandom set aside, can see that he is no longer the same player he was. They will cite how he is tops among Centers in scoring and rebounds last year, but please, those stats are mostly inflated from a lot of garbage time when the game has been pretty much decided. The Lakers would be unwise to tie up 3 or 4 years at perhaps 10-13mil a season for Pau.

    • Daryl Peek

      If those stats we so inflated because of garbage time, why don’t other players on bad teams do it on a regular? You can’t name 5 players that produce at Pau’s level that aren’t elite. There are 14 teams in the lottery that are in just as bad of a situation as the Lakers win loss wise. I’d say most of them would love to have Gasol and many of the current playoff teams could use his production too.

      • Terrell

        Pau may still score, but he gives up just as much on the other end though. He’s awful defensively. What good is his 20pts if his man drops 20 or more on him too and anybody who drives on him meets no resistance from him at all? Besides, I saw plenty of games all season wherein they did pound the ball to him down low, and he basically crapped out. Perhaps the defenders where being too physical on him? He made no move to the basket, turned it over, or just drifted further back and settled for the J. If this guy goes to the bulls or spurs, I can’t wait to see the reaction in Pops or Thibs face the moment Pau goes soft and does his matador defense.

        • Daryl Peek

          How good is Dirk Nowitzki defensively? Were watching Hibbert get abused in these playoffs and he’s stinking up the joint offensively and always has. Pau has never been a defensive beast and never will be. I watched Pau dominate both Howard and Noah this season in an individual one on one match up. Pau torched Noah for 20 points 19 rebounds and 5 blocked shots. Again, Gasol is not going to consistently dominate like that but he can be counted on for 18/10/3/1.5 every night on a good or bad team. On a good team those numbers are invaluable as they can be the difference in a deep playoff run or first round exit.

          • michael

            I have to disagree with you. He is aging. The Lakers would be wise to play safe or letting him go instead of having “dead money”. Pau tries to avoid contact.

            I would like to see him coming back, but his price tag concerns me.

          • Daryl Peek

            Duncan is aged. Dirk also. They still are very effective. I feel you on the youth movement but watch these playoffs as veteran teams will still dominate. OKC is the only young team I see as a challenger to the more veteran ones, and they are very experienced themselves.

        • decypel

          Thank you I totally agree

  • hookedonnews

    When I’m watching other teams in the league I don’t see a lot of teams that would be a good fit for Pau. He’s still a good player with a nice offensive game, but he’s not a great defender and his ongoing health is a question. His best years are behind him. I think he’ll be back in LA because I think he’s appreciated even though they have tried to trade him numerous times. There may be some interest, but I doubt he’ll be offered the money he thinks he’s worth. Of course, I could be totally wrong and some team may offer him big bucks.

  • Marty Susman

    The question is not how good or bad Pau is today, it’s how good or bad he will be in the next few years…The Lakers have already made a STUPID mistake by giving Kobe $48,000,000, let’s not compound the mistake by signing another old/injured player…

  • Ben

    Quit living in the past and move on. It’s what’s best for both parties. The core of Pau and Kobe HAS RUN ITS COURSE. There’s no more titles there, only quick 1st rd eliminations. Hopefully Mitch and Jim don’t get pressured by the rabid myopia and venom by irrational fans, and including Kobe, that they feel the need to splurge and spend it all when there are no franchise changing player(s) to get

    • Daryl Peek

      I agree with you but there may be no better option out there if say Monroe, Gortat or Hawes are not able to be procured. Say what you want, a healthy Gasol and Kobe can still be effective if surrounded with good young parts. Look at the Spurs or what Pau Pierce is doing with the Nets? Hell, Andre Miller was a factor today in the Wizards Bulls game.

      • Ben

        If they do bring back Pau, it should be 2yrs tops, so he and Kobe can be gone together come 2016. But, I don’t see him accepting 2yrs. This is his last NBA contract and I think Pau will go for as much security possible. Im thinking he’s looking at something like 4yrs 44mil or so, which I think is a little too long to tie ourselves with since as effective he is, he’s on the downhill and his regression won’t be slowing down and could even speed up if he injures himself.

        • Daryl Peek

          Agreed on the length of a contract.

  • lbisb89

    He is a f#!$@&^/ free agent!
    Who is going to offer more than that?

  • Nalin Shukla

    2nd rounder for gasol would be a steal for us!!!

  • TheTruthKills

    They should have just done it. It wouldn’t have changed the outcome of this season and we would have gotten some sort of compensation for him.

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