Lakers Rumors: Team To Talk To Fisher This Week, Skiles & Brown Eventually Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="289"] The Lakers coaching search continues to move along much slower than some would like, but the team has already interviewed a number of [new_royalslider id="289"] The Lakers coaching search continues to move along much slower than some would like, but the team has already interviewed a number of Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Team To Talk To Fisher This Week, Skiles & Brown Eventually

The Lakers coaching search continues to move along much slower than some would like, but the team has already interviewed a number of potential candidates including Byron Scott and Lionel Hollins.

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With Derek Fisher’s season now finished with the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Lakers can now speak to him about the possibility of becoming the team’s next head coach. But according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, a couple of new names have emerged as potential candidates:

Skiles and Brown are new names to add to the list, but both fit the criteria of being experienced, defensive-minded coaches. They have both also taken young teams and turned them around.

Fisher still has to make a decision on if he wants to retire or continue his playing career. Even if he has played his last game, he will have a difficult decision to make as the New York Knicks are said to be targeting him as their next head coach.

The Lakers are really taking their time and seem to be willing to interview every single candidate who could be a possibility. As Shelburne reports, this search could still be weeks away from ending:

When the Lakers do make their final decision, there will be no doubt that the team will have exhausted every option before making their choice.
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  • Dana Douglas

    While the length and pace of this search might be designed to reassure fans and team partners that no stone is being left unturned and that the team is making the best possible choice, it could also backfire. If they end up picking an unpopular candidate, or one who suffers a substantial number of losses during the season, the cry may become, “You took all that time and interviewed all those great candidates, and they hired *him*!? Why didn’t they hire _____________, who is doing/has done such a fantastic job with the _______________?”

    Far from instilling confidence in the ultimate decision, if performance continues to be poor, this could end up sealing Jim’s and Mitch’s fate.

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      Or, more likely, allow another team to step in and sign a prime candidate out from under us.

      • CorinaGingerovo

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  • Lakers Fan

    I like the idea of them taking their time to find the right coach, but saying this could possibly take weeks is prolonging the process. Fisher shouldn’t start off as a HC right away. He needs to be an assistant first then work his way up to HC. I know Jason Kidd did it, but his roster also helped with the transition from player to coach. I would love to have Fisher as an assistant, but not as the HC as there are other candidates more suited for that position. I like the idea of Larry Brown, but don’t know how willing he will be to leave SMU after he has worked hard to improve that basketball program. Brown being 73 years old doesn’t help his case either. Really don’t know why they are talking to Skiles. IMO, they have already interviewed the best candidate in Hollins. I don’t care if I sound repetitive, Hollins is the best candidate for the job. They will end up losing out on him and end up with another coach that will once again end up fired in the next 2-3 years. I love the Lakers man and I want us to have the best coach for the job, but this prolonged coaching search could end badly for us.

    • Jodie

      Yes i agree with what you said about Larry and Lionel.These guys in the FO are driving me up the wall.They should not interview Scott Skiles he screams out mediocrity and that’s no lie.Larry Brown turns 74 before the season starts lets get a realistic GM in place.I love the Lakers but we are doomed under these clowns.Sorry just my opinion.Carry on.

      • Lakers Fan

        I have faith in Mitch, but I don’t know if this is his idea or Jim’s idea. I understand them wanting to take time to find the best coach, but come on Hollins is your guy. This shouldn’t be hard to figure out. I have nothing but respect for Fisher, Brown, and B. Scott, but Hollins is the coach for this job. I don’t know what they are doing, but I hope they don’t let him get away and we end up with another incompetent coach. I’m so tired of this “Laker family” mess. Phil wasn’t part of the Laker family and he led us to 5 championships.

    • Joe Castro

      I believe they’re talking to everyone because they want a head coach caliber to become one of the assistants..they are trying to find out who can work together..a separate offensive and defensive specialist that can co exist and jive. A hollins and scott tandem + fisher as an assistant maybe..i dont think this is far fetched. Hope they can make it work.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      The next coach will probably be fired in 2-3 years anyway. Everyone who has ever coached this team won a championship in his first year on the job. The next coach will build the team to championship contention, then will be replaced by another coach to carry them to glory. It’s the Laker way.

  • Jodie

    This getting bizarre,honestly the Lakers FO is bizarre.Larry Brown turns 74 years old on September 14.Lakers main bossman Jim Buss get you’re head outta you’re ass.Seriously Jim Buss is a fuck head and Mitch is no better.We are fucked fans.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Larry Brown is one of the all-time great basketball minds. There’s no way he’s getting this job, but what could it hurt to bring him in, pick his brain about what he would do if he were coaching this team, and put that information to use moving forward? Interview this man, and hire him as a consultant!

  • living in the past

    Might as well hire John Wooden!

  • L.A. Kings

    These words are most related Google searches when typing Lakers are.Yeah not much hope left for the Lakers sadly.It’s time to give up all hope on the Lakers and find a new passion and hobby.Jim Buss is a moron and he ruined the Lakers…

    lakers are done lakers are terrible lakers are badl akers are screwed

    • Tune

      We won’t miss you, nothing but unloyal. How long ago did we win 2 championships? And how long ago before that? I think having 1 mediocre season and 1 bad season due to injuries and a coach that’s gone isn’t something to be worried about yet.

      • vdogg

        agreed. his screen name tells you all you need to know about what kind of bandwagon fan we’re dealing with here. let him go elsewhere… when the lakers are back on top again he’ll be back, too — claiming that he had never left.

    • DB

      Go join the Clipper bandwagon!

  • Jose

    Finally, looks like the LAL Management are doing their homework. I think that the most qualify coach for this job is ” Larry Brown ” he has a Championship experience and he knowns what he is doing. Good luck Larry …!

  • Derek Clark

    Looks like the Lakers appear to be headed in the right direction with the coaching candidates they’ve interviewed so far. What direction is that? DEFENSE, DEFENSE, and MORE DAMN DEFENSE. That is the key to getting back to championship status. And if anyone can teach Nick Young how to do that, they need to be hired immediately. Lol

  • matt

    The Lakers need to hurry up before another team picks up the right guy (Hollins). Its been more than a month since the position has been open, there’s no reason for the FO to still be considering 20 coaches at this point. Hurry up Mitch and hire Hollins!

  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    I appreciate the due diligence, but there will come a time in which other items begin hiring candidates. What I don’t want to see is candidates who were in the lead for the LAL job being swept up by the Cavs, Jazz, and the likes.

    I get that hiring a coach now vs.hiring him in two weeks doesn’t make much of a difference, but let’s just get this thing tied up. Let the players around the league know who we’ve got. Let the front office have that much more time to figure out who would fit this man’s schemes. The sooner we get a coach, the more time we have to plot our rise to the top.

    • Lakers Fan

      I was expecting them to have a coach by now. This waiting BS will only result in us having to hire another mediocre coach because the good ones will be gone. Hollins needs to be hired now before Cleveland gets him. I hear they have their eyes set on Embiid and Hollins will turn him into a beast.

  • michiganlaker

    I think when it’s all said and done Hollins will be picked up by another team and we will be left with Scott. Which is not a bad option; however, I believe Hollins is the better of the two. I think the FO will choose someone with a tie to the Lakers organization.

  • Mike B.

    Jeff. Van. Gundy.

  • lacreoleman

    I have confidence that they will pick a good coach. This becomes an issue of how much time they give him to mold the team into a championship caliber team and how much freedom they give him to do so. Kobe aside (knowing that he will have some input into things,) the coach has got to be able to make decisions without undue influence from anyone in the management office.

    I have to allow them to make their decision and honor their choice. Hopefully they make a decision before the draft because the coach is going to need to have some input to make a roadmap for molding the team going forward.

  • kiko

    hire george karl or jeff van gundy and quin snyder and i consider
    Larry Brown and Ettore Messina and Mike Krzyzewski and david blatt next head coach LA Lakers

  • timmy

    just hire derek fisher i have a good feeling bout him.seems like he is a long term fit for the lake show,10-25 years of coaching with one team.too much to pass up here.fisher is a leader of men and a top motivator.he knows the game of ball.

  • Jose

    Larry Brown as a coach is Lakers best choice…! It is a no brain decision.

  • numb1lakefan

    byron scott is our coach nuff said

  • Phil K McLeod

    So far so good they still looking for a new coach. I like to see Hollins as our new coach Mitch. But is he ready to be the Next Lakers coach. He would be a great Coach for young players and for Kobe. Lets get Him before other teams get Him. We just need to have Defensive coach. I thank we have a C rated offense, I wonder what Kobe future looks like the next couple years. Fish is not ready Yet. I also thank Mark Jackson would be in the mix. He did a good Job with Golden State. He has a good coaching future ahead of Him. I lke him. I did watch His warriors Last year because I live in the Sacramento Area. Lets get some one who likes to be a good Lakers coach for sure. Go Lakers you always will be my team. Laker Fan for over 57 years. And I love the purpel and gold for sure. Laker fan for Life.

  • TY Perkins


  • Marty Susman

    THE BEST WE COULD DO IS FIND SOMEONE TO BE EQUAL TO DOC RIVERS. The worst thing that could happen would be to hire another coach & then have to fire them as well. Sooooo the best we can do is either go with Byron Scott, Hollins, Karl, Brown, BUT the BEST we can do is bring in Byron Scott as head guy with Fish as his asst. as well as Kareem. The “three” amigo’s would then coach their former Laker team….

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