Lakers Rumors: Team To Make ‘Monster Push’ To Acquire Kevin Love Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="287"] The trade rumors involving Kevin Love have kicked into high gear with the superstar letting the Minnesota Timberwolves he intends to [new_royalslider id="287"] The trade rumors involving Kevin Love have kicked into high gear with the superstar letting the Minnesota Timberwolves he intends to Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Team To Make ‘Monster Push’ To Acquire Kevin Love

The trade rumors involving Kevin Love have kicked into high gear with the superstar letting the Minnesota Timberwolves he intends to test free agency in the summer of 2015.

With Love intending to become a free agent, the Timberwolves will attempt to trade the veteran forward with plenty of teams already expressing interest in acquiring him.

One of those interested parties in Love’s services is the Los Angeles Lakers with the storied franchise rumored to be preparing for a major play for the perennial All-Star, according to Marc Berman of the New York Post:

Another source said the Lakers also will make a monster push at trading for Love, who played at UCLA.

Unfortunately for the Lakers, acquiring Love may pose quite the challenge. After the worst season in franchise history, the chances of the team contending in the near future are remote with no assets outside of the high pick in the upcoming 2014 NBA draft to make a deal with Minnesota.

Love has already been linked to the Golden State Warriors, Phoenix Suns, New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls and Houston Rockets. Rumors of Love’s desire to become a Laker have been floating around the league for quite sometime, but it remains uncertain if the forward landing in Los Angeles is realistic.

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The Lakers’ draft position will be determined on Tuesday during the NBA draft lottery. The team will likely be drafting sixth or lower, but have a 6.3 percent chance of winning to the top pick.

Chances of acquiring Love will drastically improve if the Lakers land a pick in the top three and are willing to send it to Minnesota in exchange for the forward.
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  • cyborgspider

    Over/under on how many Kevin Love rumors will be published until something actually happens?

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  • Kobe Bryant Is Pissed

    Lakers trade Kobe Bryant and lottery pick plus 2019 first round pick for Kevin Love????????????????????????STOP STOP STOP STOP WITH THE BS RUMORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CoolwhipSpecial

    This is just asinine at this point.

  • jeremy

    so are we going to have Howard like rumors with love. till something happens we will see so many rumors like we did when howard name was put there

  • John

    LeBron James and 2 #1 picks for love

  • VillainKing

    Fuck this rumors about Love!!!!!keep the lottery pick Lakers!!!!!don’t ever trade it for Love!!!!

  • chriskim

    Please don’t trade the pick for Kevin Love. Please.

  • SD

    I don’t think Love will be traded this summer. It’s too early. The Wolves want to put together a team with a good coach that could convince him to stay. PLUS they want the best offers…they won’t get those until before the deadline.

    That give Kupchak time to put together prospects/picks. If Pau really loves the Lakes, he’ll do a sign and trade to another team…like a contender that can’t outright sign him wants his services.

    Overall, a draft pick or two depending if the lakers trade it plus a guy/guys signed via free agency.

    If the Lakers get a top 3 pick, they should trade it outright for Love IF he agrees to sign an extension. However, if the pick is 6 or lower. They should trade the pick for a mid 1st round pick, a player, and a mid 2nd rounder if they can. (Phoenix I”m looking at you). That’s 3 prospects right there…plus maybe a Luol Deng/Ariza/Jordan Hill if he re-signs.

    Above all, Love isn’t the only guy who’ll be available in 2015 and if the lakers still put themselves in position like I detailed in my previous paragraph, the team can be a contender for the 2015-2016 season…giving Kobe one last chance and having young capable players who can lead this franchise in the future.

    • Gekko

      If Pau really loves the Lakes, he’ll do a sign and trade to another team? Seriously? This might be the dumbest thing I have ever seen on these message boards. I am sure that Pau’s biggest concern is to help the Lakers by getting traded to a .500 team to help the Lakers build another dynasty.

  • Kevin

    LOL Anyways unless the Lakers plan on getting Kevin Love and then signing hid BFF LeBron James this will not be worth losing the lottery pick.

  • Kevin

    LeBron James>Kevin Love

  • TheTruthKills

    Monster push with what? Our first round picks in 2014 and 2019 aren’t enough for Love.

  • Tanking For Wigggins

    Lakers win the #1 pick tomorrow night then what?Do Timberwolves beg us?

  • Tanking For Wigggins

    44 inch vertical leap and best prospect since LeBron James.Lets get Wiggins fuck Kevin Love.

  • Sti1lmatic

    Hopefully Cupcake doesn’t screw things up for us to land KD in a couple seasons.

  • Mick

    Kevin Love is a piece of crap..Hell no i hate Kevin Love,he no franchise player.

    • Elcid Martinez

      There are only two other players who have had better numbers then Love. Durant and James. And not by much. Love is a legit all star. The reason people don’t like him is because he’s not flashy or athletic. Period. Tim Duncan is far less athletic and slower and he’s a dominating big man. If you play the game with a high I.Q. and come up in clutch situations that’s what makes you great. That’s love. He just needs a good team around him.

      • gridiron mojo

        He’s on a team of losers, and he gets to shoot his way into every game with no restrictions. Did you see his stats in 2013? He absolutely KILLED the wolves. …and he can’t play D to save his life. Don’t get me wrong – he’s good, but he’s no dominant go-to guy. …and he’s never won anything.

        • erikkinsley

          Your basketball IQ is ZERO! He “Killed” the wolves…REALLY? He broke his right hand twice and only started 18 games. I wonder if suffering from hand fractures affects your shooting….DOH! 26 Points 12 rebounds and over 4 assists per game in 2014 and VERY similar stats in 2012. If that’s not a dominant offensive player, I don’t know what is. And as far as “He’s never won anything”…MINNESOTA has NEVER won anything. Lakers have and imagine how much better this guy would be with good players around him where they can’t double/triple team him in the lane…

      • Melissa Haynesworth

        Who can’t stack up numbers on a horrible team definitely not a franchise player there’s about 30 other players I would pick before him!

      • M T

        Elcid, How about defense? Every typical fan says defense is important, yet they(you) always forget about defense when comparing players….even though defense is half of the court. Numbers and stats aren’t everything. In game impact matters more.

        • Elcid Martinez

          Your right. Defense matters. Look at loves defensive numbers. They are above average and in some cases better in some areas then Tyson Chandler. Google it dude, the constant myth that love is a horrible defender is just objectively false.

          • M T

            You are the first person that I have ever seen claim Love to be an above average defender. I told you before: numbers and stats don’t show everything. Numbers and stats for defense can be especially tricky because they’re deceiving. How? Love might have above average defensive stats because he’ll guard the weakest link on the other team. Love’s countless defensive mistakes may get covered up by his teammates. You actually have to watch him play several games, listen to what analysts/ commentators say about him, and read about him if you’re gonna say he’s good on D.

            PS, if his defensive “numbers and stats” are BETTER than TYSON CHANDLER…then those are some obvious bullshit “stats and numbers”.

  • Chrmngblly

    Love is a piece but he is not a franchise. We need too many other pieces right now to make a play for love.

  • M T

    Lakers better fucking keep their pick regardless where it lands. Nobody seems to be educated enough to understand how great it is to rebuild through the draft. They also need to sign and trade Pau, Young, Marshall for more draft picks. Lakers will be in awesome shape if they have 2 or more picks, along with signing Lowry, or Lance, or Luol(or all 3), then sign Love next summer. I honestly might not even want Love bcz he plays terrible defense, meaning he’s only useful on half of the court…..

    • gridiron mojo

      That’s it! Nice post. you get it.

      Keep the pick. Use it as your baseline. Strong, young talent, making $3-4M per year. Sign free agents over this summer and next off season and build. Having a key player who isn’t already making $18M will be key in rebuilding a championship team. Does Mitch not get it?!?!

      • M T

        Seriously, people only care about big name players even if those big names play bad defense(Love, LMA, Monroe). The funny thing is these players are somehow worth more than solid guys like Lowry, Lance, and Luol who bring everything. A doable title roster would be Lowry, Kobe, Gordon, Hill, Love(a main option on offense and rebounding at least). 2nd unit would be Jodie, Lance, Payne(LA could sign and trade for him like I said earlier). This team has defense, ball handling, go-to scorers and backup scorers, 3p shooting, hustle, rebounding, facilitating……everything

  • Bernie

    I love Kobe Bryant like the next fan but he is turning 36 yrs old and coming off a major career ending type injury,so where is the logic in building a team around a guy that might be gone sooner than later?Kobe is hopefully hell bent on making the playoffs and proving us all he is still a great player,well i certainly hope so.Kobe has only a 2 year contract he will be gone soon.Many fans and observers say Kobe is holding the Lakers back from being any good?Too big of a contract it prevents Kobe from getting enough help to win a championship and slight hope of playoffs.

    Kevin Love is a amicable big man worth waiting for in free agency but man he is not worth trading a 2014 lottery pick for.I will hate Mitch Kupchak forever if he trades our lottery pick,he better not.Keep the lottery pick!

  • Bernie


  • Andy L

    Here’s your “monster push”: Lakers sign Godzilla and trade him for Kevin Love and Mothra…

  • Kliffrichard

    keep the lottery pick or trade for tom thibodeau as Head coach LA Lakers next season :)

  • efren

    recently lakers never made serious in handling the players’ trades and as expected a major collapse to occur for lakers squad. this is your challenge lakers negotiators.

    • The Necromancer

      I have no idea what you just said.

  • LA24

    so what does a ‘Monster Push’ look like???

  • comrade24

    We don’t have the assets to get him this offseason so idk what this is about. What kind of major push could the team make? The only chance the Lakers have of this even being a possibility is if we land top 3 tonight. In that case, is it even worth trading? Only if we have a next move that makes us a contender i say. Doesn’t have to be Lebron James. I think adding Love, along with Lowry and Gortat along with a healthy Kobe and we’d have a pretty good team.

  • Lakermat

    Who the hell wants to keep a pick? Unproven, bigger chance to flop than succeed, has to learn how to play defense… Give me a proven commodity over POTENTIAL any day!

  • wangkon936

    Too many speculative articles before the NDA draft lottery…

  • gridiron mojo

    Keep the pick. Add other free agents over the next 2 years and complete your team. OUR LOTTERY PICK IS THE ONLY REASONABLE ASSET WE HAVE TO BUILD, AND WE CAN ALWAYS ACQUIRE FREE AGENTS!

  • Edward Wall

    unless the lakers have and trade draft lottery picks for the nest 3 years,don’t know how in the world they are going to get love.they have crap to trade

  • Hanner77

    Get Love. Better to have proven talent than roll the dice on a rookie. Why are so many fans begging for the Lakers to use the draft pick? They are most likely going to get a 6th pick or lower. That’s better than Kevin Love? Hell no.

    • comrade24

      it’s a double edged sword because if it’s the 6th pick, no way we can trade that pick for Love. If it’s top 3, no one wants to trade it for Love because they’re a potential game changer. I’m only in favor of them trading the pick for Love if they already have other signings in place to make us a contender this season.

  • BULL

    6 or lower.. get the fuck out of here you do not know shit, 7 man fuckin 7 smh aww the tears

  • know the rules

    The “Ted Stepien Rule” The prohibits NBA teams from trading first-round draft picks in successive seasons. The rule was put in place in response to Stepien’s disastrous run as owner and de facto general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers.
    The Lakers traded last year’s first round pick in the
    Steve Nash trade therefore they have nothing to give the wolves. Sorry

    • you dont know the rules

      you dont know what you’re talking about, that rule only applies to future first round picks. also any team can just draft for another team if they had to work around that rule. i love types like you, that read something then try to pass on their “expertise” SORRY

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