Lakers Rumors: Team Thinks Carmelo Anthony Not A Good ‘Fit’ With Kobe

Lakers Rumors: Team Thinks Carmelo Anthony Not A Good ‘Fit’ With Kobe


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The Los Angeles Lakers will be making some tough decisions this summer as the franchise attempts to pick up the pieces after the worst season in franchise history.

One move rumored to be possibility for the Lakers is signing free-agent-to-be Carmelo Anthony. Although the New York Knicks are still considered to be the frontrunners to retain Anthony, the Lakers will have the cap space to lure him to Los Angeles this summer.

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Anthony may be attracted to the city of Los Angeles and the Lakers franchise for obvious reasons, but the feeling may not be mutual. In fact, along with the team not being as interested in pairing Anthony with Kobe as once thought, president Jeanie Buss isn’t crazy about the idea of snatching the superstar away from fiance, Phil Jackson, according to Marc Berman of the New York Post:

Meanwhile, the Lakers have cap space but sources maintain they aren’t too interested in Anthony as a fit with Kobe Bryant. Nor is Lakers president Jeanie Buss enthralled with stealing Anthony from Jackson, her fiancé.

With Kobe and Carmelo having very similar styles of play, it would be safe to assume the two superstars probably wouldn’t be able to coexist in Los Angeles. Bringing in Anthony would definitely improve the Lakers’ chances of rebounding quickly after an extremely disappointing season, but the Kobe-Melo dynamic might not be the best direction to head in with Bryant’s history of clashes with other superstars like Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard.

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Buss may not want to steal Anthony away from Jackson and Lakers brass may already have reservations about a potential Kobe-Melo duo in Los Angeles, but the storied franchise signing the superstar isn’t out of the question. The team seems to be focused on turning things around in the summer of 2015 with the potential signing of Kevin Love and perhaps another big-name free agent, but if Anthony is there for the taking and wants to sign with the Lakers, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see the team roll the dice on the New York native.

At this point in time, anything can happen with no telling what the direction will be for the Lakers. Once a new head coach is hired, the direction will likely become clearer, but in the meantime, anything is possible for this franchise desperately trying to right the ship.
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  • Jeff B

    Let’s hope Phil and Jeanie’s relationship is not a reason for making or not making moves – that would be a big problem.

    Hopefully, the reasons for doing something (or not doing something) are all basketball related.

    • LakersHeatBeef

      In the NBA business you have to leave feelings and emotions out of it.Family relationships and personal reasons have no place in the NBA when it comes to trades or signing a free agent or drafting a player you must go into every decision making process with the idea i need the best players on my team that will help my roster improve and make my team closer to a contender.

      And i think Carmelo Anthony is worth pursuing since he is a coveted free agent with a ability to score over 25 point per game and he grabs about 8 rebounds per game and he seems to hit big shots and he plays hard yes his defense is not that good but his offense more than makes up for his defensive shortcomings.

      Never mix business with pleasure.The Lakers FO needs a Jerry Buss and Jerry West type of mentality and if they thought like Jerry they would nowhere near this bad situation of not having a good direction,then need to be surrounded by great minds that have high expectations and follow the Lakers tradition.It’s a conflict of interest for Jeanie and Phil.

      • Nod

        You people can say all you want, but these people arent robots and will bot be impartial at all times.

        • LakersHeatBeef

          Yeah i get that but the Lakers need to start winning again to keep Staples Center filled up and also to keep T.V ratings high and to keep merchandise sales high and to keep their respect within the NBA.The Lakers need the best players on their team and Carmelo is a top 10 player in the NBA and those guys are rare and hard to get.If Lakers have a chance at this guy Carmelo then it’s a must have.Talent wins rings.

      • Evan

        Carmelo is also a ball stopping, iso player who takes a high volume of inefficient shots. He’s a good player, yes. He’d be a good addition to the Lakers IF we didn’t already have a ball stopping, iso player who takes a high volume of inefficient shots.

        The Lakers need players who complement each other. Two players with nearly the same style of play doesn’t seem like it’d work out too well.

        ETA: Melo’s contract would all but crush our hopes of signing any other legitimate talent, especially Love. Whether it be this season, or 2015.

        • LakersHeatBeef

          No issue with you saying Carmelo is a ball stopper as he certainly is and also he is a iso player.And yes he is a good player as he has made several All Star Games over the years and he has been in the playoffs every season except last season.

          The man is a star in the NBA and he is in his prime years now at 29 years old this is usually when players peak and they get more interested in winning a ring.But he must become more unselfish to win a ring.I think Kobe and Carmelo would figure it out but i am on a Island when it comes to that belief,most people think it would be a huge disaster pairing up Kobe and Carmelo.I think it would work out as they would have a great coach in pace and they would figure it out and win and be a contender.Just like LeBron and Wade also Bosh all figured it out.Westbrook and Durant also Harden figured it out.It’s possible for Kobe and Carmelo just my opinion though.Great players sacrifice.

  • Lakers Rebuilding

    Okay honestly that is one of the stupidest things that I have ever heard. Jeanie is scared to take Carmelo away from Phil? That is totally ridiculous. Phil probably couldn’t care less if Melo leaves or stays but Jeanie is to scared to snatch him from phil is like sayin Mitch is too scared to take LeBron from Pat RIley and the Heat because Pat is a former Laker coach (even though it’s unlikely that LeBron will come to LA anyway). But it’s not up to her anyway because Mitch and Jim Buss are in charge of the signings and basketball decisions. No offense to Jeanie but if signing Melo is a way to help the Lakers improve, then do it absolutely you can’t just sit back and watch all the really good free agents go sign elsewhere because you are too “scared” to steal them from their former teams. Honestly that would make the Laker franchise look horrible and they would be the laughing stock of the NBA if they did that but anyway it doesn’t matter if they are scared to sign a player because it make the player’s former team worse, they should focus and focus only on improving the Lakers so who cares if they have to break a few hearts and sign players that’ll help.

    • dayton

      Melo and kobe are lebron and wade. Lets make it happen mitch. Dont believe in those reports when lakers are in win now mode

      • Lakers Rebuilding

        I would absolutely get Melo because he is a great player who can rebound and score. Even though his defense is kinda bad it still would look pretty damn good to have him and kobe play together because the Lakers would be relevant again. And let’s just say if the Lakers draft Vonleh from Indiana, then it would be like the Lakers have their own big 3 (even though vonleh is still young and unproven) or close to a big 3 so if the lakers have the opportunity to get Melo seize the oppurtunitly absolutely ya gotta take risks.

        • kookiebuger

          If the Lakers had a solid foundation then sure but right now all the Lakers are doing is reaching, hopeing big name free agents will join the Lakers in this current state and hopeing to ball dominant players will just mesh well.

          • kookiebuger


        • John

          Noah Vonleh is George Lynch 2.0, he’ll be a lottery bust.

          • Jack

            EXACTLY! I hope we can land Smart instead of this project type player, he reminds me of anthony bennett in cleveland

        • michael

          maybe kobe melo and love? Would like to see that (And I have my doubts about anthony).

      • Peter Griffin

        Dumb move when you need to rebuild for life after Kobe. Melo is veteran who has never led his team to anything. Save the Cap space for 2015-2016 and draft right. Do the right thing and wait it out. This happens every 10 years. 94-95 before the got Kobe and Shaq. 2004-2005 before Phil came back and they traded for Gasol. Finals in both instances within 3-4 years. Just wait it out. By then Lebron will be older and who cares if he wins 4,5,6 titles. He will be on the wrong side of 30 by then and Lakers will be primed to take over the league once again for the next 10 years, probably with Durant or Westbrook or Love. One of those players is coming at least.

        • Redemption4LA

          Mello may not have led his team to an NBA championship but at least he has led a team to the playoffs. Thats more than i can say for KLove. Let’s not forget those Denver teams were a threat most nights. Mello is a good player on a good or bad team, he will get his regaurdless. They (Kobe and Mello) would both just have to adjust they’re game for the team, but i truly believe they would shine along side each other. Games would still have to be played between the lines, and a roster to compliment those two would have to put in place. but there is no doubt LA would be relevant. There would be to canceled tv games for sure…By the way Mello is a NCAA champion.
          Love is a good player “statistically” anyway on a bad team that he has not lead any damn where. Not one playoff appearance in 6 years. When you are the face of a bad franchise and you can’t get to the playoffs you better be putting up numbers. I’m really not so sure how he would fit along side kobe. His numbers in Minnesota could be inflated because the teams were so bad.
          Mello is battle tested and can perform in the big games when it gets tough and physical. Love’s had some good regular season games but we haven’t seen him play in money time. Listen, I would “love” to have either player (Love or Mello would be an instant upgrade on paper) but they need to fit with the present and future plans for LA. If the plan is to pursue Durant, i think love fits. If LA tries to get Westbrook, Love or Mello could ball with him. There is the potential for different scenario’s to play out but they have to be made logically with the best interest of the Los Angeles Lakers present and future plans in mind.

          • Redemption4LA

            *no canceled tv games..sorry i’m trying to eat dinner

        • LakersOverEverything

          Stop sucking so much K. Love D!!! How can you say melo has never lead his team anywhere then beg for love?? Melo has at least been in playoffs. Love hasn’t smelled a playoffs yet

      • Tune

        Except LBJ and D Wade compliment each other well since their game isn’t the same. Melo and Kobe essentially play the same iso game. The only way I could see it maybe working out is if they both play the catch and shoot role (which Melo is one of the best at) with us drafting a strong PG if KMarsh doesn’t develop enough. He’s very weak on the defensive side, but his offensive game is fine and just needs polishing really. In an era where many of the top players, especially in the West, are PGs (WB, Parker, Lillard, Paul, Curry and etc) I think having a defensive minded PG is key. My main issue is Kmarsh lacks the intensity or athleticism to really do that. I hope we land Exum or Smart for that reason. Having Kobe and Melo playing catch and shoot with an athletic PG that can attack the rim like WB with Gasol and Hill or another PF (maybe even Kelly if he develops) we’d have a pretty good contending team with Bazemore or Meeks, Henry or Young, Nash/Farmar, Kaman, and Kelly/Hill coming off the bench.

        • SD

          you must have forgotten the difficulties wade/bron had early in year 1? It was because they BOTH are ball dominant. Wade had to let go of being ball dominant to allow that team to succeed. If you watched last night, Bron usually brings the ball up the court, needs the ball to initiate his offense which is driving to the basket. Bron is not a spot up shooter. He has to have the ball to initiate scoring. Wade/Bron had to learn how to play without the ball…especially Wade…he cuts to the basket, Bron does the same. Wade dramatically changed his game and so did Bosh.

          • $20509373

            Who will be forced to change their game if Melo came here? You know Kobe won’t just volunteer to do it like Wade and Bosh did.

          • SD

            I’m not suggesting Melo should come at all. lol I wouldn’t sign a 30 year old guy to a 4 year max contract if I was the Lakers. They need to go in a younger direction in my opinion.

          • $20509373

            Lakers should go younger and yet they gave a third of the cap to Kobe. Gotta love it lol.

          • Tune

            But now that have figured that out. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I never said LBJ was a spot up shooter? I’m saying Kobe and Melo can play spot up shooters with an athletic PG to force the defense to collapse for open looks or an opportunity for one of them to do what they do best, play iso. Kobe’s fg% has never been amazing like 50% since he’s pretty much always been the only one on the team that is an offensive force in his prime days. Gasol is the only teammate that has been an offensive force, and Bynum to a degree. That gives them easy opportunities to double up Kobe all the time since players like Metta, Blake, Farmar and etc have never been anything to worry about. With both Kobe and Melo they can’t double up them both leaving them in isolation where they both play their best. The only question is if they’re willing to defer to the other to ensure the highest percentage shot opportunity and who will close out games. Given their track records, I’d let Melo dominate the first 3 quarters then Kobe close out the 4th since Melo has always struggled from fatigue in the 4th.

        • Sam Saab

          Kobe and Melo can do a hell of a lot more than just catch and shoot, but we do need an aggressive PG that can drive collapse defenses and kick it out to Kobe or a potential melo.

          • Tune

            No doubt, I’m just saying we need to put them in a position where they have an athletic WB type PG that can give them better looks. What you said is exactly what I’ve been saying. I don’t want Kobe or Melo to need to attack the net or have to do too much in iso in a double team. Need to remember that these guys aren’t as durable as the young guys so you want to keep them as rested as possible especially during the regular season. They can easily kick it up a notch in the postseason if they need to, especially in the finals. Having somebody like Farmar, Nash, or Kmarsh hurts the team too much since players like Parker and WB will pick our defense apart with all the space they’d be creating.

          • Chrmngblly

            Why? Nash was never such a point guard. There are other ways to what you want—like that little teardrop both Nash and Wade do from either elbow. I would rather have a point guard that was smart and skillful than acrobatic. What we don’t need is a suicidal ball-hog. Between Kobe, Melo, Young, Farmar, Meeks, Bazemore and Gasol we have plenty of shooters. I am keeping Kendall Marshall, thank you.

          • Sam Saab

            Well nash was crafty and could penetrate….problem is kendall is a good passer but has no tear drop and not a threat near the rim, hes terrible at finishing contested layups.

          • Chrmngblly

            You quit paying attention too soon. He started shooting a little teardrop from either elbow when the defense was packed in, late in the season. He was killing it. I loved that, it showed that he is learning.

          • Sam Saab

            i accept that u like marshall, but honestly i dont remember him ever having a consistent teardrop and we need a PG that can play defense, i would love if we got lowry or bledsoe as our starter, farmer as backup and marshall 3rd

          • Chrmngblly

            I get that everyone expects these guys to be like 2 guards, too, but we just don’t need all gunners, I admit KMs teardrop was not from either hand, off either foot, underhand scoop with a little flip at the end like Nash, it was more like a little pop-rainbow but KM was hitting 3 or 4 a game at the end of the season.
            Marshall is the best passing rookie pure point I’ve seen. He walked in and ran the team when we had nobody. Give him a break. Go buy Lowrey if you want. I like Lowrey. I just think we have more pressing needs right now.

      • $20509373

        You forget that Wade handed the reins over to LeBron which led to the dynasty we see now. Would Kobe be willing to do the same? Probably not.

        Oh and we’re in rebuilding mode. Just accept it.

        • Chrmngblly

          The right coaching can help him do that.

      • Guest

        Yea lets make it happen Mitch…..In NBA2K

        • dayton

          Make it happen in every way mitch

      • Evan

        No, they’re not. Wade and James complement each other. Both move the ball well, take good shots, lots of lane penetration and spread the floor.

        Kobe and Melo are both ISO players who stop the ball and take some pretty inefficient shots. Melo would be a good signing if we didn’t already have Kobe, IMO.

  • Andy L

    I call BULLSHIT!

  • Lakers Fan

    He isn’t, which is something I have been saying for the longest. Not only is he ball-dominant just like Kobe, but he doesn’t play any defense. Kobe isn’t a good defender anymore and he need defensive players around him, particularly at the SF position. We need to target either Deng or Ariza for defensive purposes, especially if Hollins is a coaching candidate and a very high possibility. Melo is an elite scorer no doubt, but we need to look elsewhere at players who will mesh well with Kobe because rather we like it or not Kobe is still the face of the franchise and the team has to be built around him.

  • Lakers4Life

    All we need is LeBron to join the Lakers along with a few surrounding pieces and we’ll be set for the next several years and a few more championships. If Carmelo doesn’t fit with Kobe, no superstar-caliber player will.

    • Peter Griffin

      You would have a better chance at winning the power ball then James coming to the Lakers, especially if Miami wins it again which it looks like is going to happen.

      • Tune

        I wouldn’t say that. Spurs have been playing great ball and their depths is much better this year compared to last year. Though I don’t see D Wade and Bosh disappearing to a degree like last year again. I don’t think anybody can really predict it. If Ibaka can maintain every game this series they have a chance to win, then there’s a possibility Heat win just from the fact that Ibaka would be playing injured against LBJ. That could pass against the Spurs since although people like Leonard are no slouches in attacking, him being healthy is still tough to protect the rim against LBJ.

    • $20509373

      LeBron is on his way to his fourth straight finals appearance and third straight ring. He’s going to stay with the dynasty he has built.

  • sosicc

    Yeah I wish dr buss was still alive….
    She emotional over some Dick

    • Kookiebuger

      Melo isn’t a good fit with Kibe plus Melo is just a scorer, Kobe did get his teammates involved and was a great defender.

  • Al Haldie

    what took so long – to see that ?

  • John

    Well, duh. No one is a good fit with ballhog.

  • wangkon936

    Carmelo Anthony is this generation’s Dominique Wilkins. Great scorer, but won’t get you payoff success. Why tie up our salary on one of the NBA’s most shoot first me first players?

    • $20509373

      We already tied up our salary on the NBA’s premiere shoot first, me first player. Sorry I couldn’t resist lol. It was right there for the taking.

      • wangkon936

        Yes, but at least he helped produce five championships (two where he was the main offensive option).

        A team built around Melo will never yield a championship. He has an even worse reputation than Kobe of destroying a team’s offensive rhythm.

  • $20509373

    Of course it’s a bad fit. Kobe and Melo are probably the most ball dominant players in the league. They need the ball in their hands or their games suffer.

  • SD

    They’d be a great fit together. (Imagine those 2-3 PNRs…who would you double…do you dare go under?) The Lakers just don’t want him because of his AGE PLUS SALARY DEMANDS, and I agree. He doesn’t fit the plan for the future. He’s 30 and he wants a 4 year max contract. That’s just not smart business.

    Basketball wise…they’d be a fine fit. IF you’ve watched Melo over the past 2 seasons, his game has really become more catch and shoot. Comes off a lot of screens, posts up a lot more. It’s why his efficiency has improved so much. He really doesn’t do that take the ball from the top of the key…dribble dribble thing anymore. He’s really improved his game to being a guy who can spot up. Both guys are good playmakers out of the post and in general great in the post. If Imagine Kobe feeding Melo in the post and spotting up on the wing…You can’t double…and if you do….you pay mightily…because kobe can either cut to the basket or stay there and nail a three.

    The reason Pau thrived so much is because that SG/PF pnr made players flock to Kobe and Pau was wide open and when Kobe made the post entry pass, players couldn’t double down on Pau like in Memphis because Kobe would make them pay.

  • Anthony

    When are the Buss kids going to stop letting basketball decisions become personal?

  • lakers

    I think Carmelo is way overrated, I do no thing he has prove anything but just be a good scorers when he decides to come to play.
    No worth it a max contract, and in no way I can see him as a face of the Lakers franchise.
    And I would agree with the fact that he is not a good fit with Kobe. First time he comes lazy on practice, Kobe will be all over him, and that will be it. Same scenario as Dwight. I think they actually have similar personalities, both big egos, that come to play whenever they fill like it.

  • numb1lakefan

    thanks for reading my post about melo this is the best article and we all know jeanie does not call the shots jim does.. melo should be a laker because he and kobe both want to win now. he can bring back show time lakers along with marcus smart,kobe,bazemore,meeks, ryan kelly and swaggy p. I smell a 3 peat with melo and he will also convince kobe not to retire in 2 years

  • jon

    Lakers brass don’t know what the hell they are doing! Make some fing decisions already ffs!!!!!

  • numb1lakefan

    melo over kevin would be a good fit for the bulls

  • Solomon

    Lakers trade Steve Nash and 2 future second round picks to the Suns so he can finish his career the right way with his old team and have a final farewell with the Suns and they can add him to their front office or coaching staff once he retires and they gain 2 extra second round picks for their troubles.Just absorb his entire contract and that is all we ask.In another trade the Lakers sign and trade Pau Gasol to along with Kendall Marshall and Ryan Kelly plus the 7th pick in the draft to the Timberwolves for Kevin Love.So $39 million dollars is used up between Kobe and Love well that leaves the Lakers with $24 million dollars plus a $5+ million dollars mid level exception.The rest of the roster will be made up of veteran minimum players and D-League players and undrafted rookies.

    Lakers potential starting 5 with Love.
    PG Kyle Lowry $10 million dollars per
    SG Kobe $23 million dollars per/Jamal Crawford Full Mid Level Exception
    SF Luol Deng $8 million per
    PF Kevin Love $15.7 million per
    C Marcin Gortat $7 million per

    That’s a very competitive playoffs team with leader of men coach Lionel Hollins.

    • rik

      id rather have nick young with the mid level exception than jamal crawford.

  • RSR

    The Lakers need defense, not another scorer who can’t play defense. Get someone else with the money!!

    • Redemption4LA

      Agreed..defense should be priority period. What good is all this offense if you can’t stop anyone..especially when it matters

  • VillainKing™

    Carmelo Anthony a player that doesn’t know how to play defense..Lakers need a player that can play very good defense not another scorer..

  • Jim

    You have to have stars that can get their own shot.

    Miami: Lebron,Wade,Bosh
    Thunder:Durant westbrook,Ibaka

    If the lakers can get carmelo do it. All this talk about carmelo not being a great defender and kobe not being a great defender is hyperbole.

    Both of these guys are big time stars because they compete. You get a chance to put these guys on the same team you do it. They both want to win. Kobe wouldn’t be friends with a superstar if he thought he was a slouch or he didn’t compete. Carmelo is a bully on the block and a competitor, not to mention an explosive offensive player. Everybody takes plays off when they are off ball.

    This team needs a coach that can implement a game plan and that makes adjustments. The pacers are being destroyed right now because for three straight games the coach has failed to make an adjustment when running pick and roll. Miami just blitzes the ball handler and the team acts like they don’t know what to do. This has been happening for three straight games and is absolutely unacceptable. The point is great defense requires great team play. On the other hand great offense is easier to achieve by an individual.

    The lakers ideal scenario in my mind is that cleveland makes another huge mistake by refusing to sign kyrie to a max contract and decides to trade kyrie for the lakers seventh pick. Carmelo anthony sees some potential and signs with the lakers in free agency. After this the lakers have three options on offense. Pull in some solid role players and a coach capable of making adjustments and we have a chance at a championship.

  • Newton Anastacio

    Sign Carmelo, sign Pau, trade your first pick and get Love, trade Nash and Kyre Irving. Keep every bench player from last year. I bet you can win 3 or 4 champions

    • LakersOverEverything


  • JB

    Why worry about Kobe. He isn’t playing anyway and next year is likely his last with the Lakers. So not sure why it matters.

  • quickster007

    Carmelo and Kobe won’t work. There is only one basketball and both are ballhogs. Kevin Durant or Kevin Love is a better fit.

  • wangkon936

    Listen. It’s as simple as this. Melo is a ball hog. He needs the ball A LOT to score. Kobe is something of a ball hog too. You can’t have two ball hogs on one team. it simply won’t work. You can have one or the other, but not both.

  • LakersOverEverything

    Gonna be honest here. Anyone saying this won’t work because he and kobe are ball hogs is an idiot. Period

  • Glen Stevens

    Reading news on Lakers Nation is like getting the latest celeb gossip in the grocery check out of a Vons.

  • A-a-ron

    Are you kidding me? Lebron and Wade work, both need the ball in their hands but put aside those things for the betterment of the team… unless of course, Lakers Managments know boths are selfish and wouldnt work…. Whatever, I call it now, 24/7 (Kobe & Melo) would be a scoring machine and Kobe would give up his role for Melo who is younger, bigger, and stronger. 24/7 cause they’ll be scoring all day everyday!!!!