Lakers Rumors: Team Targeting Chandler Parsons In Free Agency? Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="155"] The Los Angeles Lakers have made it known that they intend to chase Carmelo Anthony this summer, and are expected to have a meeting w [new_royalslider id="155"] The Los Angeles Lakers have made it known that they intend to chase Carmelo Anthony this summer, and are expected to have a meeting w Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Team Targeting Chandler Parsons In Free Agency?

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The Los Angeles Lakers have made it known that they intend to chase Carmelo Anthony this summer, and are expected to have a meeting with him once free agency kicks off July 1.

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But the team may also have a backup plan in case they fail to land Anthony. According to Yahoo! Sports’ Marc Spears, the Lakers could target Chandler Parsons:

The Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls and Dallas Mavericks have primary interest in signing Anthony as a free agent, but also could chase Parsons if they don’t, a source said.

Parsons quickly established himself as one of the best young forwards in the NBA in only two seasons. The former second-round pick is a restricted free agent, so the Rockets could match any offer a team presents him with.

The Lakers plan to be very active in free agency, but very few expected Parsons to be available. As a second-round pick, he made less than $1 million last year, so he is due for a significant raise.

Mitch Kupchak spoke about going ‘all out’ this off-season, but the chances of the Lakers landing Carmelo Anthony are slim at best. Getting Parsons, however, would be an excellent consolation prize.

Parsons has thrived with the Rockets, averaging over 16 points and five rebounds to go along with four assists. He is also an excellent shooter, and would be able to slide into the Lakers lineup devoid of a small forward.

If the Rockets fail to attract one of the big name free agents, they are likely to simply re-sign Parsons, so the Lakers will likely find it difficult to pry him away from Houston. However, it is good to see the Lakers have numerous plans in place to improve the team this off-season.
Lakers Mitch Kupchak On Coach Search And Free Agency

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  • Yo Mamma

    With their 23mil cap space, why not use it on a trio of Lowry, Parsons, and Monroe/Gortat? They fill multiple needs and its much more realistic compared to just Anthony or just Lebron or both.

    • Greg

      23mil isn’t enough money to get all 3 of those guys.

      • Yo Mamma

        Its called taking a pay cut. Around 8mil each for those guys is reasonable.

        • CharlesS702

          Why would they all take a significant pay cut to play for the Lakers? You forget that none of the guys you have listed have made a killing in the NBA. Let’s also not forget about that HUGE state income tax. What is it again 13.3%? Every single guy you listed got underpaid last year, especially Parsons (Under a million) and Monroe ($4M.) These guys are going to be looking for big money. The only way anybody would even consider taking a pay cut is if they wanted to join a good team. The Lakers are NOT a good team. Some of you Laker fans are pretty funny. “Lakers rumored to be targeting _______” and there’s been about 20 different players inserted in that blank over the last month. Some of you see that headline and add in 2-5 other players from previous headlines, talk about how everyone should take significant pay cuts and the funniest part of it all is you guys think that team could compete in the West.

          • Jim Buss

            LOL, outta all the things, you bring in the state income tax? I’d rather play in Hollywood with a huge tax rather than in a smaller city with a small one. Most likely, any offer the Lakers make to Monroe will be matched, so incomes a player like Gortat or resigning Gasol. Same thing with Parsons so Ariza may be a better bet. Lowry wouldn’t be offered more than 11mil by any other team rumored to have interest except the raptors. And if Lakers are going all out this summer, use the stretch provision on Nash’s contract to gain and extra 6mil cap space. Yes the Lakers are not a good team but you’re forgetting, there was no Kobe Bryant. Last time I checked, a Lakers team with Kobe made the playoffs. Lakers won 27 games with so many injuries and a defenseless coach. Add Kobe, Randle, plus 2-3 free agent signings and you’re telling me the team doesn’t make the playoffs? Hahaha I find it funny how you still think that would be a lottery team.

          • Lakeshow

            Well first off these guys with the exception of Lowry are 3 year vets so big money for them would be in the 8 mil range don’t see lakers doing it like that….Parsons is right now a 6-8 mil/year guy and Monroe is about the same but Lowry is the tricky one because he could demand right now 10-12mil/year so its definitely doable for the Lakers to pull it off….

          • James Cunningham

            you are out of your mind if you think Parsons is in the 6-8 million range.Kobe once said Parsons was one of his best defenders.His agent will match his stats with Batum,George,and get closer to 10-12 mil range.Remember ,he has been WAY underpaid last few years,time for a well deserved payday.

          • Showtime!

            LOL so a team like this wouldn’t compete out west? I would assume you also predicted the Suns would win near 50games this season? And that you were also able to predict the Lakers team with newly acquired Nash and Dwight were gonna barely gonna squeeze into the playoffs and get swept in the first? And since you seem to know confidently who can win or not, its safe to assume you chose the Mavs to win the ’11 championship over the defending champion lakers, newly formed Mia, 1st standing Bulls, and so on.

          • Shaka Saphir

            At this very moment,the Lakers aren’t contenders in the West,but it’s evident that you’re pretty much clueless as it relates to how the Lakers over the years,after a couple down years,have always managed to quickly put themselves back in contention with smart trades or free agent signings and they’ve done it better than any other franchise in the NBA which has resulted in 5 titles over the last decade and a half. This year is no different. They just drafted a young stud @ PF,they resign Pau or possibly sign FA Monroe from Detroit and they either lure Melo,Parsons or Ariza and the BlackMomba is back at 100% and they chances of coming out of the West is just as good as any of the other contenders. Also in case you’re not aware,filling the blank during free agency is the name of the game,they’re are multiple players available,so you fill in the blank with any of the FA’s available,why do you think they call it free agency,it’s a fill in the blank proposition,which is pretty simple for most knowledable basketball fans to figure out.

          • The Diesel

            You do know that every other team with cap space have rumors similar to this right? Plus, following sports wouldn’t be as fun without all the rumors and fan suggestions. Don’t go around bashing people and calling them stupid or delusional for their suggestions cause chances are, you’re not any more intelligent than they are when it comes to sports.

        • Rangers

          Or trading Nash/ stretch Nash provision. We could have 33-36.5 million in cap space then.

          Bledsoe/Monroe/ariza could fit into that

      • JohnSmith00

        If they waive Nash and use the stretch provision they’d have around 29 mil, but still you’re are quite right nowhere near enough. There is also the fact that Houston didn’t exercise their team option on him because it was part of their plan to free up cap space, as well as be able to match any offer by making him a restricted free agent.

        • Jim Buss Fan Club

          Waive Nash what do you mean?He is the best player in the NBA and 2 time MVP come on don’t waive him.Oh 2014 called and said it’s no longer 2005 oops my bad Nash is washed up now cut him off the team.

          • Lewis Velazquez

            Jim Buss fan club??? Never heard that one before…It’s better to let him retire after next season. If we cut him right now, we would have to pay him 3mil each of the next 3 years and it would count against the salary cap. We need as much cap space as possible for 2015 to go after Love

      • God of Entertainment

        Why get all 3? Hell give me Lowry & Gortat! A starting lineup of Lowry, Bryant, Parsons, Randle & Gortat…sounds VERY solid to me!

        • Chrmngblly

          Washington will never let Gortat walk. Geez.

      • Dough Shelburn

        No. It’s not. But if we can somehow trade Steve Nash for second round pic, that will add an extra $ 9.7, we will have exactly $ 32.7 mil to spend,so we can get all 3 of them at once.
        Gr.Monroe – $ 10 mil
        K.Lowry – $ 8.5 mil
        Ch.Parsons – $ 6.5 mil.
        It makes total of $ 25 mil, so we will have another $ 7.7 mil to fill the roster with undrafted FA’s like DeAndre Kane, S.J.Fair, James McAdoo and Patric Young.

    • cyborgspider

      I’d share that among Lance Stephenson, Darren Collison and Spencer Hawes. With Randle, Kobe and Lance, you need some outside shooting, and a stretch-5 would certainly give them the space to post up inside. Collision will come cheap and alongside Stephenson can form a fearsome defensive backcourt. Plus, they’re all under 27 years old…

    • dancing disco

      Lakers Nation please write a huge article about DeAndre Kane he is on the Lakers Summer League team and he is one of the greatest college players from last year and he should have been a lottery pick but he got overlooked he is better than Marcus Smart.He has a sad story his father is his motivation since his father died suddenly.
      His father sadly died of a Brain Aneurysm.

  • 1bartg22

    How much money do y’all think it will take to sign this dude? Like this article said, I too think he’d be an excllent consolation prize. He has all the tools to be become an All Star in this league, and he’d cost around $6 mil less than Melo I’m guessing. Melo’s gonna want $20 mil a year, I think we can have Parsons for $14 mil. Will
    4 years/$56 mil get him in the Purple and Gold?

    • Marcus Franco

      That would be a good deal.. If we can’t get Melo we could go after this guy, I would rather get him than Deng… Sign Thomas or Lowry, Kobe, Monroe or Pau, Randle and Parsons would be a great team with Hollins at the sideline…

    • Bruce

      No way, Parsons don’t worth that much, a significant raise yeah.. in my mind prolly 5-6 mil a year. But if other teams offers him ridiculous amount of money more than he’s worth, then Lakers has no chance, don’t need to pay that kind of money to a 3rd tier FA.

    • Jeremy Hill

      You’re definitely right he has the tools to become an All Star player, But I think you are being a little generous on the salary! 4 years/$32 Mil sounds more reasonable to me! Either way a great back up plan

      • vdogg

        agreed, but you have to understand that you’re probably going to have to go a bit above parsons’ value in order to pry him away from HOU since he is a RFA… unless, of course, HOU is the team that lands melo in which case i am sure it would not take significantly more.

        • Jeremy Hill

          Very good point and I feel there will be a lot of other teams that show some interest in him also! So many possibilities and options for the Lakers! Plus the hiring of a new coach! I am so excited to see what the new year brings ( a little nervous also)! I think we did fairly well in the draft and I am hoping we can do the same with some FA’s as well!!!

    • God of Entertainment

      Dude Parsons would be lucky to get $10 mil a year! He’s a great consolation but his numbers are half of what Melos numbers are…plus they need more guys, I’d say 4 yrs/$32 mil will land him in purple and gold

      • vdogg

        i might actually prefer gordon hayward from utah.

        • Badazztj12

          but parsons at least play decent D and could put him at the 4 sometimes(for all the stretch 4 lovers)

    • quran

      Hell no!!! He only made 1 million last year and u want to give this walking defensive liability 14 million??? Wow are u serious!!!

      • James Cunningham

        you must be smoking crack.Kobe has said that Parsons is a good defender,all-around stat filler.I would take him over Batum,and Batum is making 10 mil plus,so Parsons should be in 10-12 million range.

    • Baltimore Lakers Fan

      Melo has one more year for $ 23.5 mil, same as Kobe. Parsons does not deserves $ 14 mil. In no way. From $ 926,500 to $ 14 million. If you are the one, who pays the players, are you going to give him that much money? His stats numbers are not that much impressive – 16.6 oint, 5.5 rebounds, 4.0 assists and 37 % of 3 point shooting. That is not an All-Star production. The maximum we should offer him has to be $ 6 – $ 7 millions. Not more.

  • Mark

    My favourite non-laker, does a bit of everything. Kobe has spoken highly of him before and he gives us more defence and all round play than Melo ever would, plus $6-8 mil cheaper than him. Love to see him as a laker and if rockets land a big free agent he wouldn’t want to play back and rockets couldn’t afford him so it will be interesting to see.

    • Kobe Gagnon

      What do you mean by all around play, how exactly is he better than Carmelo Anthony

      • Lewis Velazquez

        He’s a very good defender, good shooter, high basketball IQ, good passer, underrated athlete and unselfish. Better all-around not better player.

  • nash gots to go

    parsons not worth more than $10M/year white boy don’t play any D.

    • Badazztj12

      exactly man

    • kookiebuger

      He plays above average defense he just regressed from his rookie season on that end of the court.

  • Doug Graves

    I think the Lakers do best when they have Kobe and the superb role players, not a whole bunch of superstars with a lack of bench and energy. Not saying that LeBron and Carmelo would be bad to have!

    • Lewis Velazquez

      You’re right, those 2008-2010 squads where a bunch of great role players that played defense and were very deep. I just don’t know if Kobe could carry a team like that anymore. The other 3 championships were with Kobe, Shaq and great role players under the right system.

      We’re talking steps in the right direction and at least now we’re going for a coach that emphasizes on D like Scott or Hollins.

      Mike”No D”Antoni never had consistent lineups and in my opinion it was the one reason the whole team was so inconsistent on both ends…

      • Doug Graves

        I agree, and one point to add, if they do add some superstars, I think people underestimate the ability of Kobe’s passing and just the passion to win. He will do whatever it takes to win.

        • Lewis Velazquez

          People like to ignore that he averaged 6 APG before he tore his Achilles.SMH

        • Jeremy Hill

          Kobe knows his time is limited and probably only has a few years left. He hasn’t always been easy to play with but he has grown up a lot the last few years! With his passion to win and desire for another ring I agree he will do whatever it takes to win again!!!

  • Guest

    This is why we shouldn’t sign him

    • Lewis Velazquez

      That was actually Harden’s fault asking to switch at the last second. He’s actually a very good defender. Averaging 17 points for a contender is very impressive for a second rounder in his 3rd year while being the 3rd option…

    • red

      Whats with the pic of parsons not being able to defend the shot of lillard? He was not entirely responsible for that one. There was a pick, parsons got caught, then harden was just standing there waiting for chandler to be able to chase lillard.really? Its a catch and shoot play, i sure hope harden knows how to switch. Ha.

      • Al Haldie

        JAMES could not stop LILLARD either, but every body wants JAMES WHY ?

    • comrade24

      Why? cause he has a hand in the face of a shooter who just got lucky and made an incredible shot. better come up with a better reason than that.

  • Bruce

    I have confidence in the Lakers FO that we can sign Melo to a max deal, but if we cannot, then sign at least 2 2nd tier FA like Kyle Lowry and Luol Deng, or Desean Stevenson.

    • Lewis Velazquez

      Don’t you mean LANCE Stephenson???

      • Bruce

        oops lol yeah

      • TeddyOrwell

        I don’t want Lance Stephenson anywhere near the Lakers. Dude is a total bonehead. Let him be someone else’s problem.

        • Lewis Velazquez

          The Lakers organization has always been good managing personalities, think of Artest, Bynum, Barnes. He just needs some direction and discipline. Lance, under the right coach, could be a star. Do you think he would act like that with Kobe around???

        • your mother

          ron artest and matt barnes were crazy dudes.. Also had some beef with kobe too. They got along fine and worked out pretty well.

          • Lewis Velazquez

            Yeah that was my point, if it’s worked out for them, why can’t it work for Lance. He’s a very talented player and plays D he just has to be more in control of his emotions…

          • marlou anthony lorica

            lance is is a good player but but FO can still sign bazemore and new rookie Clarkson played the same,lakers just need goog SF and center,

          • Badazztj12

            We don’t have no update on Bazemore’s foot. Why do you think we didn’t pick up his contract?

          • courtney harris

            To keep all options opened.

          • nlruizjr

            LeBron didn’t seem that upset (blowin in his ear and kissin Lance’s fingers), I guess that’s better than getting an elbow upside the face, Idk ????

        • courtney harris

          Like Ron Artest lol

  • Guest

    Idk if this will change everyones mind, but it’s worth the laugh

  • Guest

    Idk if this will change everyones mind, it’s worth the shot

  • cyborgspider

    Well, the ladies will love him. Certainly has a Hollywood look

  • jay

    probably playing FOR the Lakers will change his views on this organization, instead of just listening to Dwight Howard talk about the Lakers behind closed doors, but I will LOL hard if the Lakers steal him from them, after being so called one of the “big reasons why Dwight went to the Rockets” hahaha .

    • Lewis Velazquez

      Hadn’t thought of that!!! LOL
      Now I’m really wishing for that to happen too. He’d be a great fit though.

  • Grant

    Their are zero rumors of the Lakers being a favorite to sign anyone which doesn’t bode well for the Lakers FO.One it hits Midnight July 1 the Lakers should have a meeting planned with a top free agent they covet so for example LeBron James should be in Lakers Headquarters by midnight July 1 if the Lakers are really getting him or same goes for Carmelo they should have a midnight meeting set up with him or same goes for any other free agent like Parsons or Bosh,Bledsoe.

    The reason i say this is about 80% of the time when a top free agent meets with a prospective new team the ones that meet firs with their new team usually sign a deal.Luol Deng,Trevor Ariza,Lance Stephenson,Kyle Lorwry,Gortat are second tier.

    Look at Dwight Howard and Josh Smith last year they had midnight meetings set up with the teams they signed with.It is no guarantee the Lakers get any top free agent.But then again they are the Lakers in reality they might lure a couple top free agents.July 1 will be the night Mitch uses his magic wand to acquiring greatness.

  • red

    Whats with the pic of parsons not being able to defend the shot of lillard? He was not entirely responsible for that one. There was a pick, parsons got caught, then harden was just standing there waiting for chandler to be able to chase lillard.really? Its a catch and shoot play, i sure hope harden knows how to switch.

  • cj

    lowry, deng, arzia, persons, gortat, pau = realistic freeagents for the lakers

    melo, monroe = theres a chance but unlikely

    lebron, bledsoe = everyones dream but most likely wont happen

  • JohnSmith00

    To quote field of dreams in a slightly different manner, if you land Carmelo…. they will come.

  • sena

    there is a worst situtation for us.wade and bosh opted out that means they pay cut to add other superstar to the team maybe melo maybe a good center. who knows but it is a bad news for us.just u know.we will have another tough year though….

    • comrade24

      Even Riley said having a big 4 was a pipe dream. they’re not gonna get Melo, what we have to worry about with Miami is them taking the 2nd tier FA’s (Monroe, Deng, Lowry etc..)

  • Devin

    Parsons is not worth the max.Sign Carmelo Anthony to a max deal contract and with the rest of the money fill out the roster.Kobe $23 million and Carmelo $22 million that’s a combined $45 million and Nash $10 million that’s $55 million then Julius Randle $3 million that’s now $58 million then add Sacre $1 million that $59 million now use the rest of the money on role players.But the Lakers can sign a max free agent and still compete to be a top 4 seed in the west if Kobe is healthy.

    PG Steve Nash
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Carmelo Anthony
    PF Julius Randle
    C Robert Sacre

    • TeddyOrwell

      Surely we can do better than starting Sacre at center.

      • Lewis Velazquez

        We should trade Nash and use the money on a better Center. If Sacre is our starter I don’t want to even think about who’s backing him up. The Lakers need a defensive-minded point guard to start the game, Nash would be more effective against backup PGs. We should start Kane at the point…

        • Martin

          Is there a legit way for us to get Larry Sanders without sending out the untouchable players Kobe or Randle?Like say we absorb his contract and send them a unprotected 2019 first round pick and Robert Sacre and the rights to Jordan Clarkson would they do it to rid themselves of that huge contract?What assets do we have other than what i mentioned?

          • Lewis Velazquez

            Nash and what you mentioned is all that we have to offer for a trade. I’m not sure if we can trade a pick that far away though. I think the Lakers are just waiting for K-Love to fill in for center. I don’t think its gonna be very good for our rim protection, but it’s gonna be great for Randle to get some space while Love plays the stretch-5.

            There’s also no reason to offer Clarkson cuz he was considered a late 1st round pick midway through the college season and could be a potential steal…

            The most important thing is establishing a culture where defense is the first priority and players hold each other accountable. It’s all my opinion though…

          • Martin

            Larry Sanders is being paid 4 years $44 million dollars that’s $11 million dollars per years.Nash is at nearly $10 million dollars per and then throw in Robert Sacre and Clarkson to sweeten the deal and add the future first round pick from 2019 and the Bucks do that and thank Jim and Mitch.

            Larry Sanders has had fights and attitude issues with the Bucks so buyer beware i guess but the positive is only a Night Club incident is on his rap sheet other than knocking some dude out and breaking his hand he is a perfect citizen and a role model.He has fought some of his teammates verbally for dogging it and not playing hard.And he seems like a winner stuck in a losing situation with the crappy Bucks.

            He decked Mike Dunleavy Jr. for being a ball hog loser that plays bad defense and misses rotations and some off the court stuff they had brewing and he cussed out Gary Neil for being a bad teammate and the Neil got traded following the verbal shouting match.Other than he is perfect.

            He is a rim protector at the first degree and a good rebounder not much of a scorer.People liked him more than Dwight a couple years back he has huge upside.

          • Lewis Velazquez

            Yeah we don’t need an offensive-minded center, we already picked Randle. What we need is a rim protector that doesn’t really care if you throw it to him in the post like Dwight or Hibbert.

          • Zimmeredge

            Enough with sanders he is a crack and ganta addict not a professionnal player at all….

  • Tony

    How can the Lakers get rid of Steve Nash?Can they buy him out out?Or trade him?

  • Hank

    Sign Parsons to a max deal and force the hand of Houston.Lakers Revenge for Dwight Howard leaving in free agency last year lol ha ha.Payback is a bitch.

    • vdogg

      i am not opposed to signing parsons, but NO WAY is he worth a max deal.

      • Badazztj12


  • Victor


  • Anxiety Sucks

    Parsons is not worth pursuing he is slow and not athletic also he has a inconsistent jumper and his defense is below average.Carmelo is way better and he is a franchise player at best Chandler Parsons is a 4th option on a championship squad.Gordon Hayward is not quick or athletic but he is 10 times better as a jump shooter than Chandler Parsons.Sign Carmelo and call it a day.

    • Lewis Velazquez

      If only it was THAT easy…

      • Anxiety Sucks

        Far from easy but worth a try.

  • MAMBA???

    for starters showbe should recruit, all the good players and star free agents this summer, lebron, melo, klay thompson, parsons, love, etc.
    if he wants to compete for another chip and not just allow LAL management to do it for him.. c’mon showbe show them what you got and recruit!!!

  • The Larry Sanders Bandwagon

    The Larry Sanders Bandwagon has started hop on and hold on tight.DO IT MITCH!

  • The Larry Sanders Bandwagon

    The main thing the Lakers need is a rim protector a big time shot blocker.And now that Julius Randle is a Laker that is even more important as they can see when Randle was paired up with Willie Cauley-Stein they made it to the NCAA Finals and Larry Sanders is a much better version of Willie Cauley-Stein.Also Larry Sanders would love playing for the Lakers and he would get his focus back in LA.

  • Andrew Dice

    Stop with the Larry Sanders talk as you all know Andrew Bynum is coming back.

    • Badazztj12

      I would rather have him beside something who cant even stay on the court

  • Wytols

    Parsons is a great SF considering this will be only his 4th season. But Lakersnation shouldn’t post such things. All free agents won’t come to LA and Parsons isn’t yet interestef in playing here,if Houston isn’t willing to sign him,then sure- we need to. we have to wait till July.
    P.S. I would like Parsons in LA better than Anthony.

    • comrade24

      that p.s. is crazy talk. Parsons is not even close to Melo.

      • http://www.sportsblog.com/profile/Wytols Wytols

        I am not comparing them on who is a better player, I said that I like Parsons better than Carmelo. Please read what I post more carefully.

  • comrade24

    i’d rather have Melo, Deng, or Ariza at SF. Parson’s good but he would be a last resort IMO

  • Daniel A

    I don’t think the Lakers will go all out this free agency, they will try to get either one superstar or a couple of solid players and some supporting cast. The money is not there for 2 superstars, and the lakers know that next year you have Love as free agent, and the year after you have more.
    Lakers need a big superstar, for marketing reasons, besides winning championships. With the Warner deal, they need to keep the ratings up, after Kobe is gone. That is also why they gave kobe two more years, to have time to have another get big star.
    So, I think whatever case, we are not going to be a championship team next year, maybe in 2 or three years, if we are lucky.

  • Al Haldie

    I would take PARSON over -MELO -he is a better all around player-and a TEAM PLAYER – ..

    • Zimmeredge

      Younger too. But he is limited to his outside game. Melo is the most versatile player offensively with Kobe and bron. And Kobe paired with melo alongside randle and Pau is a difficult match up for any team.

      • vdogg


  • Yeol

    Not bad for a off-season maybe about 50 wins and a playoffs berth.

    PG Kyle Lowry
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Carmelo Anthony
    PF Julius Randle
    C ?Get A Legit Center?

  • Calvin

    Lakers new plan.Chandler Parsons is just a super good version of Luke Walton.

    PG Kyle Lowry
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Trevor Ariza
    PF Julius Randle
    C Greg Monroe

  • thecarter

    Dude lowry went to the heat for Norris cole

    • CharlesS702

      Get out of here with that nonsense. Quit reading the rumor mills on twitter and definitely quit trying to pass that garbage off as fact. First off Lowry is an unrestricted free agent so trading him is impossible. My first already proves it can’t happen so do I even need to write a 2nd? If you’re ignorant enough that you still believe it get back to me and I’ll start listing not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7…..reasons why that isn’t true.

  • kookiebuger

    He would be a nice pickup for about 10-12 million along with Eric Bledsoe.

  • kiko

    lakers should consider sign danny granger or Rush, Brandon

  • Kris

    Lakers need to offer Parsons a contract on Tuesday. Houston will only have a few days to match. But they need to wait for Lebron and Melo and will get caught in a pickle between matching Parsons or risk losing him to wait. Either way they eat up cap space if they match or possibly lose him and miss out on Melo and Bron. Parsons would fit the Lakers to perfection.

  • Truth B Told

    Lakers need to keep quite about who they are targeting……….because that give some FA’s leverage if their existing team hear the Lakers are interested….As we know most teams are hoping the Lakers remain in their funk……Truth being…alot of it was self inflicted(aka Jim Buss)…….That being said…..I think they right the ship beginning this coming season…….My name Is Truth B Told.

  • TheTruthKills

    Parsons would be a solid piece for the future. He can contribute now and during the post-Kobe era. A nice rebuilding piece.

  • David Gonzales

    PG Jordan Clarkson/ DeAndre Kane/ Kendall Marshall
    SG Kobe Bryant/ Nick Young/ Caron Butler
    SF Chandler Parsons/ Danny Granger
    PF Julius Randle/ Chris “Birdman” Anderson
    C Pau Gasol/ Robert Sacre

    Chandler Parsons 4yr/28mil
    Nick Young 2yr/6mil
    Caron Butler 1yr/1.5mil
    Danny Granger 1yr/1.5mil
    Chris Anderson 2yr/6mil
    Pau Gasol 2yr/14mil

    23 million exactly…

    This assembled team will compete. Good starting rotation and depth on the bench.
    If Mitch can dump that Nash contract on another team we can pick up some more depth.

  • roseducanna

    We need PARSON and GORTAT and sign GASOL. Important a good coach for sign JAME.

  • e3bonz

    Isn’t Howard and Parson best friends? I’m not sure they would let him go without a fight.

    • GOD Chri$$$ #Depressed

      friendship isn’t a reason teams keep players

  • WakeUp

    Sign and trade Nash for Parsons! Lol

  • Bryant T. Jordan

    I tweeted the Chandler Parsons news a while ago … if Melo or LeBron sign with Houston I do expect the Lakers to make a serious offer for him …

    • GOD Chri$$$

      you tweeted him, wow, your sources are about as reliable as chris brousard

      • GOD Chri$$$

        good job

  • Guest

    all i care about

  • Atroeshious

    We should sign Lowry and Parsons and then re-sign Gasol and a few other of our free agents

  • Atroeshious



  • Anti Konti

    First of all, lets make it clear. We are not talking about a All-Star player here. Chandler Parsons is 25 y.o. and his stat numbers in 2013-14 season are not that impressive at all ( 16.6 ppg – 5.5.rpg – 4.0 apg and .370 3P%. He has played for $ 926,500 and has T.O. for 2014-15 for $ 964,750, which the Rockets did not pick-up intentionally. They want him to became RFA, so they can match any offer.Based on his production, he should not be offered more than $ 6.5 mil a year for 4 years, with 10% raise each year.But even that will be easily matched from the Rockets.
    Other than that, Parsons is a better option than Tr.Ariza or L.Deng for the Lakers, but that is a long shot.

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