Lakers Rumors: Team Still Shopping Pau Gasol, But Who’s Buying? Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers have surprised many people with their slow start, and there is no doubt that their 15-16 record is very disappointing. After a successful The Los Angeles Lakers have surprised many people with their slow start, and there is no doubt that their 15-16 record is very disappointing. After a successful Rating:
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Lakers Rumors: Team Still Shopping Pau Gasol, But Who’s Buying?

The Los Angeles Lakers have surprised many people with their slow start, and there is no doubt that their 15-16 record is very disappointing. After a successful summer which included the acquisitions of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard, the Lakers are still nowhere close to championship form.

Pau Gasol has struggled mightily this season and it is clear that he is having trouble adjusting to the new offense. Gasol seems lost on the court at times and his inconsistency has once again prompted trade rumors involving his future with the team.

Steve Kyler of HoopsWorld talked about Gasol’s trade rumors on Twitter and he provided some insight as potential deals centered around the Spaniard.



According to Kyler, there is a good chance that the Lakers stick with Gasol despite the tough times. A popular name mentioned along with Gasol was Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer, but there is a good chance that a deal will not go through involving the two.

The Lakers struck down many deals for Gasol in the past and it appears as though the front office is willing to give the Spanish big men as many chances as possible to improve himself.

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  • Terrence

    It’s not that he’s struggling in the offense, it’s that he’s just plain struggling. His athleticism is gone. That block in the last game was a huge hammer to the face that Pau doesn’t have it anymore.

    • http://twitter.com/jc4moi Pete Fernandez Sr.

      remember when he said feed me in the post…LOL every time down low he gets pushed out to 20 feet away. This could be an example of a player that doesn’t work out/take care of himself & has deteriorated while others are hungry, buffed & conditioned.

  • hookedonnews

    The assessments of Gasol seem to change with every game. He looked great in the Portland game. He didn’t have a good game against the Sixers, but neither did Howard. I’m sure Gasol is getting whiplash if he’s reading the articles and comments that go along with them. I’m sure the Bulls would jump for joy at the idea of Boozer for Gasol. Don’t see that happening. I think patience is what’s needed right now. Everyone seems to panic after every loss.

    • http://www.facebook.com/bill.stuart.3572 Bill Stuart

      Wrong, Trade now so we can integrate a new face before the playoffs.

      • hookedonnews

        After the Clippers game, I tend to agree with you.

  • Bob

    But sir we’re panicking because laker fans are used to losing 16 games in a whole season..not 30% way through the season..with the highest payroll in the league and all the hype? We have a reason to be disappointed and worried.

  • mastersoftrivia

    How about the constant bitching to referees and screaming (claiming he was fouled) instead of getting back on defense? This guy’s psyche is way off. He is a born loser and not a winner. And his butterfingers generate more turnovers every night.

    • JohnC

      Thats funny! Sorry if I laugh, but it’s on the Internet… check Gasol’s CV for your info.

  • http://www.facebook.com/garabed.turshudjian Garabed Turshudjian

    I am reading some comments here and just can’t believe.A real Lakers fan is the one, who is DISAPPOINTED, FRUSTRATED and can not take it anymore. What are you all talking about here? Thirty one games into the season and we have had 11 embarrassing and humiliating losses from loser teams like Orlando, Cleveland and Phili, half of them at home. With over 100 million payroll and with starting unit of 5 superstars, the expectations should be really high and every true Lakers fan should be disappointed from their performance. And there are still some of you believing that this team will host the first round of the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God. Help them.

    • Lakerfreak

      Darius Morris is a superstar?

  • Lakerfreak

    This was misleading. If anything Kyler suggests the Lakers are NOT shopping Gasol, but your title says they are… I don’t get it

  • JohnC

    I guess it’s being a delicate start for a player with both knees + a foot recently injured, PLUS all these trade rumors + the new team + all these LA fans who don’t know a word about basketball and need a scapegoat. Here in Spain we realized – VERY LONG TIME AGO- (by the way: as some guy called Kobe Bryant has realized as well) that Pau is the most talented big guy of this great game. Pau’s among the very few who can make a whole team work, Not two years ago: just see what a healthy Gasol did to some big names of the NBA during last summer’s Olympics, in the stress and demand of a FINAL GAME… Kevin Love and T. Chandler must be still looking for Gasol’s feet in London. By the way: I’d love to see Gasol moving to another team with play-offs potential – it would become a championship candidate. Can you imagine Gasol for Perkins in Oklahoma? For Bosh in Miami? For Pekcovic in Minnesota? For Jordan in the Clippers? For Chandler in NY?

    • pau

      I cant even begin to explain how ignorant you sound. I’m not even going to try

      • http://www.facebook.com/bill.stuart.3572 Bill Stuart

        Wrong. The man talks about Pau replacing various centers around the league. He’s right. Pau is a center. Those he mentioned that are not centers, play like centers. With Howard in town, Pau can’t play center like when we won the last two rings. The only spot left for him is 2nd team center or trade. I hate to say it. I love Pau.

  • Jody

    I really want to see a move made with Pau, I liked him the last few seasons but now there is nothing in it for either party. The Lakers need some depth and some athleticism and incase you didn’t know, Pau is taking up around 25% of the teams budget and is only contributing with 12ppg and 8rpg. Either D’Antoni is going to change and bring a more methodical offense & defense where Pau can effectively contribute, or if he continues to try and push the pace with more perimeter play then Pau has to be traded to free up cap space as roster space for more suitable players. No point in going at this season half heartedly as that has not got them anywhere except below .500 already!

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