Lakers Rumors: Team Still Considering Trading Andrew Bynum Reviewed by Momizat on . Yesterday the Lakers announced that they had picked up Andrew Bynum's option for next season, which seemed like a guarantee that he would be back in purple and Yesterday the Lakers announced that they had picked up Andrew Bynum's option for next season, which seemed like a guarantee that he would be back in purple and Rating:
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Lakers Rumors: Team Still Considering Trading Andrew Bynum

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Yesterday the Lakers announced that they had picked up Andrew Bynum’s option for next season, which seemed like a guarantee that he would be back in purple and gold for at least one more year.

But that might not necessarily be the case. In fact, according to Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles, Bynum’s representatives are expecting extension talks to take place this summer.

A source close to Bynum said that the All-Star center and the team have “not yet engaged” in any discussions about a long-term contract extension, but that Bynum’s camp “anticipated” those talks to occur sometime this offseason.

Still, if the Lakers are looking to make a significant trade during the off-season they really only have two movable assets that could bring back value in return – Bynum and forward Pau Gasol.

It’s no secret that the team is looking to move Gasol and get out from under his bloated contract, but there may not be as big of a market for an aging forward as there is for an up-and-coming center.

The team could be looking to move both Bynum and Gasol and bring in a couple different packages to build around Kobe Bryant. Or, the more popular choice would be to bring in a younger star player that can take the reigns once Bryant ultimately retires, securing the future of the team.

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  • Marty Susman

    The Lakers have Drew, Pau, World all of whom should be gone before the next season begins….They along with everyone on the bench over 23 should also be traded of not resigned. If the team is really lucky Kobe will demand a trade so he can win a few more rings or so he hopes. BUT the Lake Show should not be held hostage to simple tweaks just so a player earning $27,000,000 a year gets more rings. 

    This team needs to be ore like the Thunder before the next season begins & in doing that it will also slash it’s payroll by more then 50%… Without question this item is as important as winning because of the new contract that takes effect in another year… We a a team also have to find & prepare another super star to be the head of the New Laker team…

    Not only should we look to the draft with our trades but to players like Cousins & Lowry & Lee & Lopez & Tympson (Bench leader) & so on… By the beginning of next season we should have a starting 5 that are as young, fast & good as the Thunder & that can be & should be done, period the end..

    • Byron Williams

      You can’t blow up the entire team., that makes no sense and then Kobe spends the rest of his career  on a terrible team. Mike Brown needs to change his offense to suit the players that we have. He never adjusted the offense to help Pau play better, he had him in the high post and not on  the block or pinch post. If a big should go its Bynum, he shows no interest in getting better and he plays when he feels like it, at least you don’t have to question Pau’s heart and commitment to his team and he’s one of the top 4 big men in the league.plus Menphis is still on the hook for some of his Salary. Kobe has earned his money and then some, plus Jim buss needs to learn to do things the Laker way, trade Lamar to save money? Plus FIsh? (who by the way is still playing and guiding a young team to a possible championship) Yes some things need to change and they will, plus remember David Stern voiding the Chris Paul trade? and no training camp with a new coach and new system. Most organizations under these circumstances would have not even made the playoffs. Laker fans need to be patient chill , we have 16 banners for a reason. GREAT ORGANIZATION!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/isaac.lipsey Isaac Lipsey

    Kobe can still get it done and as a Laker fan it seems disrespectful to want our hall of fame gaurd that has brought 5 rings to LA out…We do need youth as well as experience and leadership dont be so quick to speak about blowing up the team before tweaking the proven championship core….I say add a younger gaurd (williams) and an explosive young sf(Iggi)and bolster the bench(beasley)(odom)(mo williams)ect….i think we would be ok for years to come……but I do think they should sit kobe down and tell him to show loyalty to the organization thats show loyalty to him and take a pay cut for the remainder of his tenure in L.A (15 mill a year)and he could help his team almost as much as him playing 48 minutes a game and shooting 50% from the field

    • mamba2409

       I agree with you on on the kobe part, because has been there every game and hes tried his best every game, and to turn your back on him, its just freaking ridiculous. People who say they should trade kobe are just haters, without kobe we probably
      wouldn’t have made it to the playoffs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002074636167 Adrian Lopez

    lakkers should trade bynum for howard… and gasol for either carlos boozer kG or joakim noah

  • Ronald Mitchell

    Yea Right!


    however difficult it is for me to write this but i got no choice
    after watching the celtics play against miami i am convinced that both bynum and gasol should be traded because they both play like sissies the lakers have no choice but to build the team again i would start with kobe and meta world peace and build the team from scratch with players who are warriors and not names

  • qwerty

    i say trade gasol to the kings for evans and thompson then trade MWP and blake to the wolves in a sign and trade for beasly then try to sign roy  done deal
    lakers line up next season:
    PG: Evans/Sessions
    SG: Kobe/Roy (hopefuly)
    SF: Beasly/Ebanks
    PF: Thompson/McBob
    C: Bynum/Hill
    and with these trades i dont think the lakers have to worry about stern vetoing the trade cuz they really arent trading for a mega-star like howard or anthony or d-will i think its perfect

  • boy pick-up

    bynum for dwight
    gasol for deron
    mwp for iguodala
    sign hibbert
    get back odom

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