Lakers Rumors: Team Shopping Steve Blake and Chris Duhon

Lakers Rumors: Team Shopping Steve Blake and Chris Duhon


The Los Angeles Lakers are looking to trade point guards Steve Blake and Chris Duhon, but at this time no one is interested in executing a deal, according to Chris Mannix on Twitter. The Lakers have a bench loaded with point guards and it is no surprise that the team wants to get rid them off.

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With Mike D’Antoni now the head coach, there is really no need for all these point guards. The Lakers need three point shooters, so if a deal were to go down, it will likely involved a sharpshooter. This new offense needs perimeter players and at this point, the only true shooter the Lakers have is Jodie Meeks.

Steve Blake has filled in for Steve Nash since he is dealing with an injury, but Blake recently suffered a setback and it may take some time until he gets back on the court. Blake seemed to have picked up the Mike Brown offense pretty well, but with Brown no longer running the sidelines, only time will tell how Blake works with D’Antoni.

As for Chris Duhon, he has not seen a lot of playing time with the Lakers, but he has shown some potential. Brown did not have Duhon in games often, but D’Antoni coached Duhon while with the Knicks, so he may see some more playing time.

  • Josh Child

    I think you mean Steve Blake not Steve Nash

  • Coolwhip

    Gee, no one’s interested? Here I was thinking we could get Russell Westbrook for these two.

    • worldcity

      really o so you just let us no how smart u are huh? so the thunder gone say here you go laker people you can have westbrook for 2 40 year old D league players huh?

  • Nightmare32

    How reliable are these sources? Since the Phil Jackson’s news, maybe you should really check the sources…

  • smarter than you

    Worst written article I’ve ever read. Go back to school buddy.

  • trolol4life

    This is a website that is managed by un-educated and non-professional “journalist”, so they call themselves. They base their articles on what ever rumor, or post they see on twitter, and IMMEDIATELY come post it on this website. I know I come here a lot to see Laker news but it’s getting to an annoying point that the “Sources” are just false or plain stupid. The Phil Jackson article, this one and that other article where they had posted that Phil was hired and immediately took down the article once they saw their facts were FALSE. Please, either recruit or hire new, educated and REAL Journalist or your website is really going to start to lose readers because many of us are noticing your nonsense.

  • Rasheed

    This was new news to me: D’Antoni coached Duhon while with the Knicks

  • Rasheed

    I would feel bad If I am Steve Blake reading this article. He is not going to give his 100% in my ignorant opinion.

    I think he has two options:
    Play hard and give out 100% and get recruited by NBA team or probably take a hike eventually.

  • ken

    i think the Lakers are stuck with both of them



  • Lakerfreak

    Okay. You guys need to chill out, they are not posting every rumor they hear but they are quoting things that trusted sources are saying and then offering their commentary to it. This particular article displays the tweet by ChrisMannix. The site has two options write about things that are being said that might be false or wait until its old news and then write about it. I’d rather read articles that may be wrong down the road then be reading about something that happened a week ago. And the Phil Jackson signing was reported on many sites, it came from a fake account with Adrian wojnarowski’s name on it (a very trusted source). When it was obviously false they took it down. What did you expect them to leave it up?

  • Lafolife32

    I think u guys are talking too much crap on this website I think they do a good job of most rumors and trades on this website before this u would have to search through a whole bunch of shit on the Internet to find none sense rumors that never went through so everyone should calm down

  • Chandler

    Real person we should be shopping is Pau Gasol. We need a more flexible and floor-spacing forward. Gasol and Howard in the paint doesn’t work. Obviously Howard is going to get the paint. Gasol is a back to the basket guy. His numbers have dropped severely since the end of the regular season of last year. We don’t necessarily need a Josh Smith, but a Ryan Anderson and 2 other players to bolster our bench would be Great. Jodie Meeks ain’t cuttin it either. There’s a difference between a shooter and a guy that shoots 3s. Meeks isn’t a shooter.

  • lafan88

    we dont have a legit back up point guard,time to see what darius johnson odom can do i think he can be a great point guard if givin the minutes,quick and explosive just what the lakers need!!!

  • Tony McDay

    Lakers need to grab Delonte West. yeah he is head case, but the man can play ball.

  • SavageAssasin #DISLIKESQUAD

    Well on NBA2K13 i traded steve blake and chris duhon for Kirk Hinrich sooo?