Lakers Rumors: Team ‘Secretly Interested’ In Chris Bosh

Lakers Rumors: Team ‘Secretly Interested’ In Chris Bosh


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With the Lakers having a down season, fans are starting to look toward the off-season where the Lakers are expected to be big spenders. After years of being cash strapped and paying the luxury tax, the Lakers finally have the financial freedom to chase after big-name free agents.

The Lakers have been rumored to the likes of LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, should they decide to opt out of their current contract. Other players the team has been linked to include Kyle Lowry and Lance Stephenson. However, another Heat star has the capability to become a free agent this off-season and one source believes the Lakers are interested.

According to Fox Sports Ohio reporter Sam Amico, the Lakers are secretly interested in Chris Bosh should he decide to leave Miami:

“It seems most GMs feel Bosh (and not Anthony) is the second biggest potential prize on the upcoming market. But if James goes back to the Heat, Bosh will, too. If not, the Lakers are secretly interested, sources said.”

Bosh has taken a backseat role to both LeBron and Dwyane Wade, but has come through time and time again for the Miami Heat. Bosh is still an eight-time NBA All-Star and has a career average of 19 points and eight rebounds. While his numbers are down from his 20 and 10 days in Toronto, Bosh has played a key role in each of Miami’s two NBA championships. Many people believe that if Bosh had been unable to return from his oblique injury in the 2012 playoffs, the Celtics would have advanced to the Finals instead of the Heat.

While the Lakers will take a look at their options, Bosh would be a solid pickup for the right price. Bosh, who will be turning 30 this upcoming March, might demand a max contract especially if the Heat win their third consecutive championship. With Kevin Love (2015) and Kevin Durant (2016) in the back the Lakers management’s mind, it will be interesting to see if the team will put out the money for a player like Bosh.
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  • kobe24

    Alrite so we start of with Carmelo -> Rando talks -> Nonsense with some Irving/Love-> Talk about some Westbrook duo with Love -> Interest in Durant -> Maybe get Lebron -> Now we at Chris Bosh??

    Whos next Michael Jordan? Bill Russell???

    • TiredOfIdiots

      Is it wrong to be interested in different options?

      • Chyeah

        No but it is hilarious

    • Evan

      If you’re not “interested” in any of those players, you’re foolish. In a down season, personnel moves are basically all the Lakers blogs/sites have to talk about.

      • kobe24

        Did I ever say I wasn’t “interested”?

        I’m just saying how all these rumor crap is stupid. Pointless articles most of the time.

        How about moment offseason comes we can start talking about “free agents” and “rumors” there are still about 25 games left in the season no need to talk about free agents so soon.

        • Evan

          Let me rephrase my statement. “If an NBA Team isn’t interested in any of those players, they’re foolish.”
          I didn’t mean you specifically, but “you” in general. To me, those articles are sort of “duh” moments. Of course the Lakers are interested in those guys. They’re franchise changing players.

          Also, what would you have them write about? Whether Ebanks saw Kobe take a helicopter to practice?

          In a down season, past the trade deadline, all we really have to look forward to is the Draft and Free Agency.

          • kobe24

            Lol slow news day till…next season i suppose.

            Yeah not going to lie the Ebanks article was hilarious because it was extremely pointless.

  • cyborgspider

    What scares me about this is IF the Lakers do pick up Bosh, he’s an ideal player for Dantoni: a long-range gunning big man that won’t make a difference on the defensive end. And that means we get another year of Pringles. And when Antoni is finally canned, a new coach will be brought in that may use a system Bosh may struggle with, so we’re stuck with a big contract.

    First dump Antoni and pick up Thibodeau, Lionel Hollins, Byron Scott or a Van Gundy, then you can make your draft pick and build with free agents that match their system.

  • Clipperstown

    LOL ya’ll mutha f’s think all playas coming to LA smgdh. Ya’ll fools keep begging clownz.


      Lakers will still get another ring before the clippers get one we still own LA bitch

    • MohamedLakersFan

      STFU Bandwagoner we own this town we have 16 rings you have nuthin.

    • Harley Knoxx

      Wow next year is going to be awesome! Look out Boston 10 titles in a row you leprechaun freaks! Hey wait a minute! Derrick Rose! Now that’s ridiculous no way he comes to the Lakers he won’t fit D’Antoni’s system.

    • Ramon Reyes

      Says the guy that’s team averages 2 winning season’s a decade and barely won their 1st division title last year, and have never even made it to a conference finals let alone to a NBA finals… smgdh, when fools have amnesia.

  • Evan

    Going after Bosh (huge maybe, very unlikely) would basically kill our chances of picking up Love in 2015. Why would we do such a thing for a player past his prime?

    • Angie Dickinson

      You posters are giving the impression that Bosh has been mistreated by the Heat and in some way taken a back seat to LeBron and Wade – maybe you should check the salaries on these? Bosh is knocking down $18 Mil a year – think Lakers are ready to top that?? And LeBron will go wherever LeBron wants to and when LeBron leaves the Heat – Wade will hang up his tennis shoes – and there goes the Big 3!!

      • Evan

        What does that have to do with my comment?

  • David M..

    kobe24 < Change your name here on this site !!!!! Im not sure your worthy of wearing that moniker..I hate stupid fans. You must be really young and not realize. The Lakers have very few and I mean just a couple , of players that they haver ever gone after & not landed. That goes back to before Dr Buss owned them also, so throw that excuse away. We are the La Lakers, you open the doors and they will come. And every name you put in your idiotic comment are not some far fetched pipe dream & the front office has never said they would go after LeBron. I dont think they are really after Rondo either. now the rest I dcan see dif senerios with any combo of thos players. And you can mark my words now KD or Westbrook will leave that team when they can OKC really screwed up whwn they Max dealed Serge they can only give 1 more to one of them the other is gone

    • kobe24

      Clearly you don’t understand what my comment was implying.

      I never said that Lakers will not be able to attract these players I just said its pointless to talk about and its pretty obviously Lakers are “going” for these players.

      I won’t be surprised if Lakers land Irving/Love in 2015 free agency, I’m just tired of seeing so many of these baseless rumors. Or if they don’t go for Irving maybe Westbrook/ KD in 2016 who knows. All I know is that Kupchak is a great GM and he’ll get Lakers going in 2~3 years

  • Travis Knight

    I wouldn’t want Bosh to come here as a 1st or 2nd option. Maybe 4th option just because he has 2 rings, but thats about it. Every team needs a veteran or two, especially with championship experience to mesh with younger players whom either haven’t made it to the playoffs or haven’t gotten deep into the playoffs. BUT to me he doesn’t deserve a LAKER max contract kinda deal.

    • Angie Dickinson

      You won’t get Bosh cheap!! Check out his salary with the Heat before you think he’d be a 4th option – HA – now that’s funny!!

  • Sti1lmatic

    This is getting out of hand. So many rumors lol.

    I remember a couple of seasons ago when this site reported that the lakers “signed Rasheed Wallace”

  • Marty Susman

    I hope not… Other then LaBron I can’t think of one single free agent that is worth max dollars…..

  • Marty Susman

    We don’t want/need Melo, Bosch or any other player even cliose to 30 years old & we sure as hell don’t need a player that has been dumped by more then one team & someone over paid as well.

    • Angie Dickinson

      LeBron’s 29 and I’d say he’s doing quite well – how old is Kobe?? Bosh is bringing in $18 mil a year with the Heat – Lakers can’t even afford to “think” about these players.

      • kobe24

        Angie, what the hell are you doing on a Lakers page gtfo

  • Marty Susman

    We need to do NOTHING until after we get our draft pick….Then we need to try & package some of what we have that we resign & turn them into a package where we can get a Harrison Barnes or Dion Waiters, Greg Monroe, kevin Love or K. Irving or john Wall. (NOT MAX BUCKS, BOTH WOULD GO IN THE $5,000,000 RANGE).

  • Marty Susman

    Wall & Irving would be max bucks as would Love.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I would welcome Bosh with open arms.He would average 25 PPG. and 11 Rebounds on his own team.Third wheel right now still getting good numbers.

    • Angie Dickinson

      Also getting good pay!!! Check out his salary for the Heat.

  • PurpleNGoldnation

    Alright, So we know that kevin love & Kyrie Irving clearly stated that they would come and play in LA So mitch kupchack shouldnt have a problem picking up both of them. The rest that are linked to come to LA it just a shot in the dark for mitch, hopefully he hit that dagger and bring couple star to LA. all said and done im not that worry who would come or not to play in LA. Well have just have to sit tight and see what they can get.

    • DJ

      You right, it will be telling what the Lakers do in the draft it will be a clear indication of who they will go after, if they draft Exum, then I don’t see them going after Kyrie, I think Kevin is a lock for L.A, they have always built the team through F.A so waiting to see what they do and having the faith that they make he right moves, I believe they will, it all will be interesting.

  • Chrmngblly

    If I was the Lakers and I was interested in Bosch, I would keep it a secret, too. That’s the last guy we need. It’s like buying used tires for your car.

  • Richard

    I just want to see the Lakers field a championship quality starting unit and bench, with the chemistry that will match up in talent and the ability to beat any team in the NBA. Then seriously go out and get back to the business of winning championships. With whatever combination of players out there that the Lakers need to aquire and accomplish that task.