Lakers Rumors: Team Reporter Suspects Dwight Howard Leaves Lakers

Lakers Rumors: Team Reporter Suspects Dwight Howard Leaves Lakers


NBA: Utah Jazz at Los Angeles LakersHave you heard? Things aren’t going very well for the Los Angeles Lakers this season. Actually, that might be an understatement. Things are going so dreadfully horrific for the Lakers this season that there is talk of blowing up the team and trading away future Hall of Fame players. So there’s that.

One of the big topics this season is the future of Dwight Howard, who was acquired by the team  before the season started. Howard will be a free agent at the end of the season with the ability to sign wherever he desires. While there are some financial benefits to re-signing with the Lakers, ultimately he will have the opportunity to leave L.A. for another squad.

This morning on the Dan Patrick Show, L.A. Times beat reporter Mike Bresnahan joined Dan to talk about the state of the Lakers and the future of Dwight Howard.

“I think Dwight’s going to go. I don’t picture him staying with the Lakers this summer. Right now I’d say there’s probably a 20 percent chance of that and it’s directly tied to the fact that this team is not living up to the huge expectations of a few months ago.”

That’s trouble.

Now, this is still just speculation from one writer, but this is a guy that spends every day of the week following and covering this team, so his finger is clearly on the pulse of this franchise. Bresnahan also went on to say that the Lakers believe Howard will return next year, but that he’s not sure Howard is in a situation that he finds favorable.

Still, the Lakers need to find some solutions much sooner than next season if they’re hoping to make the postseason this year.


    I sure hope your wrong tough times for the lakers and its fans .

  • Derek S. Hanna Jr

    Just trade DH12. Or you’ll end up like the Raptors without Bosh or the Cavs without LBJ

  • lakers_824

    Phil was here dwight would never think bout leaving danton has worked with some of the best but never even reached the finals i dont know what the hell jim buss was thinking u decided to side with dantoni all becuz of 1 guy (nash) how bout looking at the rest the team fukin dumbass

  • Pushbroom

    Its ugly. Watching the post game show and both James Worthy and Kurt Rambis are complaining about EVERYTHING. No apparent offense, no help defense. Cant make a shot. Players have issues. IMO, it clearly starts at the top…Buss>Kupchak>Dantoni>staff>players. Buss hired a known loser instead of PJ. Who does stupid shit like that? Buss is to blame.

  • JohnC

    If LA receives K. Love for Dwight but D’Antoni’s funny ideas don’t evolve, nothing will change.

  • Kenneth

    Lakers will turn it around and make playoffs at 4th seed in the west…

    • lifetime Bruin Fan

      I Hope your right, But I don’t think so.
      I have been a Lakers fan since 1957,and I can’t remenber them being this bad.

      • Jane Doe

        this is worse than 2006 – and 2006 was baaad. The Lakers are not going to make the playoffs as much as it kills me to say it. There’s just no way. We are the 12th in the west right now… things just aren’t going out way. And I don’t trust Dwight Howard anyway. He’s no Kobe, and he certainly will never be loyal to one team the way Kobe has been.

  • Jo

    yeeah I’ve been suspecting this since we lost the first 3 games of the season… and all of the preseason games…

  • Nikolay T Todorov

    fire jim buss

  • notafan4now:(

    jim buss is trippin, he should’ve re hired phil J. back as coach! or is it mitch kupchak’s fault for staying with the same weak sucky bench for the past 3 seasons! kobe, nash, and howard are championship players, but the rest of the team and all the coaches, the to get the … out .!!! and mitch kupchak and jim buss are the ones to blame.
    sorry laker fans, this is the truth.

  • Alan

    Id Rather watch the Lakers when Van Exel, Ceballos, Campbell, Sedal, Eddie jones, doug Christie era even with Vlade cause at least he had post up moves.

  • Leo

    Do you want D12 to resign? Then fire D’Antoni and hire Phil. If Phil was here D12 would stay. Guaranteed. No matter the record this year. That would make all the players happy, especially D12, Kobe, Pau. Nash is a pro would accept whatever his roll would be in the triangle. Bring Shaw back to get our defense repaired. PLEASE

  • Preacher

    Dont believe anything these LA Times Laker haters say!! Have you guys ever read any of the stories or tweets these guys come out with?? They sound like a bunch of laker hater low key clipper band wagon fans its ridiculous I hope someone could copy and paste this on their accnt they need to get rid of that staff covering the lakers bringing negative publicity from a paper thats supose to be supporting the team in these tough times