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Lakers Rumors: Team Reaches Out To LeBron James And Carmelo Anthony

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UPDATE (9:39 PM PST): According to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, the Lakers expressed interest in Carmelo Anthony and will meet with him on Thursday:


The 2014 NBA free agency period has officially begun with the Los Angeles Lakers ready to try and right the ship with an enormous amount of cap space at their disposal.

The first moves the Lakers brass will make is a couple of phone calls to the representatives of LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony to setup meetings, according to Mike Bresnahan of the L.A. Times:

Although considered a long shot, the Lakers front office could attempt to bring in both LeBron and Carmelo this summer. Mitch Kupchak and company would try to put together another “Big 3″ to compete in a highly competitive Western Conference.

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LeBron and Carmelo would ideally join Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles. If unable to land LeBron, who is the biggest name on the free agent market, the Lakers could try and pair Anthony and Pau Gasol with Kobe.

It remains to be seen if any other these scenarios are possible, but the Lakers brass will do everything within their power to grab the two best players available.
Lakers Mitch Kupchak On Coach Search And Free Agency

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  • Matt520

    Lebron wont meet with any teams, hes letting his agent do the meetings. I guess hes back with the Heat I wonder for how much??? Cant be the max..Wade n T Rex(Bosh) will have a fit…

    • TheTruthKills

      Wade and Bosh are willing to let LeBron make max money.

      • Clippers Hater

        Dude are you a Lakers fan?All ever see you doing is being negative and talking bad about everything and everyone!Just wondering.

        • TheTruthKills

          I’m a Lakers fan, just not an optimist. Gift and a curse I’m afraid.

          • Mickey Factz

            it’s ok that you’re not optimistic, but you don’t have to crap on everyone else’s parade. i have a right to be delusional lol. i believe Mitch & Jim will come through for us. half the fun of being a sports fan is being a little delusional about things. why do you think browns fans are still around. lighten up and enjoy the ride bro.

          • Sam Saab

            yea just ask me, im from ohio, a browns, cleveland indians and lakers fan :)

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Report: LeBron James’ agent to meet with Suns, Rockets, Mavs
      By James Herbert | NBA writer
      July 1, 2014 1:46 am ET

      PER CBS

    • Kb24

      Lbj wants the max money now,130mil/5yr wade will be 60mil/4yr and bosh no idea…lbj said that he will only sign max money

  • Jason Smith

    The Laker offer Ryan Kelly a qualifying offer but not bazemore???? Wow Mitch and Jim Buss are so stupid!!!!! and now you are Chasing LeCramp and Melo!!! neither one of them are coming… what they need to be doing is hiring loinel Hollins, and re-singing X, Meeks, Nick Young, Hill, and Kaman… But word is they may not return smdh…

    • Matt520

      Smh Bazemore would of been a steal…

    • Tim

      Those guys really? Did you see there record last year? Not very good with those guys.

    • hopeisondway

      How many times are people going to say resign henry. The dude is garbage. How can you be a slasher that shoots free throws like that. That’s why teams fouled him so much.kaman won’t come back for cheap anymore. Bazemore got injured. No one knows how his recovery will ultimately end. Most likely someone will sign him to 3 million a year. The ones they need is parsons/deng/aria (only parsons is worth 9 million), Hawes/Monroe. I prefer parsons over all cuz he is extremely talented. I like Clarkson coming in. With the Marshall coming back leave farmer (no reason to have so many PG). Meeks will draw attention from Miami I believe as a young shooter. Young will end up going to another team offering 5-7 million. We will be bad this year just not as bad as last. Maybe around 10th

      • wardrobe99

        monroe and hawes would be good pick up i like ariza over parsons ariza can score and
        d clarkson will be good also
        matched up with deandre kane
        and isaiah thomas. we could get ariza with lance stephenson for the price of
        parsons then get Ed davis and granger

    • Spitfire

      I think you are more stupid than Jim and Mitch. Dont you know that team are more interested in Kelly than Baze?! Do you ever know that news?! It is easier to sign back Baze than Kelly, yeah i am smdh on your comment. Clueless

  • Jason Smith

    @ Matt520 Wade, Lebron and bosh all opted out so the team could get better role players and the so called big three will take pay cuts

  • TJ Hooker

    Doubt LeBron and Melo come. They need to focus on building a team like San Antonio. Get some veterans with some young blood.

    • Matt520

      Im digging Patty Mills!

  • Pelon

    Did those vatos LA BJ AND LA MELO answer there fucking phone?Si Senor come to da Lakers amigos.Get to work Match and Jaimie Buss.Vatos lets win lots of championships.Pay mucho dinero for free agents.Los Lakers Por Vida!

    • Jay Silva

      Your username fits your comment. Lol lakers por vida!!!!

      • Pelon

        Well i want us to win.I am a Lakers fan and a Pau Gasol fan.Free agency is always fun if you got moolah.Lakers got mucho dinero.Hope we get the big named hombres.Adios.

  • Dexter

    Lets get some free agents shopping spree playing with papa Buss’s moolah!

  • Jay Silva

    Lets go after melo only!!!

    • Pelon

      Me like this idea.Mucho Gracias for having this smart idea.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Ramona Shelburne ‏@ramonashelburne 1m
    The Lakers also placed a call tonight to Rich Paul, the agent for LeBron James

    • blahblah

      I sent james a tweet asking for meet. Said he would get back in 5 minutes cuz he’s at a tanning salon till 11pm

  • Clarkkent113

    I want to sign Melo and Monroe and that’s it for this offseason.

    PG: Clarkson
    SG: Kobe
    SF: Melo
    PF: Randle
    C: Monroe

    Would still give us room to go after more FAs once Nash and Kobe’s contracts come off the books in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

    • wardrobe99

      monroe is a good pick up he can score add ed davis for his d and hawes or okafor we would be champs

  • wardrobe99

    i would like anyone of those guys.
    if we dont get none of them then we need. deng/ariza/parsons/stephensons
    ed davis/monroe/okafor/hawes/gasol/isaiah thomas/evan turner/jameer nelson/granger
    we cant wait around for melo and labron to make up there minds we will miss out on everyone else call all them set up meetings and lie to them tell them they are the one we want most

  • Lakers4Life

    Awesome news! What a great day for the team.

    We all know Mitch is going all out for LeBron/Melo, and us Laker fans hope to see both players in gold and purple!

  • MVP

    If the heat have lbj,wade and bosh LAKERS HAVE KOBE,LOVE,MELO,RONDO

  • Informed American

    Lakers were most profitable NBA team last season …… $100M+
    Nets lost the most……-$144M
    Does the new CBA have a hard cap or a soft cap? If a soft cap, they can go over the cap and afford to pay the penalty. Me thinks the Busses are clueless and living in a la la land. Reality will set in when LBJ rebuffs them.
    Giving KB $48M over the next 2 years was another huge mistake by the Busses. Signed at wrong time. Should have exercised FA and then signed after other FA signed. LBJ wants to be highest paid player on a team.

    • RealisticLakerFan

      Nba has a semi hard cap if that makes sense. Basically you cannot go over the cap unless you are exercising your bird rights to players, using an level exception, or having to fill the roster. That being said if you have bird rights to players the still have holds on your cap space so it’s still very hard to go way over the cap unless you have a very underpaid player who is due for a huge contract… I wish we could just bite the luxury tax because I know the buses would, but the new CBA prevents it

  • Marty Susman

    The Lakers needed Monroe in the paint & Irving at point, it looks like they will not get either one of them. No point in signing Bosch, he is not a center & he will not bring us a ring & he is not a long term signing. As for Melo, are you kidding me, he ran out on Denver, he is running away from the Nicks & he would do the same thing here…(Mitch had better understand that if Phil allows Melo to go, there is a damn good reason). (The reason is Melo is not a winner, he is a shooter for himself, nothing more)

  • Marty Susman

    As for signings, the Cav’s are trading their 2 guard & he would be a really good get, BUT we have nothing the Cav’s would want so he is out, Stephenson would be a good get, but again we have zero to send them back. Bottom line her is we don’t have anything to send back to get any decent player…We had better save our money for the 2015 free agency….

    • Lakers4Life

      Marty, you obviously have no clue what you are talking about. Please do some research before posting next time.

      • Marty Susman

        No, I know exactly what I am talking about & by the way, when I post I don’t take “CHEAP SHOTS AT OTHER FANS”….

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