Lakers Rumors: Team Reaches Out To Free Agent Steve Blake Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="124"] The Los Angeles Lakers are currently trying to land a big-name in free agency with Carmelo Anthony currently in their crosshairs. Alt [new_royalslider id="124"] The Los Angeles Lakers are currently trying to land a big-name in free agency with Carmelo Anthony currently in their crosshairs. Alt Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Team Reaches Out To Free Agent Steve Blake

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently trying to land a big-name in free agency with Carmelo Anthony currently in their crosshairs. Although the team hopes to land Carmelo, the Lakers are looking around the league for players to fill out their roster.

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One of those players might be a familiar face in the form of free agent Steve Blake, according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin:

Blake was traded by the Lakers before the trade deadline last February. The veteran point guard was sent to the Golden State Warriors in exchange for Kent Bazemore and MarShon Brooks.

Although it is early in the process, Brooks won’t return to Los Angeles next season and Bazemore is currently in contract negotiations with the Utah Jazz.

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With the Lakers having Jordan Clarkson, Steve Nash, and Kendall Marshall on roster, Los Angeles might have three floor generals on the roster before signing anyone else. Marshall has a cheap non-guaranteed deal while Clarkson will be on a rookie contract and Nash is under contract for $9.7 million.

Veteran Jordan Farmar is another option for the Lakers at point guard. Blake returning might be remote if he doesn’t come at a discount, but he still might be an option that the team considers.
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  • afs

    I mentioned this during the season, however I don’t think he’ll rejoin. The Lakers totally got rid of him in an unprofessional way. They didn’t tell him he got traded until about 5 minutes before he actually got traded. The Lakers made a bad last impression.

    • Al Haldie

      If they don’t try to under pay him he will come back {he and KOBE work good togeather} and are good friends – KOBE was upset when they let him go…

      • afs

        I know that, but that’s besides the point. The Lakers, not Kobe, completely disrespected him when they basically didn’t talk to him about it. Obviously that left a sour taste in his mouth. If you were Blake, would you be willing to forgive that? I’m not sure, I wouldn’t.

        • Al Haldie

          I know I good upset with the LAKERS my self – dirty trick – I think they saved 2 mil and have nothing to show for it , BAZEMORE is under contract talks with UTAH..

          • roycektetreault

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        • nlruizjr

          there was an interview after the trade and Blake sounded pretty hopeful that he may be back with the lakers this season.

          • afs

            Once again, Blake is a proven professional class act guy. You never really know how he’s feeling at heart. ‘
            I mean, I would love to welcome him back. But what’s to stop FO from doing something similar to him again?

          • nlruizjr

            unless your an All-Star+. there is nothing guaranteed in the NBA and most players understand this. Besides this will probably be Blake’s last contract.

          • afs

            Yea but if I was on the trade block I’d like to at least be notified. As I mentioned, Blake was shooting around for THAT NIGHT’s game when he was told, “By the way, you’re traded.”

          • nlruizjr

            yeah, I agree that was kind of a bummer, I think they could of handled it better but things have changed since Jerry’s death.

          • afs

            Yea, I agree. It’s been unfortunate.

          • josh

            He is a turd nothing but a bench guy if you trade him five min is plenty of notice. He would come back to the Lakers easily.

          • Joshua Duenas

            Why would he be pissed at the lakers? He went to the warriors who made the playoffs.

          • afs

            Mad at how the trade went down. After helping them win games and championships, he practically was stepped on and disrespected.

          • afs

            If you’re a real Lakers fan you would know Blake has been an essential part to our bench and success.

          • J Taylor

            And a “real lakers fan” would be happy that we shipped a 32 year old backup PG for Bazemore.

          • afs

            I read all your comments below, and this is my final say.

            First, was the trade necessary and justified? Yes, I felt like clearing space and getting Bazemore was definitely good for us, and also great for Steve Blake.

            Does Blake love the city of LA? Yea, like you mentioned, his family currently resides here.

            However, my point is, when factoring what team he will play for, Blake WILL REMEMBER how he was traded. I’m just saying, when he’s deciding whether or not to play for the Lakers, he will definitely have some skepticism of the FO.

            If given an offer, will Blake take it? That remains to be seen.

    • ogjuicyjay

      He did say he would definitely be interested if we tried to get him back in the future tho because his family loved living in LA and he loved playing for the Lakers. He knew it was business he was just dissapointed.

      • afs

        I know his family loves LA. But this shows how much of a professional Blake is. You can’t say he’s not mad at all

        • Kenneth Simkins

          No reason to be mad! The Lakers traded him where he had a chance to be in the playoffs and maybe win a ring!

          • afs

            I know Blake probably was thrilled with the experience. But you don’t think he was a little upset that FO didn’t tell him he would be traded. I heard on the radio he was warming up for a game that night when they told him he was traded.

        • J Taylor

          Stop projecting HOW YOU WOULD FEEL on someone else.
          Blake has said that he understood and WANTED to come back to the Lakers.

          • Djkool82

            Exactly. He said it in a couple of interviews after the GSW were eliminated. He said he would take less money to come back but wasn’t specific on how much less. Those 3pt shotshe llit up during kobe’s Achilles tear was amazing. Like he found the fountain of youth.

    • A Fan

      in fairness, he got traded from the 2nd worst team in the nba to a darkhorse playoff team. can’t say he’s THAT mad

    • J Taylor

      But, despite all of the “supposed” bad blood you write about, Blake said that he understood the situation and would be willing to come back “HOME” to LA. He wanted to retire with the Lakers and keep his kids in LA.
      - If you don’t know, don’t speculate.


      Sorry, but this is 100% erroneous.

      • afs

        Ok, I may have over exaggerated it. But you can’t sit there and say he’s 100% completely elated to join the Lakers. I think he still might have a sour taste. Will this cause him to not join the Lakers? Probably not, but just saying.

        • nlruizjr

          afs, don’t worry about all these disagreeable comments, this isn’t a test, there’s no right or wrong, it’s just an opinion, wish others would realize that !!!!!

          • afs

            Thank you. You’re definitely right, just trying to give my take on Lakers news.

  • Al Haldie

    STEVE BLAKE: NOW WE WOULD HAVE A GREAT PG -hope you will sign – grate team player – looks to PASS first- but can shoot 3s and he is great on D…

  • daniel

    gee, what is this? Kobe friends reunion? we just need fisher, and we are done. We might as well put them in a retirement home, because that is where they should be.
    Come on people, Lakers, we need fresh legs, touch people who can bang the boards, and be aggressive in offense. Blake is touch but he can’t shoot, ok ,maybe once in a while has a good game. He is also old, he can’t play defense against the speedy guards we play against. So what is the point?

    • afs

      He would be a vet that has a high basketball IQ and could be a valuable leader for the team.

    • Al Haldie


      • Daniel

        You are going to tell me that we can not get anyone better than Blake, in a key position as PG? if that is the case, guauu, we are really screwed.

        • rival almighty

          The only thing I can think of is maybe we are going to be strong on all 4 other positions? I hope that’s the case

      • Djkool82

        I definitely agree with you on this one. Scrappy defender, smart, and got a decent 3pt shot. If Clarkson could develop a shot he would be almost as good. Rest comes with experience

    • nlruizjr

      what team that consists solely of youth has ever won a “C”, none that I can think of, you need vets and youth, ala the Spurs !!!!!

  • Andy

    I’d rather see Farmar on the roster, he’s younger, quicker, good defender and a better shooter. We already have a pass first guy – KButter.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      But Blake can start. Farmar cannot.

  • TheTruthKills

    Doubt Blake returns after he was basically stabbed in the back by the FO.

    • Kenneth Simkins

      Being traded where he had a chance at a ring last year wasnt stabbing him in the back!

  • Eazy

    I hope ‘Goosegg Blake’ felt betrayed and doesn’t return.

    • Kenneth Simkins


  • rival almighty

    Wow we reaching out to Blake but not to collison lol this keeps getting better and better

    • Marcus Franco

      Collison was already hired by kings

      • rival almighty

        Right and we never reached out to him

        • Marcus Franco

          That’s true, we only got 2 more good pg, Thomas and Bledsoe and both are restricted.. I’m worried, I have no idea of what the FO are planning about that position but i’m sure that Blake can’t be starter..

          • Zimmeredge

            collison went to the kings the kings might not be able to match other teams offers… and it’s just isaiah thomas… we are not talking about lillard or paul or parker or bigh star like this. if we pass on him no big deal.

          • rival almighty

            The big deal is that we’re passing up on everyone! I feel like we’re bosh and wade just waiting around to see what lebron is going to decide. Look what happened to Cleveland when Bron bounced to southbeach

          • Zimmeredge

            that’s normal, everything’s locked up because of melo, bosh, and bron.
            no big moves until monday or the weekend.

          • rival

            If you had to choose between colli or Blake I’m sure most people would take Blake that’s all

          • Zimmeredge

            blake is a vet he will be paid as a vet. collison is a young guy expect to be a starter next season. different profiles.
            are really interested in a pg at the moment?

          • rival

            Not at all and apparently neither are the Lakers if they looking at Blake

          • MikeNasty

            That response shows your knowledge of basketball is limited. Collison is a superior defender and in his fifth year has averaged great numbers across the board that Steve Blake is no where near nor will he ever be.

          • rival

            Lol read it all over again I said colli is way better than Blake. Some of you sure love to argue. My basketball knowledge is limited cuz I made a mistake on my comment lol.

          • rival

            I meant to say most people would take collison

          • nlruizjr

            I agree, I don’t like the FO strategy of putting everything on hold, until we talk to James and Melo, makes no sense, hell we may not even have our own free agents to contact, they’ll be with someone else, ala Meeks, I bet J. Hill will be the next.

          • rival almighty

            I prefer both those guys you mentioned but still collison is better than a lot of pgs we’ve had and it’s the thought that counts lol a little laker collison rumor would of been nice

  • a

    UPDATE: Clippers have become front runner to land Lakers free agent guard Jordan Farmar

  • rajap

    Blake is the type of leader we need to help develop young talent. He was such a loss last season. Look at what he did in the short time he was with GS.

    • rival Almighty

      So let me get this straight you want to have two mediocre pgs taking up space and $$$. To developed young guys? Nash is robbing the laker bank the least he can do is develope clarkson

  • ogjuicyjay

    Lets do it. Bring back White Mamba!!!!

  • roseducanna

    Sign BLACK better BUTLER.

  • LakerDev

    Have we contacted Farmar yet?

  • They call me Pringles

    Oh god please NOT Steve “half-a-season” Blake. Dude is always injured before trade deadlines. Only starts to play well weeks before the season ends! In his first Laker year in 2011, he played 79 games. In 2012, he played 53 games, in 2013, 45!

    • independentbynature

      I was hoping we’d seen the last of that Pringles face.It brings back bad memories.I can’t even look at it in the grocery store.

      • They call me Pringles

        I can change it to Mr. Potato head if you like.

        • independentbynature

          Just the picture of Antoni’s face.It’s creepy.The name doesn’t bother me.LOL.

    • Deone

      Thank you…. I remember when he couldn’t hit water if he was sitting on a boat…and laker fans use to hate on him for all that you mentioned…I vote no on Steve Blake.

  • independentbynature

    I think Blake was one of the few bright spots last year.Not sure if he fits this years roster,though.We don’t even have one.Just the game winner against Dwight’s Rockets makes him one of my favorites.I loved the look on Howards face.

  • Monix

    Why would we bring him back? To appease Kobe? C’mon that ship has sailed. If we’re not getting Melo and/or Lebron, then it’s time to get younger.

  • vdogg

    steve blake’s wife is HOT.

  • Lakers4Life

    I doubt he’ll be back, but if he’s willing, then I hope we could get rid of Nash/Marshall in the process.

  • DAP

    No disrepect fellow Lakers fans, but I think we can do better than Steve Blake . Even if we get him cheap. We need a guy at that position that can guard someone. Anybody, can bring the ball up the floor and hand it off to Kobe or now hopefully Melo. It takes a someone special to be able to stay in front of guards like, Westbrook, Paul and Parker.

    Yes he can shoot threes, but how consistently? Go get a youg ball handler with speed and strength. Hell I would rather have Nate Robinson over Blake.

    • Bruce

      You tell me who else is left on the FA market at the PG position that’s better than Steve Blake? Lowry is gone, Shaun Livingston is gone, Darren Collison is gone, we don’t got many options left.

  • J Taylor

    Now that Farmar seems to be off the table….
    Blake is a great backup and occasional starter.

  • TheZuluNation

    This doesn’t make any sense at all. Blake is a solid PG no doubt and he’s a real professional, but I think it is time to move on from PG’s past 30. The Lakers need to start bringing in youth to the team and they did a good job of that last season.

  • J King

    The Lakers FO reaches out everyone but how come they sign no one?? Are they capable of bringing someone to this org? I am beginning to wonder.

    • Bruce

      You just said what many of us are thinking, I am questioning the Lakers FO on their ability to sign anyone let alone Melo and Lebron right now. Reaching out to everyone but ain’t see no signings since FA period started. Just keep waiting on Melo and Lebron and we will learn the cold hard truth, and truth hurts.

  • Bryant T. Jordan

    Forget Blake and lock up Isaiah Thomas and Trevor Ariza if Melo and LeBron are no-go’s as expected …

    Isaiah/Kobe/Ariza/Randle/Pau is a very nice starting 5!

    - Thanks for taking the time to read this post,
    Bryant T. Jordan
    Author of “Saving the Lakers: A Be the General Manager Book”
    @Bryant T. Jordan

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