Lakers Rumors: Team Planning LeBron James Run In 2014 Reviewed by Momizat on . With Dwight Howard gone and the Lakers financially handcuffed, the team is already looking ahead to the summer of 2014. With everybody not named Steve Nash off With Dwight Howard gone and the Lakers financially handcuffed, the team is already looking ahead to the summer of 2014. With everybody not named Steve Nash off Rating:
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Lakers Rumors: Team Planning LeBron James Run In 2014

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With Dwight Howard gone and the Lakers financially handcuffed, the team is already looking ahead to the summer of 2014. With everybody not named Steve Nash off the books, the team will be left with copious amounts of cap space and money to spend. Not coincidentally, that is the same summer that players like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh will be up for grabs. So, in typical Laker fashion, they’re looking to add some big names.

One of those names, according to Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld, is James, the back-to-back NBA Finals and regular season MVPs.

Now, this might be a bit farfetched for now, considering James has found so much success in Miami and probably won’t be departing anytime soon.

Still, the fact that the team is even contemplating guys like this means they’re confident in their ability to lure high-priced free agents, something many pundits have claimed they will no longer be successful at doing after Howard’s departure.

So, for the next year, prepare for all sorts of rumors involving the Lakers and big-name players that may or may not actually be interested in coming to Los Angeles.


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  • obamaisamonster

    Not going to happen as long as MDA is their head coach. To lure high ticket players you’ll need a coach players WANT to play for, and seriously now how great will it be to have Doc Rivers/PJax working out of the same office?

  • Islesteelr

    I Wouldn’t have wanted The Dr. , MJ, or Bird….. So I’d pass on “the Chosen 1 ” too…!

  • TheTruthKills

    As long as Jim Buss is in charge and Mike Dumtoni is coaching LeBron will never be a Laker. To lure high profile stars the Lakers need to do the following:

    They need to tank this next season. Jim Buss needs to move aside and let his sister Jeanie run the show or hire Phil Jackson as the President of Basketball Operations and just be a quite owner. They also need to hire an elite scouting department that knows basketball analytics. Do all of that and things will be fine. The Lakers get a good draft pick in a deep draft, lots of cap space, and have Mitch and Phil making smart basketball decisions with the scouts. The only thing stopping them is Jim Buss’ ego. If only Dr. Buss wore a condom the night that moron was conceived.

    • luck

      ^ Cares more about sports than human beings. Yup, society’s priorities are in place.

      • TheTruthKills

        Can’t take a joke? Do you know Jim Buss personally? Please remove yourself from my ****

    • Jim213

      Tank…!? LOL…

      • Robert J. Carmack

        I agree with most of what you said except Tank is not going to happen … we are not like small market teams , #1 advertising dollars would be with drawn and lawsuits would take precedence…not happening chief! But, Let’s #draftjeaniebuss

        • Jim213

          The we agree…

          • Robert J. Carmack

            oh yeah!!

  • ra

    Who is Alex Kennedy? Anyway, LBJ won’t come to play alongside KB24. LBJ has to be the ‘head guy’, and that won’t happen with Kobe around. If Kobe were retired, or coaching (part time), or doing something different, then maybe. But why would LBJ leave the glamor of South Beach, have all the perks of living there, playing there, being the big cheese in a part;y town, and come to LA just because it’s the Lakers?

    Not gonna happen unless LBJ tells someone in Lakers management, and tells them to keep it a secret. Otherwise, I don’t think the Lakers will make a mistake of ‘trying’ to get someone like that after having been burned by DH (whom they ‘trusted’ would remain in LA, and so didn’t make ‘any’ management moves to make sure that DH would feel confident that LA really wanted him).

    LBJ has to ask to come to LA, not the reverse.

    … and if he does …. well, we’ll ‘think about it’

    • aprince66

      James had no problem sharing head guy duties with Wade on Wade’s team did he?

      • ra

        Not really. LBJ essentially ‘took over’, and DWade took a back seat. LBJ will want to do that in LA as well. DWade’s great playing days are even more numbered than Kobe’s (if Kobe is healing the way he says – getting stronger).

  • Brandon Topete

    I don’t really see it happening, it would workout though, Lebron is a pass first guy and Kobe is a shooter, they would win a couple of championships, but im pretty sure Lebron is staying in Miami

  • Sti1lmatic

    I’m a Laker fan but LeBron playing along side Kobes final 1-2 years? That would be sick. Kobe would then pass the key to LA over to LeBron. Lakers have already given us CP3 & D12. This kind of news is not far from reality.

    See you in a couple years LeBron.

  • R3aLdoe Foo

    If Lebron came to the lakers maybe he’ll finally get the commercials and tv time that magic johnson says he’s not getting. lol

  • Dr. Rasheed

    Lebron James aint coming to L.A. Period! as long as Jim Buss + Mike Dumtoni playing role.


  • Jim213

    LOL… Laker management is clueless… Sure Lebron will want to play here with no team depth or skilled players other than Kobe. Blow the following season to get better chances of getting a good lottery draft and build in 2014?… Lebron wants to compete for rings and he’ll be putting himself in a worser situation than what the CAVS may offer him come free agency 2014.

    Trade Blake alleviate cap space and taxes to help to attain team depth now… ex. Lamar Odom. Trade gasol in a 3 team trade for true younger player ex. Rondo to help build depth… at least with these moves they’ll put themselves in playoff contention for next season and wait until the 2014 free agency… Oherwise, the future may look bleak with Jim Bust and M Kupcake who couldn’t even sell girlscout cookies aside from planning and pitching for the future…

  • Jim213

    Steven A Smith made a comment about the bad moves that management has made this past year… also stating that the franchise may be in serious jeopardy if Jeanie doesn’t get involved in basketball operations.

    While Magic Johnson later tweeted that Jim Bust needs to come up with a plan and that Laker Nation will follow clueless Jim Bust no matter what… Do you agree?

    I disagree with Magic, they better get their act straight or risk possible stock decline along with a decline in media marketing which would really hurt them in their pockets… Although thinking about it now it may be necessary (BOYCOTT) to get rid of the bad apples… Which has to do more with Laker management and not team play…

    • Robert J. Carmack

      I’m starting a #draftjeaniebuss campaign… by rising up as a Fan base & demanding to have him and Mitch put their ego aside..before he runs the Lakers in the ground… Phil could help and not just as a coach… Jim just needs to shut up and collect his checks and go race cars, play Polo or something

      • Jim213

        Nice, however where ever Jeanie is Phil is sure to follow. In a previous article Kareem once said that Jerry Buss signed the checks and let everyone else do their jobs… ex. (J West and other) which I don’t believe is happening now with Jim Bust. However, given that M Kupcake can’t pitch and sell the best viable options for the team to management says a lot too.

  • Sandy

    Wow..I am a lebron fan, and to see so many Laker fans actually wanting Lebron to come to LA shows respect. I don’t think Lebron will abandon Miami fans anytime soon, unless of course Bosh gets traded to Charlotte or some other team, and Wade’s performance deteriorates further over the next year. Nevertheless, I doubt Kobe would want to play along side the current top dog in the league even if it means more titles. But if it does happen, I do think the pairing of Lebron and Kobe, with someone like the wild Joakim Noah will tear the NBA apart for a couple of years.

    • Jim213

      No team depth for Lakers = 0 rings. Currently, Lakers aren’t in the picture for Lebron given that they have nothing aside from (Kobe) to play along side him. Aside from the Heat the Cavs and a few other teams have more to offer today so that he can make a run at a few more rings.

  • Richard Ednilao

    I don’t see why he wouldn’t. Great franchise history of winning. A max contract. Big city lights with the fame exposure very similar if not greater than Miami… LBJ would fucking love that shit! As a Lakers fan seeing us whoop our ass, you gotta hate him. Seeing him whoop ass in a Lakers jersey? boiiii

  • Y. Uaskin

    Lakers fans are dumb

    • Robert J. Carmack

      And Why are You here?? Well no need for you to be here unless u’ R Dumb 2

    • Jim213

      You’re a Clippers or Pelican fan… ? got to blame the writers and editors for these postings about CLUELESS management. Can’t attract a star without team depth. Then they can at least attract another star…

  • Lakersfan

    Lakers fans would be appreciated if lebron sign by the Lakers, nobody knows about kobes injury. Hopefully he can give as much as he did before.

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