Lakers Rumors: Team May Have Interest In Luol Deng This Off-Season

Lakers Rumors: Team May Have Interest In Luol Deng This Off-Season


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This off-season, the Los Angeles Lakers are expected to be players in free agency to turn their fortunes around for the 2014-2015 season.

Luol Deng began the year with the Chicago Bulls before being dealt to the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier this season. He will be a free agent this off-season and will likely command a big contract for his services.

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According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, Deng will have a few teams after him and the Lakers could be one of them:

Several teams with cap space, including the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks, are expected to be interested in signing Deng.

It has also been reported that the Cavaliers are listening to offers for Deng because of their concerns to re-sign him. The Lakers have not been in any trade talks for the 28-year-old forward, but their interest may come after the season is over. With all but a few contracts coming off the books after this season, the Lakers will have enough money for at least one big-name free agent.

Many believe that they will pursue Carmelo Anthony, although his style of play may clash with Kobe Bryant. Deng would offer a better-fitting alternative that may come at a lower price and allow the Lakers to find another strong player.

This season, Deng is averaging 17.1 points, 6.0 rebounds and 3.0 assists in just over 35 minutes per game. He would bring an all-around game and versatility to the Lakers, and has already played with a superstar in Derrick Rose, making him better suited to join Bryant in Los Angeles.

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  • hoperhetoric

    Luol Deng over Kevin Love!?

  • Al Haldie

    Why would the Lakers want luol Deng , he is 28 yrs old and making 14 mil. they can do better then that.

  • ersliva

    the lakers need to fire d’antoni and hire a vice president of player personnel that actually knows more about basketball then little jimmy buss before those 2 ruin this team any more….

  • Paul Morales

    So if the Lakers fire D’Antoni they would owe not only him $15 million but another 15 million to Mike Brown! Wow I can see the genius workings of Jim Buss now! 30 million dollars to coaches who don’t work for you! Way to go! You are really rocking at being a owner Jim!

    On the trade rumors, Pau Gasol is going to be traded by tomorrow! Get over it! If he wants to stay, he better learn how to restructure his contract. Not worth the money he’s getting now. Just saying. Steve Nash is not going to retire…maybe! Maybe he should and become head coach like Jason Kidd! We all see how that is working out! Going into today they 24-27 in a weak Eastern Conference. Worked out great right! You have pieces that are giving 110% every night in Kaman, Marshall, Meeks, Henry, and Hill. Nice bench if I do say so myself. Forget talking about Melo coming here, he wants to lose in New York, let him stay there. Kobe isn’t going to be around past his new contract. Listen up Jim, “Hello McFly” read this closely and you might get a clue. Well…hopefully you get one! Kobe needs help this next season. You and Mitch need to get together and figure out who is going to be the next person to carry the torch! Many don’t see Melo as that person and I sure as hell don’t see Lebron coming here! Wouldn’t want his idiot ass here anyway! Just saying! Bring players that FIT JIM! Deng, Love, Shumpert…pick players that fit! Not because think they could fit! Get a clue man! Be smart! Draft smart! Trade smart! Sign smart! You’re being watched.

    • TTKIN

      I dont think they have to pay Mike Brown any longer cuz he got another coaching gig. I could be wrong about that though. Plus the last yr of his deal was a team option, so I think that would be off the books after this season anyways.

      That being said, I dont see the pt in firing Dantoni right now. The season is over no matter who is coaching. Like u were saying, it’s stupid to pay coaches who dont work for u. so let the season end then get rid of him (after this yr we only have 1 yr left to pay him so who cares). There arent that many good FAs this yr. I dont think Lebron is leaving either, I dont want a 1-dimensional player like Melo. Deng would be good cuz he is a psycho defender, but Idk that I want his 29 yr old body that has not only a ton of miles, but these are hard fought miles on his body. CHI doesnt exactly play loose, they play tight smash mouth.

      What Ive been saying is just let the season ride out. Our next superstar to take the torch might be the guy we draft this coming offseason. We dont need to just go find the future. We have to develop one. That’s what all these great teams currently have (excluding MIA, cuz the new CBA wont let that shit happen no more), but look at IND, SA, OKC, and even Blake was obtained through the draft for LAC, and they got Paul by giving up picks and Gordon, who was home grown. After next yr, we’ll have a future star hopefully, we’ll still have Kobe for one, hopefully KLove will sign, hopefully Pau stays with a paycut (and learns how to play some dam defense).

      • Paul Morales

        Last I checked they owed Brown for the next two seasons including this one. D’Antoni should be fired after this season. I realize it’s not all his fault for this season bring the disappointment it is however he made some awful coaching moved not only this season but last as well. His way of coaching is not what these Lakers are about. It’s obvious he has no sense of defense but it wanting to run run run with every team. That was what he did in Phoenix and was trying to do here. I still think if Phil is wanting to coach then bring him back, if not, bring back an assistant who worked under him. They lost out on Brian Shaw, I blame Jim Buss. He is not including his sister Jeannie in the decision making and is keeping out Phil. Either way they need to draft right and make some trades or signings in the offseason. Make strides to show Kobe and LA that they want to not only bring another championship to our city but build for the post-Kobe era.