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Lakers Rumors: Team Leaning Towards Keeping Seventh Pick

The Lakers were a little unlucky in the NBA Draft Lottery, falling to the seventh pick. With the team looking for a quick rebuild, the Lakers were hoping to sneak into the top-three to secure one of the prized prospects in this draft.

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Since the lottery results, there have been numerous rumors surrounding the possibility of the team trading the pick for multiple picks and/or immediate veteran help. That no longer seems to be the case according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin:

Whether the Lakers end up picking Smart, Randle, or somebody else, the team is leaning towards keeping their No. 7 pick rather than trading down in order to acquire multiple picks, according to a source with knowledge of their thinking.

This is by no means a guarantee as the Lakers are surely keeping their options open, but it does seem to suggest that if there was a trade, it would be for a veteran and a pick as opposed to just multiple picks.

The Lakers are looking for immediate help and there are two players who could give them that at the seventh pick in Julius Randle and Marcus Smart. At least one of the two is likely to be available when the Lakers select and either could step in and contribute immediately.

The chances of the Lakers getting someone of that caliber in the middle of the round is far less likely, at least in the short term. With the Lakers unlikely to get someone the caliber of Kevin Love, it makes the most sense to keep the pick and bring in a young talent.
Lakers Nation Interviews Julius Randle After Lakers Pre-Draft Workouts

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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • StradVan

    Good. Next step now is to NOT draft Julius Randle. I’m not sold on the guy. He is undersized and mainly got by in College beasting on even more undersized forwards who are now eiher playing overseas, telemarketers, or selling insurance.

    • nlruizjr

      either one will help the Lakers bashing Randle doesn’t make sense when you don’t know how his abilities will pan out in the NBA or Smart for that matter !!!!

    • J Taylor

      I’m not sold on Randle. To me, he’s the consolation prize if everything else goes bad.
      I’m betting that either Exum or Smart will be the pick at #7.

    • justsaying

      will I wish we get Randle.

    • wangkon936

      I watch those UK games and I see how Randle scores and I ask myself… he would get 80% of those blocked in the NBA.

    • Giovanni Gz Moncur

      We need Randle… if not next best is Aaron Gordon

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I am very confident the Lakers will get a great player at lucky #7.Go Lakers!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I am happy to hear things went well with Julius Randle,it seems like he brought a lot of excitement to the team yesterday.Also Marcus Smart is my main guy in this draft.

  • comrade24

    Maybe the FO has finally removed their heads from their respective asses. Keeping the pick is a great move. A young player that could potentially be a star on a rookie great is just what we need!! It seems like they’re going to draft either Smart or Randle. My preference would be Smart, but won’t be dissapointed if it’s Randle. He looks like he’s slimmed down quite a bit and his vertical was surprising. Wasn’t so impressed with him last season at Kentucky but he seems like he’s worked on his game (NBA range three particularly) and fitness and he definitely is a Lakers fan, which is great!

    • jeremy

      well kobe and bynum werent top 10 picks and kobe a hall of fame player and bynum a 2 time champ. so it not all that bad picking out of the top 10.

      • VillainKing

        Bynum is drafted at 10th pick by the Lakers in 2005 NBA draft!!Lakers decision is correct KEEP the 7th pick in NBA draft 2014..

        • borsalino12

          WiKi, Bynum was seeded as the last pic of the first round (# 30) and we drafted him with that # 10. That means, trading the pic to Phoenix, for example will be a lot more beneficiary for us. Instead of one pic, we can have two in the first round and we can select some really good players with # 14 and # 17.So instead of your favorite Marcus Smart, we can draft SF’s T.J.Warren/D.McDermott and the center from Croatia Jusuf Nurkic,

          • VillainKing

            BORSALINO12 Fuck you!!! I have a question for you did you heard the news that the Lakers will keep their 7th pick?.and your opinions will never happen accept it, are you hallucinating borsalino12.?go fuck yourself anywhere borsalino12!!!

          • VillainKing

            Lakers will draft Marcus Smart at 7th pick borsalino12!!!

          • borsalino12

            Kiss my bloody ass WiKi.
            Joel Embiid is out of the draft and Marcus Smart is going up,up,up…way before the 7-th pic. What you say cock sucker?
            The Lakers will have to choose between Aaron Gordon and Elfrid Payton and I am OK with either one of them idiot. God has heard my preys and took away that hooligan from the Lakers reach. I will get drank tonight and will go to the bed repeating thousands time…Fuck you WiKi, Fuck you Wiki.
            Hey Wiki, can you sucki my dicky? He,he,he,he,he…hehh.

          • VillainKing

            hahahah..are angry of me borsalino12 the legendary cock sucker..don’t worry about it let see what will happen in June 26, 2014..and you said Marcus Smart will going up so you are saying that Marcus Smart is a very great player..FUCK YOU BORSALINO12..you will drank tonight and gangbang by the boyfriends of yours that sounds funny..heheheheh..

          • VillainKing

            I have one question who is WiKi??heheheh..

      • Daniel Boston

        Kobe was not a top 10 pick. He was 13th.

    • J Taylor

      Unless the pick were Embiid, Wiggins, or Parker, i’d happily trade any one else for Kyrie.

      • justsaying

        will the Cavs wouldn’t be happy with that

      • Badazztj12

        embiid just may drop to us with the news saying he may have to have a foot surgey

      • Srk

        It would take more than the 7th pick to net Irving, which we don’t have. Just like with all this stuff regarding Kevin Love, Cleveland could get something much better than what we are capable of offering.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    that’s good keep our pick!

  • jeremy

    im not sure about keeping the pick unless they have right player in mind. however the lakers need players we only have 3 and it wouldnt hurt to get 2 rookies. who knows both could turn out to be great future pieces

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Ford Ranks Top 25 Prospects Between 2000-2014

    Jun 18, 2014 12:15 PM EDT

    Chad Ford of ESPN has covered every NBA Draft since 2000 and he’s ranked the top 25 prospects over the past 15 years.

    This ranking is based solely on each prospect’s perceived potential when coming into the draft.

    1. LeBron James (2003)
    2. Greg Oden (2007)
    3. Yao Ming (2002)
    4. Kevin Durant (2007)
    5. Anthony Davis (2012)
    6. Darko Milicic (2003)
    7. Carmelo Anthony (2003)
    8. Jay Williams (2002)
    9. Joel Embiid (2014)
    10. Andrew Wiggins (2014)
    11. Derrick Rose (2008)
    12. Jabari Parker (2014)
    13. Blake Griffin (2009)
    14. Ricky Rubio (2009)
    15. Chris Paul (2005)
    16. John Wall (2010)
    17. Michael Beasley (2008)
    18. Dwight Howard (2004)
    19. O.J. Mayo (2008)
    20. Marvin Williams (2004)
    21. Adam Morrison (2006)
    22. Nikoloz Tskitishvili (2002)
    23. Kwame Brown (2001)
    24. Shaun Livingston (2004)
    25. Emeka Okafor (2004)


    • Nebo

      So what does this have to do with the lakers?

  • Mitch

    1. Marcus Smart, PG, Oklahoma State Cowboys
    Win%: .512 | Age: 20.1 | WARP projection: 3.6

    Several factors propelled Smart to the top of the WARP projections. He is young for a sophomore, just 10 days older than Joel Embiid. Smart’s projected steal rate is tops for any projected first-round pick, which is important because steal rate has been a strong indicator of NBA success. He is also an excellent rebounder and has been surprisingly good playing against star point guards. Players similar to Smart tend to perform better in the NBA as the professional floor typically is more open, allowing them to create off the dribble.

    Marcus Smart is ranked number 1 in the WARP category,metrics stats.


    • Bruce Leroy

      Not to mention the defense he will play on the point guards who usually torch the Lakers. Slowing them down will help in all facets of the game. Facing CP3, Lilliard, Westbrook, Dragic, Conley, Lawson, Lowry, Rose, Teague, Irving, Rondo, etc. takes its toll on a team. Stopping these guys off the dribble hurts those offenses and makes defending them easier. He’s the best choice. Get Smart!

      • vdogg

        very well said. i couldn’t agree more. the smart choice is marcus.

        • J Taylor

          Unfortunately, this is the same logic as to why Orlando will pick him ahead of an unknown foreign player without “beef” and lesser defensive skills.
          - Fortunately, that means Exum might drop to #7.

          # Could we trade Exum for Kyrie?

      • nlruizjr

        Laker needs are many and if a big is available at 7, IMO the Lakers will pick a big because that is their weakest position at this time, if Gasol, Kaman and Hill do not return which is a very distinct possibility.

        • Thomas Klein

          The Lakers have the luxury of drafting the best player left on the board because they haven’t yet started signing/resigning F/A. If a point guard is available, (Smart, Exum) they can draft them, if there gone, they can draft (Vonley/ Randle) if the draft a point guard, they will most likly resign either Pau, or Hill. They will still have over 15 million in cap space to persue a big name F/A. They will also have an additional 10 mill when Nash retires next year.

          • Chrmngblly

            Let us trade Nash’s contract for SOMEBODY. Houston, NY or Phoenix should have a useful big man to trade for cap space next year. Come on.

  • CN

    Marcus Smart!! Let’s Go!!! and then bring back Farmar!!

    • borsalino12

      Dude, M.Smart is gone. He will be taken before # 7 after the season ending injury of J.Embiid. The Lakers will have to choose between Aaron Gordon and Elfrid Payton. Both great prospects. I wish, Mitch can do something on the draft day and obtain another first round pic. That will be great.

  • Angelo

    We need an elite pg and Smart is the guy. He’s tenacious, the ultimate competitor, great defender and just plain tough. We need that type to guard the likes of CP3, Liliard, Westbrook, etc. When was the last time we had an elite PG?! Now is the time to get one. I just wish Lakers would buy another pick somehow later in the draft and pick up forward or SG (Lavine, Stauskus, Young, Hood…)

    • jeremy

      magic and yet we still won with a decent but smart PG in fisher. so do we need a elite PG or just a PG who can shoot pass the ball and defend. things marshall cant do he can pass the ball but cant really do the other 2.

      • kookiebuger

        It’s either that or get a one dimensional player in Randle or hope that a top 3 pick falls to the Lakers due to health concerns (Emiid).

    • VillainKing

      Lakers will get Marcus Smart at 7th pick of NBA draft 2014..

      • borsalino12

        Hey WiKi . Can you suck my dicki? he,he,he…What you say idiot ?

    • Chrmngblly

      Smart has not proven to be elite just yet. I would rather have two picks that can shoot.

      • borsalino12

        And he will never be one. NBA does not tolerate hooligans and idiots like him and WiKi.

        • VillainKing

          Who can stop me borsalino12???accept it no one!!

    • borsalino12

      The Lakers never had an elite PG after Magic Johnson and we have won 5 Larry O’Brians. Nick van Axel was a good PG, but not an elite as CP, Westbrook, T.Parker and K.Irwing. We don’t need elite PG to win. We need one young Kobe (A.Gordon) and one young Shaq (K.Love)…oh, and of course a coach, who can take them to the top. Not like B.Scott or K.Rambis, or Alvin Gentry.

      • VillainKing

        Marcus Smart is an elite PG borsalino12!!!FUCK YOU borsalino12

  • Lakers Fan

    Good. Now they need to hire Hollins and draft Smart. Then in free agency sign Deng or Ariza for the starting SF position, and sign Gortat or wait til 2015 to sign Asik and Love(hopefully). Hoping the lineup look like this:

    PG: Smart/Nash/Farmar
    SG: Kobe/Meeks/Henry
    SF: Deng or Ariza/Bazemore/Henry
    PF: Hill/Kelly
    C: Gortat or Asik(FA in 2015)/Kaman/Sacre

    Seeing what Hollins did with that team in Memphis, there is no reason this team couldn’t make some serious noise. That’s more than enough defense and offense and is affordable.

    • VillainKing

      Agree of you buddy and also I want Lance Stephenson to add in your roster he can be the 6thman of the Lakers..

      • Lakers Fan

        Having Stephenson would be great, but I doubt we would have the money to pay him. Plus he would be leaving a team where he is starting to a team where he is coming off the bench.

        • VillainKing

          I hope he agree buddy..

      • J Taylor

        I kinda wonder if Lance won’t be Mitch’s pick for PG if the draft goes funky. He’s not a perfect match, but with Kobe, it won’t matter as much, and we can groom him to take Kobe’s role.

        • VillainKing

          Kobe Bryant, Marcus Smart and Lance Stephenson what an incredible trio..

          • borsalino12

            and none of them will play with Mr.24. because you are an idiot and don’t understand anything.
            The Lakers organization is not a Foster Home.
            Marcus Smart will never be a Laker. Remember that. he,he…
            heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh Idiot.

          • VillainKing

            are you sure there is a big chance that Marcus Smart can be a member of Lakers borsalno12…Fuck you borsalino12 hhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhh cock sucker borsalino12..

    • Dominic N

      You r rite on the money just wish FO would see your proposal

    • jeremy

      i like the line up if not gortat how about Andray Blatche. either one i would like. lakers need something different at center. i like pau but we need something different.

      • Lakers Fan

        Yea we need something different at center, like someone who actually protects the rim lol.

  • VillainKing

    Finally the Lakers will stop trading the pick hope the Lakers get the best player available at 7..Marcus Smart is my main guy in the draft for the Lakers..

  • Clarkkent113

    I’m going back and forth between thinking we should draft Smart or Randle.

    Ultimately I’m leaning slightly towards Smart because we’re in a small/quick era right now. You just don’t win unless you’re athletic on the perimeter. And it’s not like Randle is big dude that you just don’t pass up. He’s small for the position yet doesn’t really have an outside game to compensate for the lack of size inside. Randle probably has more upside than Smart though; it’s just Smart seems like as sure-a-pick at #7 as anyone outside of the 4 Top Tier guys. He just LOOKS built to be an impact player in the NBA immediately; almost like a Westbrook type, but much slower.

    Plus, I still hold out hope we’ll be able to convince Kevin Love to sign with us; and that would take care of our PF need.

    • nlruizjr

      how many titles have these young super quick PG’s won in the NBA in the past 5 yrs ?????

      • J Taylor

        they haven’t won any… and let’s not forget CP3, Westbrook, Rose, and Tony Parker in the process….

        While none have won, MANY have ruined many team’s hopes in the process.
        - It’s a PG league, and much like QB’s in football, good one’s don’t ever get to free agency.

        • Thomas Klein

          Well, they do but the league rescinds the trade……remember CP

  • KB24

    I hope we draft the best talent available and i think 5-8 will be randle(jazz),vonleh(cel trade for love),lakers will draft smart and kings will draft gordon(cousins,gordon,gay,mclemore,thomas)…our assets are sign and trade options,marshaall,2019 and 2021picks(available after the draft night)

  • KB24

    Add embiid and smart

  • Michael Davis

    I thnk getting a big would be best…Julius randle or aaron gordon or vonleh … we could sign Lowry which I like more than Smart. Then go for parson or ariza and monroe, and resign pau
    Parsons (or ariza or deng)
    Randle (or gordon or vanleh)
    Plus meeks an swaggy an jordan hill off the bench…should be a playoff team

  • Juwan

    If Marcus Smart is really as good as everyone says he is then he should dominate Elfrid Payton during the workout if not then it’s just a big letdown.Otherwise why don’t we look at Julius Randle?After the workout yesterday the Lakers cam out publicly through mouthpiece Dave McTen and said they are keeping the pick.Before that they were not so sure to lean towards staying at number 7.
    Obviously Julius Randle changed their mind about this draft and where they stand with his sensational private pre draft workout yesterday.They will get a star player.

    • VillainKing

      Marcus Smart can dominate Elfrid Payton..he is the perfect fit for the Lakers..

      • Juwan

        Yeah Elfrid Payton is a tough defensive player like Rajon Rondo and he is crafty on offense with shake and bake also he is a guy with long arms and he is fast with a great first step.Again if Marcus Smart is so good like these Lakers Nation message boards keep telling me Marcus Smart should easily dominate and embarrass Elfrid Payton.Ya’ll fans keep saying Marcus Smart is like a young Dwayne Wade and Derrick Rose all mixed in 1.Prove it Smart.

        • VillainKing

          Marcus Smart can prove it..don’t worry just sit back and relax..and also I think Elfrid Payton cannot hold Marcus Smart in the post..Marcus Smart defense is better than Elfrid Payton so its surely Smart can dominate that match up..also he is not like Wade or Rose he is MARCUS SMART!!!

    • kookiebuger

      That or the Lakers didn’t find any trades that they liked.

  • Gary

    Julius Randle is the next great big man to join the Lakers!Book it!

    • J Taylor

      Why do you want a big man with short arms, no speed, and has made his way being a bully through high school and college? – Unlike ZBo with the 2nd largest wingspan in the league, Randle would be at the bottom.

      If Randle is the pick after every one else is gone, so be it. But until then, he’s the poster child of a 12ppg fizzle in the big leagues.

      • arfdzv

        Plus lefties will get their shots blokced a lot in a right hand dominated league, right handers have an additional 2-3 inch reach advantage when they try to block lefties’ shots. With Randle’s short arms and left handed, he will get tons of shots blocked, it’s like creating an instant turnover. Any team that drafts Rsndle is just asking for trouble.

  • kevin

    We fuxkin better. Too valuable to just let it go. Just like whem we could of got harrison barnes for Dwight. I know it sounds ridiculous but now we could 9f had barnes and drafted smart or Randle

  • Bryant T. Jordan

    I’d be fine with Exum, Randle, Smart … or Aaron Gordon.
    - Bryant T. Jordan
    Author of “Saving the Lakers: A Be the General Manager Book” a Choose Your Own Adventure sports book for adults

  • Pablo

    My Draft Players Power Ranking

    1.Andrew Wiggins
    2.Joel Embiid
    3.Jabari Parker
    4.Dante Exum
    5.Noah Vonleh
    6.Aaron Gordon
    7.Marcus Smart
    8.Julius Randle

    I think the Magic might draft Noag Vonleh at number 4 and then at number 12 they will draft Elfrid Payton or Zach Lavine.Don’t bet the farm on the Magic drafting a Point Guard at number 4.Lakers will draft the point guard they want Marcus Smart.

    • J Taylor

      I’m not sure Smart gets past Orlando at #4.
      If so, Exum will probably drop to #7.

      #4) Orlando – Smart
      #5) Utah – Vonleh
      #6) Boston – Gordon
      #7) L.A. – Exum

      IMHO, Vonleh is too good to pass up in Utah who need a solution at forward. And, rumor says that Ainge is in love with Gordon (And i believe he does love his athleticism and future).

  • Archie Colvin

    Lakers need help at the guard position.Smart should be the easy choice.

  • Badazztj12

    The draft just got a whole lot interesting now. Emblid just had a report about having to have foot surgey. He may just drop down to us and we do the same like 76ers did with noel and let him heal for a year, but it would be a great idea but we just dont have a first round pick which is bullshit

  • LakersGetPG24

    You guys are delusional, I’ll take Randle over smart any day

    • BULL

      why is that? Smart is a strong 6 3 with quickness faster than CP3, Westbrook or Rose at the nba combine.. I do not see nothing wrong with either pick!

  • borsalino12

    There is a rare opportunity for the Lakers to trade our pic # 7 to Phoenix for their pics # 14 and # 17. With # 14 we can select either SF T.J.Warren or SF Dough McDermott. With # 17 – Bosnian center Jusuf Nurkic.
    Assuming that there are not too many solid FA’s this summer and having a lots of salary cap space, we can afford to make a maximum deal offer to Eric Bledsoe. If the Suns decline to match it, we will have a 25 y.o. PG with All-Star potential to become our starting play-maker. If they decide to match our offer, then we can go to plan B, which is a trade with Denver. Mitch can sing and trade Pau Gasol and K.Marshall, plus future pic for their pic # 11, which they want to shop for a veteran. In that case, we can select with # 11 Loisiana/Lafayett’s PG Elfrid Payton and make him the starter at 1.Here is how the lineup will look.

    Variant A) E.Bledsoe, K.Bryant, D.McDermott, J.Hill and Jusuf Nurkic.

    Variant B) E.Payton,K.Bryant, D.McDermott, J.Hill and Jusuf Nurkic.

    The benefit of variant B is that we will have 3 first round pics and plenty of salary space to sign another FA’s at 4 and 5. Then all Mitch has to do is to resign Farmar, Bazemore, Young and Kelly and complete the roster with several more cheap free agents.

    • BULL


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