Lakers Rumors: Team Leaning Toward Parting Ways With Mike D’Antoni? Reviewed by Momizat on . As the one of the worst seasons in franchise history comes to a close, the speculation surrounding the future of the Los Angeles Lakers has started to swirl wit As the one of the worst seasons in franchise history comes to a close, the speculation surrounding the future of the Los Angeles Lakers has started to swirl wit Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Team Leaning Toward Parting Ways With Mike D’Antoni?

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As the one of the worst seasons in franchise history comes to a close, the speculation surrounding the future of the Los Angeles Lakers has started to swirl with the fate of head coach Mike D’Antoni uncertain.

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Although there’s been conflicting reports surrounding D’Antoni’s future with the Lakers, the most recent news to break has the Lakers leaning toward parting ways with the head coach according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin via Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

With the Lakers losing over 50 games this season, it comes as no surprise that the team would consider and may be leaning toward firing D’Antoni. Although injuries have torn this team apart ever since D’Antoni took over for Mike Brown at the beginning of last season, no one anticipated this season being as disappointing as it has been.

As a result of the worst season in the franchise’s history, D’Antoni could potentially take the brunt of the blame and therefore fired as a result. Even Kobe Bryant indicated recently that he doesn’t know if D’Antoni has earned another season with the team, but acknowledged that he hasn’t gotten a fair shake with all the injuries.

Now that the Lakers have a high pick in the upcoming 2014 NBA Draft and a considerable amount of cap space moving forward, it is possible that parting ways with D’Antoni might be the best course of action.

Ironically enough, before the National Championship game between UConn and Kentucky on Monday night, a rumor started to circulate about John Calipari being the next head coach of the Lakers. Calipari and Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak denied rumor shortly after it surfaced, but has many wondering what direction the team is planning on going and if D’Antoni is in the short-term plans.
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  • LakersHeatBeef

    I have season tickets with the Lakers and i was sent a letter that i must renew my season tickets early for the Lakers it is the earliest i have ever been given a renewal letter.I say i am leaning towards not renewing right now that could change.

    I am only renewing my tickets if Mike D’Antoni is fired and i say it with good reason the defense has been beyond pathetic and his bad management of players minutes is terrible and he doesn’t seem to have good relationships with the players we have also he is losing games left and right and he seems like he is not a leader of men also it’s just time to move on from this mess left by Mike D’Antoni.Someone is going to need to come in and fix this mess left by D’Antoni.

    We have the resources to fix this mess.Lottery pick,Major Salary Cap Space,Kobe healthy and returning 100% healthy and healed up and rested also we got a huge free agency class led by LeBron and Carmelo along with Lance Stephenson and Luol Deng.Also Bledsoe and Monroe are restricted free agents that are not likely since we got bigger fish to fry in free agency.Lets move on from D’Antoni.Fire him.

    • cyborgspider

      But, but, but, “he hasn’t gotten a fair shake!” “He deserves a team that’s built to his system!” “No other coach could have done better with the injuries this team has suffered!”

      Poppycock. Thibodeau, Nate McMillan with the Blazers in the Roy era, other coaches with a defensive mindset, their teams may not have been contenders, but they floated around 500 with their injured teams. This team is THE WORST IN LOS ANGELES history. Thank you for your feedback to the team, I can’t afford season tickets but I know they’ll hear you out.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        I am opposed to tanking and i also i am not claiming Mike D’Antoni is out betting millions of dollars against his own team that is the ultimate no no in sports of course.I am just saying lets get a fresh new start with a new head coach that is a defensive minded coach that can also coach offense and is a tireless worker and motivator. We need a new face of the franchise from a coaching standpoint a top free agent recruiter.

        Mike D’Antoni seems somewhat lazy to me then again he might very well just be old and recovering from knee surgery still.It’s time for a major change for the Lakers.Yes i might keep my season tickets but if Mike D’Antoni stays as coach i am not renewing my tickets sadly.

        Many of the season ticket holders have contacted the Lakers PR department and complained about the coach and product on the floor and the season ticket holders are possibly not renewing as much as the Lakers would like.Yes this could get fixed IMO.

        • magikwyrkz4u

          Good. Stand by your guns, because if they loose $$$ they will have to listen to us.

          • Raymond Bertrand

            The TV rating of the Lakers games is down 50% this season. Many of the season ticket holder that I know, are considering to stop going to the games. This parody of NBA team has to end.Lakers fans don’t deserve this.
            So, M.D’Antoni has to go. PERIOD.

    • Daniel

      I would be interested in buying those tickets from you if you do renew them. :)

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Yes i am still deciding but anything is possible still.If i don’t renew then it’s open for anyone not sure though.Might keep them.

        • Showtime818

          I am extremely jealous that you are a season ticket holder!

    • comrade24

      i read an article about this. Joe Smith, a long time season ticket holder who has 4 courtside seats was talking about not renewing his ticket for the same reason. In the team’s defense, they STILL have the latest renewal time of any other team in the league even after moving the date up, and said they were doing it so they could better prepare for promotions for next season. That said, i agree if i was in your position i would be hesitant to renew this early as well. I can only watch games on League Pass, but this is the first season where i haven’t been glued to my tv for 9 months of the year watching Lakers games almost every night. There were exciting moments but overall very boring season.

    • Dmak1973

      I am a season ticket holder as well, and I will NOT be renewing!

    • hookedonnews

      Apparently you haven’t been listening to what Mitch Kupchak is saying. It’s going to be next summer before any major free agent moves are made. LeBron is not coming to LA. If there was any chance of that I’m sure they would do what they could to get him, but Kobe’s contract will not be helpful.

      This mess you’re talking about has mostly been about a team full of players on one-year contracts and an unprecedented number of injuries. You’re not alone in believing that MDA is responsible for the lousy season although logic would dictate otherwise.

      I’ve never heard of fans not supporting their team because they didn’t like the coach. That’s your business of course, but I find it bizarre. There are plenty of fans who support their teams through thick and thin who wouldn’t even think of giving up season tickets because they weren’t happy with a coach. If they fire MDA I hope you’re happy with the next guy because there’s no guarantee that he will better. The Lakers were still the 3rd highest draw on the road even without Kobe and with all the other injuries. It’s sad to think that other cities support the team more than some LA fans.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Well i heard he is getting fired this month.After the season ends a firing is imminent.

  • 3339

    take the question mark off this title.

  • Shannon

    Look at God! Forget a championship parade let’s just have one for him being fired!


    Lakers Front Office: For once, listen to the majority of the players, to your fan base, to your season ticket holders. Fire this idiot. He sucks. Players hate him, fans hate him. Players dont want to play for him. Listen to Carmelo. Listen to Pau. Listen to Jordan Hill. Listen to Chris Kaman. Screw him and his small ball. Screw him and his mind-set, thinking Sacre is better than Kaman and Hill. Screw him. He is known for his offense, which sucks. His defense sucks. So, whats his purpose? I can coach an offense, and tell my team to run, hurry and shoot threes with 17-18 seconds left on the shot clock. Screw it, pay me 4 million a year to do that. Heck, i’ll do it for just1 million, save you money. Screw D’Antoni, and screw you, Jim Buss.

    • vdogg

      so… what are you trying to say?

      • LAdude

        His handle/name says it all no?

      • Manuel Rivas

        He is trying to say that you are an IDIOT, if you don’t understand what he is trying to say.

    • jabbs

      Soooo true..He has his team playing the same ball you see at LA fitness, and if you notice all he says and screams is “lets go! lets go! lets go!” I would hire you over him in a second and we never met..

  • Gilbert

    I like Mike D as a coach, but he is not fit for the lakers. I say that because of his relationship with melo in NY, his playoff career, and his failing offensive schemes. Maybe injuries have alot to do with it, either way its not working out and the players are not confident in him. I honestly believe it should have been phil, brian shaw, or kurt rambis. Kurt rambis makes the most sense and has kobes respect! He wants to bring back glory to the city all while keeping it in the family! Kurt has the lakers best interest in mind, always has. The next two years will be exciting to see how we evolve. P.s. Mitch please draft dante exum!

    For the win…….

    Gilbert Millet-Rivera


    Mike D’Antoni’s offense last 2 seasons: Kobe hurt. Nash hurt. Farmar hurt, Xavier hurt. Pau hurt. Hill hurt. Kaman hurt. Young hurt. Bazemore hurt. Meeks hurt. Dwight, a lil girl, but hurt. Good Job, coach.

    • Josh

      Um… Nash was hurt by an opposing player. Pau has been dealing with injuries for years. Dwight was hurt before he ever showed up. All the other injuries could easily be blamed on overuse or just playing more minutes than they’re used to because they are carrying the loads of all the other injured players.

  • AC52

    8 more days Lakers nation….8 more days…

    • Josh

      I’ve never anticipated exit interviews as much as I do this year! I’m getting so excited!

  • Serena Lover

    I like Serena Winters. She is ohhh-so-sexxxy. Whats up Serena, say hello to me. :)

    • comrade24

      Her and Jeanie Buss both. lol

    • Manuel de la Torre Arojo

      Do you like her fat ass as well ? Um !!!

  • cyborgspider

    LOL last week it was “Team Leaning Towards Keeping”. Until something actually happens, we’re going to be saturated with these types of articles

  • Browns A D’Asstoni


    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      Available from some D-bags for $39.99

  • Michael N. Norris

    fire the bum

  • Al Haldie

    One of the things I do not understand , is when asked a question – about Players – the first thing he said is I don’t know I will have to ask so and so , and see – these are his players and he knows nothing about any of them – that’s not a coach, that’s not even a fan of the players…

  • magikwyrkz4u

    I will believe it when I see it. And I will be happy if it is true.

  • Zimmeredge

    it’s about time!

  • Marty Susman

    A. Fire this high school coach & bring in the man you want moving forward & that means a coach with a past of winning kore then he lost & a coach that other players would want to play for.That is not a college coach or a failed former NBA coach. This is the time to bring in a Doc Rivers type coach…..
    B. Regardless of war anyone says, this coach cost Kobe since the coach allowed him to play until he was hurt & he benched Pau & began his downwards trend. (Nash was a stupid mistake made by the front office, he was crippled & still is only worse, trade him, dump him but don’t let him come back as a player)
    C. Try & get Gasol traded for either draft picks or a small forward who can shoot the ball. Ryan Kelly is good enough for next year until we get Kevin Love in 2015 free agency.
    D. Remember the NUMBER ONE player we NEED is a POINT guard who can compete with the Western Conference points. A point should be the #1goal for the draft pick with a center being #2.
    E. The two centers we should go after are Brook Lopez & Greg Monroe. We need one of them on board this summer & that would bring our center position up to above par.
    F. If my a miracle we get the kid from down under, great but we need a point in the draft. Maybe we can trade the picked player to the Cav’s for Irving. We NEED a r=true, fast, defense minded, shot making passing POINT !!!!!!!
    G. As for a coach, the Van Gundy brothers, Karl, Sloan, Scott, McMillian or Jackson if Golden State dumps him meaning there are plenty of good coach’s out their in NBA land.

  • jabbs

    The day he got hired he said he was “Surprised” that is him basically saying i am no good for this job from the get go…Half way through the season he tells laker fans if they dont like something to root for another team…Gets all of his own players injured..benches Kaman & Gasol..HATES J. Hill..thinks Sacre is best player on the team..This dude cant even coach a FREAKEN JV high school team!!

  • Kwame Brown

    Till i see BREAKING NEWS: D’ANTONI FIRED AS LAKERS HEAD COACH by ESPN, 710ESPN, and not Broussard, Stephen A. Smith, or TMZ, then I won’t pop champagne yet. And I’m going to guess, the lakers will have an idea come draft day, and maybe as soon as they have their exit interviews.

  • Jay Brodes

    thank G-d!!! good riddance….what we waiting for??

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dion-Richardson/1201967847 Dion Richardson

    Byron Scott should be the next head coach! He has Kobe’s respect and he took a Nets team TWICE to the Finals (only to be beaten by Kobe & the Lakers and the next year by the Spurs) and had the Hornets as strong playoff contenders…also beaten by Kobe and the Lakers…

  • Valter Orjonikidze

    Mike D’Antoni has to go. There is no way, Lakers fans to endure another year, another season like this one. No way. The changes has to start right after the season end. If D’Antoni comes back, many of the current FA’s on our team will leave – J.Hill and P.Gasol among them. And no quality free agent will choose to play for this shit. The team has to hire a defense oriented coach and start building the roster from this summer. We can not wait till 2015 or 2016.

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