Lakers Rumors: Team Leaning Toward Keeping Mike D’Antoni Next Season

Lakers Rumors: Team Leaning Toward Keeping Mike D’Antoni Next Season


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With the Los Angeles Lakers eliminated from the playoffs since March and headed for their worst franchise record in 54 years, there has been speculation that the team may move in a different direction with head coach Mike D’Antoni.

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However, Bleacher Report’s Kevin Ding says the franchise is leaning toward retaining D’Antoni, who has one more guaranteed season left on his Lakers contract:

“D’Antoni has one more guaranteed season left on his Lakers contract, and the club is leaning toward retaining him despite some privately disgruntled players and massive public disdain. It’s not clear which way the Lakers will go with him.”

After firing Mike Brown five games into the season last year and not hiring Phil Jackson, D’Antoni has been heavily criticized since his arrival. With a franchise that is unaccustomed to losing, it has been a frustrating season to say the least. However, injuries have completely derailed the past two seasons and Kobe Bryant recently mentioned that D’Antoni hasn’t gotten a fair shake because of it.

With eight games remaining in the season, it will be an interesting off-season for the Lakers. With the franchise determined to turn it around as soon as this off-season, they will have the opportunity to do so with ample cap room and a high pick in this year’s highly anticipated draft.
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  • BlackJack Charles

    Lakers Rumors: Team Leaning Toward Keeping Mike D’Antoni Next Season
    Actual quote from piece:

    It’s not clear which way the Lakers will go with him.”


    • Kobe Bryant

      It hurts me to even see those words ” Leaning toward keeping”. I think I am going to throw-up.

  • YB

    WHY THE F*** WOULD GUYS WANT TO KEEP HIM???? COME ON LAKERS FO!!! If you guys want to improve the team, then you’re gonna have to attract free agents and the first step to that is letting this guy go. COME ON!!!

    • Tyree

      Thank you

    • Gelo

      Only reason FO would be keeping him around is to re-build through the draft this season and next. If Lakers intend to tank next season, then DAnotni is their guy. He’s such a bad coach, Lakers would be guaranteed a top 5 pick in the 2015 draft. Also, the pick next year is top 5 protected. Anything outside the top 5 would go to Phoenix.

      • $20509373

        That’s probably it. They resigned Kobe to continue to sell tickets and are planning a long term rebuild. And since Kobe’s contract is too big he’s stuck on the sinking titanic until retirement.

      • alex s

        We don’t know how those five picks gonna be playing if you have a damned coach. Why would you put Sacre first rather than Jordan Hill. Simple as that.

      • Bradley Parham

        Hello lakers don’t have a Draft pic in 2015 it belongs to phoenix so won’t be any tanking fire his ass I’m getting sick of this buss family already Kobe needs to threaten them

        • Gelo

          The 2015 pick is top 5 protected. If they play bad enough, which i know they can considering they maybe coached by Dantoni, they can land in the top 5 and keep their pick. Outside of 5, then it goes to Phoenix.

        • K.DURANT


    • hookedonnews

      They’re not looking to pick up free agents this year. That will come later in 2015 & 2016. Why have another coach on the payroll who isn’t coaching for you? D’Antoni is good with young players. The team next season probably won’t be much different than this year’s team, although hopefully they will be healthy (or healthier). If D’Antoni is able to have a good season with some healthy players they can make the decision then whether to keep him. It doesn’t make financial sense to do otherwise. I realize fans think it’s no problem to pay $4 million to a coach you’ve fired, and then have to pay another coach, but it’s not their money. And for those who will pipe up and ask for Rambis, I’ll just say that his track record as a head coach is not inspiring. There’s no way I would give him that job. Why would you want to keep D’Antoni? Because he hasn’t had a fair shot because of injuries, and because they’re going to have to pay him regardless.

      • nlruizjr

        then why wasn’t that logic applied to M. Brown, he wasn’t given a fair shot either.

        • hookedonnews

          When the Lakers acquired Nash & Howard they were thinking they had a limited window to possibly win a championship. A lot of people were disappointed with the way the season ended the year before. The team lost every preseason game and were like 1-4 in the regular season. They were looking at the Princeton offense which made Steve Nash irrelevant and clearly wasn’t working. People in the past have argued about that statement, but they weren’t winning games even though they had 3 of the best players in the league. Brown was also putting players through 4 1/2 hour practices which is not what you want to do when you have Howard just off back surgery and older players like Nash, Kobe & MWP. That’s the reason he was fired. They felt like they didn’t have the time to wait for Brown to figure it out, and they wanted a coach who would let Nash run the offense instead of passing the ball after crossing mid-court and disappearing. They also probably though they had a better chance of keeping Howard if they won a few games. Of course, no one foresaw the injuries, the Kobe/Howard drama, etc. But that’s hindsight. If Brown had ditched the Princeton when he found out Nash was coming, he would probably still have his job in LA. Not one person in a 100 understood why he would want to run that offense with a PG like Nash on the team.

          • 3339

            mike brown did not deserve to be fired for dantoni

          • hookedonnews

            I didn’t say he was fired for MDA. I said he was fired because they lost 11 in a row, and he was using an offense that clearly wasn’t going to give them what they wanted. Didn’t take an Einstein to figure out that the Princeton was a mistake. He had no one to blame but himself.

          • Josh

            I agree with everything you’re saying here except for the Kobe/Howard drama. I think everyone expected for Kobe to not get along with a clown like Dwight Howard.

          • hookedonnews

            Yes, that was fairly predictable.

  • $20509373

    Well, time to get ready for yet another season at the bottom of the West. Keeping D’antoni is the equivalent of suicide. He can’t coach on the NBA level. The only people who thinks he can are in the Lakers front office. A lot of people were talking about competing now for Kobe; that’s dead now. No decent free agent will play here while D’antoni is coaching. Unless the draft lottery is rigged we won’t be getting any top prospects. Instead of blaming the usual suspects (Jimbo and Mitch) I’m going to blame Jeanie for continuing to allow them to run this team into the ground.

    • 3339

      “keeping D’antoni is the equivalent of suicide”
      Thats probably the best way to say it man.

      • Daspin

        Keeping D’Antoni is like playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded pistol. The outcome can be predicted with astounding accuracy.

    • hookedonnews

      Where is your proof that no free agent would want to play for D’Antoni? Just saying it doesn’t make it true. The view of D’Antoni outside of LakerNation is a lot different than the view here. Plus they’re not going after FA’s this season. That will come after MDA’s contract expires. The team is rebuilding. This is not the first time that has happened in LA. There’s no reason for this Chicken Little routine. We’re at the bottom of the West because we have had way more injuries than any other team. Not sure why that fact seems to escape the notice of so many. The fact that we’ve been competitive at all is a minor miracle considering the roster. Get a grip.

      • $20509373

        My proof? Dwight Howard left partly because D’Antoni is the coach. Melo openly bashed D’Antoni’s system while he was in NY. Where is your proof that decent free agents want to play for D’Antoni? Funny how that fallacy works. Oh and your injuries excuse won’t cut it either. The Atlanta Hawks have had just as many injuries as we’ve had and yet they still have more wins than we do. Want to know the difference? Coaching. Coaches make adjustments when things don’t go there way. Not shoe horn players into a failed system. Lastly, the fact that you consider 25 wins “competitive” is laughable. And your telling me to get a grip? Put the pipe down first and then we can talk.

        • hookedonnews

          If you’ll check my comment I didn’t say that free agents would want to play for D’Antoni. I asked for your proof that they wouldn’t. So much for your fallacy. I will tell you that I have heard NBA commentators say that guys love to play for D’Antoni, and a lot of the players on this year’s team have said so. Amare Stoudemire, Joe Johnson, and Shawn Marion have made millions after playing in D’Antoni’s system and never really duplicated the success they had with him. D’Antoni is easy to play for if you’re not a selfish ball-stopper or someone who wants the team run your way.

          Sorry, but your figures are not correct. The Hawks have not had the same amount of injuries, and they play in the East. I’m not a Hawks fan so I don’t follow them that closely. I can tell you that every NBA expert I’ve heard says that what has happened to the Lakers this season is practically unprecedented. Do they have a guy who was in the D-League at the beginning of the season starting at PG? I don’t know what it is with people who want to pretend that all the missed games by Kobe, Nash, Farmar, Young, Henry, Meeks, etc. are irrelevant. Then there is Gasol who came into the season off knee procedures, out of shape, etc. and has only in the last month been really effective (when he didn’t have vertigo or a respiratory infection). The Lakers brought in 7 new players to begin the season (most of whom weren’t having All-Star careers) and were playing better than expected when the string of injuries began. At one point there were no real PGs healthy, and I’m sure you remember the game where Sacre had to play after he fouled out because they had no one to go in for him. These are facts that an impartial observer would have no problem recognizing.

          When I said being competitive, I meant playing hard and competing on a decent level even when they were completely out-matched and out-manned. Jeff Van Gundy and Jerry West are among those who have said that D’Antoni has done a good job considering what he’s had to deal with and both specifically mentioned the fact that the players were playing hard and being competitive. Look at the roster. Most people before this season had no clue who 99% of these guys were. And if you believe no adjustments have been made, you haven’t been watching. Sure there have been bad losses and blowouts, but there have also been games where they have played really well against great teams. It’s hard to maintain any consistency when you have a new player going down every week.

          Carmelo Anthony is a selfish player who is probably going to send Mike Woodson to the unemployment line. He gets his numbers while the team loses. George Karl has said many people in the NBA don’t believe you can win a championship with him. Why is that? Because he refuses to be a team player. He’ll do it for a game or two, but he slips back into the same patterns and everyone is standing around watching him. He’s not good enough to win consistently playing that way. Kobe can do that at times, but Anthony isn’t as good as Kobe.

          Howard left primarily because of Kobe. He couldn’t handle another 3 years with Kobe breathing down his neck. Plus he knew he’d never be the star in LA as long as Kobe was there. He might have preferred Phil to MDA, but no one believes that is the main reason he left who was paying attention.

          This failed system is being used throughout the NBA. Why don’t you google a recent interview with Eric Spoestra who spoke about the fact that their offense is based on MDA’s system.

          I don’t have a pipe. I don’t like 25 wins anymore than anyone else does. The difference is that I’m not blinded by hatred for D’Antoni and able to understand the realities of the situation. Even Greg Popovich has had a 20 win season. It takes players to win no matter how great the coach.

          • $20509373

            I checked your comment. You assumed I had no evidence of players not wanting to play for D’Antoni. I gave my proof. I simply asked for your proof since you seem to be so high on D’Antoni. Let’s ask Amare how his knees have held up thanks to D’Antoni’s system.Since D’Antoni’s system is so successful how come he’s been laid off time and time again? How come he doesn’t have any rings on his fingers?

            While I’m not a fan of the Hawks I am a fan of basketball. I read up on just about everything. The Hawks lost their franchise player in Al Horford for the season. Paul Milsap and Jeff Teague have been in and out of the lineup all year. They’ve also lost key rotation players like John Jenkins. Gustavo Ayon, and Demmare Carroll. Their best offensive weapons are Lou Williams chucking everything and Kyle Korver shooting from the corner. That’s literally it for them. Also, it doesn’t matter if they play in the east. They’r still playing professionals and have beaten us this season. No matter how you put it, a hawks team led by Lou Williams and Kyle Korver are better than we are.

            Oh and how can you say we’re playing hard when your favorite coach in the world just accused players on this team of going for their own personal stats? Kaman, Hill, and Gasol want nothing to do with him. He’s obviously lost the locker room. And once again, I don’t consider getting destroyed by 48 competitive. But I guess in your world losing by 3 to the Bucks (who only have 14 wins to speak of) is competitive enough for you.

            Everything you said about Melo is true, but has nothing to do with our discussion. I simply pointed out that he’d never play for D’Antoni again. I didn’t ask for a psych evaluation or what other people think about him. Howard stated that he would have put up with Kobe had Phil been the coach. He and D’Antoni openly clashed while they were both here.

            It’s ironic that this system is being used throughout the NBA and yet the originator can’t even win with it. I strongly remember Spoelstra saying he molded his offense off of Chip Kelly’s (Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles) Oregon offense. I looked for Spoelstra’s interview praising D’Antoni and to no surprise it doesn’t exist.

            Blinded by hatred? No, I’m just going off of facts.Facts that D’Antoni isn’t nearly the innovator or great coach you make him out to be. But if you like D’Antoni and what little he does for this team, then by all means do that. That’s your opinion. But I know better.

          • nlruizjr

            Amen, father please pass the wine, Dantoni isn’t fit to coach in the NBA, maybe he and his useless brother can go to a Middle School somewhere, although I doubt they would want him there also !!!! So True, no rings !!!!! How in the Hell the Lakers got sucked into this coach is beyond apprehension.

          • hookedonnews

            Amare went to the Knicks knowing D’Antoni was the coach. Do you think he blamed him for his knee problems? What about Andrew Bynum and the numerous other players who’ve had knee problems? Was that due to playing for MDA? Amare played football in high school. How do you know that didn’t have something to do with his bad knees? Or genetics? Where are the chronic knee problems on the rest of the Suns players?

            You still haven’t given any proof that free agents wouldn’t want to play for D’Antoni.

            D’Antoni left the Suns because he had a great offer from the Knicks, and he left the Knicks because he was tired of dealing with Carmelo Anthony. He wasn’t “laid off” at either place. He doesn’t have any rings because he’s only coached one team that was good enough to win, and they couldn’t get past the Spurs. If you know the history of those years, the suspensions of Diaw & Stoudemire were crucial in that one series with the Spurs, and there are other factors such as the injuries to Stoudemire & Joe Johnson. You don’t have to win a ring to be a good coach. I don’t think anyone would argue that Jerry Sloan was not a great coach, and there are plenty of others without a ring.

            How many games have Teague & Milsap played? Trying to compare the Lakers & the Hawks doesn’t work. Nash has played 12 games and Kobe 6. That is your top scorer and your PG, the most important player in a D’Antoni system. All of their better players have missed weeks and months, and Gasol was less than 100% most of the season. And they play in the West.

            Playing hard and playing selfishly are not mutually exclusive. When did that start? When Bazemore and Brooks arrived. It disrupted the chemistry, and they were a little over-zealous because they were getting an opportunity to show their wares. It’s also something that naturally occurs when players are on one year contracts and looking to make a mark, and the season is drawing to a close.

            No, he has not lost the locker room. Maybe you should read the comments that Kaman made today defending him. Hill has also said he’s a good coach. His only complaint is wanting more minutes. He got plenty tonight so he should be happy. Gasol is not crazy about the system, but to say he (or anyone else) wants nothing to do with him is way over the top. There are plenty of players who have said how much they enjoy playing for him. You have to look for those comments. They don’t splash them across the headlines like they do the negative stuff which hardly ever turns out to match the headlines on the articles.

            I think I’ve already explained what I meant by competitive.

            When did I say MDA was my favorite coach in the world? Stop assuming things that are not in evidence. Just because I think he’s a good coach and getting a bum rap from most fans doesn’t mean that I think he’s the best coach in the league. I realize it’s rare for someone to make a positive statement about him on these threads. That doesn’t mean that I think he’s the best thing to ever hit town or that I agree with every decision he makes.

            You’re the one who brought up Melo. I was just telling you why there was a problem with the Knicks.

            Hypotheticals about what Howard would have done if Phil had been hired are pointless. He wasn’t, and Howard left because of Kobe. And no, he and MDA had no open clashes. If you knew anything about Howard you would know that he kept his mouth shut, even when he was called out by Kobe. D’Antoni is not a confrontational coach.

            Sorry, but the Spoelstra interview has been mentioned on these threads by other people, not just me. Not my fault you can’t find it. It hasn’t been that long ago. And I don’t need to make up stuff to make my point. I’ve even heard comments in Spurs games pointing out how Popovich was influenced by MDA. I’m sure that sounds like heresy to you, but that was a professional making that comment not some fan who hates D’Antoni because they wanted Phil and can’t understand why the team is losing although it ought to be obvious.

            Your facts are faulty. I’m not the person who said D’Antoni had transformed the NBA. And he has won plenty of games with his system when he had the players to do it. Of course no one is happy with what has gone down this season, but to pretend things would have been altogether different with another coach is beyond a stretch.

          • $20509373

            Was it playing high school football? Was it the harsh minutes and wear and tear in D’Antoni’s system? Was it Santa Claus? I’ll refer to you on this one since you seem to be a doctor. As far as the Suns other players knee problems, I’ll refer to Steve Nash and leave it at that.

            I’ve given enough proof, but I see you admiration for D’Antoni will not let you digest it. Let’s just move on.

            D’antoni basically left before he was fired in both spots. The suns and D’antoni knew he would never get over with the same roster in Phoenix. Changes were coming whether he left or not. He resigned from the Knicks for the same reason. The Knicks had already pushed one foot out the door and Melo wanted nothing to do with him. Even though he wasn’t “laid off” to the exact definition his time in both spots ran up.

            Funny how you just forget about Al Horford missing most of the season, but that’s okay because my point is still the same. No matter how you paint it they are better than we are off the backs of Lou Williams and Kyle Korver.

            Players gunning for personal stats, Hill wanting out if he has a similar role next season, Gasol speaking out against D’Antoni, Kobe speaking out against D’Antoni, Kaman flip flopping. Yup, everything is great in the Lakers locker room. D’Antoni has it completely under control.

            Yes you’ve explained your take on competitiveness. As long as we can stay in the game against good teams we’re fine. 25 wins and all.

            While you didn’t say D’Antoni is your favorite coach in the world you sure are going through great lengths to defend him. Like I said before, if you like him that’s your business. But let’s not act like he’s been doing a fine job. 25 wins isn’t fine, playing piss poor defensively isn’t fine, and ignoring and alienating players isn’t fine.

            You asked for proof and I presented Melo. Then you respond by going off topic.

            Hypothetical or not those words came out of Howard’s mouth. He preferred Phil to D’Antoni and may have stayed if he were coaching. Howard kept it professional once he left, but it was a different story while he was here. He was taking veiled pot shots at Kobe and D’Antoni all year. You must not have been paying attention.

            Did another search for your mythical Spoelstra quote and didn’t find anything. I’ll check again some other time, but he did model the Heat offense after the Oregon Ducks Football offense. He even went out and consulted with Chip Kelly. But let’s ignore that so we can give D’Antoni credit. Oh and it’s funny how every time a team goes small ball it’s automatically “influenced by D’Antoni” in your eyes and in the eyes of the commentators.

            Also, apparently I hate D’Antoni because I don’t agree with you. Yeah okay buddy. But you’re right about one thing, why we are losing is obvious. We have a below average roster, with a below average coach, and poor management since the passing of Dr. Buss.

            My facts are shaky? No, they probably just hit home a little to hard for you. My username says it all. Just roll over. D’Antoni did win a lot of games with his system……8 years ago. Come join us in the present where the game has evolved. The game has passed him by. He can’t coach on this level anymore. Would things be different under another coach? We’ll never know.

          • Sam Saab

            Dude you shouldnt be sticking up for MDA this much. The fact that magic and Kobe want him out says enough. He is not a championship caliber coach and will never win a championship. A good coach wouldnt give sacre more minutes then kaman or Hill or change the starting lineup more than 30 times in a season.MDA’s offense is good in spurts but will never be consistent. we cant always rely on 3’s and his offense effects defense as Defense is almost non existent. I put the blame on MDA for kobes achilles tear. we all know kobe gets his way but any other coach would protect his players and not let him play 48 minutes while he was very fatigued and getting banged up play after play. its sad kobes career will end a couple years earlier because of MDA.

          • Gekko

            The real truth is veiled. I really don’t care what it says in the articles. These guys have 20 microphones in their face and people are clinging to every word they say and then analyzing it afterwards. Professionals realizes this and are guarded about they say. You are never going to get their real thoughts.

            What you need to look at is actions. That is the real truth.

            MDA is a great coach on the offensive side of the floor. He puts up huge numbers. He always has put up huge offensive numbers. Nobody talked about Nash as an MVP until he got into MDA’s system. A lot of the smaller players that are not stars realize their numbers will inflate in his system. Of course they love him. The bigger guys do not like him as much unless they are the type of big that can run the floor.

            The flaw with MDA is that rings have always been won on the defensive side of the court. MDA points allowed is higher than most other coaches.

            The FO seems to be interested in duplicating the Showtime years. Nothing wrong with that. I like that era better than the Kobe and Shaq era. HOWEVER, Pat Riley’s showtime was based on defense and get an easy bucket on a fast break.

            I am sure MDA thinks a lot about defense as well. Its just that you sacrifice so much when you go small. You give the other team second attempts due to rebounds and points in the paint. MDA gets way too much bad press as a resul of it. Really any coach would have had a hard time with all of injuries on the team. However, as I mentioed above, I think his system is flawed. Nearly every Laker ring, if not all, has been based upon a dominant center anchoring the defense.

        • Josh

          The Hawks’ most games missed this season:

          Al Horford has missed 45 games
          Lou Williams has missed 20 games
          Kyle Korver has missed 10 games

          The Lakers’ most games missed this season:

          Kobe Bryant has missed 69 games
          Steve Nash has missed 62 games
          Jordan Farmar has missed 39 games

          I’ll take a wild guess and say 170 > 75.

          • $20509373

            I’ll take a wild guess as well. 32 wins>25 wins.

          • Josh

            Yes, a below average roster in the East has won more games than a D-League roster in the West. Quit comparing other teams’ injuries to the Lakers. No other team (or coach) has had to deal with this many injuries to key players.

      • 3339

        Dude get off your knees and stop blowing dantoni.

        • hookedonnews

          You are so predictable.

          • 3339

            no, you are. dantoni has turned the Lakers into a mess and you’re treating him like he’s the best coach in basketball history.

          • Chrmngblly

            He has found his purpose in life: defending MDA. Pathetic.

          • hookedonnews

            That’s the kind of irrationality that permeates this fan-base (at least on LakersNation), and when I try to bring some sanity to the discussion I’m accused of thinking D’Antoni is the best coach in basketball history. No, he’s not the best coach in history or in the league right now, but he’s not responsible for the record of this injury-riddled team either. Has he been perfect? No. I’m not aware of any coach who’s decisions haven’t been second-guessed at times. He can only work with what he’s got, and right now that’s not going to get you very far.

          • Chrmngblly

            You are a serious Butt-kisser, though, hook…

      • nlruizjr

        Have you heard of any FA’s wanting to come to play for the Lakers, especially “Bigs”, infact there is a strong possibility that Gasol, Kaman and Hill will not return of Dantoni stays, it makes more sense for the Lakers to eat Dantoni’s contract rather than lose more revenue because of Dantoni, plus injuries are only part of the equation, the Lakers are not the only team with injuries, it has to do with poor coaching and a poor system that does not work with this roster, Dantoni has been trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and it just doesn’t work but he’s to dumb to realize it, along with some of the FO !!!!!

        • hookedonnews

          There’s no guarantee those players will stay even if MDA leaves because the Lakers aren’t going to want to hand out a lot of money. You seem to believe they would not return if he’s the coach, but none of them have said that. Kaman came out and defended him today.

          No team has had the number of games missed due to injury that the Lakers have had. Yes, this system works with this roster. Even Gasol & Kaman can play in it, but it’s better that they’re not on the floor at the same time. Hill has had career numbers playing in it, and has said he can play in any system. Kaman recently had a great game in this system. Look at the roster. Do you really believe a different system would transform these guys into an elite team? Almost every night it seems someone else goes out. Get one player back and another goes down.

          I don’t know of any FA bigs who have said they wouldn’t play for MDA. Most bigs these days fit fine in D’Antoni’s system because they are good outside shooters and they can run the floor. I can definitely see Tyson Chandler in LA. He and Jeremy Lin played well together in MDA’s system, and he’s a good defensive center.

  • Godfrey Uche

    If Lakers retains MD next season, they will definitely miss play-off.

  • lakerfan0

    I mean…for real?

  • meep

    Who knows if he will even come back. He could leave for Marshall for all we know

  • 3339

    April fools was yesterday.

  • APrince66

    Ffs D’antonis fast style is causing the injuries. Slow the fn pace, play d, and rotate the bench into more minutes. The guy is terrible and more suited for a jv squad.

    • hookedonnews

      I’m pretty sure if you thought about this you would realize it’s not true. How many teams in the league play this style offense? Most of them play some form of it. How many of them have 260+ games lost to injury? Even the Spurs push the pace, and they’ve got their share of older players. Colliding with another player and breaking a bone (Nash, Kobe, Young) can happen in any system. Same for getting tangled up with another player and twisting your ankle, groin injuries, hamstrings, etc. No one in the league plays in slow motion. They’re all required to run up and down the court, and the teams who play the Lakers have to play at the same pace. Where are all the injuries? They were playing an 11-man rotation until the injuries started. No one is playing major minutes now even with the injuries.

    • Bradley Parham

      The triangle was always the best fit after the show time Lakers this system he’s running causes hammies and a lot of leg injuries as shown this season I want a slower pace again triangle

  • Pope Chuck Paul

    only reason i think why they may keep md and nash is because they both have a year left. after that klove is a free agent as well. carmelo is out the picture this year though if md stays. melo didnt like md in ny. just my opinion. i’d fire him tho.

  • Boogey

    i may turn my back on them until he’s gone. can’t take this uptempo crap, it only works if a 6’8 PG named LeBron James is on your team, it’s like monkeys are running the franchise now

    • Daryl Peek

      Real fans ride regardless.

      • $20509373

        Bad times are when the true fans stand up and fake fans step aside. Let him go.

        • Gary

          The Fake Laker fans are the Kobe Fans. Those who would willingly mortgage the next 12yrs just for the sake of the final 2yrs of Kobe’s career to try and get him no.6 (w

          • $20509373

            Completely agree. I’ve been saying for months now that mortgaging the future for Kobe is idiotic.

          • Josh

            I’m a Lakers fan first. I’m not sure if there’s been a single season since Kobe came aboard that I would even consider him my favorite player on the team. However, for a legendary player of Kobe’s stature, if the Lakers have an opportunity to help elevate Kobe’s legacy even higher, I don’t mind them doing it. The Lakers have pretty much always operated with a “Win Now” mentality, and it’s worked out pretty well for them…31 Finals appearances in about 65 years. 16 championships. Longest Finals drought was eight years after Magic’s unexpected retirement.

            So I say keep it up. Win now and worry about the future tomorrow.

      • ra

        But, a true fan doesn’t just ‘shut up and take it’. A true fan will continue to complain and criticize. Ever hear the phrase, “Dem Bums”? It was in reference to the LA Dodgers years and years ago. It was a phrase that ‘fans would say’, in complaint of the team. But, it didn’t mean they weren’t fans. They expected to win. (It was a throwover from the Brooklyn Dodgers).

        And, we, as ‘LA Laker fans’, are PART of the Lakers brand. We ‘expect’ Championships, because that is the Lakers brand. We have earned our entitlement. So, I’ll sit back, and complain, and expect. If it doesn’t play out the way I like, I’ll give them the raspberry. But, I will still (and always) be a fan. (Have been for many many years).

        • Daryl Peek

          You have the right to vent as you please. I may not agree with much of the details of your rants but that’s your right. I tend to look at things from a calmer perspective as I’ve been a Lakers fan since 1976. Losing for the Lakers, while rare is not a complete aberration. I became a Laker fan off the heels of a down time for the franchise just like this season…

          The 74-75 Lakers went 30-52. They had just won the NBA championship in 72-73. The great Bill Sharman was the HC from 71-76. The following players from the championship team were still on roster in that horrid 74-75 season; Pat Riley, Gail Goodrich, Happy Hariston & Jim Price. All of these guys were heavy contributors to the 73 championship, and considered Laker legends. Lucius Allen, Connie Hawkins, Cazzie Russell, Elmore Smith and Stu Lantz were all added to the team to help make up for the retirement of West & Chamberlin. Those guys were very good players also. The Ship turned around fairly quickly as the next season they went 40-42 then Sharman moved into the FO as GM and West took over the team as HC, as KAJ was acquired.

          Injuries were not a factor on that team as it has been for this one. Goodrich, the best player in 74, played 72 games that season unlike Kobe’s 6. I just can’t roll with the panic mode when I’ve seen so many ups and downs in the ebbs and flows of this franchise. From Jack Kent Cooke, who was a complete tight wad as an owner, to Dr. Jerry Buss who was often too loose in his spending but luckily had West to help him. Mistakes have been made by all of the Lakers brass I’ve seen dating back to 76 and earlier. Jimmy, Jeanie and Mitch are just getting started post Dr. Buss, patience’s is the keyword right now.

        • jnuttz


    • Devon Samuels²⁴

      & don’t come back! Daryl said it best Real Fans ride regardless L4L even through good and bad times

  • Josh

    I still think the Lakers will part ways with MDA after the season. Not because he deserves to be fired, but because they need a fresh start after the way this season has gone.

    The front office has a tough decision to make either way on MDA. If they fire him, that will be five consecutive coaches not named Phil Jackson who were fired before their contracts were up. What kind of message does that send to other potential coaching candidates? Win now or your fired? Good luck hiring an experienced coach if that is your recruiting line. If they keep him, Pau, CK, and Hill are all gone and the most vocal of the fan base will be livid. I wouldn’t want to be Jim or Jeanie on this one.

    • Chris Lilly

      im pretty sure they wouldnt give a damn about what the fans say. We been complaining all season and they still have faith in this clown. What in the hell have he accomplished??? NOTHING!!! If u cant coach a super like melo, shaq, and stoudemire then u dont deserve to even tell Kobe what to do. D’antoni should be fired and if im kobe and that clown is still in LA, I’d ask for a trade. Im a laker fan but i’ll always ride with kobe. He deserves one more ring

      • Josh

        Melo is one of the most overrated players of all time. Shaq had much-better-than-expected seasons under D’Antoni, everyone thought Amare was a superstar in the making under D’Antoni. Maybe they will keep MDA just to make sure Melo stays in New York.

  • Lakers Fan

    The FO of the Lakers will lose all respect from some of the players, fans, and others if they keep MDA beyond this season. With coaches out there with better resumes, it would be foolish for them to even entertain this idea. We can say he hasnt had a fair hand with all the injuries, but MDA is not cut out to be the head coach of this team. This will also scare potential free agents away from us. Im hoping this is just smoke being blown, but if its not we are in for another frustrating, defenseless season.

    • $20509373

      Injuries are no longer an excuse. Look at what Mike Budenholzer is doing in Atlanta. They lost their franchise players and countless others and yet he’s competing with scraps. They still have more wins than we do and may even find themselves as the eight seed in the weak east.

  • MrJoepch .

    Which is why I stopped watching the Lakers after 40 yrs. Jimbo Bust is either blind or too stupid to realize it. As a first time owner, the Lakers will miss the playoffs and had the worse beating ever by almost 50pts to LA and lets not forget “We’re tanking” for the first time in Lakers history. What’s next move the LAKERS to another city??? Way to go Jimbo Stupid Bust!

  • Lakersfan 8-24

    COME ON, 3 superstar wants him out, i mean OUT, dont bring him back, make him take the College Coaching job, and find the lakers a real coach like Jerry Sloan or George Karl, sheesh it may be Kobe next season so give him the next season and try to win the Championship

    • hookedonnews

      What 3 superstars would that be? Kobe said he hadn’t been given a fair shot, and Gasol hasn’t said anything about wanting a coaching change. Maybe he would prefer another system, but chances are he’s not going to get that even with another coach). I don’t know of another superstar other than Nash, and I’m pretty sure he is not in favor of firing him. (If you’re talking about Howard, last time I checked he’s in Houston and has a track record of trying to get coaches fired.) Jerry Sloan has a job, and George Karl would not be that much different than MDA. Kobe will be Kobe regardless of who’s coaching. If you’re planning on a championship before the top FA’s are available in 2015/2016 you’re probably going to be disappointed no matter who’s coaching. This roster still needs some pieces. Of course, if Kobe comes back 100% and Nash can stay reasonably healthy who knows, but it would be a long shot at best. We need a defensive presence at the rim and better perimeter defense to have a realistic shot.

  • TheRisingBee

    Nice April Fools Joke Guys.

  • Guest

    I’m not sure if my blood pressure can deal with another year of Coach D’Antoni

  • purp&goldpride

    There should be an outrage by the fans if the Lakers want to sell us on this bs. No one likes dantoni, not kobe, gasol, hill, kaman….the fans. No one. No FA will sign here. What are they thinking seriously

  • purp&goldpride

    Roit or don’t but another ticket, jersey etc until the FO wants to hire someone who won’t tell their fanbase to root for another team.

  • Lakergirl

    They are CRAZY if they do….SMDGH

  • Lev Meas

    WHY????? so that all the players will be injured and no playing times for some great baller like Jordan Hills or Kaman again??? No big name players will sign with the Lakers then. Just go get more D-League players and call it done for the next few years already, ugh!!!!

    • chad

      Jordan Hll, Kaman, great ballers?!? Laker fans have completely lost it.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Plain in simple the Lakers are full blown rebuild mode right now,just look at the roster and it’s full of young players that have very little experience and most of them have bounced around the league at a young age and some are just on a 1 year deal and could be in the D-League again Sacre,Brooks fall into that category.

    This is a rebuild and the Lakers are desperate to sell out Staples Center while winning 20-30 games next season so playing MDA fast faced style offense might just keep the rabid LA Lakers fan base entertained enough to keep on coming back.It’s all about money and the Lakers don’t want to pay 3 different coaches while being in full rebuild mode.Accept it for what is i guess.I hate this move and i strongly disagree with Mike D’Antoni coming back but it is out of our control the Lakers give 2 shits about what we the fans think.SMFH!

  • Carlos


  • LakersHeatBeef

    Plain and simple i am expecting nothing from this Lakers FO they are not Jerry Buss and Jerry West they are Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak and they are on a different mission from Dad Buss.They are going into a long rebuild that will last much longer than we all hoped from the looks of it,unless a magical miracle happens this will take a while to fix up.But i will remain a Lakers fan through the tough times through thick and thin.I support the Lakers franchise.Go Lakers!

  • Devon Samuels²⁴


  • Vigs

    The guy can’t coach defense at all. How do they expect to win 40 games with this roster and him coaching. When you give up 120 pts a night it doesn’t matter how many injuries you have the team doesn’t have a defensive philosophy. The front office should accept the fact that they made a mistake and move on unless they are aiming for another high pick in the 2015 draft class. IF thats the case lose 45-50 games again, get a high pick, sign Love, then go for it with a new coach. But that means Kobe gets closer to retirement and another long year of unhappy fans.

    • Lev Meas

      The Lakers already gave up their 1st roung pick for 2015, so it doesn’t even matter.

      • $20509373

        Actually it’s top 5 protected.

    • Josh

      If Pat Riley, Greg Popovich, or Chuck Daly were coaching this D-league roster, they would still give up 100 points per game. The only reason they would seem any better would be because of playing a slower pace. D-leaguers cannot guard NBA players.

      • afs

        Not true at all… I can name some great individual defensive players on our team: Wes Johnson, Nick Young, Jordan Hill, and Ryan Kelly (gives most effort), and Sacre (although he shouldn’t be playing)…. but the problem is their team defense.. bad rotations, easy layups for the other team.. It seems like they aren’t even trying

        • Jett

          Shouldn’t “trying” to play defense be an automatic? Sure, a coach can place some philosophies and gameplans, but players when they step on the court should be expected to play some basic D at the very least. You go to any gym and watch some pick up 5 on 5 games and teams made up of complete strangers, and they play D and communicate and help out and all that. And they do that without a coach motivating them and yelling out instructions.

          • afs

            true, but can it be also part of their offense? When they make shots, they might have better defense… but when we’re off, jacking up shots.. it leads to easy baskets on the other end… our guys are tired and have to run up and down the court….

            also, we are NOT communicating and playing D lol… our guys look totally lost game in and game out… plus we put ryan kelly on guys like lamarcus aldridge

        • Josh

          Ryan Kelly has been a huge surprise to me this season. The draft analysis on him was that he was a three-point shooter and nothing more, but he is probably the team’s best defender. The other guys you named range from vastly overrated to downright terrible defenders.

          MDA coaches defense far more than Phil Jackson ever did as the Lakers coach, and even brought in an assistant to specifically focus on the defensive end of the floor. The difference is the players.




          Which lineup do you expect to play better defense???

          • afs

            Hold on a sec… Mike D’Antoni had the opportunity to coach Nash, Kobe, Metta, Pau, and Dwight … which to me is equally good as bynum, gasol, kobe, etc. as nash and fisher aren’t the best…. and personally, dwight might even be a better defender than bynum… but last season the lakers defense wasn’t that great either.

            in fact, i heard metta with an interview on espn 710.. when asked about how often they worked on defense in practice, he joked and said, “We worked on it, a little bit.” haha put it this way, metta wasn’t too fond of mike d’antonis defense… The reason why they were even somewhat good at defense last season was cause they did have great individual defenders like you said in metta and howard and kobe.

    • Tim

      So is the goal simply “All in for Kobe’s final two years to get him no. 6”? That kind of myopia is what will set the team even further back. The obligation should be for sustainability for the next decade, and not a quick sugar-rush for 2 years.

  • Rigged4fun

    D’Antoni stays: 1. The club stays where they are next season. 2. Several players like Jordan Hill, Pau Gasol, and Chris Kaman will leave. 3. Free agents will not want to come to LA.

    • Josh

      D’Antoni stays: 1. Young, unproven players come to play in LA. 2. Those players accrue some trade value. 3. Lakers reload through trades like they have for the last 40 years and have a solid roster in place for the next coach during Kobe’s 20th and final shot at #6.

  • Vigs

    Maybe Jim Buss and Mitch have there sights set on a High school senior who will become eligible by this time next year. Then this move makes sense because they will lose 50 games next year

  • Shannon

    So you’re calling Stephen A. Smith a liar then. lol

    • Daryl Peek

      Wouldn’t be the first time he’s been willfully wrong.

      • Shannon

        I don’t think so. Stephen has good sources he doesn’t just put random crap out there like Broussard. Plus if they were keeping him Jeanie wouldn’t be out doing interviews trying to reassure fans that things will change and get better. Kobe also wants him gone.

        • Daryl Peek

          Kobe never said he want D’Antoni gone. Please don’t do the Steven A. thing by misconstruing source quotes. Kobe said “I don’t know if MDA has earned another year as Lakers HC. He’s had so many injures the two seasons he’s been here. I don’t think he’s gotten a fair shake.”

          Of course Jeanie is out front trying to reassure the fan base. She also went against the wishes of most in not going against he dads will by removing Jimmy for Phil, her fiance. Neither Jeanie or Kobe has weighed in, in opposition of MDA for next season. Time will tell if he returns but I wouldn’t be surprised either way.

          • Shannon

            He didn’t outright say it but he basically said it. He also said I don’t know what they are going to do with him.

            What are you talking about? The Lakers is a family business. Do you know how much drama she would have caused by trying to remove her brother from his position? That’s just ridiculous. Why would she go against her fathers last wish? Most fans wanted Phil as coach, not head of basketball operations and Jimmy tried to get CP3 and successfully brought in Dwight..until he left of course but he hasn’t received a fair shake either.

          • Daryl Peek

            What I’m talking about is what Jeanie addressed which is the fever pitch you hear from most pundits, fans, and even Magic… Jim Buss needs to go. Phil is and has been done as a coach in the NBA ever since he retired in 2011. He asked for part time coaching duties last year coupled with FO power which has long been his goal with the Lakers. As Jeanie told us, there’s no place for him in the FO given the stake he wants. Dr. Buss also didn’t want Phil in the FO either.

    • comrade24

      most… annoying… pudit…. EVER

      • comrade24


      • Shannon

        Meh he doesn’t bother me THAT much.

  • Jay

    I will disown this team if Jim Buss does some stupid crap like that… I mean it! Enough with the nonsense Jim

  • Brad Zell


  • Todd

    Everyone is up in arms about the mere mention of Dumbphony coming back.lulz

  • Michael Hilton

    Mike D’Antoni must be fired.Worst coach in Lakers history.Worst team in Lakers history.Worst owner in Lakers history.A ton of worsts in Laker Land.Fire the coach.

    • Josh

      George Mikan. Randy Pfund. Del Harris. Mike Brown. Worse coaches than Mike D’Antoni. And you could maybe throw Paul Westhead in there, too. I don’t really know why Dr. Buss and Magic hated him so much.

  • alex s

    I thought Jeannie Buss said she is the “boss!” and would listen to the fans. How come your keeping a stupid coach who does not know how to play defense. If we need rebuilding it should start from a hard core coach and knows the Lakers and for the Lakers. We want Brian Shaw or Byron Scott to be the head coach for next season. They know the play of both legendary coaches Pat Riley and Phil Jackson. Jeannie give us the faith we have before with your father in this team. And we know you’ll do the same footsteps as your father.

    • Josh

      Why do “we” still want Brian Shaw? Because he’s proven to be such a fantastic coach with his 33-42 Nuggets and their 16th place offense and 21st place defense? No thanks. That’s not much better the MDA and his D-league roster.

  • Mack

    This organization is STUCK ON STUPID!!!

  • Big Shot Rob

    THIS IS MY NIGHTMARE!!! Really hoping things change when they do their exit interview with him. And really re-consider. If they want SHOWTIME, then why not create a coaching staff that created SHOWTIME. There’s Rambis for defense, Byron Scott as the head coach, Michael Cooper as an assistant, & James Worthy.

  • Michael Duong

    RIP playoff chances 2015

  • Matt Williams

    Kevin Ding hasn’t been reliable as of late. He’s starting to be more like Chris Broussard day by day. I’m almost 85% certain that the Lakers will dump D’Antoni. Players don’t like him, fans don’t like him. He’s getting offers from colleges that know he’s not gonna last long here. Don’t sweat it people!

    • Sylvia Ross

      Matt, I do hope that you are right.

  • k.

    I can see Jim Buss’s logic. Keep D’Antoni around and see what he can do with a healthy roster.
    It doesn’t matter how much talent you have on a roster it’s team ball, defensive effort, believing and respecting the principles of your coach. Look at the Chicago Bulls teams since Coach T’s tenure. They have no new real superstar (No D Rose, No Deng) on their team and Coach Thibodeau has that team competing and relevant for the post season. To me Thibs is the most under rated coach in the game. He is a perfect example of what great coaching can do and with little superstar power. Team Basketball wins and it doesn’t look like Coach MD has the ability to get the respect of the players. The Lakers management should just part ways.

  • doms

    I won’t watch the lakers play next season if that happens.

  • Cliff


  • Sylvia Ross

    Please say this is a joke. How could anyone even consider bringing this idiot back ? I thought Jeanie said changes would be made. Keeping d’antoni should be the first change to show us the public, who have supported this team for years that they really are trying to make the team better. d’antoni, is the joke of the nba. He is so sorry, he insults Laker fans and then takes it back after he’s said what he wanted to say. It is so frustrating watching games, I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. Mike Brown was let go right after losing pre-season games, but this clown has lost two seasons in a row and is still allowed to be at the reigns. What’s the difference between Mike Brown and d’antoni ? It couldn’t be money because Time Warner has put a lot of money into the Laker organization. Please let this circus clown go. I look forward to the end of every summer and getting back to my Lakers around the 31st of October every year. Please, don’t let us suffer through another season of d’antoni. If Mike Brown, had to go after 5 preseason games, surely this clown has had ample opportunity to show what he is capable of .

    • Josh

      When did he have ample opportunity? Last season he took over a team that was assembled by Mike Brown and was never fully healthy. With no preseason and tons of injuries, when most of the players were available to play, they won 28 of their final 40 games. This season, he hasn’t had a full roster for a single game. He’s had to use a different starting lineup almost night. Where has the opportunity been to show his coaching ability with this team? It’s been in player development, where he has been fantastic. Guys like Robert Sacre, Kent Bazemore, and Kendall Marshall would never have an opportunity to play if not for the injuries, and MDA has instilled confidence in them that is going to keep them in the league and on the floor.

  • JOSE


  • ranfan

    Team Leaning Toward Non-Contending Lakers Next Season

  • Scott Asai

    This is depressing. If Jim Buss actually brings MDA back, I hope the fans stop watching the Lakers.

  • nlruizjr

    Do you want to see a recipe for losing fans (both on TV and at Staples) then Keep Dantoni another season, if they do, then Jimmyboy and Mitch must go also !!!!!

  • Chris

    You have to be kidding me!!! When has Mike D’Antoni proven he can run a team besides being in Phoenix. Look at the Chicago Bulls, they have had their share of injuries yet they are still in contention. Clearly this is not a player issue, but a coaching issue. For the LAKERS to get back into the CHAMPIONSHIP conversation, they need to change the culture and that start with the COACH!!!

    • Josh

      As of March 17, the Bulls missed 103 games to injury. The Lakers missed 240. The Bulls only significant injury has been Derrick Rose, while the Lakers have missed significant games from Kobe, Nash, Farmar, Young, and Gasol (and maybe Kaman). The Bulls have had a pretty consistent lineup all season because of their lack of injuries.

  • Jackson Touk

    If the lakers wanted to win they would’ve hired phil. Jim buss is a horrible boss. Jerry buss built this team to become champs year after year. If the lakers want to continue winning they need to get rid of that stupid coach d’antoni if he can’t do it with the suns or the Knicks he can’t do it with the lakers. Lakers need a guy like shaw Rambis or even byron Scott. Those guys are proven champions. Not no weak ass d’antoni.

    • Josh

      I love Rambis and Scott and would be happy with either as the next coach, but what have Shaw, Rambis, and Scott proven as head coaches? Scott has turned terrible teams into good ones, but none of those guys has won anything as a coach.

      There are very few championship-caliber coaches around. Phil quit on the team once, we groveled at his feet and he came back once. Then he retired, and everyone wanted the groveling to resume. That’s why Dr. Buss didn’t want him, because he would not let Phil become bigger than the Lakers.

      Greg Popovich
      Eric Spoelstra
      Rick Carlisle
      Doc Rivers

      What is that list? That is a list of ALL the coaches who have not retired who have won championships in the NBA. Four guys have coached championship teams, and that’s it. If you want a proven champion, that is your entire pool, and I guarantee you Pop, Spo, and Doc are not leaving their current jobs.

  • SD

    I wouldn’t be totally against this…It really depends on what the Lakers do with their draft pick, the guys they retain or sign via free agency, Kobe’s health, and Nash’s decision.

    We’re all emotional about this. We love this team and want what’s best. However, we need some continuity with this team.

    The biggest problem right now that I’ve seen with him this season is his constant shuffling of lineups…mainly PRIOR to the injury bug early on in the season especially with the PF position…one game it’d be Shawne Williams, then Hill, then Kelly, no put Sacre in there at C and move Pau to PF. Hill had minimal injuries this season. None of those other guys were injured except Pau for a little..Yet we can’t find a guy who plays next to Pau consistently? Even when the season was lost…Stick with a guy! Stick with Kelly or Sacre if your goal is to really evaluate and develop the young guys. Give those guys some trust. Allow them to build chemistry with Pau.

    Even recently benching Wes Johnson…like why? Why start him all these games then bench him? That’s my only gripe with D’antoni about this season is that even when we knew what the roster was like…Farmar or someone being out 4 weeks…find a lineup because you’ve used every possible one it seems and stick with it. Sometimes he’d tinker with lineups after a win. lol

    Because of that constant inconsistency…guys like Kaman/Hill EARLY in the season became jaded…before Kobe unfortunately bit the dust. Those guys…and Pau have no interest in coming back especially Kaman/HIll without definite roles. Maybe Kelly can work on his strength, shooting, lateral quickness, and start next year if D’antoni comes back but he may bench him after 5 games.

    I think he’s a great coach when it comes to motivating guys, allowing guys to play to their strengths on offense, designing plays, but he doesn’t know how to coach defensive fundamentals and Rambis has seemed to not help with that either. D’antoni also doesn’t seem to put guys in specific roles. All guys seem to have the green light and don’t know what their role is on the team. Bazemore nor Johnson have ever said…I’ve supposed to be the defensive stopper when I’m out there…THEY ARE. Both guys are easily the best defensive blue chips on the team. I don’t know if it’s that D’antoni has never said, “wes, don’t worry about anything but defending, rebounding, and running the court. Only shoot open shots. ” He should. I don’t think he’s great at that aspect of player development – defining roles. You can still define roles on a sucky team and these guys are just out there.

  • Kwame Brown

    IMO I think even Rambis system of defense doesn’t even fit D’Antoni’s system of offense. I just think Rambis has a defensive scheme that was build for the triangle. Because….if D’Antoni is all about the stretch 4, that means more guys around the parameter and means more 3 pointers, which give its more high risk for long balls and fast breaks for the other team. I think the defensive scheme of Rambis was catered to a slower pace offense, dump it the bigs, and half court sets, which allows a defense to set up whether theres a miss shot or made basket. I don’t know if I’m correct, but I’m just going on a hunch that even Rambis has a hard time meshing with D’Antoni.

  • Guest

    its all about white thing white is taken over again look at philadelphia football and u see white is taken over again and i know people going hate me mainly white people

  • 2014 mad lakerer fan

    Why would you bring back a person who players don’t like to play for OK young players love his system playes who want to win and win now don’t we got three big who. don’t want to play for him who will walk away and we don’t get a pick for them we got Kobe sign for two years he don’t want to be in a rebuild year. His offense is made for video game lot offense no defense get real coach who love defense first

  • idanoclo

    Keep him! We want to break/set all the worst franchise and nba records that was already accomplished this season to be even worse in the next.

  • Sylvia Ross

    I see this post has been removed from the headlines. Is it because so many people are saying the same thing, d’antoni should be fired? He really should be. I have never seen this much tension in Laker land. I will be so glad when this is over and we can get on with something worth while. I know other teams are glad to see all of the petty bickering and attacks we’re doing to each other. Even though we know it’s all out of frustration it’s still hard to deal with and ignore.

  • D

    He is the only coach i know that constantly has an excue to lose but the bulls coachs loses both his star players and still wins games and is more competent then mdt if u think about he hasnt won games since the western conference went under for a few years after shaq left the lakers but the remaining good teams the spurs and the mavs beat them each time everytime he was fired with no personnel changez the team went on a run

  • borsalino12

    If they do keep MD, we will have no chances to land any quality FA this summer. If that information is true, it is time for Jeanie Buss to step in as the governor of the organization and fire the coach, who no one wants back.
    Here is one small detail, which many Lakers fans don’t know.
    After we fire M.D’Antoni, he is going to take a job with someone else. That team will have to pay about the half of his remaining salary, which is $ 4 mil.So the Lakers will have to pay him the other half. No big deal, when you have $ 150 millions from Time Warner Cable to spend every year. Right? So, there is no need to keep him here for one more season.

  • Gregory Gaylen

    Lakers should keep him… to work the concession stands selling popcorn and peanuts.

  • nlruizjr

    TWC has lost money this season on the Lakers, I doubt that they would stomach another losing season without the Lakers hearing from TWC, they could be putting their contract in jeopardy, not to mention loss of revenue of fans at Staples Center because fans will not take two losing seasons of Dantoni. Why is it that Mike Brown was cut lose after 5 games, he sure as hell wasn’t given the opportunity that Dantoni has been given, kind of smacks of racism !!!!

  • hookedonnews

    What has Kobe said in public about D’Antoni? He has said he hasn’t had a fair shot because of the injuries. If you believe every rumor printed on these pages you are destined to be disappointed because most of them aren’t true. Howard has not trashed MDA in public. He said he was a good coach, and that he was glad he got to play for him. Heard that with my own ears. Kaman came out today in defense of D’Antoni. Hill’s only complaint has been that he wants more minutes, and as I’ve explained ad nauseum, there are only so many minutes available when you have a bunch of players at the same position. He has played when hasn’t been injured with rare exceptions. And he has also been quoted as saying that D’Antoni is a good coach. If you’ll stop reading headlines and actually start listening to what the players are saying you’ll have a better idea of what’s going on. All players want to play more minutes if they are not getting the majority of the minutes. That doesn’t mean they hate the coach and want him fired. “And all the rest?” What rest? What about the players who have said they love playing for MDA?

    Post play is not a staple in MDA’s system because it’s the most inefficient play in basketball I’m told. That doesn’t mean Kobe doesn’t do it, or that Pau can’t do it. D’Antoni has made it plain more than once that Pau can do whatever he wants when he gets the ball, and he has been more effective since he started being more aggressive. What you don’t want in any system is someone who consistently holds the ball. The offense is going to get stagnant, and everyone else is going to become disengaged on both ends of the floor. It’s funny that you bring up LeBron because he would fit perfectly in MDA’s system. In fact he’s plays in an offense based on that system according to his coach.

    D’Antoni’s system and defense are not mutually exclusive. You have to have good defensive players to have a great defense. The Lakers don’t have a lot of those. You also need a consistent lineup so players trust each other which has been impossible because of the constant injuries. And whoever scores the most points wins. The lack of defense for D’Antoni’s Suns is a bit overblown. The opposing teams had a lot more possessions because of the pace, and naturally scored more than they would against a slower team. The Suns didn’t have a great rim protector either. I don’t think anyone would accuse Amare of being a great defender. The Showtime Lakers allowed quite a few points if I remember correctly. Give the Lakers some good defenders, and they’ll play better defense. Fewer turnovers would be helpful as well. D’Antoni puts more emphasis on defense now than he did with the Suns. These players are not going to consistently outscore other good teams like the Suns did.

    Smoke and mirrors? Smoke and mirrors doesn’t win 62 games in a season. And most of the league plays some form of the D’Antoni system. I don’t see a lot of the kind of offenses you evidently favor. GS is third in the league in defense and they play a lot like a D’Antoni team.

  • Chrmngblly

    What’s worse is all the AGENTS know who Jim Buss is and who MDA is. What advice do you think they give their clients? The Lakers are a second-tier franchise right now.

  • Chrmngblly

    Leave racism out of this.

  • Josh

    Cut loose after 5 games?? He had a full season before that, and then began 1-4 in his second season after 0-8 in the preseason. That was after they acquired Steve Nash and Dwight Howard and Brown tried to implement the stupid Princeton offense requiring old Nash, old Kobe, old Metta, bad-back Dwight to endure 4 1/2 hour practices. He deserved to be fired.