Lakers Rumors: Team Interested In Re-Signing Jordan Hill Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="293"] With free agency getting underway tonight at 9:01 PM PST, the Los Angeles Lakers face their most important off-season in nearly a dec [new_royalslider id="293"] With free agency getting underway tonight at 9:01 PM PST, the Los Angeles Lakers face their most important off-season in nearly a dec Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Team Interested In Re-Signing Jordan Hill

With free agency getting underway tonight at 9:01 PM PST, the Los Angeles Lakers face their most important off-season in nearly a decade. After the worst season since moving to Los Angeles, the Lakers are prepared to go “all out” in hopes of returning to title contention.

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One of the biggest free agents for the Lakers is Jordan Hill and the team is interested in re-signing the forward according to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski:

Despite the inconsistent minutes this past season, Hill played extremely well when given the opportunity. With the resignation of Mike D’Antoni, the likelihood of Hill re-signing to remain in Los Angeles has likely increased.

While the Lakers drafted Julius Randle at Thursday’s NBA Draft, the team is in need of frontcourt depth with Robert Sacre being the only big man under contract. Although Los Angeles will focus on signing LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, the team is also interested in re-signing Pau Gasol this summer.

Appearing in 72 games, Hill averaged 9.7 points and 7.4 rebounds in 20.8 minutes.
Lakers Kobe Bryant Plans To Recruit Carmelo Anthony

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  • Swaggy C

    f*ck I swear Houston be a bunch of f*ckin trolls or something. like every interest we have, they right there with us. i hope no one wants j. lin so that they can’t clear any room.

    • metalbass

      i don’t think a lot of team are interested in that awful j lin contract

      • J Taylor

        word is that Golden State would be ok with Lin…. makes a lot of sense given that he’s from SF and that the city has the largest population of Chinese outside of China.

    • Badazztj12

      I don’t think Hill will be going back to the Rockets

    • DKWTTY

      That whole team/organization has a big chip on their shoulder towards us. I hope Mitch puts together a great team for next season so we can shit on them. Chandler Parsons talks so much trash about us and of course they have that bitch Dwight Howard.

      • Doug Fuller

        We got Hill from the rockets originally in the Fisher trade.

        We will have a good team this year and shall CRUSH Dwight coward and his Texas tramps!

        • DKWTTY

          I know. I remember but yeah I hope so! I very much look forward to that happening.

  • Derek Clark

    “Lakers Rumors: Team Interested In Re-Signing Jordan Hill”

    They better be.

    • Karl

      And it better not be just a rumor.

    • J Taylor

      If the team gets Melo and Gasol, where does Hill fit?
      Even if they can convince him to take the MLE…….
      SG – Kobe, Meeks, Bazemore
      PG – Farmar, Marshall, Carleson, Nash
      SF – Melo, Young, Henry
      PF – Monroe, Ryan
      C – Gasol, Hill, Sacre

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        you forgot we have Randle….

  • http://www.sportsblog.com/profile/Wytols Wytols

    We need to keep this guy. Haven’t seen a player try so hard to get rebounds in a while. We should try to make him a starter. Just to bad he is undersized.

    • Esteban Martin

      How is Jordan Hill “undersized” at 6’10″ tall? Dwight Howard is at most the same height as Jordan Hill…

      • Clifford Paul

        Honestly he looks more like 6’9 to me. But I still think he should be starting at Center.

        • LegendInMyMind

          Not with Gasol on the roster. If we’re looking at a rotation of Randle, Gasol, and Hill, I think you start the former two and work Hill in significant minutes at both spots. He has value from the way his athleticism and motor allow for him to compete with anyone down there. Lakers need that kind of versatility off the bench. People undervalue the 2nd unit. I’m looking at Jordan Hill like a 6th man. He’d bring something unique to the rotation.

      • Tune

        Howard is 6’11 and really athletic

        • DKWTTY

          He said on twitter he’s 6’10. Dwight is shorter than Pau. They always exaggerate their heights.

        • SD

          dwight actually measured at 6’9 at the combine w/o shoes…6’10 with. what makes him special is his athleticism, his 7’5 wingspan, and 9’4 standing reach…amazing.

          • Tune

            No idea he was 6’10, but I think it’s more than just their vertical and stuff. Dwight is a gym rat looking guy and is quick for a big guy. He’s like Blake Griffin in how they’re tall but quick.

          • SD

            totally agree here. dwight’s lane agility test was great. much better than hill’s. Hill’s was over 3 secs…Dwight’s was well under 3 secs

          • J Taylor

            Too bad his maturity gets in the way of everything else.

    • Me$$

      (still optimistic) on Anthony or James is coming to LA
      but if that doesn’t happen i see things like this
      PG Jordan Farmar unless we get someone better
      SG Kobe Bryant
      SF Julius Randle
      PF Jordan Hill (i believe he’ll be back)
      C Pau Gasol (don’t think he’ll resign)
      6th man Nick Young

      (on not starting Kendall)
      Kendall Marshall is not that great of a scorer hes a good passer but a starter should be able to score because when that clock is running down and there no one open…… i think you understand

      (On Julius in SF)
      Julius is a SF just because he was PF in COLLEGE doesn’t mean thats what you are in the NBA plus he has the skill for it. He was held back of his skill in college but if you see him in his highschool years he’ll remind you of Lebron seriously he that good

      • LegendInMyMind

        Randle’s skillset means that he’s better utilized in the 4. He’s a post scorer who is a tenacious offensive rebounder in his own right. Everything about his game is tailored to the post. And Pau Gasol is simply better than Jordan Hill, who could provide a lot of energy in significant minutes off the bench playing in both the 4 and 5, but shouldn’t be a starter. Your 5 best players aren’t necessarily your 5 starters, ya know?

        • wangkon936

          The problem with Randle will be his post defense. Short arms and low standing reach means that a lot of NBA power forwards will be able to score over him. However, having said that, in his UK days Randle did play good team defense. Moved his feet well and play within the team defense concept.

          • LegendInMyMind

            Actually, he has a 7′ wingspan and a standing reach of 8’10″. If he committed to being a shut down type of defender, it’s something he could do. He’s useful in team defense, yes.

      • thisstinksagain!!

        Decent lineup you’ve put up.
        Here’s my 13 + 1 D Leaguer:
        PG:Marshall (Start game cuz he’ll get everyone involved), Farmar (Finish – much improved 3 pt shooter to help spread the floor, decent foot speed for defense, and isn’t intimidated to shoot because of Kobe much like D Fish was), Nash ($5mil coach), Clarkson (D League for 1 year)

        SG: Bryant, Meeks, Henry

        PF: Hill (Start and Finish), Randle (alot of minutes in between to minimize minutes for Hill cuz he’s injury prone), Carmelo

        SF: Carmelo, Randle, Nick Young, Ryan Kelly

        C: Gasol, Sacre, Hill

        Alot of interchangeable parts with experience (possible 3 former all-stars for crunch time), adequate speed at guards, high motor players.

      • J Taylor

        Hypothetically, let’s say Melo and Gasol does sign, Marshall is the perfect PG.
        Scoring Order:
        1a) Kobe
        2) Melo
        3) Gasol
        4) Randle (Paint “clean up guy”)
        5) Point Guard

    • LegendInMyMind

      Gasol should be the Center. He’s literally the best available option at the position.

      • SD

        i think considering the market…pau/gortat will be the first sought after centers available…if lakers can’t bring pau back….Hill would be the obvious choice to go after at playing center. There isn’t a lot of depth at that position in this free agency class.

        • LegendInMyMind

          They gotta keep Pau, is how I feel about it.

  • Kerry

    Pay him and he stays.Does he change our chances of making the playoffs,maybe if used right but he certainly is a fan favorite and that’s all that matters.

    • J Taylor

      Pau and Kobe have 3 championship appearances and 2 rings…. combine for nearly 40ppg and 15 rebounds.
      Pau is a PF who CAN be a center due to his IQ and size… BUT, needs help in the paint. Remember how dominant he and Odom were?

  • Lamar

    Hill is a Popular Lakers player that means keep him or else fans will be pissed off.

  • Cali Hustle

    LA Times says he is not coming back.:(

  • comrade24

    depends for how much.

  • Clifford Paul

    Jordan Hill or Greg Monroe must start at Center next season.

    • Zimmeredge

      jordan hill is not and he will never be a starter. he his a backup. a good energy guy. perfect fit behind pau.

  • Adriel Cherreguine

    They better be re-signing Jordan Hill. He could be a vital back-up for Randle/ Gasol(if Pau gets re-sign). Or Maybe he can teach Melo how to play D. and grab some rebound. :D

    • Zimmeredge

      i’d like to see jordan hill teaching something to carmelo anthony

      • Adriel Cherreguine

        What else did Melo lack ? haha

  • courtney harris

    Great guy off the bench guy. Needs to keep his minutes contained so he can explode on the boards. Not a starter to me unless the lakers plans completely fall apart.

  • dbates

    I just hope the next coach actually utilizes his skill set. The fact that he managed to average 10 & 7 in a limited 20 minutes speaks volume.

  • SD

    This is basically a fall back option at center if Pau leaves. I think Hill can give you 30 mpg at center. He’s a good enough rebounder, solid post defender, to do that. Not the best rim protector/pnr defender but he’s better than pau in both those areas. Obviously, he isn’t a great post scorer, but he’s very good rolling to the basket. He’d be better than the realistic options of players at center who’ll be on the free agent market. (Gortat/Hawes are not realistic options).

  • wardrobe99

    hill will not return he said that him self to the media when asked he dont want the same role as last year

    • vdogg

      i think that was more about d’antoni..


    Better be. Jordan would be a valuable role player for the future of the team. One thing I noticed about the old Lakers championships teams were that they were beasts on defense and rebounding. Jordan brings that.

  • AC

    Lakers PLEASE re-sign this guy, Hill is the type of player you never let go… this guy has a ton of energy, can rebound like crazy, can score inside, and even has good defense. Him and Swaggy P need to be one of the main priorities along with trying to get the marquee FAs this week..

  • AJ

    The Lakers need players like Jordan Hill. As for Marshall, he a good playmaker getting the ball to teammates in the right spot, but that’s it. What is he going to against all the point guards in the western conference… Nothing he can’t guard anybof them. We need someone who at least can stay in front of them and stop their penetration.

  • wardrobe99

    i believe deandre Kane/jordan Clarkson will surprise everyone i cant wait to watch them in summer league Deandre Kane is nba ready he has size and skillz we should let them play not worry about a pg in free agents go after
    sf/pf/c lance stephenson/ trevor Ariza will be perfect d on the wing emeka okafor/ monroe gives us our bigs 4/5. to play along with Randle and gasol add granger cheap he can play 3/4 i think he will have his legs back this season kobe/ young. then just fill the roster

    • VillainKing

      I’m also waiting for that moment too, that Kane and Clarkson will surprise everyone..DeAndre Kane will have his revenge for not drafting him..heheheh

  • Ryan Soares

    No one sleep on our future PG playing for our Summer League team DeAndre Kane, 25 years old and NBA ready. Can shoot the 3, play defense, great size, and can finish through contact.

    Kane, Kobe, Evan Turner, Randle, Pau

    That would be the 5 I want or Luol instead of Turner

    • VillainKing

      Agree!! DeAndre Kane Lakers future PG..Kane and Randle are both physical specimen in their position in the NBA..

  • Patrick

    Everyone is in love with having multiple superstars on one team. As we have seen from the Finals this past year, it takes more than having superstars it takes a great system, coach and role players. The reason the Heat and their superstars went to the Finals four years in a row is because they play in the East. Would you think that would happen if they were out west? No.

    With that being said, I would love to see the Lakers hire a great coach…Byron Scott is nice but I would like to see Ime Udoka as the new head coach. He is an assistant under Greg Popovich and played one year with the Lakers. He is young and an up and coming coach.

    As for as their roster…instead of getting Carmelo or Lebron….I would like to see the Lakers sign 3 or 4 all star caliber players at $7 – $8 mil per year for two year deals. In order to do so Lakers will have to trade Nash.
    -PG: Eric Bledsoe (unlikely since , RFA) or Kyle Lowry.
    -SF: Chandler Parsons or Trevor Ariza or Luol Deng or Lance Stephenson
    -PF Greg Monroe or Jordan Hill
    -C Pau Gasol or Marcin Gortat

    Roster/Depth Chart: Combination of Shooters, Defenders and Playmakers. IMO

    PG – Kyle Lowry, Jordan Farmar, Kendall Marshall
    SG – Kobe Bryant, Jodie Meeks, Kent Bazemore
    SF – Trevor Ariza, Mike Miller, Xavier Henry
    PF – Greg Monroe, Julius Randle, Ryan Kelly
    C – Pau Gasol, Emeka Okafor, Robert Sacre

  • AK

    they need to resign him to use him and randle together in the post offensive rebounds all over the place

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