Lakers Rumors: Team Interested In North Carolina’s Roy Williams

Lakers Rumors: Team Interested In North Carolina’s Roy Williams


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After Mike D’Antoni’s shocking resignation from the Los Angeles Lakers last week, the team has had no shortage of potential candidates. Despite the team being linked to the likes of Kevin Ollie, Tom Thibodeau, and Steve Kerr, general manager Mitch Kupchak has indicated that the team is in no rush to fill the vacant position.

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This hasn’t stopped the Lakers from adding to their wish list as it seems with every passing day another name is added. According to Mike Bresnahan of the L.A. Times, ┬áthe Lakers are interested in North Carolina coach Roy Williams:

As some may remember, the Lakers courted Williams back in 2004, a year after he arrived at Chapel Hill, via Bresnahan:

With the recent disappointments during Mike D’Antoni and Mike Brown’s tenure as coaches, the Lakers are apparently looking at the best of the best. Williams marks the third highly regarded collegiate coach the team has considered, alongside Kentucky’s John Calipari and UConn’s Kevin Ollie.

Williams has never coached at the professional level, but has had quite a successful career in the collegiate ranks. Appearing in numerous Final Fours and winning two championships with North Carolina, Williams is considered one of the best active head coaches in college.

The Lakers seem to making their rounds throughout both the NCAA and professional level as they look for a suitable replacement for D’Antoni. The team certainly wants to make the right hire as they are looking for their third coach in as many years.
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  • Marcus Franco

    Never heard about him.. Is he a good coach ?

    • vdogg

      are you kidding?? you’ve really never heard of him?

      • Marcus Franco

        No, I’m not american.. that’s why i’m asking, I only watch NBA.

        • e3bonz

          Well, I’m an American and I never heard of him either.

          • Marcus Franco

            Where I live has no tv channel to broadcast NCAA… In some cases ESPN broadcasts the Final Four and it depends on what team is… But for what I’ve seen so far about Williams he seems to be an awesome coach.. over 700 win and less than 200 loss.

          • lakers72

            he maybe good at ncaa level… but personally with the number of other head coaches possibly available…. i say na

          • Nalin Shukla


    • Chris Park

      Someone has to watch more NCAA

    • cyborgspider

      Marcus, he was a coach at Kansas for a very long time and had excellent regular season success (800 winning percentage) but never won the big one until he moved to North Carolina and won two titles. Kind of the same mold as Coach K, an older, well-respected coach with no NBA experience (and never really entertained going to the NBA either)

      • Marcus Franco

        Thank you for the response, I appreciate that… Well, 800 winning percentage is not anybody that can have such thing but he has no experience in NBA, if the FO really consider him and he has interest as well it would be a huge bet.. Despite he being a really notable coach in college I’d rather go after L. Hollins.

  • Vi5ion

    Even as a rumor, this is a surprise name. If he is a candidate, Marshall could definitely be back next yr, he already knows Williams’ offense.

  • Lakers4Life

    Just rumors. Doubt he’ll be in LA.

  • independentbynature

    Is there anyone NOT rumored to want the job?That would be news.

    • comrade24

      lol BREAKING NEWS: One person can be crossed off of the Lakers search for a new head coach. We have learned that a source close to former Lakers, Knicks, and Suns coach Mike D’Antoni has indicated that no, he is in fact not interested in the coaching vacancy in Los Angeles. He was quoted as saying “uhhhh, ummmm…. duh, shoot the ball”

  • NYLakerJ

    Coach K is only college guy Lakers FO should consider. As Team USA head coach, he has respect and rapport with all potential top FA’s…including Melo, LeBron, KD…break the bank…let him go out in style earning Phil type $$ over next 5yrs…not like Duke does not have 36 Coach K assistants to choose from as successor…

  • Josh

    We’ve already gone through Mike Brown and Mike D’Antoni. Why not just hire Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg to co-coach the team?

    • lakers72

      hopefullywe dont end up getting mike dunleavy… hahhah

      • Josh

        What the heck…if Mike Dunleavy really wants to come back, let’s make him the lead assistant. Mike & Mike can quit their radio show and create Mike Mike & Mike. It will be EPIC!

  • $20509373

    Please no.

  • Sylvia Ross

    Please, not another college coach. What rock was he under ? Hopefully this is just a rumor and not something the FO is considering.

  • Elden Campbell

    Its a long shot, but I would like to build an entire team first, and then say to the guys, what coach do you guys want, what coach do you guys respect, and if that coach is free, then we’ll recruit him. If I was a FA, like LBJ, Melo, and so on, I would use that as a selling strategy. If i was Mitch, Jim, and Jeanie, I would draft the best that we could, then talk to all FAs and say we want your input on a coach, because we want to put our trust in you guys. If you want Jesus, I’ll talk to him, but can’t guarantee he’ll coach, but we want your input. and I would just keeping selling that we have a draft pick, we have cap space, we have the history, we have the best fans and weather, and we will hire a coach of your your liking, and so…lets have you sign for us.

  • kliff richard

    i hope george karl or jeff van gundy and my wild card is quin snyder next head coach LA Lakers because tom thibodeau i think 5% to 10% chance give up draft picks to get and go LA Lakers nextseason

  • Nalin Shukla

    Coach k
    Or Scott
    Vogel if he gets fired

    • Josh

      If Vogel gets fired, it will be because he sucked at his job in Indiana. That team has been a complete mess for months now, and the talent level is still basically the same as when they challenged the Heat last year.

  • Joshua Duenas

    If not thibs, get jeff van gundy!

  • hookedonnews

    Would not consider a college coach other than Coach K. I don’t think he’s interested. Maybe they’re waiting until the playoffs are over. Other coaches could be getting pink slips. Mark Jackson would be on my radar, although I agreed with the criticisms directed at him by the GS/FO.

  • Robert L. I.

    Love Marc Jackson’s style of basketball. And he seems to know how to use Bigs! Definitely not Dunlevy….No fricken retreads.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Roy Williams such a winner in college so he has my full respect.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lets keep on searching for a coach,their is no hurry take all the time in the world.Be patient and hire the best candidate possible.More playoffs coaches will likely be fired see Scott Brooks and Frank Vogel.


    What about George Carl ?