Lakers Rumors: Team Interested in Blazers’ Raymond Felton?

Lakers Rumors: Team Interested in Blazers’ Raymond Felton?


Portland Trail Blazers guard Raymond Felton was recently benched by head coach Nate McMillan after struggling for most of the season. Felton is shooting a career-low 37.1 percent from the field, and has seen his assists drop to a career low (6.2), while his turnovers are at a career high (2.8).

Now, according to HoopsVibe, the Blazers might be discussing a possible Felton deal with the Los Angeles Lakers – a team in desperate need of some help at the point guard position. With Derek Fisher and Steve Blake manning the point in L.A., the team has struggled mightily against opposing guards all season.

Reports indicate the Los Angeles Lakers are speaking to the Portland Trail Blazers about Ray Felton, who is upset after losing his starting spot.

Despite his struggles in Portland, Felton might be able to find some success with the Lakers due to the offense they run. Coach Mike Brown runs a high pick-and-roll offense, similar to what Mike D’Antoni runs with the New York Knicks (Felton’s former team).

If Felton is unhappy in Portland and looking for a change, it would make sense that the Lakers are one of the potential suitors.

  • Allenramos

    Who would the lakers let go, I mean if we sign Rasheed Wallace that would put the team at a 12 man roster?

    • Thienhn72

      you can have 13 man roster

  • Bryanmartinez246

    yeah it would be helpful to the lakers, and might win more often with reymond felton on the team. they should trade derek fisher, luke walton and a draft pick…………….. LETS GO LAKERS.

  • Samkimkimsam

    fisher walton and a draft pick????  who the hell would take that????????  i would love to have felton on our squad too compared to our pgs right now but who would the blazers be willing to take in?  for damn sure we shouldnt throw in pau for this deal that would just be retarded unless we were getting more than felton.  this trade doesnt make sense to me unless the blazers are gonna be the grizzlies about it and basically give him to us.  its not even like this team is in rebuilding mode like the grizzlies were when we got gasol.  but if we can make this work im all for it

    • KB24

      dude… the Lamar Odom trade exception and a draft pick…. get ur facts before start talking…

  • Orangeroku

    yes lets get him! Lakers showed interest last year. do it! use the trade exception.

  • D Gmv

    nice!  do it!! do it!!

  • Sod

    Laker fans are so delusional.  Newsflash kids….Just because it’s the Lakers doesn’t mean every other team is going to bend over backwards to give you what you want.  Portland isn’t just going to give away a starting PG for nothing….and yes the TPE is nothing, and the picks are mediocre at best.  Keep dreaming fanboys.

  • Sti1lmatic

    I’ll take Smush Parker over Fisher and Steve Blake ANY DAY