Lakers Rumors: Team In Talks To Acquire Warriors’ Klay Thompson Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="287"] With the 2014 NBA draft less than a week away, the rumors are starting to run rampant around the league about potential trades in the [new_royalslider id="287"] With the 2014 NBA draft less than a week away, the rumors are starting to run rampant around the league about potential trades in the Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Team In Talks To Acquire Warriors’ Klay Thompson

With the 2014 NBA draft less than a week away, the rumors are starting to run rampant around the league about potential trades in the works.

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The latest trade rumor involves the Lakers acquiring shooting guard Klay Thompson from the Golden State Warriors for the seventh pick, according to Mike Bresnahan of the L.A. Times:

The Lakers have been in discussions to acquire Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson for the seventh pick in next week’s draft, The Times has learned.

Over the last few days, Kevin Love has been the biggest name mentioned in trade rumors with talks of the Warriors sending Thompson and David Lee to the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for the superstar and other pieces. The deal seemed to be near completion with Klay’s father, Mychal, leaking the rumor about the trade talks on the radio recently.

If Thompson does head to Los Angeles, it would be part of a three-team trade that ultimately sends Love to Oakland, according to Bresnahan:

The deal would be part of a larger three-way trade that sends Minnesota All-Star Kevin Love to the Warriors. The Lakers are interested but the deal has been put on hold because of a difference in opinion within the Warriors’ organization whether or not to keep Thompson while trying to obtain Love.

Although reports have surfaced about the Lakers leaning toward keeping the pick, acquiring Thompson would be a giant leap in the right direction. Thompson has been linked to the Lakers in the past, but nothing has come to fruition.

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Heading to Los Angeles rather than Minnesota would definitely be a favorable situation for Thompson. Even though the Lakers are at the beginning of a rebuilding process, the sharpshooter would be a vital piece to the championship puzzle moving forward.
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  • VegasBookie

    This is all great stuff, we’re watching a “Fight In The Making” up there in Oakland between Bob Meyers (trade Klay) and Jerry West (don’t trade Klay), who will win this power struggle? I put my money on Meyers.

  • independentbynature

    The 7th pick for Klay Thompson?That’s a no brainer for the Lakers.Do it……..

  • derek

    i will snap all of your keyboards Kobe haters.

  • Gmanlm

    I really hope this doesn’t happen. We need either a post player or a strong point guard either by draft or trade.

  • James McGill

    It wnt be easy but this is what they should do…4 Team Trade Minnesota, Lakers, Golden State, and the Sixers…Minnesota sends Kevin Love and Kevin Martin to the Warriors, the Warriors send David Lee and Harrison Barnes to Minnesota, the Lakers and Sixers switch picks (the Lakers get the tenth pick while the Sixers get the 7th pick) along with the 10th pick the Sixers send MCW to the Lakers, the Lakers send Steve Nash to the Sixers and the Sixers send Thaddeus Young to the Lakers…the Lakers gave the 10th pick so they draft whoever Golden State would like at that position which would more than likely be that shooting guard from Michigan to replace Klay Thompson, Golden State sends Klay Thompson to the Lakers…more players would be in on this deal to balance it out but I believe this deal works out for all teams involved

  • Stock Kevin

    Yes Elgin Baylor is not considered one of the greatest just based on the fact that he did not win a ring. Of course not!

  • LAcHuck

    The MCW, young and Thompson trade both suck ass… Keep the 7th pick in smart, Gordon, Randle, Exum.. We have enough cap to sign another star player or can use that to fill out the bench.. Calm down LAnation we’re fine

    • independentbynature

      You must be joking.The Lakers will jump on any deal for Thompson.They’d be idiots not to.

      • Bruce

        agree, yeah, many ppl in here saying for the future, but who doesn’t want to win now or atleast try to win now if they get that chance, Klay Thompson is a potential all star candidate, signing him to a multi-year contract ain’t gonna break the bank on payroll or cap. Kobe needs all the help he can and adding Thompson is a good start and Thompson is a piece of the future.

  • Bill in Mesa

    There are no moves that the Lakers can make that will put them in contention this year … or probably next. Every move should be made with the post-Kobe era in mind. And what is CRITICAL is getting two superstars. I don’t think Klay Thompson is a superstar. Nor do I think he’s a particularly tradable asset in the future. You’ve got to roll the dice in hopes that the #7 exceeds expectations.

    As for resigning Kobe, a good move. He’ll be the show for the next two years. We aren’t winning anyway, so let’s enjoy the farewell tour.

  • dollarbill4life

    I like the move, especially if Randle won’t be there at #7. Thompson gives us something we need badly — deep shooting. A high draft pick sounds about fair for a shooter of Thompson’s caliber, and it will free up minutes on G-State for Barnes.

  • Marty Susman

    If we could wind up dumping Nash n his contract, getting Klay and MCW. for the 7th pick it would be fantastic….

    • Bruce

      That would be the ideal scenario, but in reality ain’t happening, nobody wants to take back Nash and his contract. 7th pick for Klay is a fair trade,
      MCW not happening either, Philly taking Wiggins, Exum #2 to the Bucks, so
      MCW is Philly’s PG for the future.

  • Marty Susman

    Two very good players and dumping and old crippled who we should have never signed would be to good a deal ever.

  • B. Someone

    Nothing against Klay Thompson, whom I really like. But the 7th pick just for him? And also help Golden State get Love?

    • independentbynature

      You’re joking,right?He’s way better than any player available with the 7th pick.It’s a no-brainer.

      • kookiebuger

        That’s based on what? Klay is a good player but Smart,Emiid,Gordon, or Randle can be better plus why trade the pick when the Lakers can sign him next year the Warriors don’t want to overpay him.

  • independentbynature

    I find it baffling that so many of you don’t know Thompson’s value.BAFFLING……

  • David Gonzales

    Klay Thompson belongs in Purp & Yellow. Mychal Thompson is real eager to get his son in LA. I seen an interview where they asked Mychal Thompson if there was 4 seconds left and your son was to take the game winning shot against the Lakers do you want it go in or miss? His father said miss without hesitation because of his Lakers loyalty.

  • kookiebuger

    The best case scenario for the Lakers is to accquire Boozer (16.8 mil) with a pick or two from from the Bulls and Asik (14.8 mil) + Lin (14.8 mil) from the Rockets and a pick or two, trade 2-3 of those picks for a lottery pick next year (Bucks,Sixers,Pelicans,Magic,Cavs,etc.). All 3 of these contracts expire clearing 47 million for the Lakers to target Irving,Klay,Love,Rondo,Aldridge,Marc Gasol,etc. next offseason along with the Lakers 2014 lottery pick and potentially 2 lottery picks in 2015 if the Lakers tank next year.

  • BeReal

    There is no way the Warriors would trade a player of Klay’s caliber to the Lakers. Kevin Love isn’t worth giving the Lakers (or anyone else in the Pacific, for that matter) a great player with a grudge.

  • http://growingforward.net Scott Asai

    I like that move…

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