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Lakers Rumors: Team In ‘Legit Three-Way Battle’ To Sign Carmelo Anthony

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UPDATE (4:30 PM): Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski has confirmed Bill Simmons’ tweet about the Los Angeles Lakers moving into serious contention for Carmelo Anthony:

Heading into free agency, the Houston Rockets and Chicago Bulls were considered the front runners for Carmelo Anthony should he decide to leave the New York Knicks. However, after meeting with the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday, it appears that the franchise has a chance to sign him according to Grantland’s Bill Simmons:

While there weren’t too many details following the meeting, the Lakers did offer the max contract of four years, $97 million to the All-Star forward. Although Kobe Bryant was not able to make the pitch meeting due to a scheduling change, the five-time champion has been in constant communication as he hopes to persuade his friend to join forces with him in Los Angeles.

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If the Lakers are able to sign Anthony, there is belief that Pau Gasol will re-sign with the team to form a strong trio of their own. While Gasol has received interest from numerous championship contenders, there is a possibility he does remain due to his relationship with Kobe and a new head coach who will likely play to his strengths in the post.
Lakers Mitch Kupchak On Coach Search And Free Agency

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  • King Rodney laker

    Only thing I like on ESPN is First Take! Reliable show there. Hopefully melo joins! Then we will have a chance at lebron….I don’t like lebron but…mm he can play balll thats for sure.

    • Brandon A. Benitez

      First Take is literally the only show I like with that loud mouth Stephen A Smitg and that blasphemous ass Skip Bayless. Love em both they crack me up

      • NoLuxuryTaxNoSalaryCap

        Both are pile of junk. They are never correct on any of their predictions.

        Michael Jordan can do no wrong!

  • keenanjen

    Okay guys let me ask you something, but first I don’t think we get both Bron and Melo. I think we get Melo. Now my question would be this. The Lakers have TWC and a movie director at Melo meeting. Could they have told Melo if you take less to get Bron and both take around 15 million. The missing money will be paid by some movie producers. By putting them into a movie, or paid under the table. I know this is crazy, and it probably didn’t happen. However just asking is it possible?

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      The Lakers would face massive penalties from the league if they ever found out this happened.

      • keenanjen

        Given what was told to us about the pitch in the meeting, do you think they made some sort of arrangement? If you were the Lakers owner would you risk it?

        • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

          Not a chance. If you make that pitch, then anyone in that room ever works or plays for another team (or just wants to blackmail you), they have motivation to out you.

  • Mark

    Kobe, LeBron, Melo, and Nick Young on the same team. Swag overload.

  • NoLuxuryTaxNoSalaryCap

    Can we please let Pau go! Glen Davis, can score 16/8 and will offer defense like Pau never did in his prime.

    • NoLuxuryTaxNoSalaryCap

      Or keep Pau and get Glen Davis too.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Big Baby? Slobbering fool big baby? Celtic? That guy? I don’t think so.

  • john

    Can we please stop trying to sign Pau Gasol, let him go once and for all !

  • rival

    You an idiot bro

  • J Taylor

    Chicago is the dream…. but pays $16M
    But, NYC and LA pay the money…$22M

  • KobeMeloBron

    ESPN don’t know shit and they been hating on the Lakers since Dwightmare left (THANK GOD). Plus they ranked Kobe 25 below Roy Hibbert thats when they lost credibility with me. There a reason Melo is still in L.A. this weekend he dont wanna travel far for the press conference.

  • KobeMeloBron

    Phil Jackson is a champion but that was as a coach. Like stephen a smith said he hasnt been proven yet in front office and even thought the money is there its still a big gamble hoping he can recruit players to NY in 2015. I believe he and kobe and whoever can at the very least make the playoffs next year. ESPN is so biased I cant wait to see how they flip there reporting once he signs with lakers. I hope lebron signs to so there bad reporting can be rubbed in there faces a lil more. (Except Stephen a Smith) cause he called this numerous times in the past year.

  • KobeMeloBron

    Hopefully Lebron and Coach K are next in line.

  • comrade24

    Tiebreaker: When was the last time the Bulls won a title? Oh yeah, when Jordan played… in the 90′s. When was the last time the Knicks won a championship? Well, before you were born Melo. The Lakers? Just a few years ago, 2010. Yes, Melo we’ve had some struggles the last few years, true. But that has been in preparation for this moment, to sign you. We’ve been waiting. Just sign here, and we can get back to doing what we do best, winning championships and hating the Celtics.

  • vdogg

    i still don’t think it’s gonna happen. but, whatever happens… i am a laker fan and i will support the team.

  • Marty Susman

    This “buying a ring” shit with only high priced players is a lot like the Yankee’s & now the Dodgers. Pay money, get a championship ring. Then you have the Golden State team made up of future great stars as well as youth…I for one would rather watch Golden State then the Heat…(Last year).. Give me Curry over Melo and over L.B.J. as well…Give me players who are young & eager to win, not players like Melo who first left Denver & now New York. I want player who truly want to be Lakers, not players who are nothing more then money…

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Some of us want to watch a team compete for titles. But if all you care about is players who care about the team that drafted them, I guess you should be a Spurs or Thunder fan?

  • screw the knicks

    It better be legit. Why would he want to go back to new york. They arent gonna get a championship anytime soon and are a cursed team.

  • Slopdoc

    Never ever take anything Broussard says seriously, he had LBJ to Bulls in 2010 he was 90% sure, always wrong, he said Melo was talking to Lakers out of pity for Kobe (basically)

    • KobeMeloBron

      Chris Broussard is a dumbass and a lebron flunky

  • King & Queen of N.Y.

    Steven A SMITH WAS RIGHT!!!!!! He said melo and LA WHEN KNICKS WHERE STILL IN SEASON….. Fukem let him leve shits getting corny already….. PHILLJACKSON WILL GET A SUPERSTAR TO NYC FOR SURE

  • Coach’em Up

    Don’t get your hopes up Anthony is staying in New York or will go take over the bulls but most likely stay put…
    and the lakers while waiting for top free agents decision will be left dateless at the dance while they stay put or sign with others and loose out on good decent players that should be snatched up IE Jordan Farmar, Spencer Hawes, Kris Kaman etc… we will be stuck wth D-leaguers again if we wait around for melo and bron bron

  • wardrobe99

    we need to hold off on signing as much as i hate it .Ariza will wait for us all the other players we are intrest in are restricted free agents and they are plenty of free agents to choose from and make a good team we have kobe,Randle,Sacre,nash on the roster we will resign Gasol no mater what happens with melo.i think we will get isaiah
    thomas,beasly,dante cunningham,Andrey Blatche,jamer nelson,Ed davis,and hope monroe he is the peice to trade to get love around christmas if not he is good.there still butler,barbosa,carter,marion ,aminu,okafor,stuckey,turner,
    lance, we have midlevel and anuel exception thats alot of good role players right there and alot more left.starting lineup should be this if no melo
    thomad,kobe,ariza,monroe,gasol fill in the bench roll players

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