Lakers Rumors: Team Exploring Trade Possibilities For Jordan Hill

Lakers Rumors: Team Exploring Trade Possibilities For Jordan Hill


JordanHillAfter Pau Gasol’s return to the floor on Tuesday’s night win over the Charlotte Bobcats, the Los Angeles Lakers were able to win their third straight game and continue their climb out of a gigantic hole they’ve dug over the course of the first 26 games of the 2012-13 NBA regular season.

Even though Gasol played well at times against the Bobcats, the Spaniard is clearly still out of place in terms of finding his role under new head coach Mike D’Antoni. Despite that being the case, the Lakers will continue to wait for the return of Steve Nash to the lineup before making a final decision on whether or not to trade Gasol.

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In the meantime, the Lakers’ front office is reportedly shopping a handful of other players in their search for a solid backup for Nash in the backcourt. There’s been talk of the team possibly considering signing Delonte West, but there’s been no movement on that front since the rumor began to circulate last week.

Apparently, the Lakers may be dangling one of their better bench players on the trade market with Jordan Hill possibly on the block along with Devin Ebanks and rookie Darius Johnson-Odom according to Steve Kyler of

Gasol isn’t the only player the Lakers have explored moving, sources near the situation say the Lakers would like to open up a roster spot to add a new player or two so don’t be surprised if guys like Jordan Hill, Devin Ebanks, Darius Morris or Darius Johnson-Odom are moved in exchange for a backup point guard or a second round draft pick in order to open a spot for the Lakers to sign one.

The fact that Ebanks, Morris and Johnson-Odom are possibly on the trading block for the Lakers isn’t much of a surprise, but Hill potentially being dealt is a bit of a head-scratcher with the recently re-signed forward being the team’s best option off the bench behind Gasol and Dwight Howard.

Re-signing Hill was one of the Lakers’ top priorities in the off-season along with acquiring Nash, Howard, Antawn Jamison and Jodie Meeks. Hill, like Gasol, has struggled to find his place in D’Antoni’s system, but has been solid for the Lakers ever since he was acquired by the team back in March for Derek Fisher.

Although Hill is a valuable asset to the Lakers’ bench, the front office appears to be exploring all options to help turn around this team that had so much promise heading into this season.

  • Lee Doe

    Old man Nash when he do come back to quick fast point guards going to cross him up and break both ankles, you better ask Paul Pierce about them cross overs.

    • trae

      Lmfao fall out

  • lakers_824

    Why? hill is a beast on the boards and when no one was playing with energy hill was there everygame doing what he does. Dantoni is stupid put hill at the 4 and jamison at the 3, and trade ebanks

    • mj

      lol are you crazy? Jamison at the 3? Id like to see him try and guard the 3s we have in this league.

      • lakers_824

        backup sf in the league there are none that jamison cant gaurd, u think jamison can guard real big man, it goes both ways,……… and the bench lineup should be dwight, hill, jamison, meeks, and duhon

      • Evan Boland

        Yeah. Brown tried this and it was ludicrous.

    • Super Girl


  • Brandon Gallegos

    I wish Kevin Love was a free agent, that dude is the best PF in the league… Hands down!!

  • lakefan88

    Am I the only person who think darius Johnson odom would be a perfect back up for nash great shooter if he knew how to pass like nash he would be a young all star,go look at his d league stats 21ppg,5 rpg,5apg,thats whats wrong wit the lakers we always trade away our young up and coming players away perfect example devin Harris!

    • Terrence

      Harris isn’t very good and he’s way overpaid at 8.5 million. Reason why Nets and Utah gave up on him.

  • honestly

    i would only trade hill if we can get a back up PG like ramon sessions or jose calderon… any other PGs are a no go.

  • incendy

    I love Hill’s energy but if they truly aren’t going to play him in the new rotations then it would be best for him to find an opportunity elsewhere. Personally I would hate to lose him though, especially since Dwight is prone to foul trouble.

  • JohnC

    At this point, LA must decide if their priority is to win the championship; or this year’s project is about ‘popular’ players: less productive on the court but good at selling t-shirt/tickets.

  • Bob

    This article truly shows management has no clue what they are doing, & they are going to shake up the whole team with an epic fail trying to fit dantoni’s system. Pathetic..simply pathetic. I see why phil wanted more control over the team’s decisions.

  • Word

    How about No D Tony for Phil ??

  • kmac_321


  • Bruh

    This is too bad. I, like many other Laker fans, really enjoy seeing HIll play. But if he can’t get any minutes, a trade to get any player(s) to fit D’Antoni’s system better should be expected. Didn’t Minny really want Jordan Hill? I smell something brewing…this could be all a moot point anyway, considering 95% of Lakers trade rumors are farce.

  • Lakerfreak

    First of all, just becuase the lakers are open to trading hill doesn’t mean they are trying to trade him. A big difference. We were open to trading Bynum, but only for the right deal, we were not looking to,trade him, but we would trade him for Howard any day. We are not going to trade hill for a 2nd round draft pick UNLESS he is disgruntled and being a baby.
    Second, for the hundredth time, Morris and Ebanks can only be traded if they approve the trade. When a restricted free agent signs the qualifying offer with their former team they are cannot be traded without giving consent. I think it’s important that a writer include that when talking about trading a player.

  • Tracy Donell Moore

    Oh my God. That will be another Stupid move by the Lakers if the they trade Hill. Hill is good Big man to back up both Howard and Gasol. What is the Lakers thinking. They already F*ck up when they got D’ Antoni.

  • brightonbeacher

    Hill should start along side howard..let pau and metta come of the bench..that would give you two good front courts…a great part of sports is confidence let morris meeks ebanks jamison play and slash and run…if they make one mistake they are benched for games let them play it is a stupid way to coach..bernie b let them play and had a winning record this coach has such a poor track record.

  • Evan Boland

    D’antoni is a fool.

  • nlruizjr

    I think we’re stuck with the crap we have on the 2nd unit until the end of the season, unless Mitch can find someone to take AJ, Clark, S. Blake and Ebanks, what team in their right mind would want this package, none that I can think of !!!

  • Lu Lakers

    What a slap in the face… for a guy that signed with the Lakers for less money because he felt like there was unfinished business. Now just wow..

  • Lakers4Life

    I am disappointed with D’antoni, because he does not know how to use Jordan Hill. Jim Bust is messing everything up. Phil would of love having Jordan Hill in the lineup. D’antoni is banking on Nash to come back, but the damage has been done already. They should of hired Phil instead of D’antoni. I hope that they don’t trade Jordan Hill. He is the energy on this team and also a fan favorite. D’antoni is not popular with us at all. If anybody needs to go, it is Mike D’antoni.

  • Stazzb

    Trading Jordan Hill would be a big mistake for now and the future. I agree with a comment posted that Phil Jackson would have loved Hill, or any other coach who knows match ups and the right moments of a game to utilize his players. D’ Antoni is not the answer and obviously a very stubborn coach. I love the Lakers but I think the loosing years of the mid-late 70’s is in their future!

  • Stazzb

    I now think the real move to make is to trade Gasol. It’s not so much his offense that bothers me but his defense. He does not jump to block shots or make any stand of toughness as all just drive by. I’m not sure of bad knees but before he went down he must have had only 3 defensive fouls called against him through a stretch of games. We may see flashes on offense but Carl Landry snatched his heart a few years ago and he has not recovered since!


    Without Hill they lose to the Warriors last night… do not trade this man he is the hardest working player when he’s on the court!

  • Oliver from Germany

    The issue is stil D’Antoni’s system. He isn’t able to change it to involve Gasol, Hill or Jamison. We should trade Blake, Duhon and Clarke. Duhon was the worst starting pg all over the league. Give Morris a chance, he will develop.

  • skyguy

    Hate the coach. He is killing them. How could they not give Jackson the reigns of what is an all star team

  • Lyle

    Jerry Sloan as head coach and Mike D’Antoni and Nate McMillan as assistant coaches!