Lakers Rumors: Team Exploring Pau Gasol, Josh Smith Trade

Lakers Rumors: Team Exploring Pau Gasol, Josh Smith Trade


The Los Angeles Lakers are currently the most talented team in the NBA on paper and their starting five is surely the best in the league. The team is anchored by Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant, but Metta World Peace and Steve Nash will surely play an important role in the team’s success.

However, according to Sports Illustrated, the Lakers are looking to trade Pau Gasol, and as of this point they are targeting Atlanta Hawk Josh Smith. Rumors about a Gasol/Smith swap have been going on for quite some time, but no deal has ever gone through.

Sources say that the Hawks, at present, have no interest in parting with Josh Smith and Kyle Korver for Gasol. Or even Smith and lesser parts for Gasol. Positions can obviously change between now and the Feb. 21 trade deadline, but sources maintain that Atlanta has not been enticed in the least by the prospect of parting with the 26-year-old Smith — even as he heads into unrestricted free agency — for the 32-year-old Gasol. The Hawks, for the record, have also been telling interested teams that they value Smith and what he offers as a hybrid forward in an Eastern Conference that’s generally been getting smaller.

It’s likewise true, sources said, that the Lakers have had internal discussions for months about pursuing Smith, not only for his athletic gifts but also knowing that J-Smoove is one of free agent-to-be Dwight Howard’s closest friends in the game. But if that’s really who L.A. wants, there will have to be another team or two recruited into the deal to satisfy Atlanta’s demands.

Smith is one of the most athletic players in the NBA and he would make the Lakers’ front court a very powerful lineup. With Howard and Smith anchoring the paint, the Lakers would be a dynamic team on the defensive end and will be potent on the other end also. However, at this point it seems as though the Hawks are not interested in Gasol.

Nevertheless, these reports are just rumors and a deal may never happen; still, the Lakers’ front office will not quit on trying to land Smith.

  • kmac_321

    No need for Josh Smith to be in LA LA land….maybe if Lakers don’t win it this yr

  • JR

    Pau Gasol for Josh Smith and Devin Harris. Hawks don’t need Harris but we do, he’s their 3rd string pg.

    • Terrence

      No point in getting Harris if we can’t get rid of Blake or Duhon.

  • Joe Dilao

    smith knows nothing he only cares about shooting 3’s long 2’s trust me smith is worst

  • Joe Dilao

    lakers pls just shut up! distructive to pau see what happen last season? damn!

  • Just a Laker Fan

    Worst news to here. Look when Gasol was bogged down by trade rumors last year he did terrible. Why would Lakers start these rumors again Gasol is playing at a high level right now. Plus Gasol is one of the best passing big men in the NBA so I wonder why the Lakers would trade for a less talent version of Gasol. The only thing Smith has over Gasol is athleticism and that’s it so I say keep Gasol !

  • Lakerfreak

    Completely misquoted the article. The article clearly reads that LA has had internal discussions about pursuing Smith and you report that the Lakers are trying to trade gasol.

  • Gurinder Athwal

    Not this fucking shit again……

  • aristole30

    c admare stodemire is fit for d lakers n j. smith

  • aristole30

    n chaunce billups for steve blake

  • Lakers

    I feel so sorry for Pau.But basketball is a business and Josh smith would be a better future for Lakers.

  • Prince

    This author juat keeps it coming with the terible articles

  • Sti1lmatic

    How is this impossible? Dwight coming to the Lakers was supposed to be impossible.
    Mitch is trying to convince Dwight to stay long term…not Pau.

  • JonhC

    Ridiculous… Finally LA has a talented team: why to destroy it? Pau is the best 4 of the game, and one of the best 5 as well… remember poor Kevin Love’s hard times at the Olympics. Versatile, Pau makes everyone better… Such a trade would make LA much weaker and Philadelphia much stronger.

  • Garst Fork

    kobe wanted phil….fail. kobe said pau’s going nowhere….let’s go, piss off the MOST IMPORTANT PLAYER of the team!!!!!!

  • Michael Reed

    I think that Pau for Smith straight up would be a great trade. He is a strong defender rebounder and blocker. He can run the floor better than Gasol. Plus he is only 26 still could pick up allot from his teammates. If him and Howard work together well 2 man game could be sweet

  • Joe Espiritu

    Why not Kevin Love, Luke Ridnour or JJ Barea for Pau gasol. Ricky Rubio want’s Pau there in Minnesota anyway.

  • tdistor

    This articles are so childish, so inmature. Be serious, and if you have nothing to write about, please do not write anything.

  • Rasheed

    I spoke with Jerry Buss, he says it’s just a rumor.

    Kobe told the rumor spreaders to “Shut Up”

    Pau said, “really, after all we went thru, this is how you treat me?”

    Phil Jackson to Pau, “Pau they didn’t care about me, you are below me…get that in you head, nothing but business.”

  • Elijah Ceazar Calinawagan

    Oh come on! Kobe’s gonna be REALLY, REALLY upset when this happens.