Lakers Rumors: Team Could Make A Run At Kyle Lowry In Free...

Lakers Rumors: Team Could Make A Run At Kyle Lowry In Free Agency


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With the Los Angeles Lakers not getting the most favorable pick in the NBA draft lottery at number seven, the attention will likely turn to free agency for the storied franchise. The Lakers will have a considerable amount of cap space at their disposal this summer, but may elect to wait until next year to make a major splash in free agency with big names like Rajon Rondo, Kevin Love and LaMarcus Aldridge likely to hit the open market.

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One player the Lakers could may consider going after this year is point guard Kyle Lowry. The 28-year-old came into his own this season with the Toronto Raptors and has drastically increased his value on the open market as a result.

There’s no doubt the Raptors will do everything within their power to try and retain the veteran guard, but Lowry will have no shortage of suitors in free agency. The Lakers may attempt to sign the Philadelphia native if Steve Nash decides to call it a career, according to Peter Vecsey:

At this point in time, it seems as though Nash will play out the rest of his deal with the Lakers as promised. The 40-year-old floor general has battled numerous injuries over the course of the last two years with the Lakers, but has been reluctant to walk away due to love of playing the game and not wanting to leave $9.7 million on the table.

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Although Nash continues to avoid talk of retirement heading into his final season, the veteran guard may be forced to retire if unable to get his body right during the off-season. The two-time NBA MVP will prepare his final season in Los Angeles, but may still have to consider retirement if things don’t progress well this summer.

If Nash does call it a career, Lowry could be in play for the Lakers, but by the time Nash makes his decision, it may already be to go after Lowry who will be a hot commodity in free agency.
NBA DRAFT LOTTERY: Lakers Get No. 7 Pick

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  • Suck Me

    Sign and trade Lowry for Nash Marshall and Meeks.

    • Dino Madness

      Unfortunately Steve Nash got us Lakers fans by the balls just like he did last year. What else is new? This pretty much means no Lowry. I guess
      instead of getting a quality free agent we end up with the feel sorry
      for Nash tour maybe he can play 15 games next season:(

      • Josh

        If the Lakers want Lowry, they have the cap space to get him regardless of what Nash does. I still don’t know if he’s worth $10-12 million though. Is he really that much better than Nash was before the injury?

  • Jay B

    Draft Gordon, Sign Lowry!!!!!!!!!

    • M T

      A doable title roster would be Lowry, Kobe, Gordon, Hill, Love(a main option on offense and reboudnding at least). 2nd unit would be Jodie, Lance, Payne(LA could sign and trade for him with Pau, or Nick, or Marshall, or all). This team has defense, ball handling, go-to scorers and backup scorers, 3p shooting, hustle, rebounding, facilitating……everything

      • LAL

        So basically you are telling us that Wolves would trade Love for a bag of chips?

        • M T

          I never said trade for Love…They can sign him in 2015. Why would yo even consider trading for a 1 year rental who only plays on half of the court?

        • M T

          When did I say trade for Love? Sign him in 2015. Why would you even consider valuable assets up for a 1 year rental who only plays on half of the court?

      • Derek Clark

        There is absolutely no defense on that roster.

        • M T

          then you need to watch bball. If you do watch bball and still don’t know good defense when you see it, then I feel sorry for you.

          • Derek Clark

            Lowry plays ok defense but not spectacular. Lance I’ll give you. I don’t know who Payne is. But the bottom line is, with that roster there is absolutely NO RIM PROTECTION whatsoever. Jordan Hill and Kevin Love really? Who gon play center? Who gon stop Roy Hibbert, Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph, LaMarcus Aldridge? Hill and Love? Hill is a rebounding machine and I love him, but come on now. He can’t defend those boys without secondary help, and Love ain’t that help. Gordon won’t be quick enough at the 3 to guard the Durants, the LeBrons, the Melos, and those guys. Still little to no defense, let’s get real.

          • M T

            Lowry is a great defender. Please educate yourself on Lowry or else I’m done arguing. You clearly don’t know Gordon well AT ALL if you think he can’t guard SFs!!!!! Think outside the box with Love. He’s too slow to guard PFs, and he’s big enough to guard C. Since he’s better fit to guard Centers and rebounds better than almost everyone in the league, he’s gonna play center. Instead of having a stretch 4 on offense, LA will have a stretch 5( love), and Hill can hog all the offensive rebounds since he’s better than almost everyone at it. Lowry, Lance, Gordon are great defenders. Kobe, Jodie, Hill, and Payne are good/above average defenders. Kobe used to be great defensively, but idk if he can maintain that level after the injury. Love is still bad on D, but he’ll have a much better time guarding slow C than fast PFs.

          • Derek Clark

            Jordan Hill and Kevin Love CANNOT be permanent starters in the same front court, GET REAL. Come on now. What was one of the biggest concerns for the Lakers this past year? Opposing teams points in the paint. Too small, end of story. Stretch 5? Name one decent team in the playoffs who has that. Noah? Jordan? Hibbert? Dwight? Duncan? Come on man.

        • Kïd Špłãšh

          Lowry, Hill, Payne, Lance?’

  • comrade24

    Lowry would be alright, but i’d rather us draft marcus smart

    • LAL

      I agree especially with Lowry injury status.

      • comrade24

        he was fine in the playoffs. i don’t really follow toronto much, but i don’t remember him being injured?

  • Zimmeredge

    I rather prefer stephenson

    • DKWTTY


    • LakersOverEverything

      I second that. The dude can flat out play, and his hustle and passion is as high as anyone


    Why would Kyle Lowry leave his Raptors for our crappy Lakers who can’t do shit right recently?

  • Sti1lmatic

    Wish we could get Monte Ellis some how

  • AmnestySteve

    Can’t we amnesty Nash?

    • Amnesty Nash

      I wish. Unfortunately the Lakers already used their amnesty on MWP.

    • Kïd Špłãšh

      Stretch Provision…..

      • Dragon7s

        They won’t stretch him…while they would gain 6mil over the next 3 years, I’m pretty sure they would prefer to eat the $9mil next season and free that number up the season after that.

  • lakah4life

    I’d rather draft smart.

  • Jim213

    Not for $8+ mil, have to use their cap wisely. K Irving gets close to $10 mil for his services (per salary scale) but can’t compare one to the other.

  • Edy

    I like Lowry but prefer Bledsoe if it came down to signing a pg but then again Nash got the lakers by the balls with he’s contract yet Kobe’s contract doesn’t help the team neither .

    • Computer Networking

      None of the contracts hurt. It’s a business thing. It’s not like the lakers can’t get rid of Nash if they really want to. They would just have to such up a different one year contract that would help the team be competitive. For example, as I’m from houston. One year contract. He is young, energetic, defensive, rebounder, and runs the court. Houston could get him and use their waiver to waive nash. Lakers becomes more competitive and Houston goes under the salary cap. As for Kobe’s contract, he is worth every penny. Every one can say whatever they want, but kobe will come back firing on all cylinders and no one will be complaining then. Yes he accepted a big contract. So what. The Lakers have about 28 million to spend. I’m pretty sure you can make a competitive team for one year with all these free agents out here until the following season. Lakers need trade assets. Nothing good more and nothing less.

  • Edy

    I have a strong feeling that exum and smart are not going to be available for us for the 7 pick ,must be nice for the cavs to pay their way for the first pick damn rigged as draft

    • big_mars75

      There is NO chance in hell that Exum is there at 7, none!

      • LAL

        Unless if Exum threaten to go to EuroLeague if other teams draft him instead of Lakers just like what Kobe did. Good way to screw the league.

  • Marty Susman

    Before the Lakers think about a trade using their 1st round pick, they FORST need to see who among the free agents they can sign. (Only ones they want). Can they get Lowry, Monroe, or a few other free agents. Once they have that over & done with, then they can think about the first round pick. If for example K. Irving were to tell the Cav’s that he has NO intention of signing with them again, that could make them trade him & IF he were to tell ESPN that he will ONLY sign a long term with the Lakers, that would without question bring him here. (Same thing with Love). There wis NO sense in discussing picks until we see who we can get on the free agency market this year….

    • Computer Networking

      The lakers can’t get love. The only trade asset the lakers have is gasoline who doesn’t have to do a sign and trade and wouldn’t do a sign and trade to go to minnesota. I won’t say getting love is impossible, but it is highly unlikely. The Lakers have pulled things off with worst odds.

  • catainmidnight

    Suck it up Laker fans. We’re looking at another tough year ahead, though hopefully not as bad as the last one. Draft a point guard. The only big time free agent I’d sign would be Pau. Keep Nash. His $9mil comes of the books after this coming season. Remember, the salary cap keeps rising. The team could make a run at two stars and maybe one super star and a star after next year. Re-sign Meeks, Farmar, Swaggy P (if he’ll take $5mil to stay home), and Hill. Maybe X. We gotta keep Sacre and Kelly. Though I’m not as big on him as some, many people like Bazemore. Including Kobe, that’s 10 players. They should be able to find 5 fringe players. A new coach will make the team better.

    • Computer Networking

      I say send nash to Houston for asik. Houston will accept the trade because it would put them under the salary cap. They will then either waive nash or nash will retire. This would leave the lakers with about 13 million left. I like gasol but the lakers have to let him go if they are looking at the following season’s cap space. Do a sign and trade to Phoenix for a mid first round pick. This is what Phoenix offered the lakers for gasol earlier in the year. Send both picks to minnesota for love along with Kelly or hill. Minnesota likes both of them but Kelly would be more intriguing to them. He has a similar game like love. Now resign young, Bazemore, farmar, hill, and keep marshall.

    • Kïd Špłãšh

      Youre Exactly Right! Resign Swaggy, X, Farmar, Hill, Kelly, Kaman, Kent&Pau. We Have Nash, Kobe&Sacre Signed! So Draft Aaron Gordon. Sign Lowry, Sign Ariza&Isaiah Thomas. SL:Lowry, Kobe, Ariza, Kaman, Pau Bench:Farmar, Kent, Nick, Hill, Aaron, Thomas, Kelly, Sacre, X, . Hope Fully Nash Retires. Combination Of Scoring, Athleticisim, Vets, Speed, Defense, IQ, Ball Handling, And LeaderShip

  • rik

    the FO is going to pick vonleh. orlando will draft exum and boston will draft smart. so the lakers need either lowry or bledsoe to man the point next year. or perhaps they pick zach lavine and develop him.

    • richard

      why would boston add another PG? they have Rondo… unless they are planning to let go of him.

  • michael

    simple answer: no.

  • L.A BU11Y

    its not that bad. it all depends on our draft pick.. if we are able to get a big or forward.. I like Vonleh, brings that defensive mind mentality not to mention he can open the floor with his 3s.. but is Pau coming back? Vonleh is an undersized center at only 6 9, I do not think he has enough in his back pocket to be a center in this league so we will def need to get Pau back on the roster.. Now if Pau and Kelly come back, do we go for a small forward like Gordon? that would be awesome, but can he play the 3 spot.. with at 6 9 also he is very athletic and can handle the ball very well.. need to practice his shooting.. so we have options.. just going to have to wait til we know what the Lakers going to do with pcik.. if we go for Smart, then Kyrie is out the question.. damn dosent seem that bad after all.. either way only free agent I would love to come here is Deng.. we need a small fwrd and bully under paint.. sound like … farmar/Nash/Marshall(weak ass), kobe, Deng, Randall/Vonleh, Gasol do not seem bad at all!

  • Rob

    Nope. Not worth the money. Let Gasol walk. Resign all these guys to 1 year deals. Wait until next summer when the only contract left will be Kobe’s for 22mil. The Lakers will have roughly 40 mil to play with at that point. Sign two big superstars that year to pair with Kobe for 1 last shot at his 6th championship. After that year, Kobe’s contract is up. Sign Kevin Durant as he will be a free agent and offer Kobe a contract for 5mil or less as a clear role player and maybe 15-18ppg contributor. This will give him a chance to not only win his 6th in 2016 but 7th in 2017 if he wants a 1 year deal. Will also set the Lakers up very nice for the future. For example, a team consisting of Rondo, Aldridge/Love, Kobe and Durant could be 4 of the Lakers starting 5 in 2017. Worth the wait if you ask me.

    • Rob

      Not to mention you will be bad next year and most likely will obtain a top 5 lottery pick, meaning you can draft a quality role player at worst.

    • richard

      unrealstic… that can only happen in dreams… get real man.

  • long john peter

    Isaiah Thomas or Nate Robinson as 2014/2015 pg. Kentblazemore combo guard and meeks as backup Sg. Ariza as SF if money is right if not Gordon Hayward cheaper and younger. PF Randal, Nick Vohal (don’t know how to spell his last name at the moment), or aaron Gordon will have rookie contract. Center Monroe or Chris kamen with a 1 year rental to save money for k love next year.

    Pg Isaiah Thomas, Steve Nash, kent blazemore
    Sg Kobe, meeks, blazemore
    Sf ariza or Gordon Hayward, Wesley Johnson (combo forward)
    Pf rookie I prefer Randal, ?, Wesley Johnson
    C Monroe, kamen, Robert sacre

  • Kïd Špłãšh

    Fuck That! I Would Make Nash An Offensive Coordinator For This Team! Stretch Provision Maybe…

  • Goodness

    Sign and trade 7th Pick Nash for Bledsoe

  • Dragon7s

    Would love to see the Lakers shove the new CBA back in the owners faces by having Nash retire and then hiring him as a ‘special assistant’ for the exact amount of his final contract year.
    Frees up cap space, Nash gets paid and the Lakers get the benefit of Nash’s experience.