Lakers Rumors: T-Wolves Interested in Beasley Sign-and-Trade? Reviewed by Momizat on . With the Los Angeles Lakers reportedly interested in making some moves during the off-season, there have been many names thrown around as people are trying to d With the Los Angeles Lakers reportedly interested in making some moves during the off-season, there have been many names thrown around as people are trying to d Rating:
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Lakers Rumors: T-Wolves Interested in Beasley Sign-and-Trade?

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With the Los Angeles Lakers reportedly interested in making some moves during the off-season, there have been many names thrown around as people are trying to determine who they may or may not be interested.

One name that surfaced near the trade deadline last season was Minnesota Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley, who the Lakers were reportedly close to acquiring. Now, more reports have come out that the team is once again interested in the former number two overall pick. And, it also seems that the feels are mutual.

According to sources close to the Timberwolves organization, Minnesota General Manager David Kahn told team owner Glen Taylor that the team was interested in pursuing a sign-and-trade with the Lakers in July.

One name that the team is reportedly interested in is Jordan Hill – the backup big man who played well for the Lakers in limited minutes since being acquired from the Houston Rockets in March.

Beasley could help the Lakers’ small forward position, where they had some issues last season. With Matt Barnes not expected to return and an uncertain future facing Metta World Peace, expect the Lakers to consider this option if Kahn and Minnesota indeed come calling.

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  • qwerty

    i say trade gasol to the kings for evans and thompson then trade mwp, blake and hill to the wolves in a sign and trade for beasly then try to sign roy  done deal
    lakers line up next season:
    PG: Evans/Sessions
    SG: Kobe/Roy (hopefuly)
    SF: Beasly/Ebanks
    PF: Thompson/McBob
    C: Bynum/McBob
    and with these trades i dont think the lakers have to worry about stern vetoing the trade cuz they really arent trading for a mega-star like howard or anthony or d-will i think its perfect

    • Terrenceaikens8

      @qwerty you are defeating the purpose of getting back to the Finals, none of those guys from the Kings will push us over the top!!  Stern vetoed the CP3 deal only because he owned the Hornets then….I seriously doubt he will block DWill from coming to LALA Land.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nathan.peoples.10 Nathan Peoples

    I don’t for some reason I’m not sold on Mike Brown’s ability on game time coaching and using subs.Maybe a real off season will help but I felt he was out coached more often then not.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nathan.peoples.10 Nathan Peoples

    I don’t know but I don’t care who we have on the bench or a on the court.Until we get better coaching fro Mike Brown we’re in trouble.He hasn’t proven to be a great in game coach and was out coached more often than not.Hopefully a full off season of teaching his coaching style will help the players understand and help make this a better team.But I was thinking a dream trade scenario trade Bynum and Sessions to Brooklyn for Williams and Lopez and then trading Gasol and Lopez to Orlando for Howard and Reddick.

    • qwerty

      i like those trades but the only problem the lakers have that i think everyone is forgetting is they are on sterns radar. we all saw it with the chris paul trade and i think any trade for howard or d-will or some star like that will always be nixed by stern so they have to get better using small but efective trades like gasol to the kings for evans and thompson for example

    • WTH

      Didn’t you just say that you don’t care who we have on the bench or on the court? Suddenly you’re talking about a dream trade.

    • Alfred Luna19

      And then you woke up

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001864892954 Nathan Aker

    Losing Jordan hill wouldn’t be that bad only if some how the lakers got both Odom and beasely.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.ellis.988 Joseph Ellis

    Bring back DFish off the bench, trade Pau n Blake for Dwill n trade Jordan Hill n somebody else for Beasley. That way they will have the leadership the lakers need n the luxury tax wouldnt kill the team n the future. n if they can get BRoy n LO in dec. thats a championship team for years to come. Give Bynum one more year to grow up n see if he matures but if not trade him.

  • Alamo07

    I don’t like any of the proposals I’ve heard so far. Kobe only has two years left, so the Lakers need to maximize his last elite years and spend some money. Trade Pau to Houston for Scola, Lowry, and Patrick Patterson, have Beasley pick up his option and offer Minnesota the trade exception and Goudelock, then pick up either Odom or KG (not both of course) for the veteran min. The Lakers would then look like this:

    PG: Lowry
    SG: Kobe
    SF: MWP
    PF: Scola
    C: Bynum

    Bench: Sessions, Beasley, Odom/Garnett, Patterson

    We’d have a great starting five capable of putting up 70 and shutting people down (with Lowry, a big PG and one of the best defenders at the position, Kobe, Ron Bynum, and Scola is excellent at drawing charges), and a bench capable of putting up 30. Beasley would also be a great defensive option against Durant because of his youth, length, and familiarity with Durant’s game (they played AAU ball together).   

    • Guest

      You dont give teams the Player Exception. Its used to absorb a contract the team is taking in. So Goudelock for Beasely sounds like a total rip off for the Wolves.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NICDZVAZMCY24UY6VV3PO66JZ4 Thomas

    We will be able to sign Odom on December 15 for the Vets minimum easily, he wants to be back in LA. at almost any cost. We can get Beasley for a draft pick, cash and one player, the numbers don’t have to add up , thats what the trade exception is for, Gasol will be moved, for either DWill in a sign and trade deal, or to the Rockets in a trade for Scola and Lowry.
    That gives us Sessions, Beasley and Odom along with Gouldlock, Eyenga and McRoberts as our bench. The starting five of Dwill. Kobe, MWP Bynum and Hill looks good too.

  • Mark

    How about this   trade Bynum to the Nuggets for   Ty Lawson and Javele McGee  Try to swing a deal for for Channing Frye of the Suns

  • Mark

    Also  Lakers need to consider someone who is defensive oriented who is tall and lanky who can make  Durant work for his points  Any suggestions  Durant is going to be around awhile

    • Guest

      Nicolas batum from the blazers would be the best option.

  • Terrenceaikens8

    Lakers 2013 starting 5

    sg-Black Mamba
    Pf-Hill/Odom–in December

  • Terrenceaikens8

    Any trade thoughts on Iguadola???

    • qwerty

      yep lakers trade gasol and other pieces to the sixers for iggy and either holiday or williams or a 3 team trade lakers houston and philly where gasol and blake go to the rockets, scola iggy and either williams or holiday go to the lakers and lowry and martin go to philly it works for all 3 teams

  • taikens8

    @mark….yes I believe we need to try to go after Iguadola or Gerald Wallace

    • Felipeandrestirado

      Lol mwp would shut down both of umm n out power them n score on umm mwp can play.. N he plays hard.. Durant rarely tried taking umm 1on1 all he does is go thru screens like harden n west brook.. The only thing iggy n crash have on mwp is athleticism n wallace a better shooter but iguadala can’t shoot for ish.

    • Felipeandrestirado

      Lol mwp would shut down both of umm n out power them n score on umm mwp can play.. N he plays hard.. Durant rarely tried taking umm 1on1 all he does is go thru screens like harden n west brook.. The only thing iggy n crash have on mwp is athleticism n wallace a better shooter but iguadala can’t shoot for ish.

  • Guest

    Trade Pau, McBob, and whoever else to Houston for Lowry, Martin and Scola; Lakers need depth and future trade assets. Since the Rockets want Pau so bad, let them earn it. Trade Bynum and Blake for Howard. Bynum is very talented but he lacks the passion needed to be the ultimate competitor. Sign Veterans who will take a low pay check to be on the team like Lamar odom, Brandon Roy (worth the risk) and grant hill. Finally, you convince KG to come play for the lakers since he owns a home in Malibu. Convince him to take the veterans minimum like Karl Malone did. So the depth chart:

    PG: Lowry, Roy (in limited minutes), darius Morris
    SG: Kobe, Kevin Martin
    SF: MWP, Grant hill, Ebanks
    PF: KG, odom
    C: Dwight Howard, scola

    Great defensive team in Mike Browns (shitty) system, better depth than the previous years. Kevin Martin would be the 6th man who would be heavily relied on playing the PG, SG and SF positions. You play grant hill if MWP can’t score, and Roy would be used for limited minutes but providing the lakers with another great role player kind of like fisher who can hit the big shots. His knees are in bad shape but he could play a key role if he accepts it. Scola and odom would also be heavily relied on so they can preserve KG for the playoffs. I like Ebanks game and he could be a shut down defender plus scorer but he needs to improve over the summer. He has the length to bother Durant and the other Big SF in the league. guarantee this team would win two or three championships if they all commit to this idea.

  • Mad Mike

    Y’all are retarded Wolves don’t want any of your scrubs. This is just some made up bullshit your only worthy players are Kobe and Bynum. And if y’all disagree then ya just straight up dumb and bias as shit

  • Felipeandrestirado

    Let me put u kids on game real quick.. This would be a great trade.. N like some are saying send Blake out with hill.. That way the cap ain’t an issue.. All hill gots on beasly is rebounds.. Beasly off the bench could play the 3 or the 4.. He will avg 10-15 off the bench.. U ship out gasol for deron.. U got williams,Kobe,Ron,mc Roberts and Bynum.. With sessions,ebanks and beasly off the bench.. Beasly would be playing started minutes as a pf.. That way Bynum got space to operate n the lane will be open for Williams,Kobe n beasly.. If they collapse the paint u got 3 good shooters that will make u pay.. Think of the final four teams this yr.. None of them played with a true center with the exception of okc.. We got Bynum! No need to throw another player like him in hill.. It just don’t work out.. If we play small with beasly at the four.. Off the bench of course.. And we’re able to get williams.. We going to the finals! Compare our top 5 to okc’s we got dwill on Westbrook Kobe on harden artest on durant beasly n ibaka n Bynum vs perk.. We got them at the 1,2 they got us at the 3 we got the 4 n 5 ;) trust all lakers need is dwill n beasly..

  • Baller

    The Wolves need Kobe and the Lakers need youth. Deal to be made. The only other player the Wolves care about on the roster is Pau. Ricky would love it, but he is being WAY overvalued. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HTVFLJYUPF76NT6SJY26SMUGBQ BOXxxxXO_O

    do it ! trade blake, barnes, 

  • Aluna1988

    A sign and trade for D. Williams for Gasol and Blake, nets get nothing in return if Williams is a free agent. This way the Nets get someone in Gasol to team up with Lopez, plus a backup point guard

  • Aluna1988

    Lakers keep Hill and sign Sessions and get Odom back, this is a pretty good bench

  • Aluna1988

    Mad Mike, we don’t want any part of Beastly, oh Beasley. He sucks

  • Aluna1988

    Sign and trade Bynum for D. Williams and Lopez and trade Gasol and Blake for Deng and Gibson

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