Lakers Rumors: Suns, Lakers Expected To Resume Pau Gasol Trade Talks

Lakers Rumors: Suns, Lakers Expected To Resume Pau Gasol Trade Talks


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Before Pau Gasol went down with a groin injury recently, the Los Angeles Lakers were in trade talks to send the two-time NBA champion to the division rival Phoenix Suns.

These trade talks stalled due to Gasol’s latest injury, but it appears the two teams are expected to resume talks once again according to Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News:

“The Lakers were open to trading Pau Gasol until they couldn’t pry one of Phoenix’s top draft picks for this June away from the Suns. Phoenix could be getting No. 1 picks from Minnesota and Washington, and the Lakers are seeking one of those prime assets. Even as Gasol misses the next 10 days or so with a groin injury, the two teams are expected to resume talks.”

With Gasol in the last year of his deal with the Lakers and seemingly on his way out in free agency this summer anyway, the veteran center being dealt before the trade deadline is more and more likely. The latest injury has been a bump in the road for the Lakers in their attempts to move the four-time All-Star, but a deal still seems like it could come to fruition with the Suns or another team.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are another potential landing spot for Gasol with the recent trade rumors involving Anderson Varejao. The Cavs will be one of the most active teams at the deadline and almost acquired Gasol earlier in the season in exchange for Andrew Bynum.

With a little more than a week left before the buzzer sounds on the deadline, anything can happen with new trade rumors involving Gasol likely to emerge. The Cavs or Suns may be Gasol’s next team, but another team may get involved.

Mike D’Antoni On Steve Nash’s Injury, Kaman’s Limited Role When Pau Gasol Returns

  • Eren Doguoglu

    well if we do get a draft 1st round draft pick thats great. Though it would be really sad to see Gasol go….

    • G Kira

      Yes, they don’t appreciate what he has done for the Lakers and the Laker community.

  • Nashir Mohammed

    gasol deserves to be on a contender and the lakers need to rebuild

    • G Kira


  • jabbs

    Pau, Meeks and Dantoni for Irving!

  • J. Antonio Jauregui

    dantoni for free

  • hoperhetoric

    Tired of Gasol complaining too much! Kaman can catch the ball away from the rim & still be effective, he can easily drive to rim even when defended by Noah!
    Kaman’s body movement is always full of energy, While Gasol always look fatigue & demoralizes his teammates. Leadership is not just about voice, but body language!
    Gasol rarely jumps for defensive purposes & bad mobility!
    Gasol is more prone to turnovers throughout his lakers career than Kaman!
    Gasol is unreliable clutch shooter because he is soft & very prone to turnovers.
    Gasol is ineffective in clutch games because his offense takes a lot of clock, always defended by a non foul body contact
    (that body contact, backing his defender to get closer to the rim wears him out, that will result in low percentage shot. Gasol is not Shaq!)
    Gasol is not a shot blocker & he is a declining rebounder!
    Deandre Jordan/Dwight are not scorers, but they are good rebounder & shot blocker that makes him effective in clutch games! They may suck in free throws but they are rarely in that position because with their defense, they always have a good lead.
    If offense is all Gasol can boast about, then he is not worth it!!!
    its easier in clutch games to make jump shots than posting up. Specially if you have Durant…
    tyson chandler for Gasol?

    • Daryl Peek

      Kaman can only dream of being as good as Gasol and this is why he wants to play besides Pau. I’m not saying the Lakers shouldn’t trade Pau but your discontent is outta bounds trying to compare the two.

      • nlruizjr

        I have to agree 100%, I had to shake my head to make sure I was reading what I was reading !!!!

        • G Kira

          I agree to that too.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – Trading Pau is stupid. He is a champion & has THE best chemistry with Kobe. You see how the ball movement stagnates when he is not in the middle drawing double teams. The Lakers should go back to being a half court offense – no matter what player we get – rest assured if MDA has his way – they will not be able to rebound or play defense.

    • Daryl Peek

      Pau is a great passer no doubt but the ball stagnates more with Kobe and Gasol on the floor. How many time have we and Phil Jackson complained everyone was standing around watching Kobe?

      MDA actually wants ball movement more than just jacking up threes. “Ball finds energy” –MDA That means the ball moves. I’m not a D’Antoni fan but misconceptions flow to easily on what he’s trying to do. PNR is not stagnate offense. To me there needs to be a balance. A little post up inside out and the uptempo MDA style. This is what he’s tried to set forth in getting Pau and Kobe going but injuries keep killing the flow.

  • Paytc

    The Lakers need players who will consistenly give massive effort. I think injuries have once again shot down the Lakers championship dreams.

    If you think Pau Gasol will play with a lot of heart, and no excuses… then he belongs on the Lakers. If you see inconsistencies for whatever reasons consistently then a trade is in order. I have always liked Gasol, but I do question his effort especially when trade talks loom. Just do your job at the highest level consistently is my advise to Gasol, and all players.
    I thought after Kobe returned to the lineup he ignited Gasol and since then Gasol has given better effort. Perhaps he was injured prior or some other excuse, but his play improved.

    I think both the FO and players need to handle their business.

    Go Lakers !


    Does anyone else find it to be complete BS that Gasol is only a 4-time all-star? I know KG, Nowitzki and Duncan have basically lived at All-Star games the last 15-20 years, but Gasol should be more than a 4-time all-star. So messed up.

    • Ganapia

      Yes, and seeing Bosh with 9 selections get on my nerves…that’s the tale of the East and the West.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yes if the Lakers trade Pau Gasol it is a big mistake to trade within the same division that can haunt the Lakers in the playoffs in the nest 3 years.Suns are a big rival of the Lakers and they hate the Lakers and want to beat LA every chance they get,Lakers need to figure stuff out tbh.

    A first round picks is no guarantee it will work out.On other hand Pau is a unrestricted free agent and he can sign wherever he wants so the thought process is get whatever you can for him now instead of losing him in free agency for nothing much like losing D12 for nothing.It will be interesting to say the least.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Pau Gasol is big and productive,maybe keep him???

  • mamba magic

    he is a top notch nba player who has been under performing for the past few years.. be it injuries, motivation, trade talks or any other reason. Lakers should def keep him if he agrees to take a pay cut and is wanting to be a Laker for life ala Kobe.. i.e. if he is still with the team after Feb 20

  • Richard

    Keep us Lakers fans up to date on this issue

  • George Kush

    The Lakers should want Miles Plumlee out of the deal