Lakers Rumors: Steve Nash Set To Retire At The End Of This...

Lakers Rumors: Steve Nash Set To Retire At The End Of This Season?


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After not playing for nearly three months, Steve Nash made his return during the Los Angeles Lakers’ three-game road trip. While most wanted Nash to actually retire rather than attempt to come back, the former two-time MVP surprised most as he played extremely well. In two games, Nash averaged 13.0 points and 7.0 assists in 26.5 minutes.

While Nash hopes he can sustain this level of play for the rest of the season, the New York Daily News’ Mitch Lawrence is reporting that Nash has already told friends that this is his last season:

“Steve Nash finally made it back to the Lakers and has told a few friends this is going to be it, even though he has one season to go on his contract, at $9.7 million. Nash, who turned 40 Friday, doesn’t expect to help much, but that’s been the story of his injury-plagued Laker career. He really missed the camaraderie with his teammates when he was out for three months with a nerve injury in his back, and says he wants to experience that for at least the last part of this season before he calls it a career.”

While Nash could have easily retired after 10 months of dealing with numerous injuries, he worked extremely hard with his Canadian trainer to give himself a chance. Through two games, Nash has shown that he is able to play at a fairly high-level, but it is going to be a question mark for the remainder of the season.

For a player who will surely be a future Hall-of-Farmer when his playing days are over, Nash clearly wants to try to end his career on a high note. Despite all the skepticism he has had to endure over the past three months, we can only hope that Nash can leave the game the way he wants to.
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  • Mat

    As much as I like Steve, he need to retire. His 9mil will help the Lakers to rebuild for the next season and be a real title contender

    • HashTagRealTalk

      Kobe too.

  • e3bonz

    As many have stated, father time is undefeated. I’ve enjoyed Steves brief tenure in the “Purple&Gold”, just wish it could of been injury free, and with a championship feather in his cap.

    • hookedonnews

      It’s got nothing to do with Father Time. It’s got to do with the broken leg and the nerve problem it has caused. I think we all wish it could have been different. It’s too bad. He deserves better.

      • Joseph Apohen

        It has to do with father time. As we age, bones become more brittle and breaks easily. He was injury free when he played for the Suns and recorded some great stats. He was much younger then. He could have gotten a riing if it wasn’t for Horry who accidently slammed him against a table in a conference championship series(?) Phoenix was terrific, but that black uniformed from S. A. I believe went on to become the conference champions.

        • hookedonnews

          He left the Suns in 2012. He wasn’t that much younger, and he was healthy. Nash is a health nut. Your bones don’t get brittle if you have a good diet and exercise. Even if they do it’s usually in later life like 70’s and 80’s. Nick Young & Kobe both got hit on the knee and had broken bones as a result. The problem with Nash is that his break was in the joint (very unusual). That’s the reason for the nerve problems that he’s dealing with. Agree with you about his time in Phoenix except for Horry slamming him against the scorers table being an accident. They had been mugging Nash that whole game and getting away with it. (Tim Donaghy officiated that game if I’m not mistaken.) They knew if they could take him out that the Suns had no chance. Unfortunately Amare & Diaz came off the bench to defend him and got suspended. I think most people think the Suns would have won that series and probably a championship because they clearly had the upper hand before the suspensions.

          • Joseph Apohen

            I agree they were mugging Nash. I was being light on Rob Horry being one of the Lakers Championship heroes.

  • lakers_824

    Nash – Ability to create plays for others and shooting is also excellent
    Kobe – No words needed
    MWP – Lockdown Defender and gets into opponents head
    Gasol – One of the greatest bigman passers and great post game
    Dwight – Defensive presence and excellent rebounder


    • richard

      That’s a lot of would have and could have…. Lakers don’t dwell on that… we have 29 more games to play….

    • hookedonnews

      You’ve got to be kidding. MWP was past his prime, Nash broke his leg before MDA even arrived, Gasol came into the season with bad knees and plantar fasciitis, and Howard wasn’t 100%, wouldn’t run pick and rolls, and only played when he felt like it. I won’t even bring up the FT shooting. Coaching was not the problem. Nash, Blake, Gasol, and Hill combined missed around 150 games. That’s what happened. Then even though they got in the playoffs Kobe, Nash, MWP, Meeks, and Blake were all out by the 3rd game and it was all over. You’re probably a person who believes excessive minutes were responsible for all the injuries, but that was not the case. No one played excessive minutes but Kobe, and that was his choice not MDA’s. I’ve heard experts say that they were not a factor in Kobe’s Achilles injury. That’s something that can happen at any time, especially when you’ve played as many games as Kobe has. Phil Jackson would not have made a difference, and Dr. Buss never wanted a return to the Triangle. That’s the reason MDA was hired.

      • Joseph Apohen

        That’s because it was believed MDA would bring back show time as he was awesome in Phoenix as he had the horses that fit his system. Phil’s system, the triangle, was boring, as it was deliberate in trying to take advantage of the big man and that was Shaq. The idea was not to entertain but win a championship and championships they won.

        • hookedonnews

          You’re right. Dr. Buss had wanted to return to Showtime, and it seemed like a no-brainer with Nash in LA. Unfortunately they didn’t have the other players they needed, and those they did have couldn’t stay healthy.

      • lakers_824

        Phil Jackson would have made a HUGE difference…first of all he would never have benched gasol during the first week and he would have also found a way to make gasol and howard both happy with there touches like he did with bynum and gasol. Even when ur in a deep hole you would still listen to phil becuz hes been there before…thats not the same case with dantoni. The triangle offence would have consisted of ten times less running around which makes you less fatigue….in the danton system he just gives everyone the green light to shoot whenever they want greg pop would never allow that….danotni giving ppl like shawne willams green light to shoot in ppl face. The offence is pretty much shooting a 3 as fast as you can and with that comes a lot of fast break points for opponents due to the long rebounds and that makes players run even more and more. To cut to the chase phil new how to communicate with players and make them feel as if there on the same page. Danotoni should thank nash for his coaching job bcuz without him in pheonix he aintt shittt and woulda got fired long time ago! Thats enough from me lol

        • hookedonnews

          MDA didn’t bench Gasol in the first week. That came later when stats showed that they both played better when they weren’t playing together. Gasol’s natural position is center. That’s why D’Antoni wanted to bring him off the bench. If you’ll recall Gasol missed 33 games because of his knees and the plantar fasciitis. Yes, he could have used Howard & Gasol in the Triangle, but they both would have still been less than 100% and Howard would have still been unable to make a FT if his life depended on it. Howard is not Bynum, especially just coming off back surgery. His post game was less than effective. There would still have been the tension between Kobe & Howard, Blake would have still missed 37 games, Nash 32, and Hill would have missed half the season with his hip injury. Then there’s the worst bench in the league. MDA gives people the green light to shoot open shots, not to shoot every time they get their hands on the ball. I didn’t mean that having Jackson wouldn’t have made any difference. My point was that the injuries killed the season, and a coach has to have good players on the floor to win. Some people like to blame MDA for the injuries, but a quick look at what the injuries were and how they occurred will put that theory to rest. As for the minutes played, the rotation was short because of the lousy bench and the fact that they were fighting for their playoff lives for the last 2 or 3 months of the season. Phil wasn’t above playing people major minutes when necessary. D’Antoni was using an 11-man rotation to start this season because he had the players to do it. He gave those bench players last year a chance to play, and they proved they couldn’t get the job done. Yes, Phil would have made a difference, but the end result would have been the same. Even if we’d finished higher, we weren’t going anywhere with Kobe and company sitting on the bench watching. As for the D’Antoni offense, it’s not just about 3 pointers. Pick and roll is just as important. Both San Antonio and Miami are using a form of MDA’s system (along with a lot of other teams). I don’t think you’re going to see the Triangle again anytime soon.

          • spitfire47

            Preach bro preach! You know your Lakers very well, it is good to see some smart Lakers fans not blaming the coach for the Lakers failure. I agree everything that you said, most fans just know 1 thing, and that is PJ is tye saviour, blah blah nonsense. They dont even consider that it was good for PJ not to be coach of this team, otherwise his legacy will be ruined by injury plagued season. Keep it up Bro, and shut all those haters/noobs. Educate them, it is refreshing to see a fan like you owning those ignorant fans.

          • hookedonnews


          • NickOld

            Amen to that. Alot of these Lakers fans forget that we have Odom. Gasol and Bynum might have started, but Odom finish games and he would play the 4 to pair with Gasol or Bynum most of the game. I doubt PJ would have made the Gasol and Howard duo work at all.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Unfortunately at his age, Phil could no longer endure the rigors of the NBA.

      • hookedonnews


  • LAL

    Gregory Choa is crying somewhere.

    • Gregory Choa

      I have no problem with Steve Nash leaving the game on his own terms…what I have a problem with is jerks like you who want to force him out of the game just so that the Lakers can forcibly lose games.

  • Cali Jeff

    Nash got his knee banged and he’s out for the rest of the game, just too fragile to play in the nba at his age. I like the way the guys scrapped back though even if they did loose. Kaman with 27? I don’t think Mike will be able to keep him on the bench now.

    • Josh

      I think he’s playing so the Lakers can trade him. I wish D’Antoni didn’t hate centers so much and would have played him all season after the team gave him the $3 million contract.

    • hookedonnews

      What about Kobe and Swaggy P? They got their knees banged, and they’re both out with broken bones. It just happened that the guy hit him where the break occurred last season. I hear he’s expecting to play on Tuesday.

      • Cali Jeff

        I’m just a little bitter about those picks we gave up for Nash.

        • hookedonnews

          I understand. He had played so great his last season in Phoenix that I’m sure they thought he was worth it (not being able to foresee the broken leg,etc.). Plus they were looking at having what they thought would be a championship team with Nash, Kobe & Howard and didn’t think those draft picks would mean a whole lot. Nash missed very few games his last season with the Suns, and was healthy. If it hadn’t been for that freak injury, you might feel better about the picks. Teams these days seem to think free agency is the way to build a championship team rather than draft picks.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Kaman should never have been playing behind Sacre. Sacre should be at the end of the bench where he belongs. I’d be surprised if he is back with purple and gold next season.

      • nlruizjr

        Sacre is a better defender and rebounder than Kelly, Kaman is better offensively and defensively than Kelly, I think the Lakers will pick up a better stretch 4, than kelly, so no I don’t think Kelly is a sure thing to stay in LA.

        • Joseph Apohen

          Kelley is a forward. The other two are centers and no way should Sacre be getting more minutes than Kaman. Jordan Hill should be getting more minutes than eiher one. Kelley has gotten better with more playing time. Having come from Duke he should be well schooled. I don’t know who will stay, but here are my picks: Wes Johnson, Meeks, Hill, Young, Farmar, and Marshall. Of course Kobe. I hope Pau takes a pay cut big enough to keep him. Nash should retire, and Blake will probably be traded. Farmar and Marshall are adequate to run the team until we get Westbrook. We will make the playoff next year but not a championship team until we get Kevin Love and someone who can anchor the middle and control the boards. Is Asik good enough? Maybe we can get that 6th ringj on Kobe’s final year.

      • NickOld

        I think what got Kaman into trouble is defense, he is out of position alot. His attitude doesn’t help his cause either. You gotta remember this guys a journeyman his whole career for some reason.

        • Joseph Apohen

          At one time he was battling Pau for the all star center sub position. He was still at that time with the Clippers. I think that was like five years ago. He was good but not elite. I think he is disappointed that his minutes are limited as he aspired to start with Pau on this team

  • Randall

    Trade him back to Phoenix and have him retire where he did the most damage. He will be remembered in laker land but going back to where he was a monster is where he should retire and get a jersey hung. It’s all for respect. Much respect to you Nash.

  • hookedonnews

    That’s not what Steve Nash is saying. Until I hear him say it I won’t believe it. He’s made it pretty clear that he wants to keep playing. Whether his body will cooperate is another issue, but I don’t believe this story is true because of what he has said as recently as Friday night.

    • hookedonnews

      Actually it was Saturday after practice I think when a reporter asked him about fans saying he should retire, and there was zero indication that he had any intention of going that direction. I think it’s unfortunate that a player of his caliber and class would even be asked that question. He has been very complimentary of the fans in LA. I wish they all deserved his respect.

  • borsalino12

    Dan, you may have watched different TV programs to talk that way for this piece of garbage.
    13 points and 7 assists in just two games. And he will get paid $ 9.2 million for that production? No way Jose.That is way too much money for a 40 y.o. already injury plaged player. You guys, all of Nash supporters have to understand one simple thing. Steve Nash is done. He can no longer help a team in NBA. That is why he should retire ASAP.
    …”Nash to leave the game the way he wants to !!!” – No way. Nobody wants to see him wearing the gold uniform anymore. I hate him from the bottom of my heart for the amount of the money he is taking, for the lack of production and for his never ending injuries.NBA commissioner have to force to retirement this kind of people.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Can’t blame Nash for that 9.2 mil. Blame management for lack of foresight. An athlete at such as advance age, no matter what sports it is, their productive years are behind them.

    • hookedonnews

      I don’t think your stats are even close. He had 9 assists in the first game, 5 in the second, and 2 today plus 19 points Friday night and 4 rebounds. I don’t know who you think you are calling Nash a piece of garbage, but you need to learn to show respect. You don’t speak for all Lakers fans by a long shot, and you don’t speak for his teammates and coaches. He would get paid even if he retired. He’s trying to earn his money. How would you like someone forcing you out of your job? Anybody with a brain can see the difference that Nash makes when he’s on the floor. How much production have we gotten out of Kobe? 6 games. He’s making 3 times what Nash is making, and I don’t see you complaining about that or Gasol with his $19 million. He’s got a contract. That’s how it works in this country. Injuries happen. Take a look at the Lakers bench. Nash isn’t the only one on it. Yeah, he may eventually call it a day, but it’s not up to you to decide when that day is.

      • Harley Knoxx

        Don’t feel so bad for Nash if he retires at the end of the year the Lakers still have to pay him the Lakers won’t have to take a cap hit. Kobe won 5 titles for the Lakers Nash has not won anything for the Lakers. As Laker fans we have every right to say Nash should retire the writing is on the wall. You don’t speak for all Laker fans either. You have your own opinion just like everyone stop it with the self appointed comment monitor. There’s an old saying “opinions are like assholes everyone has one and they all stink.”

        • hookedonnews

          I understand that everyone has an opinion. You appear to be monitoring my comment so what makes you any different? You have a right to say what you want to say, but Nash is going to do what’s best for him regardless. He couldn’t care less about the money. He wants to play. What I object to is disrespect. Whatever Nash has done or not done for the Lakers doesn’t change who he is as a person or a player. Anyone who has followed Nash throughout his career knows what a class guy he is. He has worked hard to get back on the court. Maybe you don’t respect that, but there are plenty of people who do and believe he can still play.

  • airmichael2000

    health is more important then money and even though I am a big Lakers fan, Steve Nash has serious nerve problems and if he doesn’t retire could be a debilitating thing for him and how said would that be seeing him at the age of 50 sitting in a wheel chair for the rest of his life :( you had a great run one of the best pg’s of all time and while we didn’t get to see it in a Lakers uniform we loved watching your amazing play against us and rest of the league while you were with the Suns.

  • Nick The Quick

    As LakerNation, we all know Nash cannot play at the extremely high level that we thought he could when we first signed him. But lets face it, the fans know how much he wants to play and how much he enjoys being on the court (i.e. the Philly game), but I mean how many more times does he need to go up against Father Time, before he can finally realize that he’s being beaten.

    I applaud him for never giving up and trying to be out there, but help out the organization out in some other way. Become a PG coach and help out someone like Marshall develop into a great PG. And if the Lakers do end up with Exum, develop him into a great PG.

    Just like the Sopranos, “ITS OVER!”

  • Clyde

    Still love steve nash. I wish he could be a nba coach someday

  • LakersHeatBeef

    His $9+ million dollars means Lance Stephenson becomes a very possible addition to the Lakers,that’s huge cap relief if Steve Nash retires.

    This the biggest free agency in a few years and the Lakers can clear out roughly $30 million dollars by letting Pau Gasol leave in free agency and the Nash voluntarily retires whoa whoa wow wow the future looks bright all of a sudden,imagine a Marcus Smart and Lance Stephenson backcourt along with signing a couple enforcers like P.J. Tucker and Ivan Johnson along with adding a superstar like LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony yeah the Lakers can make all that happen if Nash retires and if they can convince all those players to come to the Lakers.The key would be to hire a defensive minded coach to help design a defensive plan for LBJ,Lance,Smart,Tucker,Ivan,Kobe and the rest of the players or whoever the players are next season.Get a winner in town.Make it happen.

    MDA just doesn’t coach any defense and his sub patterns are highly questionable playing Sacre over Kaman is a joke and he should be fired for pulling that crap on us fans.Also he just has bad body language and he has a losing record as Lakers coach this guy seems like he has all but had it with the Lakers ORG maybe the new coach will give the Lakers a new energy and sense of hope and be better at coaching defense and just bring in a major culture change of winning and commanding championships.Lets just hope for the best because we need some hope tbh.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Nash is always injured and we are a non playoffs team currently.Retiring???