Lakers Rumors: Steve Nash ‘Seriously’ Considering Retirement

Lakers Rumors: Steve Nash ‘Seriously’ Considering Retirement


After breaking his leg during a collision with Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers last season, Steve Nash has never been the same physically and become a seriously liability for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Unfortunately, despite all the time Nash has had to get his body right over the NBA off-season, the two-time NBA MVP may be nearing the end of his career. The 39-year-old simply can’t keep up with the pace of an 82-game season anymore and the writing might be on the wall in Los Angeles as a result.

According to Peter Vescey via Twitter, Nash may be close to announcing his retirement:

With Nash set to turn 40 in February and clearly not the same player he once was with the Phoenix Suns, retirement may be inevitable for the future Hall of Famer. Although Nash has made it clear over the past few months that retirement is not on his mind, the recent setback and the inability to stay healthy is telling to say the least.

Initially, many believed that Nash’s reasoning for trying to continue to play was all the money he’d leave on the table. Nash is set to make $9.7 million next season with the Lakers, but would still be paid that money if deemed unable to continue playing this season.

It may only be a matter of time before the superstar point guard throws in the towel permanently ending a disappointing stint in Los Angeles, but an incredible career in the NBA regardless.

Steve Nash Says He’s Slowly Getting Worse And Worse, Not Worth Being Out There

  • Lakers4Life

    Awesome! Nash retiring is exactly what the Lakers need at this point as he’s only a liability out there and the Lakers are doing fine without him. He should retire and become development coach or something.

    In any case, good news! Let’s hope he retires soon for his own good and Dumbtoni along with him and we’ll be set for a decent season once Kobe returns.

  • Jim213

    Posted this on the other PAGE…

    IMO, Either take the year off or possibly retire though I don’t believe he wants to go out this way. However which way management (SMH) is stuck paying the $18 mil for the next 2 seasons. Although, this helps a lot with cap tax relief. Not hating on Nash… more of a bad move on managements part.

    CP3 deal… pulled the trigger too soon. DH… enough said, and with Nash being considered as viable towards the future. But like mentioned about 3-4 wks back maybe Nash should join the staff if they believe he can contribute to the guards current development (work in progress).

    Brought up awhile back… basketball operations isn’t giving the masses too much confidence with regards to decision making moves to resolve the team’s current needs in a short time span. Cons to bad moves have forced them over the cap while paying substantial tax fines and let’s not talk about DRAFT PICKS!!!!!! SMH!!!!

    • Jim213

      Good thing we have G-MAN! fighting on the boards.

  • to Nash and Dantoni…

    nash should change positions and play the 2 guard instead of point. it will fresh up his legs and wont get him too tired. i think he should come back when 100% and come off the bench and be a spot up 3 pt shooter for the team. he’s one of the best at it and by doing this he will have a longer healthier career, possibly a title with lakers to. i hope he and dantoni considers this…

    • Jake J

      How about defense? Nash guarding a 2-guard? C’mon man….. Do yo even watch Bball?

      • Aussie Books

        Have you ever heard of cross-matching? Just because he plays 2 on offense doesn’t mean he has to defend the opposing team’s 2. Do you even know how to play basketball?

    • Paytc

      Yes, Nash playing the two makes a little more sense, but he will still get torched trying to defend. That is how they tried to use Nash last year. Kobe tried to cover for him the best he could because of the mutual respect they have for each other. Obviously Kobe being on the floor with Nash relieves so much of the burden for Nash and everyone else on the team.

      If Nash holds out until Kobe returns it would make Nash’s job a whole lot easier.
      I have been saying all along that the benefit in having Nash is his experience come crunch time provided we kept him healthy and fresh enough to contribute. Playoffs would be nice to see Nash in a limited role,because an 82 games burden especially without Kobe is too much to ask at this stage of his career.

      Meanwhile, we need a quality,proven,and capable PG to help carry us to the championship that I am sure Kobe will be aiming for “this year” upon his return.

      Go Kobe ! Go Nash ! Go Lakers !

  • ra

    Who is Peter Vecsey? News media sports guy?

    His comment isn’t that Nash ‘told him’ that he is seriously considering retirement. He ‘is hearing’ something. From where is he hearing this? Nash?

    Let’s wait until Nash says what he is seriously considering, before we consider what a person who hears another person who may or may not have heard Nash say something about retirement.

    BTW, I’m hearing that Nash is seriously considering continuing to play for the Lakers, until a serious career ending injury takes him out for good.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I have respect for Steve Nash from his past days as 2 time MVP and everything else he has accomplished,But if he does retire i will not be mad at him nor will i say anything bad about him.He was 38 when he was traded to the Lakers.I remember his days in Phoenix and Dallas.The Steve Nash the Lakers got was just too old and injured.Sad but true.

    The Suns have the best medical staff in the NBA and they kept Nashty healthy all those years,he is just not looking right out there on the court and if it ends up the Lakers lose 2 first round picks and 2 second round picks to Phoenix for Steve Nash then yes it was not a good trade in hindsight but i am happy the Lakers might get salary cap clearance of his full salary next season.Lakers will pay him but it will not count against the salary cap next season.More cap space.

    If Nashty comes back it will be great,but if he retires i understand and wish him the best.Yes i know what clearing $9 million dollars salary cap space for the Lakers off season means,basically Eric Bledsoe or Gordon Hayward or Evan Turner would happily accept that money from the Lakers in free agency and if a poison pill contract is created by Lakers FO then no way Utah or Philly match that perhaps Phoenix would match Eric Bledsoe contract offer.Also Greg Monroe will be a restricted free agent as well.

  • Hellowatch

    Future headlines here: Nash Traded to Raptors for Rudy (ridiculous contract) Gay. Raptors Tank Season: Riggin For Wiggins!

    • rik

      I hope so

    • Leo

      that would be a dream scenrio…

    • Leo

      Blake, Kobe, Gay, Hill, Pau and Farmar, Meeks, X, Williams, Kaman… 10-man rotation… hmmm…

    • rON

      As much as lakers could use Rudy, but his contract is ridiculous and would restrict our capabilites on bringing people next season. He’s due to make 19 mil next season, i’d say let’s pass on him and just ride with what we have with or without Nash

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Say it ain’t so???


    He had a great career at Phoenix (came to LA running on empty).
    “The old grey mare ain’t what he used to be!”
    He’s done, time to water him down & retire him to the stables.

  • meep

    i know nash wouldnt want to end his career like this, but he know he needs to do what best for him and his health. it wouldnt be smart for him to play if it mean still playing with pain. there nothing wrong with retiring he had a good career thanks to mike d and the suns.

  • A dunks

    Wtf yet he was playing soccer in the off season…

    • hookedonnews

      He only played 3 games. He was okay when the season started (as far as the nerve thing goes). It just started to bother him before the Houston game and got progressively worse.

  • hookedonnews

    I hope Nash is not forced to retire, but this nerve thing may be something that he just can’t overcome. Fans who think this team is better off without Steve Nash are short-sighted at best and clueless at worst. They think because the Lakers beat a couple of mediocre teams without him that he isn’t needed. This team needs Nash, but it remains to be seen whether he’ll be back. It’s a long season, and every team won’t be as easy to beat as the Pistons, Players will be injured and have bad games. Blake has had a couple of good games, but I’m sure he would tell you he wants Nash back. They need all their players.

    • Carl Cockerham

      Clueless huh? Nash isn’t helping anyone when he does play. You really think Blake wants him back? You really think Kobe wants him back knowing he has to work harder on defense because of Nash. This isn’t the same guy that won two of Kobe’s MVPs. He’s done!

      • hookedonnews

        Do you actually watch the games? And yes, I think Blake wants him back because he knows they will be a better team with him on the court. Why do you think Blake is playing so much better since Nash arrived in LA? You think he hasn’t benefited from the presence of Nash? He said last season he was watching him and learning from him. The defense of Steve Nash hasn’t cost this team a game, and Kobe Bryant understands the value of Nash even if you don’t. As for the MVPs–the first year that Nash won MVP the Suns won 62 games and the Lakers won 29 if my memory serves. In those years Shaq was the bigger star on the Laker teams. Kobe always plays MVP caliber basketball, but that doesn’t mean that Steve Nash doesn’t deserve the MVPs he received. He came to a team that had won 29 games the season before and took them to 2 straight Western Conference Finals. Steve Nash may in fact be at the end of his career. I hope that’s not the case, but it may be. However, anyone who has seen the games knows that the presence of Steve Nash on the court at the end of the 4th quarter in a close game can make the difference between a win and a loss. Nash is the one who changed the play and helped set the screen that freed up Blake for that open shot in the Houston game. Even at less than 100% he’s valuable to this team.

  • hookedonnews

    Okay. Here are the facts. Just saw a quote from Mike D’Antoni. Steve Nash is working with his personal trainer as hard as he can to get back on the court. He is not thinking about retirement.