Lakers Rumors: Steve Blake Still 2-3 Weeks From NBA Return

Lakers Rumors: Steve Blake Still 2-3 Weeks From NBA Return


Steve+BlakeThe Lakers recently got Steve Nash back on the floor after seeing him sit on the sideline since Halloween, but they’re still without their second string point guard, Steve Blake. While Nash has been very helpful, the lack of Blake has still impacted the team, who has been forced to play Chris Duhon and Darius Morris for significant minutes at the point guard position.

Following Wednesday night’s loss to the Denver Nuggets, Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni mentioned that Blake is still a little ways from being able to return to the team’s rotation, according to Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles.

D’Antoni said that Blake was about “2-3 weeks” away from returning after undergoing abdominal surgery in early December. Having Blake available will certainly cut into Nash’s minutes.

One of the main reasons Blake’s return is so important is the impact it will have on Nash’s minutes. He played 31 minutes on Wednesday in Denver, which was on the heels of a 40-minute game against the Knicks on Christmas. Even for a player with the conditioning of Nash, that’s brutal for a 38-year-old.

Blake’s return will certainly be a positive sign for the Lakers, but until he is able to get back on the floor the team will have to make do with the personnel they have.

  • joe23

    another guy that don’t play defense like duhon. trade all this guys including gasoft, we have enough offense guys on team.

    • Michael

      Trade the PG’s if anything… you can’t cut or trade Pau Gasoft yet. It can’t get any worse at the PG, but Pau Gasoft is still one of the best forwards, and makes the rest of the team better. Only fault I have against him is he doesn’t shoot the right shots, and he doesn’t jump, but I’ve had tendonitis and know how awful it is to play a long game with it. So I wish he brought more energy, but I don’t see getting more energy elsewhere.

      Not to mention, why the heck would you make more major changes this deep in the season??? 3 coaches, brand new roster, starting lineup seemingly changing every game. And trading Pau will IMPROVE that chemistry??? Um… no. Best to ride the storm. Although Chris Duhon is probably as bad as a point guard as the guys I see at the Rec Center lol. I can’t think of another active point guard worse than him.

  • Jason C. Roberts

    Unfortunately I agree with joe23–Blake doesn’t play defense so his
    return will only mean that three point guards instead of two will be

  • frankie

    Get Hank thorns jr.

  • Chrmngblly

    Sacramento is disintegrating due to massive mismanagement–even worse than our Lakers shit-fest!!! They have some so-so guards who may be better than Blake and Duhon we could trade for and I would consider trading Gasol, one of my favorites, to SAC for Cousins, who may or may not be under suspension by the team. We have the veterans to tutor the young man that SAC does not. Consider it. Young legs.


    Blake is still a huge upgrade over Duhon, who is quite frankly the worst defensive player of any position in the league… pay attention and watch his game… his matador defense is a huge liability for the Lakers.