Lakers Rumors: Shawne Williams Invited to Lakers Training Camp

Lakers Rumors: Shawne Williams Invited to Lakers Training Camp


The Los Angeles Lakers might have narrowed down their search for a player to fill one of the last two rosters spots with the team reportedly bringing Shawne Williams to training camp according to Ian Begley of via Twitter:

Williams has played for the Indiana Pacers, Dallas Mavericks, New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets after being drafted out of Memphis with the 17th overall pick in the 2006 NBA Draft. Although considered a promising young player early in his career, Williams didn’t even play in the NBA last season.

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The Memphis alum has struggled staying out of trouble over the past few years with multiple arrests for drug related charges leading to many teams passing on the opportunity to sign the once-promising forward.

During his five seasons in the NBA, Williams averaged 5.7 points and 2.8 rebounds per game.

Along with Williams, the Lakers are evaluating other players during the summer league with Chris Douglas-Roberts still a possibly for the storied franchise. Lamar Odom remains a name still floating around on the free agent market with the Lakers already showing interest in the two-time NBA champion, but there’s been no new news in terms of former Sixth Man of the Year returning to the Lakers on a one-year deal.


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  • Jim213

    Don’t know about SW. May have spoken too soon about easing up on Dumbtoni.

    • Daryl Peek

      Jim, I would caution you to reserve judgement on this. We still got the cap issues to consider when adding talent, so basement bargains is the pool the team will pick from. Williams is that.

      What I do remember, Williams was in NY with D’Antoni in 2010-11 where he had his best season as a pro. D’Antoni ran a really deep rotation in NY back then and most of that roster was really young, and became a decent defensive team as he groomed them from the ground up… Landry Fields, J.R. Smith, Nate Robinson, Wilson Chandler, Toney Douglas, Ray Felton, Danilo Gallinari & Timofey Mozgov were all no names til D’Antoni.

      Williams is a 6’9″ SF who can absolutely knock down the three point shot. This is exactly what the team needs. Williams didn’t do well in Jersey in 11-12 the short time he was there and was out of the league this past season.

      I find this an interesting look by D’Antoni, that has as much upside as Wesley and Nick going forward if it happens. Me being the one Laker fan that’s a D’Antoni optimist. *looking*

      • Jim213

        Good point. but my view is though we need bang for your buck solid players given our cap we need defensive minded players like Farmar has mentioned (post Dumbtoni). It also seems like we have offense but lack defense though I’d hope Lamar comes back to really assure ourselves of solid acquisitions this off season.

        • Daryl Peek

          The problem is we have no bang for the buck leverage offering veterans min. Not many players are gonna do what Kaman, Farmar, Johnson and Young did. Williams is long and played good D in NY with D’Antoni. Johnson is a really good defender. Farmar is also. The defensive side of the ball is being addressed as best it can. These guys are all young and athletic with something to prove. I love LO but what level of hunger is he bringing? He’s still caught up in a bunch of personal drama. Do we really want to deal with that?

          • Big T

            It’s not Lamar Odom anymore it’s Lamar Kardashian …

          • cocoloco

            Lamar Kardashian, hahahahahahaha hahahahahaha

          • Jim213

            Bang for your buck means finding quality players for our current situation (vet min or so). I’m surprised that management hasn’t looked at overseas players as much as they should IMO, other than true Laker Farmar. When interviewed with Serena! (informative interview…) he disclosed that overseas play has more contact than the current NBA style of spreading the floor.

            I’d be surprised if no skilled overseas player took a minimum contract to market themselves in the NBA to get a better shot at a bigger contract come 2014. The previous acquisitions help but the team needs to focus more on defense given that Dumbtoni’s style will incorporate run and gun to which no one knows to what extent as this type of style is more centered on offense.

            Although we’ll put points up we can’t expect our team to win close games if they don’t emphasize some strict defense in those situations, IMO.

          • Eddie Lazaro

            Jim213, I like your idea of trying to do scouting on the other side of the horizon. NBA teams have been successful in getting role models of undrafted players, playing better for less, some (Ben Wallace, John Starks, Brad Miller, etc) came out to be like diamonds in the rough. Opposite these Draft Busts, there are so many players out there who given the chance and playing time, can showcase their talents in the NBA. it is also a matter of system and coaching ability to make or break any player to it’s success. There are great coaches and good coaches but there are also some coaches (ex, Del Harris, etc,) who’s NOT deserving to be in the league. it is a Team sports and it should start from the coach analyzing the strength and weaknesses of every individual in his roster, to turn these flaws to their strength.
            Loyalty, Respect and Trust goes both ways, and can not be bought, but he still needs to sell himself and his system to the team & prove them of the success it will bring. D’Antoni’s System is Run n Gun, Pick N Roll and bombardments of outside shots, but I have not seen him designed a set of play during crucial times or critical games. He spreads his players on both ends with no (ex, Raja Bell) defensive rotations because they are all shooters. He also played Favoritism that he benched players he does not like, even if that player (ex Earl Clark) can help the team get a win. He lacks the player time (delegations) management and proper rotation (7-8players) that often times, gassing out his starters, loosing critical games at the end. Although he can coach since his team is always the highest scoring team in the league, he has not proven he can make a team better and take them deeper into the playoffs. my 2 cents.

          • Jim213

            Good points, hopefully Farmar can help some of the younger recruits with defense given that Dumbtoni uses the run and gun and we still don’t know to what extent. Thus, I believe that offense would take more precedence over defense. Hopefully, K Rambis can be acquired to help the team with one of its weaknesses.

  • Janski

    Ho hum deal. We NEED L.O. signed now! C’mon already!

    • Jim213

      Agree, but with his recent problems, basketball seems to have taken a back seat temporarily.

  • Islesteelr

    My feeling is… Let him duke it out in camp! We need young legs , and young players with a Love for the Lakers , or a chip on their shoulders! Who knows, this old starters, young bench might work out just fine… Although I’d still like to see LO come back.

  • Daryl Peek

    Just a little tidbit for you’all out there that have reservations about Shawne Williams. This kid was drafted by Larry Bird in Indy. Bird is one of the best talent evaluators I’ve seen since Jerry West. Bird has not missed on many picks since he’s been in Indy. Bird gave up on Williams due to Williams having personal problems with the law. The kids talent was never in question. This could turn out to be a redemption hidden gem for D’Antoni and the Lakers.

    • obamaisamonster

      Unlikely. IF he’s over his past (and that’s a big if) is he PHYSICALLY ready for another NBA stint after taking a 1 year hiatus (and not to play overseas, either)? And given his problem was/is substance abuse, the playground that LA is may prove to be too big of a temptation for him and he’ll be in and out of custody. Seriously, didn’t we let Matt Barnes go for a lot less legal trouble? And don’t tell me it’s because he wasn’t performing – he was injured and was still a more consistent player than what Williams was doing.

      • Daryl Peek

        I can’t argue your point. It’s a risk by D’Antoni no doubt. The Kid did do well in NY with Mike tho. Who knows?

    • Robert J. Carmack

      might… LA is not Indy too much and plenty to get into trouble.. If, the player is not mature?? its open season on Athletes who get high and drink & drive O not or never will be sold on D’Antoni or Jim Buss…. #DraftJeanieBuss

    • Eddie Lazaro

      That is “IF” he has put all his troubles behind him. I hope he does and this is another guy who deserved another chance. If he straighten his path, he’s got a good home with the Lakers, If not, Lakers will not tolerate having anyone tarnished the Organization!

  • quickster

    He could turn out to be Earl Clark replacement

    • obamaisamonster

      Our biggest mistake this offseason was letting Clark walk. Yes we have all these cap issues and we want to sign max contracts next summer, but Dwight left and what indication do we have LBJ/Melo will want to come to LA with the abysmal coaching and a bench that’s statistically the worst in the league? If we want to lure big names we need something above and beyond what Kobe and the Laker legacy can offer. Worst case scenario, Clark would’ve been 6th man in 2013-2014. But definitely worth it.

      • Daryl Peek

        We had no choice. Clark was due a payday. We didn’t have 5 mil to pay him, which is what the Cavs gave him.

        • Eddie Lazaro

          He can play but was benched by D’Antoni even when he does not have enough players due to injury. That’s why he bolted out. It was never just about his payday, it was a lot more of D’Antoni’s treatment of him, not getting enough respect.

          • Daryl Peek

            The kid has never made more than 2 mil a season. People need to stop it with the D’antoni hate! Clark and many other players have had their best seasons as pros in the D’Antoni system. Why would they be mad about that? Clark was hot garbage before D’Antoni and the Lakers. It was all about money. It was about money with Shannon Brown, Trevor Ariza, ETC… the Lakers always lose role players like that.

        • obamaisamonster

          I honestly think we could’ve dug up enough to pay him if we really wanted to keep him. I guess head office thought he was expendable. He really would’ve been an asset in the long run, I mean going in to 2013-2014 with Clark and Nash the only two on the books? Not a terrible situation to be in for some security. And given his play (if it were to continue into the next season) he could’ve been a lucrative trade piece, should it ever come to that…

  • ra

    Another scrub. Well, we’ll have a team. Is it approaching the 2006 Suns yet? Who is the ‘Matrix’ here? Who is ‘Stat’? Who is Barbosa (fastest man in the NBA, at one time)? Raja Bell? etc. etc.

    Recall that D’Antoni likes a ‘core’ of players in his style, and doesn’t like going to the bench as much. Will this change this year?

  • KRm3

    man jordy is so legit. what else could u ask for in a laker?