Lakers Rumors: Scott, Rambis And Gentry Considered ‘Primary Candidates’

Lakers Rumors: Scott, Rambis And Gentry Considered ‘Primary Candidates’


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The plot began to thicken on Tuesday when it was announced that Byron Scott was interviewed for a second time by the Los Angeles Lakers. Scott has widely been considered the favorite for the job in Los Angeles, but the team has vowed to do their due diligence in finding the right man.

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A day after Scott interviewed once again, rumors have surfaced that he is one of three primary candidates for the vacant position, according to Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck:

Another Jackson loyalist, Kurt Rambis, could join the Knicks as Fisher’s lead assistant. However, Rambis also remains a favorite for the Lakers’ head-coaching position, according to league sources. The Lakers have interviewed at least a half-dozen coaches, but sources say they are focused on three primary candidates: Rambis, Alvin Gentry and Byron Scott.

With Rambis set to talk to Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher about joining the new coaching staff of the New York Knicks, it may be a foregone conclusion that he’s headed to the East Coast. Rambis has maintained a close relationship with Jackson and may fit in perfectly with what Fisher and company want to do in New York, but the allure of becoming the next head coach of the Lakers might be enough to convince him to stay in Los Angeles.

As for Alvin Gentry, it is uncertain how high the Lakers are on making him the new head coach. When reports surfaced about Gentry interviewing for the position, many believed the team was simply doing the rounds in terms of interviewing coaching candidates. That stance may have changed if Beck’s sources are on the money.

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Even though Gentry and Rambis may be near the top of the list for the head coaching vacancy in Los Angeles, Scott still remains the favorite and seems to have the backing of both the fans and Kobe Bryant. A lethal combination that might ultimately make Scott the next head coach of the storied franchise in the coming weeks.
Top Lakers Head Coaching Candidates

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  • Manny

    Who cares about the Lakers coach anymore?After this news i don’t care at all.This team will be in the lottery again guaranteed.Rebuilding coach better be cheap.

    • Dana

      If you don’t care, stop reading the articles and posting how much you don’t care. People who really don’t care don’t do all that.

      • turningfan87

        why do you go around telling people you dont care that they dont care honestly, we dont care to see it

        • Dana

          I do care that they don’t care. Or, actually, I don’t care that they don’t care, I just care that they post that they don’t care. What I truly don’t care about is that you don’t care to see it. Or maybe I do care, and that’s why I’m responding. Or maybe I just need a drink now…

          • Paskual

            How about we all start caring

  • Harold

    This is worst case scenario for any Lakers fan…Team is in dire need of a great coach.

  • Roland

    Awful primary candidates.Franchise is in big trouble.Get Jimmy Buss out NOW!

  • ra

    What happened to Hollins?

    • Austin

      Nobody knows what happened to Lionel Hollins that interview was swept under the rug rather quickly.He is prime for the GSW or Rockets top assistant coaching positions if the Cavs don’t hire him as head coach.

    • Rookie Owner

      Lionel Hollins wants to get paid big money that’s the issue as to why he has not gotten hired by the Lakers or anyone else so far.I was watching NBA TV and his was a in studio analyst and Matt Weiner asked him why he hasn’t gotten a coaching job and he said teams need to just pay the money necessary to get me but they usually choose cheaper options therefore i don’t get the job but we shall see i would love to coach again.This was about 8 or 9 months ago maybe longer.So money is the reason Lionel is not a primary candidate.Lakers can get a cheap scapegoat for cheap.

      • ra

        ok, also the word was running around today that the Lakers are also holding out to see if any of the FA’s would want to decide which coach they would like to play for in LA. But if all the good coaches sign multi-year, then it would be tougher for LA to get a coach that one of those free agents might want. Not a good scenario.

        • stucktrader

          Letting a Free Agent have that kind of say is stupid…. especially if it doesnt work out…

      • Chrmngblly

        That would be best, just a cheap scapegoat for another couple years. None of the really great coaches or young coaching prospects wants to work for a pothead, it seems like.

    • numb1lakefan

      Jim buss gives lakers fans a voice in what they want for the lakers. i wanted mike brown fired asap and he was fired the next day and wanted dantoni hired over phil jackson and he was i gave good reasons not to hire hollins specifically because his offense is not made for shooting guards(Rudy Gay, Teyshawn Prince) so kobe would be the odd man out. scott is the right choice, he maximizes superstar potential and he watched every single game last year as i did he knows what the lakers need to do to win again

  • comrade24

    wow this was surprising. Hollins must not have impressed them. Between these three it’s pretty obvious that Scott is far and away the best choice. Rambis, no thanks. Gentry, hell no!

    • stucktrader

      All re-treads… I would have wanted Ollie… but with Kobe around, that is kind of tough… Hollins would definitely keep Kobe in his place…

      Scott is not a bad choice, just not a coach for the future kind of guy… He should work out okay with Kobe… the question is, how about post-Kobe…

      • Chrmngblly

        I am with you on Ollie.

    • Chrmngblly

      Hold on now. Gentry has appeal. He has cleaned up behind MDA before, remember?


  • ra

    Interview process:

    Lakers FO: So, we don’t have a roster yet, we’re really waiting for this year’s and next year’s free agency to play out, we might not have a good team next year, we might not, or probably won’t make the playoffs, and this is probably an interim job for anyone who doesn’t mind being the potential scapegoat for the upcoming year. There’s no guarantee that you will be here the year after that. In fact, you probably won’t. We’ll have to see which coaches are desirable by any free agent that happens to be possibly interested in coming to the Lakers.

    Up for the job?

    Rambis: might as well give it another go. Sure, why not. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll just go back to broadcasting for Time Warner. Better than nothing. I’ll get paid more as a coach anyway.

    Gentry: sure! Kobe’s cool, I get stay in Staples Center (and, get away from the toxic Clippers, as an assistant coach). Might as well have the Lakers on my resume. Works for me. I’ll get paid more as a coach anyway.

    Scott: sounds good. Better than nothing, or assistant coaching I’ll get paid as a coach.

    • stucktrader

      Scott would not take an assistant position… Rambis is the lone guy here willing to take that position… Gentry? No thanks…

  • purp& goldpride

    Wow…the Lakers FO is bound to disappoint again it seems. Gentry? Rambis? Nether of those guys should even have consideration. I wouldn’t mind Scott coaching though. But why can’t they come up with better options than rambis or gentry…seriously

  • Rob

    So it seems the Lakers are looking for a “patsy” or a “placeholder” coach for the next 2 years just to keep Kobe happy, and then after that 2 years, get a real coach to take over a new Laker team moving forward.

  • Jeff B.

    Gentry and Rambis are two of the worst coaching options available. If true, this really tells us the state of the Lakers.

  • Vigs

    I hope this is just the reporters looking to make a story out of nothing. The front office can’t be this bad can it. None of these three are even remotely close to championship caliber. I agree with one of the earlier post that the will definitely be in the lottery again next year and if thats the case they better find a new GM. One last thing I hope Jim keeps his promise and steps down in a few years because the are going NOWHERE any time soon. Lets Go Knicks the east coast version of the Lakers.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I actually like Byron Scott over Kurt Rambis and Alvin Gentry.Byron is the best choice for me within the 3 coaches mentioned.Easy choice is Byron Scott.But their are qualified coaches on the open market like Lionel Hollins,Jeff Van Gundy,Avery Johnson,George Karl,Possibly Billy Donovan,David Blatt,Dave Fizdale but at the end of the day Byron Scott might fit the Lakers best of all the names mentioned.I still like Lionel Hollins but obviously our FO doesn’t agree at all as Coach Hollins is not even a primary candidate at this time,but that can change at any moment.

    • stucktrader

      If that’s their 3 favorite… Scott is probably the best choice… he may even bring Rambis aboard…

      it’s sad that Karl is still out there, seems as though players really like playing for him… JVG would be great for Kobe and actually has some serious Xs and Os rep… but his brother is better…

  • Kïd Špłãšh

    I Would’ve Thought They Wouldve Interviewed Geroge Karl By Now! They Should Have Lionell Hollins As HC&Rambis As Assistant, Or Byron As HC& Rambis As Assistant

    • Evan

      Agree with Hollins, but I don’t see why we need Rambis. Is it because he has Lakers ties?

      • Joshua Duenas

        Rambis is horrible. He won like 32 games in 2 seasons in Minnesota.

  • jojo

    Scott needs an elite PG to succeed (i.e. Kidd, Paul), he didn’t do it with Cleveland, Rambis was supposed to teach defense to the current Lakers roster, that didn’t happen, and Gentry already had his shot with Phoenix with a somewhat healthier Nash than what we have now and he didn’t last either.. who the hell is determining them as “viable” candidates? Get a proven strategic coach, not one that needs superstars to win. Superstars should be a bonus for a coach, not a necessity. Billy Donovan or George Karl should be considered, not the others listed.

    • Truth B Told

      Kyrie Irving is an elite PG……Cleveland just need prayer.Any of the team Scott left hasn’t fair well after he left.

    • Evan

      Don’t forget Hollins. He did great work with an average Memphis roster.

      • stucktrader

        I wouldnt call that roster average… but yes Hollins is an old fashion coach (Sloan like)…

        • Evan

          Well, you had ZBo, who is a good player but is basically anywhere from 15-20ppg and 10rpg. Solid player, but nothing crazy. Marc Gasol basically the same thing. 15ppg, less than 10rpg. Good defender, though. Outside of those two, who would be 3rd options on quite a few teams, who do you have? Tony Allen? Great defender, but not much else. Mike Conley? 15ppg, 6apg as a PG? Average. Outside of that all I can think of is Rudy Gay, who was a good player, but not someone I’d consider a star by any means. So you’ve got a few high end role players, a couple guys that could be #2 or 3 option on teams, but no real star or top notch talent. I’d say (opinion) most.coaches would have taken that roster and ended up around .500 each season. What Hollins did was impressive.

    • stucktrader

      Rambis probably is not HC material… but i dont blame him for the Defense this past year… that is on D’antoni… he still emphasized offense first…

  • hookedonnews

    If this is the approach the team is taking, I don’t know why they didn’t just offer MDA that extra year. They would have had some continuity, and they could have fired him when they were ready to get serious about a coach for the future if he wasn’t getting the job done. I know this comment will bring out the D’Antoni haters, but it would have made more sense than what’s going on now. He is a good coach–better than these 3 prime candidates IMO. I don’t really think he wanted to return to LA next season (and who could blame him) however, so I guess we’ll just have to hope for the best. Not sure why Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy have not been interviewed.

  • Evan

    I’m not really buying this rumor. Originally, Gentry seemed to be pretty low on the list, as did Rambis. Scott and Hollins were the “front runners”. Now we pull a 180 on Gentry and Rambis? Lol no.

    I’m thinking this is just another random writer getting ” sources” to stir up some views.

    • Derek Clark

      Way to remain balanced and level-headed. So many of us fans are quick to believe every rumor as fact and evaluate it right away as if it is fact.

    • LAstory

      Lionel may not have interest in this job and has his sights on the Cavs position… I can’t imagine Rambis or Gentry having an edge on Hollins…

      • Evan

        From what I’ve read, Hollins is very interested in the Lakers gig. I just figure this is another random guy in some random NBA office throwing out his opinion and being used as an”source”.

        • LAstory

          Lol, yes it does sound like it…

        • Truth B Told

          The True Lakers fans want Scott……..By a Large margin over Hollins and the others………..We appreciate your efforts and input tho.

          • Evan

            “True Lakers Fans” lol what? Get out of here with that. Scott’s best quality as as a coach is his ties to the Lakers. His biggest accomplishment is being swept in the NBA finals 13 years ago and following it with losing in the next years finals as well. Since then? Mediocre at best. That “true fan” shit is nonsense. Troll elsewhere.

          • doc

            I agree…true what?? I would take hollins because i know he likes defense and has a post mentality

          • Truth B Told

            True Lakers fans want Scott……Hollins like Karl might give you a good regular season record……They are not that next level coach……Lakers aren;t worrying about a playoff season…they want to get beyond that level…..Hollins or Karl or the others haven’t been that far,,,,,,Lakers are about being in the mix(Finals)…..Hollins and Karl and others haven’t been there….Scott 2,,,,Hollins 0…Karl 0…..Coach of the year..Scott 1(in the West)….Hollins…0…Karl 1….. I rest my case.

          • Evan

            Get out of here with that “true Lakers fans” shit. Byron Scott took a Nets team in a horribly weak Eastern Conference to two straight NBA finals. But then, he had serious issues with his PG, and was fired mid season. Guess what, the coach that replaced him, Lawrence Frank, kept his job with the Nets for a while and consistently took the Nets into the second round. Are you saying Scott is a round or two better than Lawrence Frank? Scott is 2-8 in finals games. Sure, he got there, but got whooped up on.

            Then, in New Orleans, he had one great season and got bounced in the second round. Took a step back the season after and got STOMPED by the Nuggets. Didn’t his team lose by 21, 29 and 58 POINTS? Then, he got FIRED MIDSEASON for the second consecutive team.

            Fast forward to Cleveland. Shitty situation coming in after LeBron left. However, you get Kyrie Irving, and your win record stays around .300 for the next two seasons? Three seasons has a head coach, and you only improved that team by three games? Then, the Cavs, THE CAVS, fired him because he couldn’t get it done.

            People are getting SO hung up on Scott because of who he is, not what he’s done. He’s from the Lakers family, and he got to two finals. However, he hasn’t done a single quality thing since then despite the talent he’s had at PG.

            Hollins had roster full of guys who would he 2nd and 3rd options on most teams, and he turned them into a cohesive, physical team who was competing in the West deep into the post season. Improved the defense EACH season. Improved the win % EACH season. Built a team identity. Catered his offense to the talent he was given. All with a franchise that didn’t spend big money, and didn’t attract any star talent.

          • Truth B Told

            What has Hollins done that other coaches hasn’t done?….Karl,Del Negro.Brown and Mark Jackson(he has an excuse) have winning seasons…….They are all un-employed.Apparently winning isn’t the only criteria….Can you go beyond the playoffs?…..This is not Checkers….It’s Chess.Nets haven’t been to the NBA finals since Scott left….New Orleans hasn’t won their division since Scott left(which incidentally is the same division the Lakers are in).Understand… Scott mentor CP3 and Kyrie Irving…..He got them as rookies…….It’s not a coincidence that they both won Rookie of the Year honors.Still have good relationship with both players.Franks might have succeeded Scott in Jersey but he never got to a NBA finals with the Nets or any other team.Truth B Told….Scott is the fans choice……..Do your own survey.Get it right Mitch & Jim.

          • Evan

            Did Karl, Brown, Del Negro or Jackson improve their teams win % each year they were a coach? Did they improve the teams defensive ranking each season, topping out at SECOND in the league? Did they do all of this without a star player, in a very small market and a front office who wasn’t willing to spend money? Hollins hasn’t won a ring, but neither has Scott.

            A lot of fans want Scott because they’re blinded by his Lakers ties and those two finals appearances (which he was 2-8 in) without realizing he hasn’t done anything noteworthy since and has been fired THREE TIMES, twice DURING the season. I mean, congrats for taking a #4 and #1 overall pick PG and making them Rookie of the year. Congrats for highlighting ONE player, but I’m more interested in a man who took a 48th overall pick and turned him into a DPOY while encouraging team ball.

          • Truth B Told

            Sorry… but you are in the minority…… The majority of Lakers fans prefer Scott over Hollins……Question…How many coaches you know have taken two rookie draft picks and made them ROY. Being a #1 or #100 draft pick doesn’t garner you a ROY candidate…You have to make that transition from College to NBA…..Common sense tells you under Scott’s mentoring these two players paid attention.”It’s
            Elementary My Dear Watson.” Great Scott’s……… My name Be……Truth B Told.

  • Pablo Martin

    Gentry? Rambis?NOOO PLEASE! –It’s more mediocrity–Scott = good, but we need Hollins! We need DEFENSE-DISCIPLINE

  • Truth B Told

    The Laker fans want Scott………The last time we wanted Phil……….So Jim give the fans what they want……….Hello.

  • Lakers4Life

    While all of these candidates are way better than that little pringle of a Dumbtoni, we need to really step it up and land Van Gundy as head coach. That should help us contend next season.

  • Mark Pope

    I hope this is just smokescreen…it’s going to be hard to cheer for the Lakers if any of these mediocre candidates are hired- especially Rambis. I hope management has the sense (and wallet) to pay Lionel Hollins or, David Blatt. Ettore Messina is already gone as an assistant to Popovich- as he is being groomed to replace Popovich once he retires in a couple seasons.

  • Bravo

    the next 2 years are pretty much rebuilding years. no coach can get us to contend, only talent will do that

  • Bruce

    OMG Alvin Gentry is like another D’antoni, we don’t need another run and gun, offense minded coach. Scott, Hollins, Jeff Van Gundy, George Karl, one of these 4
    would do it. I personally hope Lakers hire Hollins, it’s time to play defense for this team, no more bs, defense wins championships, and screw all the lakers fans that
    still thinks this team is the showtime era, let’s play to win, not entertain.

    • MustardsOffTheHotDog

      At least a pretty good defense is needed to win a championship, but you also have to be able to score. I agree with your opinion on the candidates though, except I’m not all that high on Scott as a coach. I liked him a lot as a player, but it seems to me you ought to be able to win more than 64 games in 3 seasons as head coach of an NBA team in a weak conference.

      • Bruce

        I think Scott has proven he can win in this league and in the Western Conference also. He took the Nets to 2 straight NBA finals, decent job in New Orleans, and has won a coach of the year award, so he definitely has the track record. He messed up in Cleveland was because Lebron bailed to Miami, and that team has nobody. Scoring is always going to be there for the Lakers as long as you have Kobe and you add some pieces around him, but what I’m saying is Lakers need a new identity, and with Hollins, just like he did in Memphis, can give this team a new identiy as a hard nose, defensive minded team that can rank in the top 5-10 in D in the league. I know this may sound blasphemous to most Laker fans, as we all are used to the Lakers being a entertaining basketball team, defensive minded team may seem boring at times, but look at Chicago, Memphis, they boring as hell to watch, but they still manage to win games don’t they?

        • MustardsOffTheHotDog

          Yeah, I guess their defense should improve no matter which candidate they hire. D’Antoni somehow managed to make good defensive coaches look bad (Steve Clifford, Rambis).

  • Badazztj12

    Why isn’t Hollins in the discussion?

  • Mathias

    I’d put money on the reason hollins isn’t on this list is because they’re only offering a 2 year contract and he wants more. Hence why all 3 names are all short term options and the lakers aren’t looking to make a splash with this acquisition. Fucking Rambis?! I’d rather MDA!!

    • Anthony Hollins

      I don’t know for sure what’s going on, but I highly doubt that he would turn down a job because the contract terms weren’t completely in line with what he’s worth. If that were the case he would have resigned in Memphis a couple years ago.

      At the end of the day whether he got a one year deal or ten. Given his track record as a coach, it’s fair to say he would be with the Lakers for years to come.

  • kay bee

    If hollins name is not on the list, they are tanking!

  • Jun

    I like the wait and see approach. If you have budget after building your team, go pay for Hollins. I like him best far as current track record. Byron has gone to the finals twice as head coach so he can be successful with a good team, but can he make an ok team good and a good team great? Idk, but I’d take my chances with him. Rambis. NO. Too much risk. I’m confident Lakers will make the right decision to win now.

  • RonniePee

    Am I missing something here??? Why isn’t Doug Collins name in the mix? That is the best coach available and would know how to get the most out of Kobe Bryant.

  • stucktrader

    It’s pretty lame they didnt stick with the Phil tree to begin with… Shaw, Rambis… when Phil retired. Structure would have been in place… with the triangle. But likely, the Lakers would have still ended up with an old team… but it might have meant they avoided that horrendous trade with the Suns.

  • Okoh5inco

    It would be dumb of the Lakers to hire a head coach before free agency. So far Mitch Kupchak has been dropping the ball. Jerry West shoes seem to big for him to fill. D’Antoni was an embarrassing hire. Don’t make the same mistake twice. Jerry Buss would want to win now for the fans, franchise, and for Kobe. More interviews please.

  • Matt Williams

    Rumors people. Just rumors. Never trust the media.

  • J

    The Lakers should’ve hired Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher. Isn’t Jeanie Buss his girlfriend. Haven’t Jackson and Fisher proved to the Lakers they are winners. I don’t get it. Rambis has had chances and has nothing show for it. Forget Alvin Gentry, didn’t coach the Clippers back in the day. The only legitimate coach is Byron Scott.

  • Sam Woo

    You can not bring Kurt Rambis in as a coach for the Lakers if you want any chance of landing Kevin Love. They did not get along in Minny when Kurt was the head coach there. Please scratch him from the list.

  • Sam Woo

    You’ve got to look at Nate McMillen, Hollins, & Mark Jackson (if we can’t have Phil, I guess Mark wouldn’t be a bad choice)

  • numb1lakefan

    Jim buss gives lakers fans a voice in what they want for the lakers. i wanted mike brown fired asap and he was fired the next day and wanted dantoni hired over phil jackson and he was i gave good reasons not to hire hollins specifically because his offense is not made for shooting guards(Rudy Gay, Teyshawn Prince) so kobe would be the odd man out. scott is the right choice, he maximizes superstar potential and he watched every single game last year as i did he knows what the lakers need to do to win again


    No home runs here, and a couple of out and out wiffs. Love Rambis as a player and person, NOT a coach. Hint, look at his record. Another Hint, he was DEFENSIVE coach for the Lakers last year and that says it all. There was NO DEFENSE. Gentry is another of what we just had but worse. Scott is the best of this lot but still, LOOK AT HIS RECORD. Come on, there MUST be somebody better out there not on the board yet. Maybe?????? These are dark days in Lakerland

  • doc


  • Truth B Told

    You must be on Pluto……What kind of high is that? Things will be the same when you come down.Scott 4 sure.