Lakers Rumors & Recaps: Josh Smith for Pau Gasol? Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers can't seem to shake all the trade rumors and speculation with two-time NBA champion Pau Gasol at the center of it all once again. Talks o The Los Angeles Lakers can't seem to shake all the trade rumors and speculation with two-time NBA champion Pau Gasol at the center of it all once again. Talks o Rating:
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Lakers Rumors & Recaps: Josh Smith for Pau Gasol?

The Los Angeles Lakers can’t seem to shake all the trade rumors and speculation with two-time NBA champion Pau Gasol at the center of it all once again.

Talks of a trade with the Atlanta Hawks has begun to circulate in Los Angeles with the Lakers possibly dangling Gasol in an attempt acquire Josh Smith. With Smith’s ties to Dwight Howard and the fact that he’s much younger and more athletic than Gasol, it’s possible the Lakers may indeed be pursuing the 26-year-old as a potentially better fit for the fast-paced offense that head coach Mike D’Antoni intends to run.

This isn’t the first time this particular trade rumor has circulated, with Gasol for Smith heating up heading towards the NBA trade deadline last season and surfacing again over the off-season. Gasol has been mentioned in numerous trade rumors in many different scenarios, but none have come to fruition as of yet.

It remains to be seen if Smith is truly on the team’s radar moving forward, but it won’t be surprising to see this rumor continue to circulate if Gasol struggles in D’Antoni’s system.

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  • corey

    dude stop posting rumors youre creating uneeded drama and youre going to contribute to ruining this year. let them play for a week without a damn trade rumor!!!

  • Jose Armando

    Fucken asshole !!!

  • trolol4life

    I’m telling you these “journalists” post what ever they see without confirming! I seen the article they are talking about, and it says the Hawks are NOT interested in Gasol! It only says that they have talked about it BEFORE and know the Lakers would want J.Smith.

  • lroba

    this article suck!

  • tdistor

    How can anybody call this ‘journalism’? The writers in this site are really inmature. You need to be much more serious.

  • Dr. Rasheed Syed

    Lakers win the game, Kobe hugs Pau, like this is their year.
    thanks for ruining the mood dude….

  • honestly

    I’d pull the trigger… he’s been sucking in the playoffs for 2 straight years now.. he’s old and although he might b the most skilled big man in the nba, sorry but he’s not aging well… now we need a young, athletic, and someone who’s hungry… im not saying smith is better but im saying that i would pull the trigger.. but if i got no problems with keeping either, i think we need to put him in the paint more though and cut his minutes a bit

  • http://www.facebook.com/JTaylr Jay Taylor

    Time to call Minnesota. They have the draft picks to send to Atlanta.

    Gasol -> Minnesota
    (Probably Metta), Picks, cap bodies, and future prospects (DWilliams?) -> Atlanta
    JSmith -> L.A.

  • JohnC

    Aging? Pau is the best no.4 of the game. His contribution makes him to be on top: rebounds, scores, passes, blocks, screens, distributes… Do LA want to really win this years title? Then, KEEP PAU

  • http://twitter.com/BaltimoreSon Tony G.

    At this point in their careers..id make this trade in a heartbeat

  • arriz

    I dont care if josh smith is younger and more athletic! let PAU finish wat he does in the team!

  • arriz

    PAU is not old hes just aging! like MR TIMMI ! !

    i would say no for josh smith!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jcotero1 Jorge Cotero

    I dont know why these rumors keep getting leaked out? The Lakers organization should be professional enough to keep things under wraps. Didnt they see how badly it effected Paus game the last time around. If you’re going to be business like about it keep it between organizations. Personally… I’d keep Pau. in this sytem he’s going to be the pick and pop player that keeps things spaced out unlike Dwight who is going to be the pick and roll player.

  • Jamal Moody

    The lakers would save lots of money, become much better and versatile on defense. And increase their chances of signing Dwight

  • lroba

    Lets see, Lakers have a good defense because of D12, Metta. imagine them as a wall. When I’m watching them execute their defense i see Gasol as a HOLE, that will breakdown that wall. The offense of the opposing team is always coming through him and as always they will get a basket.. defense wins championship, if Gasol will continue this kind of bullshit defense they will lose, lose, lose, and lose… i respect him as a player, it is not just working for the team. This 7 footer should know defense.. In trading him? no comment.

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