Lakers Rumors: Rashard Lewis an Option for the Lakers? Reviewed by Momizat on . The first substantial trade of the NBA off-season has been made with the Washington Wizards shipping Rashard Lewis to the New Orleans Hornets in exchange for Em The first substantial trade of the NBA off-season has been made with the Washington Wizards shipping Rashard Lewis to the New Orleans Hornets in exchange for Em Rating:
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Lakers Rumors: Rashard Lewis an Option for the Lakers?

The first substantial trade of the NBA off-season has been made with the Washington Wizards shipping Rashard Lewis to the New Orleans Hornets in exchange for Emeka Okafor and former Laker Trevor Ariza. Along with acquiring Lewis, the Hornets will also receive the 48th pick of the second round in the upcoming 2012 NBA Draft to go along with the 1st and 10th picks in the first round.

At first, this trade looks fairly ridiculous for New Orleans with the Hornets taking on Lewis’ enormous contract of $24 million for next season. Even though it appears to be a bad move by New Orleans at first glance, it’s actually quite brilliant with the Hornets having the opportunity to buyout the veteran forward before July 1 for roughly $14 million, making him an unrestricted free agent.

As of right now, the consensus is that the Hornets will simply buy out Lewis and ultimately save $30 million as a result of the trade, while opening up two roster spots for incoming rookies and or free agents. The Hornets are projected to take Kentucky’s Anthony Davis with the number one overall pick and another solid prospect with the 10th pick.

Once Lewis hits the free agent market, the lucrative contracts of the past will be no more for the sharp shooter as he will most likely only be able to sign with interested teams for the veteran’s minimum. With that being said, the Los Angeles Lakers might be willing to add him to the bench next season according to Steve Kyler of Hoopsworld.com via Twitter:


Obviously, Lewis isn’t the dominant player he once was during his time with the Seattle Super Sonics and the Orlando Magic. The two-time All-Star’s best days as one of the highest paid players in the NBA and an offensive force to be reckoned with on the basketball floor are behind him, but he still has some value as a sixth man or role player off the bench with the ability to stretch the defense.

If Lewis is willing to take the veteran’s minimum to play in Los Angeles, the Lakers will almost certainly take a look at signing the 32-year-old to improve the team’s outside shooting and scoring off the bench.

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  • Jr

    I say no for the lakers picking him up he gets injured to much at his age n plus we need to be getting younger n more speed not someone like Lewis

  • Lakers2013Champs

    i would love for the lakers to sign lewis and roy to improve the bench and then amnesty blake and have either goudelock or morris, who ever is better in training camp and practice as sessions back up because i feel they either need to sign either sessions or reymond felton for the starting PG position then they need to offer hill their MLE and even though the lakers starting line up is the same as last season they will have made major changes to the bench so the lakers would be for the most part good to go and as the season goes along they can make further trades and changes to the roster if they feel its needed

    lakers 2012-2013 line up
    PG- Sessions or Felton/Goudelock/Morris
    SG- Kobe/Roy/Goudelock
    SF- MWP/Lewis/Eyenga
    PF- Gasol/Hill/McBob
    C- Bynum/Hill/Gasol

  • Marty Susman

    I keep saying it, resign no one over 24 years old… Trade Drew as well as Pau & for sure World…
    Sign no one other then young fast under 24 year old players. Trade into the 1st round using Drew, Pau & World & get 1st round picks plus expiring contracts to make them work…

    We can get a future super star to replace Kobe & he should be ready in the next two years or so meaning the time to replace is NOW !!!!!!!!
    (Remember it took Kobe a few years to pass the ball & learn that he was not alone on the floor & learn that the game is called basketball not Hot Dog Ball)

    Drew to the Bob Cats for their 2nd pick plus would work great getting us Kidd G. & so on…

    • Stephenyoung51

      The Lakers lost for no other reason than that they were flat out coached period. They will not win with Brown as coach.

  • Lakerman2426

    The lakers dont need an old, injury-prone benchwarmer on their team. they need to find a way to get into the early first round of this draft. Maybe trade Gasol for the Warriors, Pistons, or Hornets first and second round draft picks in order to shed cap space and get younger through the draft. From those draft positions, they could land Jared Sullinger, Perry Jones, John Henson, Damian Lillard, Kendall Marshall, or even trde down for more picks.

  • Oliver from Germany

    Yo folks, did you see the season. No big changes, no success!!!! Pau is a great player with more skills than every other big man. Bynum is the second best center in the league. But both are so phlegmatic in their game, that there will never be success. Ramon Sessions just madeabout 20 games as a starting PG and will now check the fa market. So let him check and the two big men go. Take D-Will and DW12 and three solid forwards and use the amnesty for MWP.

  • John

    If lakers can sign Nash and sessions coming off the bench, get back Odom for vet’s minimum, Get rid of barnes and steve black hopefully for beasley, we will be unstoppable. 

  • Mstanleyesq

    maybe we should see if we can get some bench players who actually can make some shots. i think the bench was outscored by 20 points or more in most every game the lakers played.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/ross.coventry Ross Coventry

    If we can’t get a trade for Pau, and I doubt we will get most options being talking about, e.g. Lowry, Williams, Iguodala, we need to settle for what we can get e.g. Dalembert, Scola, Parsons or just top up the bench as best we can.  Not sure there are any miracles out there but you never know.  Options to top up the bench for me would be Beasley if we can get him, Andre Miller to back up sessions, Novak for his outside shooting, D.Arthur if we lose Hill, maybe Grant Hill to help out in the small forward area if he’ll take a pay cut or trade or try and get Budinger from Houston.  And then there’s Roy. This would improve our bench, shooting and we would have some youth still in the side. 

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