Lakers Rumors: Phil Jackson “Stunned” Lakers Gave Job to D’Antoni

Lakers Rumors: Phil Jackson “Stunned” Lakers Gave Job to D’Antoni


So much for a Phil Jackson-Lakers reunion.

Despite reports and rumors saying that Jackson was the front-runner to land the Lakers’ head coaching position, it was former Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni that received got the job. All signs pointed to Jackson and almost everyone expected that he would return to the Lakers’ bench.

However, sources say the Lakers felt that Jackson was asking for too much in his return and that the team believed D’Antoni’s system was a better fit for the roster. ESPN Los Angeles also reports that the 11-time champion was “stunned” when the Lakers gave D’Antoni the job instead of him.

When the Lakers called to tell Jackson that they had instead chosen Mike D’Antoni to be their next head coach, he was “stunned,” according to the source, because he had been under the impression “it was his job to turn down,” although no formal offer had ever been made.

D’Antoni already has a great deal of experience with Steve Nash, and he is familiar with Kobe Bryant as assistant coach of the USA Basketball team. His offensive system is one of the best in the league and with this roster, the Lakers will be a force on that end of the court.

Even though many people criticize D’Antoni for his lackluster defensive schemes, there is reason to believe he will focus a great deal on improving on defense.

  • lakers_824

    Guy gives you not one, but five championships, and you cant give him a slice of the team? Seriously?
    -Mike Dantoni teams since 2002 have been 24th or higher on defense
    -he want to play run n gun but all our players are old
    -He has zero experiece in winning championships
    -He has no defense
    -He couldnt handle new york how the fuck is he going to handle this group
    -When this goes down with this team he will not be able to handle the diff personalities like phil wouldve
    -One year from now lakers will fire mike dantoni and would ask phill to come back and hes just going to laugh at us



    Jackson should be stunned at him self he ask for way to much (12 million a year,does’nt travel on road games and wanted some controling interest in team operations) we all love phil but stay retired you are FUCKIN CRAZY this ain’t the miami heat (pat riley). now we have a coaching change (Mike D’Antone) not my second choice would of love to see Jerry Sloan at #2 . D’Antone is better then brown i’m only worried
    about defense and lack of knock down shooters Nash is going to give everyone a chance to sink or swim my guess is we will be making roster moves as well before the trade dead line D’Antone will bring back SHOWTIME to the Lakers i hope the old timers are ready to run , run,and run up and down the court . p.s. Phil you greedy basterd would of love to see you back in LA (Geanie Buss must not know how to work it like its hot or phil would of done what ever she asked that a shame)

  • Rasheed

    Best of luck next time Phil Jackson. Ego issue and greed cost you a job with Lakers and possibly a championship…
    World today is living in two extremes (right/left) and there is no balance. Only if Phil was mentally balanced this deal would have worked out.
    I have one word for Phil Jackson and Lakers fans “TRAGIC”